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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

PROPOSAL tr2 from STUDENT CODE REVISION COMMITTEE Material to be added is underlined. Material to be deleted is in brackets ARTICLE I -- THE UNIVERSITY JUDICIAL SYSTEMS Page 2 1.21 i. The threat or commission of physical violence against any University employee for the purpose of influencing [his/her] the employee's official actions; Page 3 p. Giving false testimony or other evidence at any hearing of the University Judicial Board or the University Appeals Board; 1.33 The University cannot accept remand of students charged or con- victed of violations of federal, state or local law for the purpose of imposing disciplinary sanction. However, a University representative may accept court appointment of probation of a student to [his/her] the representative's care and may impose [such] appropriate requirements. [as he/she sees fit.] If such student violates these requirements, the student must be returned to court for such further proceedings as the court shall determine, but not for University disciplinary sanction. Page 4 1.41 When the Dean, after investigation into an alleged violation of the disciplinary rules, believes a student has committed a disciplinary offense defined in Section 1.2 or 6.3, the Dean shall notify and charge the student [that he/she is charged] with said offense. Thereafter the Dean shall first notify the student of [his/her rights,] "The Rights of the Accused" (see Sec. 2.3), after which the Dean may solicit a plea of guilty or not guilty, which shall be in writing and notarized. Page 5 1.44 The accused shall enjoy the right to [have the assistance of an advisor of his/her choice] choose an advisor to assist during all preliminary conferences and judicial hearings and shall be informed of this right. However, [he/she] the student is not entitled to an advisor during any counseling session except at the request of the Dean.

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