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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), February 4, 1955

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

pa(s) dative! filled as THE OLDEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPER. IN TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE Jcf FERSON COUNTY - Rcded THE ONLY. COUNTY-WID- E (OUTSIDE LOUISVILLE) NEWSPAPER Fi The woiks of HU hands ax rily and Judgment all Hi commandments are sure, Pialm 47 YEARS OF SERVICE TO 110:7. s Vol ESTABLISHED JUNE 1907 f : No. 39 JEFFERSONTOWN, KY., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1955 Willis Sloui Elected Vice President Of 1 three-terrace- - 1 1 - comodations I be called a motel although designed as a hotel. Brown also announced Mrs. Susie B. Tingle, 85, of 4030 Spnnghill Road, died at 5:50 a.m. Wednesday in Ken- i tucky Baptist Hospital, 10 hours after the death of a grandson, Benedict Finzer, III, at a Jacksonville, Fla., hospital. ! Mrs. Tingle, widow of John Tingle, spent part of her time with a daughter, Mrs. W. F. Ropke, Buechel, an employe of Collins Home Supply. Another daughter is Mrs. Benedict Finzer, Sr., part owner of Showers Boys' Shop, St. Matthews. A member of the 21st and Jef ferson Methodist Church, Mrs. Tingle leaves a third daughter, Mrs. Frank Samford; a brother, George Green, Fredericksburg, Ky.; five grandchildren and six n. will Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Thursday in the McAfee ' Funeral Home, Buechel. Inter- rnent was in Cave Hill Ceme tery. . The Finzer boy was the son of r. and Mrs- Benedict Finzer, Jr- Starke, Fla., a victim of the ! plans to develop a large subdivision on t of a 175-actract in the d Breckinridge Lane - Beauchamp 1952 Plio epidemic. He area. He expects to spend tracted a cold and died shortly ""'viug ai me nospuai 5300,000 in erecting homes to sell in the $25,000-$30,00- 0 bracket. Tuesday. Besides Mr. and Mrs. The rest of the tract will be de- Benedict Finzer, Sr., he leaves veloped later, according to plans. his maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kirchner, Harrods Creek. Funeral services will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday in St. MargWoman's Club aret Mary Church, with interment Sponsoring Silver Tea be at in Cave Hill. The body will Ratterman's St. Matthews i Funeral Home until the funeral. The Woman's Club of Jeffersontown is sponsoring a musicalc and silver tea from 3 to 5 p.m. ENGAGED Tuesday, February 15, at the home of Mrs. Harry L. Swaim. Miss Corneillo Overstreet, prominent Louisville musician, will f'sy a group of Scarlatti, Bach and Chopin numbers at the beginning of the program. Proceeds will be used to spon- or on aIiiliu Lukcr, Jcffersontown artist, who cxniDii is planning a March 19 at the Little pallery. 90 . re con-Roa- J'town . TO TELECAST CITY AIRPORT FACILITIES Beginning at 3:30 p.m. Sun- day, February 13, and continuing each Sunday for 13 weeks, WHAS-Twill present a series telecasts devoted to of aviation in Louisville and Jefferson County. Title of the series is "Flight Plan" and will mark the first time that residents of the area will have the opportunity to see civil and military aviation facilities in action and meet many of the persons who make the services "tick", it was announced. Courtesy Courier-Journ- The engagement of Mist Alice Richardson, shown here, to Mr. Kenneth A. Frederick, ton of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Frederick, Okolona, hat been announced by her parents, Mr. and Mis. Horace Richardson, also of Okolona. The wedding is planned for 9 a.m. Saturday. February being written. When this same group under- takes to charter an air lines su- - ctiintinn rnUn the noces- - 12. in St Rita's Church. rs . this youth promotion the most amazing ever planned by a group of k!ds under public recreation leadership: " is youth financed. The esti- air mated cost of the journey is $18 000 with the young ambassadors having on deposit in the bank at the present time, $13,500. They raise all funds by their own manual labor and by their own promotions. These youngsters come from a cross section of a portion of inland United States and are prodsituations ucts of economical vvhifli nrr rpnrosontative of the average youth of the country. They are talented and will put six-d- ay -- -i y Sr ." othe Jen : W .. , . w : rec-mo- ou.r Mr. and Mrs. ROMAN McGARY Miss Shirley Rae Roman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lee Roman, Lover's Lane, Fern Creek, and Airman Phillip W. McGary, son of Mr. and Mrs Phillip M. McGary, of Louisville, were married at 8 p.m. Saturday, January 29, in Cedar Creek Bap- tist Church. The Rev. William D. Martin officiated at the double ring ceremony Escorted on' the arm of her father, the bride wore a white velvet waltz-lengt- h gown, seed pearl trim neckline, and a finger- veil. She carried lil- lies o t the valley centered with a white orchid on a Bible. Mrs. Carl Holliger was her sister's matron of honor. Mrs. Floyd Lewellyn, Misses Betty Jo McGary, sister of the bride- groom, Diana Roman, cousin of the bride, and Janie Robinson were the bridesmaids. They wore red velveteen waltz-lengt- h f;nwns and matching headpieces and carried heart shaped bou- quets of carnations. red velveteen, was flower girl. Master Gary Wayne Roman, brother of the bride, was ring- - Phil McGarv train. Her fingertip veil of by a lace and carried a bou- centered with She wore her maternal grandmother's locket. ..Alrs' Don w- Millure, of Des Moines, was the matron of hon- - or and Misses Maya Haldimann, bnderom's sister; Sally Flelds and Mrs- Robert H. Snook of Covington 'were bridesmaids. ey 8like PU,r" - VS""1 "If"0,' T??1 E"? Z tip-leng- th fairs will be discussed at a Madisonville meeting April 14. Stout also is general manager of the 1955 Jefferson County bearer. Mr. Robert II. Schneider was Fair to be held at Jeffersontown the best man. The ushers were August Dr. William Biggs, Messrs. Roy Lee Roman, Jr., brother of the Stone Named To Head bride; Ronald Pitts and Albert Near. A reception was held at the Easter Seal Campaign church. Mr. and Mrs. McGary left on their wedding trip to Chi- Talton K. Stone, superin- cago. She will return to the Uni- tendent of Elizabethtown Public versity of Kentucky, when he Schools, will head Kentucky's resumes his duties at the Naval 1955 Easter Seal campaign to Air Station at Guantanamo Bay help crippled children. in Cuba. He expects to receive His appointment has been an- his discharge in September. nounced by Briggs Lawson, Shel- byville, president of the KenTOBBE McCAULEY tucky Society for Crippled ChilThe marriage of Miss Virginia dren. Stone announced the dates of Tobbe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. the drive will be Match 10 to Frank Tobbe, Maple Lane, Oko April 10, which is Easter Sunday. lona, and Mr. Kenneth R, Mc- During that period more than Caulcy, son of Mr. and Mrs. 40,000,000 Easter Seals will be Robert McCauley, took place at mailed in the state, and the Ken- 9 a.m. Saturday, January 29, in tucky Society will attempt to St. Rita Church, Okolona. The raise more funds than ever be- Rev. Robert Bowling performed fore to finance new and con- the double ring ceremony. The bride was given in mar- tinuing projects. riage by her father. She wore a waltz-lengt- h gown of Chantilly over satin with turtle nock-- 1 Moody's Spread Xmas ino trimmed in seed pearls. Her fingertip-lengt- h veil of nylon Cheer Among Indians illusion fell from a tiara of sa- She tin, seed pearl trimmed. Details of spreading Christmas carried white carnations. and chilcheer to Indian adults Miss Barbara Hardy, cousin of dren at Yuma, Ariz., by the Rev. the groom, was maid of honor. and Mrs. Howard T. Moody, Jr., The bridesmaids were Misses Jo was contained in a recent church Ann McCauley, the bridegroom's bulletin received by his parents, sister, and Dorothy Tobbe, the residents of Jcffersontown. bride's cousin, and Mrs. Leonard Gifts for 464 children were Tobbe. Miss Barbara Kremer distributed through a toy shop was the junior bridesmaid. They in the garage apartment of the wore waltz-lenggowns of Rev. Mr. Moody's church after crystalette over taffeta in gold, more than 100 parents were in green, blue, rose and orchid, re vited to come and make selec spectively, and matching head- bands. They carried white carhad nations. Four Indian women aided in Mr. Ben Marks was best man. the distribution. Messrs. Leonard Tobbe, the In addition, a turkey dinner bride's brother, Walter Frederick was prepared by the W.S.C.S. the Day. Four and Morris Krebs were and served Christmas ushers. turkeys and trimmings The wedding breakfast was were placed on tables for 200 served at Nicholson Hotel, Fern persons. Creek. Following a reception in St. Rita's Hall, the couple left on WORKERS RAISE $702 a short wedding trip. They will A total of $702.44 was raised make their home on Cane Run in the Jeffersontown area during Road. last Thursday's Mothers March on Polio, Mrs. Frederic Cowan, LAMMERS HALD Imann said Friday. The At 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Febru amount was about $150 less than was raised last year. Mrs. Cowan nrv 1. Miss Marv Lee Lammers. and Mrs. Eugene Gregg headed daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarenra A T.nmmr.r! nf T.vndnn. he 60 workers in the section. came the bride of Mr. Marcus Samuel Haldimann, son of Mr. POT LUCK SUPPER and Mrs. S. T. Haldimann, D. P. Jones, an ordained ChrisRoad. Jeffersontown, in tian minister and plant personnel St. Matthews Methodist Church. supervisor of the Southern Tele- The Rev. James S. Curry per- phone & Telegraph Company, formed the ceremony. in marriage by her will speak on "Human Relations" at a pot luck supper of the father, the bride wore a gown of Couples Club of the Jefferson candlelight satin with wateau town Presbyterian Church at neckline and Chantilly lace 6:30 p.m. Friday, 'February 11. inset ending in a chapel re st'e- Pnncefss Velvet. r - - med !.W,hlte I .. Mr. and Mrs.' Conrad Diebold are on their wedding trip in New Orleans and will be at home later at 6022 Smithton, Okolona. rs Diebold was Miss Mary Lou y0it daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Veil, Cooper Avenue, okolona. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard T. Diebold, fegenbush Lane, Buechel. The wedding took place in St. Rita Church, Okolona, at 11 a.m. Saturday, January 29. The cere- mony was performed by the bride's uncle, the Rev. Norbert A. Voll, after which a reception in St. immediately followed Rita's Hall. Entering the church on the (Continued on page 5) Vacation Bible School Clinic Now In Session ng Address J'town Group i Mrs. T. C. Carroll, international relations chairman of the State Federation of Woman's Clubs, will speak at the 11 a.m. session of the Woman's Club Tuesday, February 8, in the Presbyterian Church. The monthly meeting opens at 10: 30. At the 1 p.m. session, Naresch-handr- a Shah, of the University of Louisville, will speak on "India's Role in the Far East" and Mrs. Philip Wang will dis- cuss China's role in the Orient. The talks follow luncheon at 12:15. J'TOWN ROTARY William L. Watts, chairman of Planning and the Zoning Commission, is this day's speaker at the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Jeffersontown in the Methodist Church. His subject is "Plan-panning and Zoning Problems." City-Coun- Sandy Paniello, defense counsel, said there apparently are no further remedies In the courta and said he would seek commutations of the sentences by the governor. The chief ' executive now is vacationing in Florida. The father and son, in death row at the Eddyville penitentiary, were convicted in Jefferson Circuit Court in April, 1952, for the slaying of McCcmack, who had represented the son's wife, Mrs. Leonard- Tarrence, in divorce proceedings. McCormack was killed the previous February and his bodv dumped into Harrods ; Creek. execution dates lor the have been postponed from time to time while the case was in the state courts. The last date was January 14. Vi Miles . Of Whipps Mill Road Improvement of a of Whipps Mill Road between LaGrange and Wood Roads has been ordered by the county government. The repair work was authorized after the alleged bad condition was called to the attention of County Judge Bertram Van Arsdale at the monthly Peoples Day session Tuesday. W. Price Lane, county road engineer, said bad spots will be patched and he will investigate what rights-of-ware necessary to widen the road. Joe L. Zwischenberger, 145 Governor Wetherby granted an Dorchester Road, appeared at the Peoples Day session and told Indefinite stay shortly before when Paniello said he was takPatrolman Named By of the bad condition and nar- ing the cases to the federal rowness of the thoroughfare which he said served a fast grow- courts. City Council ing area and was also used by school buses. LEADS U.S. DRIVE Appointment of James Robin As the result of an earlier son as patrolman to succeed Hu promise to a Peoples Day combert Armstrong, resigned, was plainant, Judge Van Arsdale approved Wednesday night by went to Frankfort last weekend the Jeffersontown City Council. to file a protest with the State Robinson will assist Chief M. Department of Highways. A. Storch in the Dolicine duties. Nelson Goodwin, a landscape His salary will bo $50 a. week gardener, protested at the Janand he will be on alternate day uary 4 session that a 'proposal of and night assignments. He is ex- the state to pected to resign his position Road would reroute Newburg utilize land badly with the Big Three Gas Comi needed for Negro housing at pany. Newburg. 9 His appointment will beffec-othe- r At the judge's reauest. Oood- routine preliminaries." Frankfort by" tne jenerson CounRobinson, formerly a resident ty official. of the Hopewell community, moved to Jeffersontown Wednesday. He is 30, married and father Kenluckians Invited of four children. A State Baptist vacation Bible school clinic opened Thursday at Carlisle Avenue Baptist Church, Sibley 3548 Taylor Boulevard. C. Burnett, secretary of vacation Bible school promotion, Baptist Sunday School Board, Nashville, Is the leader. Sponsoring the clinic is the Sunday School Department of Church Extension Day the Kentucky Baptist Executive 11 Board. The program closes Planned By Kentucky a.m. Saturday and includes at conthe how to Methodists February 7 ferences on for each conduct folof the instruction lowing age groups: Nursery, be"Church Extension Day" will ginner, primary, junior, and inbe observed by Kentucky Meth- termediate. odists Sunday, February 6, it has been announced by Bishop Wil- liam T. Watkins, in charge of State Baptists Plan me Meinoaist cnurcn in rven-lan- e Regional Conventions tucky and Western Tennessee. On "Church Extension Day," each wage-earnichurch mem- South Jefferson Baptist Church ber will be asked to give at least will be the scene of one of four one day's pay for church exten- - annual regional Baptist Sunday sion. runns will be used within School conventions to be held in the districts where they are rais- the western half of Kentucky the ed for new churches, parsonages, week of February 7. Sessions at educational buildings, reloca- South Jefferson are scheduled tions, and emergency needs. for 1:15 and 7 p.m. February-11- . "The need in Kentucky is William N e vi n s, Lawrence-burg- , great," Bishop Watkins said. regional president, will Kentucky preside at the South Jefferson A few Western Methodist churches have had conclave. The meetings are "Church Extension Day" pre- sponsored by the Sunday School viously and will not observe it Department of the Kentucky February 6. Baptist Executive Board. Regional officers are to be elected and conferences will be held on State Clubwoman To Sunday school work with every age group. I Work On lated. - TTar-renc- ay es 7 . sfn.Js Orders Repair mat" J'town capse orchid and aS"J, end h cach d center Mr. Rene Haldimann was hij brother's best man, and Messrs Robert Spencer, Marion Stallard and Charles Runyon were ushers, A reception was held at the Crescent Hill Woman's Club. Mr and Mrs. Haldimann will live at 2321 Glenmary Avenue upon their return from a short wed- ding trip to Kentucky Lake th Tay-lorsvil- le illu- - sion was adjusted satin caP and she quet of hyflcinths a whlte orchid. J themselves, both for from Louisville to Cuba and other expenses, these kids are doing something which has never been done anywhere else in the world before. of That is what the teen-ageCounty are in the pro- Jefferson . . ,i auiiuum--t CeSS OI OOinR as ui--of their "Youth Ambassador Good Will Flight" from Louis- nationally-acclaimed ville to Havana, Cuba. They call on their production for the "Chuckles" "Camp-On-Airtheir venture boys and youngsters of Havana, Cuba, as June ,19, 80 teen-ag- e .' ,u.i:- Tr(.;.. Ai a future nf rnod Will. Thev Will Cn- - bear gifts to the Cubans which Playground and Recreation have been made on the play tv Board, and accompamea Dy rep- They from 11 different resentatives of the press and schools are Jefferson County, of will take off from Standi- radio, range from 13 to 19. ford Field for Havana. Cuba, Their ages They are briefed in Cuban play- bearing gifts made on the are ex- grounds of Jefferson County to customs and history and chief iremeiy consc oua u Cuban youngsters. Their flight are aim to bring about better re- - purposes of their air faUons between the kids of this to create good will, to exemplify to evi- country and Cuba hoping that the American way of life, dence the natural friendliness of worid conditions of tomorrow youth and to respect and admire will be better because they met the accomplishments of other na- learned to like foreign tions. The youth ambassadors will "Vl. . v,' ' tPPn.nfrers of be inspired visit Cuba definitely pledged to other countries will show the part that leisure time, by their example and will ar- - properly supervised, plays m the .imilar trios which will flight have a far United States to grve evidence Machine effect on better rela- - of a side of the people of the trl. of to- - United cntP5 thnf s seldom trip will do shown, to demonstrate how mowow. Such a provided, the product toward the promotion of reat.on is . t," countries man will between of well supervised play state entire department of Vetti- - result show one oi tne reasons and to -,7 .." rriicVi IH)pe iu COUJuthat an area of 300 square miles ner Said. nnnnlnteii bv more than 120.000 ' Features Listed , individuals has what is said to delinquency rate Here are the features of the be the lowest States. flight which stamps in the United good will III In V representing . Flight Call To Cuban Destination rs contestant only one fair. Judge Terrill Wilson, Dawson Springs, a director of the state association, will serve as chairman of the beauty queen committee and as director of the project Miss County Fair of Kentucky." He is said to have had much experience in conduct ing such an activity Stout, who has long been an advocate of state aid to county fairs, also is chairman of the state association's legislative committee. "We are pledged to work diligently for the continuance and a justified increase of state financial aid to county fairs," he said. "Beginning under the 1952 General Assembly, a budget item appropriation of $25,000 per year has been administered through the State Fair board partially to increase and Future Farmer premium monies at the county fair level and partially to set ud attractive financial incentives for H and F.F.A. county fair winners to exhibit at the Kentucky 11-1- 3. Good Will Ambassadors" Await a group of teen-ageundertake to fly from one coun- try to another to promote good will between nations, history is each me rveniucKy notei, Louisville, 10. accordi Day, Salem, Ind., president. Max O. Cullen. assistant nun. eral manager of thi Natinnoi Live Stock and Meat Board, will wield the knife. Cullen, who has been with the meat board for 25 years, is nationally known as an authoritv on mpnt. nits anA Vqo held many television demonstra tions. "Servinc Animal is the title of an address by J. W. Sampier, editor of the National Livestock Producer, which carries market information tn nil sections of the United States. First woman SDeaker ever to participate in the producers' an nual meeting is Mrs. Viola Armstrong, director of the Home De partment of the Indiana Farm Bureau Cooperative Association. She will talk on "With This We Build." February 1955 j V When i:AryA4. will be expected to vie for hon ors in the Kentucky State Fair that year. Entrants must be between 15 and 22, single or married, with sef;BUra,ihlR-rt-47...K,:niaVMr- WHAS-T- Feature Annual Producers' ner and other leading contestants 4-- H one-wom- an The fate of Roy and Leonart Tarrencp, Jeffersontown nonvicted slayers of Francis McConmack, Louisville attorney,' appeared to be in the hands of Got. Lawrence W. Wetherby Friday as the U.S. Circuit Court it Appeals at Cincinnati Meel this week decliped to intervene' 'in the case. In declining to intervene, the appellate court denied an application for a writ of probable cause on grounds that Meat cuttini? will hn place on the program of the Prothe doomed men's constituducers Live Stock Marketing tional rights had been, vioAssociation's annual meeting at County 26-2- State Fair. "During 1954, 77 countv fairs in Kentucky received payments under the state aid plan and 45 of these fairs had and F.F.A. first place winners at the state fair where youth exhibitors outnumbered adult ones." A total of 28 countv fairs nf a I Bulchery Will e 4-- H , '"" Court Denies Tarrences Plea To Escape Electric Chair U. S. vice-presid- I restaurant, in a separate building, is to be a "lavish" affair, having a seating capacity of 200 persons and will contain a cocktail lounge. Construction w to begin in March and viS require about three months. Plans call for a d i restaurant inter ior and will be air conditioned as well as the hotel. Brown, owner of the Kentucky v and Brown Hotels and numerous other, buildings and sites ,in uuwuwwn ijouisvuie, saia ne was "feeling his way" in construction of suburban hotels. "If Louisville needs another one, I'll be glad to build it," he said. In Brown's opinion, it is not pfofitable to build large down- town hotels in Louisville as they cost from $15,000 to $20,000 a room. The Bardstown Road ac- - LATE JANUARY IIUPTIALS R. Willis Stout, Seatonville Road, president of the Jefferson County Fair Association, has been elected of the Kentucky Association of Fairs and Home Shows. Grover Gilpin, Columbia, was named president to succeed Ray P. Wei- ler, Shelbyvule. The association, meeting last Friday in Louisville, voted to sponsor a state-widbeauty contest at the next convention January 7 in the Kentucky Hotel. Each county fair is to be asked to enter a contestant. The win- Tm j Every Friday at $3.00 Per Yeu Kentucky Fair Group Plans to build a $1,000,000 ho- tel and "restaurant on Bardstown Mr Tlnrtln DC Road and. Goldsmith Lane have ' been announced by J. Graham Slfl HmirC Affpr Dpafri Brown, Louisville financier. The hotel win be 0f glass and 01 ureal Grandson, 7 .. I " 43 llillion Dollar Hotel Diner Are Planned On Bardslown Road ' JEFFERSON COUNTY AN INDEPENDENT- COUNTY NEWSPAPER ty Fri-Giv- el To Join Foundation ELLSWORTH BUNKER Kentuckians interested in the medical welfare of the state are invited to join the Kentucky Medical Foundation and to participate in its activities, J. Stephen Watkins, Lexington, foundation president, reported. Watkins said invitations to enroll in the foundation are being mailed this week to more than 6,000 farm, business, medical and civic leaders in the state. However, he explained, the organization is interested in expanding its mailing list and has invited all interested citizens to submit their names to receive information on progress of the Foundation's work. The mailing address is Post Office Box 618, Lexington. Membership is open to those who subscribe to the general purposes of the organization. There are no membership dues. Funds for operation are raised by voluntary subscription, Watkins said. Red Cross Chairman To Spur 1955 Drive 1 Ellsworth Bunker, president of National Red Cross, spoke at a meeting of Red January 31. at a meeting of Red Cross leaders in this area in preparation of the organization's fund campaign In $85,000,000 March. The meeting was at 12:15 p.m. in the Terrace Room of the Kentucky Hotel. Bunker became president of the Red. Cross in January of last year after a long career in industry and public service. (the American MR. AND MRS. IRA E. INS-k- o, Jeffersontown, are in Whistler,. Ala., for a visit with Mr. Insko's sister, Mrs W. F. Shoe-mat- e, and Mr. Shoemate. The Inskos plan to be gone several weeks. Deaf Mule Makes Jeffersontown Tour 6,687lh Slop On nation-Wid- e deaf mute, Ralph A Kennedy Brad'ord. laden with Climax 01 Youth Yeek numerous scrap books containing , leiiers, newspaper cuppings tuiu records of his travels, 'visited To Re Commemorated Jeffersontown Monday, one of tour his stops on a million-mil- e This Sunday, February 6, the of the United States. Jeffersontown Christian .Church He wrote that Jeffersontown commemorate, the climax of was the 6,687th city he had vis- will 11 a.m. worited. Because of his affliction, he Youth Week at the .young peoBOY SCOUT SUNDAY. by ship service when the Youth Felis compelled to communicate ple of the Christian means of a pad and pencil. A special service, commemothe morning The Drincinal reason for his lowship conduct rating the 45th anniversary of worship. the founding of the Boy Scout lengthy tour is to gather mate Those taking part in the Sunorganization, will be observed rial for a book he intends to day morning service will be on "How A Deaf-Mut- e Sunday at the Jeffersontown write Diemer, Judy Harlan, Presbyterian Church. Topic of Finds Things With The Hearing Margo Funkriouser, Janice Low-r- y, Hollie sermon People." the Rev. M. R. Costanzo's Lee Harlan and Gillis White. His travels began at National len." A is "The Making of expects to Youth Week is an interdenomimeeting of young peeple isset City, Calif., and he emend them in 1960 at Bangor. Me. national observance which for 7:30. s cov phasizes the importance of youth estimates, Leaders of Scout Troop No. 75, So far, he in the church. which will be honored Sunday, ered more than 675,000 miles. Bradford has not confined his are Gordon Weber, scoutmaster; travels to the United States. He W. D. Menefee, committee chairCOUNCIL MEETING has visited Mexico, Canada, CuR. J. Anderson, instituman; The January; tneeting of 'the W. E. ba, Hawaii, Alaska and Europe. tional representative, and In addition to his inability to Jeffersontown ;Ar.ea Community Test, Sr.; Bernie Oliver, Claude Hilton, F. G. talk or hear, he was stricken Council. will be held at 8 p.m. Ogburn, Emmart 2 and Tuesday, Febfdary.8, in the Fire Bentley, the Rev. Mr. Costanzo with polio when he was Dleruf, Jr.,, presifor long( terms and Cedric L. Cowan, committee was hospitalized ncMdonts! Once House, yfr 0, . moult nf ' dent,' said the program probably members. 1 he was in a bus wreck and again would .consist' ot 'discussion of when he was strucK, road and's'treet improvements.' t THE ALTAR SOCIETY OF was injured ' ' v' . . , -- t Holy Family Church will spon- by a train. i Bradford travels mostly by sor a card party at 8 p.m. TuesA" NEWS' ITEM: Fhon airplane. Hitchday, February 22, in the school bus, train ordangerous,Jie says. Jeffersontown (143. Road. hiking is too bis,ement on Poplar Leel i he-ha- . ' 1- . ,

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