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Image 2 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 9, 1949

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Page Two THE MOUNTAIN ESTABLISHED IN 1907. THE COUNTY NEWSPAPER A friendly weekly newspaper published every Thursday W. P. NOLAN, Editor and Publisher MRS. MARTHA M. NOLAN . Business Manager non-partis- an EAGLE, WH5TESBURG, Young Woman Recalls Life As Laborer Under Germans some bad. Treatment she and KENTUCKY THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 1949 week by conducting a blitz against rubbish and other' unsightly or unsanitary objects, and according to the Clay Tribune's editors, Ted Stanton, Sr., and Ted, Junior, the town is so clean now that you couldn't find a tin can in an alley or an old cardboard box in a back yard. If Sebree and. .Providence, haven't had cleanup weeks this" season, their civic leaders have been dozing. The rivalry between the three Webster county towns is not just keen. It is like a fresh safety razor blade. Office Supplies other laborers received depended on the characters of Subscription Price: $3.00 Per Year; Six Months, $1.75 those in charge at the time, Payable in Advance. she statedThe people of Letcher THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 1949 County are very nice and friendly, Mrs. Ramsey said. Entered as second class mail matter August 28, 1907, at the In fact, the kindness and Postoffice at Whitesburg, Kentucky, .under the Act of Consympathy of the American gress of August 9, 1873. people was what impressed Everything for the office, from stationher most when she came to the United States in November ery to card indexes. Typewriters, filing To look at Mrs. Vallya 1948. She came to Springfield, 111., in an Army plane, she reV NATIONAL EDITORIAt Ramsey, whose picture is cabinets, pencil sharpeners, and other and was in a PRESS) KENTUCKY assooi?mio:n above, you would never think called,hospital at BattlegovernAf ment Creek, needed articles for correspondence and that within the span of. her 26 Mich., for a time. She never years she has experienced business records.' Come in and tell us more heartbreak and suffering felt like she was a stranger but By Jack Will than the average Letcher right at home from the beyour needs. We'll supply you. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY Countain has in a lifetime. ginning, she declared. Mrs- Ramsey is a college Mrs. Ramsey is the wife of Samuel Ramsey and lives on graduate and quite accomNow that we are heading Tunnel Hill in the east end of plished. Her only fault of Kenhigh weeds and picnic sea tucky was the lack of concerts Whitesburg. and other musical entertain- son again, this might be a good When interviewed in her time to explode some popular home, Mrs. Ramsey speaking ments. She speaks five langu- - beliefs about snakes The in A QUESTION ages and says she learned with a slight accent, related Kentucky State Fair will be held this year from September how her parents were killed in English before the war. But formation is from a leaflet 11 through September 17- - The purpose of a state fair, of course, Latvia by the Russians in 1940, she does like the simple ways which the noted University of ist o show off what different sections of the state has to offer. how she worked as a forced of local people and above all Kentucky zoologist, the late Jr. W. D. wants to Typewriters Letcher County although, not the most prosperous or laborer in munitions factories Whitesburg. make friends in for snake-sh- Funkenhouser, wrote y Kentuckians, aggressive county in the state, still has a host of attractive in East Prussia under the GerAdding Machines Voicing the hope that her characteristics which might be pushed and which, if promoted, mans, the terror of allied Supposed to bombings, and the final libera grandmother, aunt and uncle take tail in mouth and roll could bring the recognition our county deserves. will be able to come to the Filing Cabinets One of the attractions Letcher County has, and one which tion and her marriage to United States soon, Mrs along like a hoop. No such snake. strongly merits the attention of the entire state, is our lovely Samuel Ramsey, then an Am Kamsey said tnat there are Glass-snakSaid to break mounain ladies. We here in the hills shouldn't be selfish. We erican soldier in Germany. With a slightly apologetic many displaced persons m into fragments only to have should let the rest of the country know just how beautiful our Europe now, living on the bare women and girls are. Besides beauty, our girls have brains and tone, she recalled how she had necessities, who would be use- the pieces to reunite after they the combination of talent and loveliness they display should "eat and eat and eat" after the ful citizens if they could come have been scattered. A foolish story based on the habits of the American army came into be made known, to all. to America. Her uncle is sacrifices In view of this, we would like to ask if any civic club of Erfurt and generously gave plumber she says, but he could legless lizard which escape food to the displaced persons its tail in order to its Letcher County is sponsoring a Miss Letcher County for the do many other things if given enemy- a there. The food the Germans the, chance Kentucky State Fair? If not, why do they fail to do so? Such Whip-snakBelieved to lash project would undoubtedly do much for 'Letcher County, in paid their slave labor was The American people throw mostly soup, she said. Meat its victims to death with its Stationery addition to showing the rest of the state the advantage of being away enough lood to teed was unknown. a mountaineer. several Europeans each week. tail. Nonsense. Although naturally sadden snake. Thought Kile Folders said, admitt ed by memories of her experi- Mrs. Ramsey and andhusband to milk cows by sucking milk she GROWTH OF A TOWN her ences, Mrs. Ramsey doesn't ed that from udders- Foolish as The prosperity and well-beiof any town is measured by seem to be morbidly bitter to- (they have no children) have snakes have no fleshynotion, lips can the growth of its legitimate businesses. The people of any ward the Germans and Russi- more on the table at each meal not suck, and drink little. town that grows steadily are people who get along and have ans- Like most people, she said, than the average D- - P. has in a Horse-ha- ir snake- - A parasiweek, the successes in business and in society. there were some good and tic worm often found in horse It's good to be here," Mrs. Since the first of the year Whitesburg has seen the estabKamsey said. 'When my troughs- - The worm is hair-lik- e lishment of several new business, as well as the construction parents were killed by the in appearance and causes of many new homes and other projects. It is gratifying to see Carbon Paper Russians I was away from ignorant people to believe a this growth and it will be to the betterment of the town and home or I wouldn't be here horse hair has come to life. the county if it continues. Blue-racPencil Sharpeners snake. A terrible now." bhe states, however, Next week another new business will open here. It is the she is lonesome and would venomous snake whch is said that Elinda Ann Drive-I-n Theater on the state highway at the east like to know more people in to chase any person so un and with all the latest con? end of town. Modern, fortunate as to cross its path From the Mountain Eagle, Whitesburg. veniences, the new theater will be a boost to Letcher County and which has speed that it as well as a place for the wholesome entertainment everyone June 13, 1929. can outrun a horse and kilt needs. Recreational and the rider. This superstition is The people who "point with pride" around Whitesburg classes were being vocational conducted probably basedon the fact that will have something to point St if oar town continues to grow. by the Whitesburg Presby just after a molt certain black-snakSchool Supplies The new gym, the new telephone building and modern dial terian, Methodist, and Baptist have a beautiful bluish Pencils system, the new drug store, new homes, new five and ten cent Tape Machine luster. At this time the snake stores, all go into making Whitesburg a progressive, prosperous churchesA committee for the caring is almost blind, since the old community. of graveyards in and around scale over the eye is the last to 9 Whitesburg was organized be shed. When in this condi Nine From Letcher COME AND SEE with Rev. Enlow as chairman, tion the snake is extremely Robert Blair Jr., as treasurer, timid and will dash off in a ot Receive Degrees At Can there any good thing come and Mrs. George M. Adams as Bowling Green's Community flash if disturbed. While trying secretary. UK Commencement out of Nazareth to escape, it may head right Week was a whopper. Staplers Ben Bollin and John D. Started on a Sunday, and all for you. It is fast all right and Eight students from Letcher Philip saith unto him, "Come and see. John Combs died a few days before the city s preacher spoke about may catch up with you, but if County were among the 1162 The to receive bachelors degrees All Christian People should at Carbon Glow. the church's responsibility to it does, dont worry. "blue-racebe saying Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Davis the community. is harmless- and one received a masters and family, formerly of Organizations participating "Jumping" snake. A phy degree at the University of "Come see the Lamb of Calvary." Whitesburg, were visiting here included the Rotary, Kiwanis, sical impossibility, for snakes Kntucky's 82nd commence from Corbin. Boy cannot jump. ment held in Lexington last Homemakers Clubs, Come, see Him, in all things, of Jody P. Adams was con Scouts, Western State College Friday, June 3. Kentucky cannot be said to .Nature. sidering running for County Trade School, the R. E- A-- , the have a very abundant ophidian Quentin Zachary of Eubank Come see Him, in the hills, Court Clerk. city schools, League of Women fauna, and there are only three received a Master of Sciense Harry L. Moore was a candi Voters, Business and Pro- poisonous snakes in the state, and trees. "Everything in office Supplies" in Education Come, see Him, in the birds date for County Judge- fessional Women, American the copperhead, rattlesnake, and the and flowers. Joe Bushaki opened a pop Legion, Veterans of Foreign and Now, do were awarded bachelors deLost, unbeliever, "Come and corn and peanut stand m Wars, Junior. Chamber of you feel better about taking grees: Samuel Chewning and see-Whitesburg fojrty that outing. Commerce- About Betty Smedley, Jenkins; Ruby Crase, Edna Sowards, women's organizations particiCornett, William Ison, Come see Him, in the raging1 and Leona Adams of Millstone iiMJiiiiiiBifiiaiitiatialnlal.tUaltilallalMlallaUilBliilHUilBliilaltilBJiilvJiiUltihlttlBJiiUUtlalMUtitlaliilKUtUltilatt ilaUaliilalulwliilalialitl pated, too many to list in my and James Mullins, Blackey; tempest. went horseback riding on limited space. George Whitaker, Roxana; Come hear Him in, the Rockhouse the previous Charging a penny fee for hi Clarence Daniels, Whitesburg; thunder s roar. voting for the community Ray Hogg, Mayking; and John All, nature speaks, to me, mother of the year, the BusiHolbrook, Sergent. Subscription Blank To The Mountain Eagle about Him. Him, hidness and Professional Women Vice President Alben W. And, makes me trust, Him, m The Mountain Eagle, Come, lost, sinner, come and raised $600 for the Bowling Barkley delivered the comm more and more. see Him. Green Youth Center. Whitesburg, Ky. mencement address. The 1949 m Who, was nailed, to Calvarys' The Committee for Kentuc class included students from You people all, who know, the Please find enclosed ($1.75 for Six Months) ($3.00 for One Year) price m tree. ky was represented by Execu109 Kentucky counties, 25 Savior. the sinful life you are tive Director Maurice D. m for Subscription to' The Mountain Eagle. other states, and six foreign Should say to sinners, "Come For, living, Bement, Mr. and Mrs. James m countries. Please mail the paper to: and see." Come, vile sinner, come and W. Armstrong. The third Arm m In all, nature see the Savior see. strong, Bill put on a community-p- m County Sells 60.9 Who died that, sinners, might rogram motion picture be free. Come now, sinners, see my show Date. Of Quota Percent Savior. The purpose of'th eprogram Up to and including May 28, Come now sinner, come and See, Him in, beauty, all was to stimulate interest in Letcher County had met 60.9 see, Him. around. civic progress. And it was so percent of its quota in the Christ: Who died on Calvary's Call upon Him now, for NAME successful that civic leaders current Opportunity Drive tree. mercy: are already planning a similar campaign for the sale of U. S. Died that, "You might live in, Seek Him, while, He may be, program for 1950- ADDRESS Savings Bonds. Glory, found. Letcher County's quota for Come now, sinners "Come and The Harrison County Rec the current drive is $78,000. A see. Come and see Him, Carless, reation Board says that in the total of $47,568 in bonds had Sinner. nine months in February, it m been sold in the county by Come, see a man, which, told As, He hung on Calvary's attracted 32,154 spectators and Sincerely yours, May 28. The over-a-ll state sales me. tree. players. Cash receipts were for Kentucky has now attained All, things that, ever I did." Your sins helped to make the $5,645, which covered expenses Signed: 51.9 per cent of the state's John nailprint and left about $60 in the quota, according to Norman L. I am glad that he knows about, Come, lost sinner, Come and treasury. m Rockey, state director for the Me, see. drive. Glad, there is, nothing from, REBECCA JONES Clay recently celebrated a - it JEST ! nJ AMONG US.. - e. Hoop-Snak- e. e. Cow-suck- er - ng Twenty Years Ago er up-to-da- te, mm es caaij) mum Ihe r" Mountain Eagle - degree following water-moccasi- n. Dial 2252 Whitesburg Kg. " Mc-Kinl- ey - 4-2- 9. K

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