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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., April 7, 1887

Part of The Big Sandy news.

BIG- NEWS. - Aut invemam warn, out lactam. VOL. If. NO. 33. LOUISA, LA WHENCE CO., K Y., APRIL 7, CURRENT TOPICS. 31.0UC This t'hlncM alphabet contain ehur.u tela. Cotatoks stuffed with egg ml grated chccsa are a new dish. Tnr. Temple Kmimuol, In Now York, hn an organ with i.i'M les. v0titM on shell lit a emit apiece, arc tended on truys in New York. In lmliu there arc rmr female mission arlcs to every million of women. IlaioNjnnrh found in two ticor (pa coun Hfly six counties. ties mill gold A feul deep Is to lc bored In tho City of Mexico In cinch lif oil. A 1.1. tho railroads arc looking shnrp to their bridges, it's a ik! invent ini'iit. A Nr. ni ito N. Y.) iniilihn chewed tog much gum auil lost cotitrol of her jaw. Halt la selling for fifty one cents a barrel In Michigan, with the barrel thrown in. Kuitiioii iluiileit a client m t troo in the pulaec garden on hi bu today Tint best modern. siege guns cost rr,il, and it cunt a te shool into of lliem only pnea. A mrK'u sits at the bedside, of Km- K'ror William watching while iho mon fi) an h sleep. Bai.tihihik in now supplied H II h ilium in aling gas n( thirty-livcentu ppr one cubic feet. Ini Itovi'hrr farm ut 1'eeknkill, now offered for sale,, it valued lit Utm.iiM. The tbou-anni- bouse In cot ii,ii. legislature has passed a bill reducing legal lares fn.m three cent milo to two cents. a Tlii Gorman lu'ichnlu'! has adjourned for tho Kastcr hoi Ida)' a,- and will rmumo It tilt lug April III. (Jao. W. CniLim will present to the WcM Point Military Academy a life Sim (leiirrul drum. Tua Htate of Iowa has just built herself ancwrapllot and hat dona it within iliu original appropriation. " A tfriiNAi entomologist decline that Spiders destroy more Insect enemies than lllluniii - pauil-Ingo- do all insect-eatinbirds. Tho Kinprvss Kugruin is an Ul to bo con templating a tour through tho tiiited Htulca, traveling Incognito. ' DiMvii.t.R, V., ha taught tho boom. She la building it rot railroads, waterworks and laying off parks. Tna New York U'gislultim Is asked to " pass a hill making It a misdemeanor to jump off tho ItrookH n bridge. Tiiaix nro an arllclo of uierctiundiso In Paris, bring kept in tubs uud sold at tho rato of two fruues pir dozen. A has just been rnuotcd in Connecticut prohibiting rail wiry travel lln. m. and :i p. m. on Sundays. A wriTiMi of Hebrews held in Brooklyn recently contributed r.'.'&i Tor the monument to tho lata ltev, Henry Ward Deocher. Tilt: Ixiulsvillo CiwrlrrVexriirt thinks the I'zar of llussia would bo a happier iniin us Iho agent of aotuo liurublo lw TIGHTENING THE COIL CURE OF CONSUMPTION. Klalrmrnls Kegardlug Kraults In by a New rroress Ullghtlr I'hlla-d.lph- la Tho Bloux City Brewer Charged Col- ored. PiiHJOHi.riiiA, March 81. Thia weck'a Miriiml .Vrn, to bo Issued Will With the Doath of Rev. Mr. Haddook. Kotelilnsrhl, Alias lllsmarrk. Corroborates I.svlit and Klij.lnioiin-Th- ii Vlrllui'a Wife faints During (ha llr.ltul. Hiocx Citt, Iowa, March ,10. This waa the most interesting uud exciting duy, to ior, 01 ino iiauoock trial, and the court room whs jammed from tho opening unti tho closing hour. Mrs. Haddock, tho wid ow of tho murdered clergyman, occupied a irunl seat within tho bur, and evidenced deep grief aa reference was frequently mado to hor late husband. Tho first witness culled waa Albert Koauitzi, better known as "Hlsmarck," tho cyo witness o theltrugedy, who was arrested and brough1 back from Han Francisco. Ho spoko in broken Herman, und his testimony was at once forcible and interesting mid graphic Ho recited how Trelber had induced him to hunt up Orunda and tell him If ho would whip the "l'rlester" and give him two black eyca ho would rooorvo ,v, and how Oranda had finally weakened and refined to whip Haddock, liismurck continued thoroughly cori'oborutiug l.cuvitt and describing, minutely every movement of tho conspirators on that fateful duy, and which, led up to and fol lowed the homicide; the meeting of Had dock and Arensdorf, and how the latter after passing tho "prlcsler," auddoiily Whirled and nred the nie.sleudon teiiger of death. Tho Illustration was most dramatic, and u breathless silence followed tho, realistic description. The witness reluteiSull about how Arensdorf had given liiin, through Frli.dmr, tvi to leave the country; how he (Jlisnian-k- ) had got drunk, his wifo 'taken the money and then aguin Arensdorf approached him with tho words: "Why have you not left f Did you not got tho money from Krielier to got If you remain hero you will get drunk, tell what you Know and then be sent to tho peniten tiary. I havo plenty of money, and they will never send mo to jail." Tho wllnest describes his being driven to Kulix, whero Krltx Kolger gave him mnro money, and llien Kisinarclc went to Kan rrunciaco. " nrn 110 camt back 10 Oinatm ho was shown a picture of Harry levltt and assured by the mayor and city murshal of Hioux City that it was a picture of the mini who they believed hud douo the shooting. He told them it was not, and though tlvy insisted, ho em phatically maintained then and thero that John Arensdorf wns tho murderer, The witness' testimony was most thorough and exact from lughiulng to end, nnd a rigorous examination failed to cripple it 111 the least. Ho far tho Htubo has made a wonderfully strong cuso. During tho afternoon, while liismurck was graphic ally describing the murdur, Mrs. Haddock suddenly fainted uud was carried into an ante-room- . ltcstoratives wero adinini terod and she soon rallied and again ap peared in tlio court room. state thut recent articles, extensively published throughout tho country, announcing tho euro ut the Philadelphia Hospital ct a number of patients suffering with consumption..' through treatment by Injection of carbonic acid gas and sulphuretted hydrogen, greatly exaggerated in tho success of tho treatment. Iho treatment. It says, was first Introduced by Hergeon, of Lyons, and adds editorially: "Very many of tho statements which have been sprend broadcast over the country are absolutely false, Ho fur aa we know, thero have been no cases cured, certainly not at the Philadelphia Hospital, and even those of Borgeon's patients who wero most benefited continued to havo slight expectoration The containing bacilli. results at the Philadelphia Hospital, in tho lim ited series cases which have of been under treatment, have been (n tho reduction of tho fever and sweats, the lessening of tho expectoration, and in tho increase of weight. Theso are gains to be thankful for, and encourage ua to hope that we may have hero a remedial measure of somo value, but further than this nothing can lie said. Phthisis, as we usually meet it, is an acute disease, aud an enpei ieiicc of seven weeks is far too short a time iu which to form a judgment of the permanent beneficent effects of the treat ment. Kl , CHOLERA QUARANTINE. I'aso Knterrea ItTravrllng North from Panama. Ht. Irfiris, March 31. A special te tho flrimhliian from El Paso, Tex., says: Quar antine was instituted hero to day against cholera, The Htale has been under proper quarantine sineo February 7, but tho proclamation has not heretofore been enforced at thia point. The cholora has traveled northward In Houth America until It has reached the Isthmus of Panama, and II Is feared Mexican Central trains may bring it into the United Htalos. By order of Htute Health Officer, Rutherford, all persons, baggage and freight from cho!era infected porta will be denied admittance to the Htate. Passengers going F.ast from this city will be furnished certificates from tho local Health Officer ltai-e- . All mails from choUira infected porta will be disinfected before being received Into tho Htate, .' The Fruit Crop. Lor is, March 31. Tho Itrpub'iem will publish fruit and vegetable Htates, Incrop reports from twenty-oncluding all tho tiulf nnd Mississippi Valley Hliitcs. Thoy show thBt the peach crop haa been killed for tho most Illinois, part in Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas, but that Texas, wringer.' Ijoulstann, and Mississippi will produce a L11.U Williams, a child of eleven j ears, full crop. The apple crop will be fully up Is an applicant for divorce In iinuh te the average Tho pear yield will bo Court ou tho ground of cruelly and failure, fair, wlnle tho grape in Illinois, Missouri to support. and adjoining territory will bo largor A niLf. uJiich has passed theConnecticiit MURDER, PURE AND SIMPLE. than for several years. Tho strawberry Legislature, provides thut elder which bus crop will bo lighter than for two or threo commenced fermentation ahull be subject A Sloop Captain Deliberately Karamps a years. A great donl of damage was occato Iho license law. Kbilboit. sioned to vegetablos by this week's cold Tin death rate in New York Is now anid ColI'Miitt, 8. C, Sliirch ). Information snap In Hie Houth, but the yield thero will to be dwindled to seven hundred a week. has been received hero of an outrage combo fair and the general average high. To bury this number tho city has 0110 united on the Cooper river near Oakley undertakers. for which Captain Lewis Poinsett, of the Two Hundred and Filly Men Drowned. Till Pueltunt rose, tho latest production sloop Carrie and Ilatlie, will probably Kt. Joiixs, N. F., March 81. Tho report cf the queen of tlnwirs, bus a compact suffer. A largo party of negro laborers, ed loss of tho steamer Kaglo is confirmed blossom, ta of a delicate creamy white, and who had wen working on a river planta by thediHCovery of wreckago on Ilonuvista will last for days. tion on one side of the river, wero being Ruy. Tho crew numbered 250 men, and Tlilt lalit niivn-efri'tn the volcann M conveyed across to their homes on the there Is nothing to show that any 0110 was Mauna Loaare thni the How of l.iv.i which other side in a flat boat'.'' When tho bout saved. Tho steamer was lost on tho shouls waa recently upheaved from the mid ocean Was In tho middle, of tho atrcum it was near Fuuk Island, off llonnvista Bay. Defurnace hud ceased. passed by the sloop. After passing about bris, forecasconsisting of A waiTia of vigorous Aniericun proMS yurd the sloop came about, uud not tle deck and cooking gear, with tho descrilwa a school pirl out in the cold withstanding the ample room iu the river. steamer's namo, was found on the ico, and world "as a minnow among a school ol ran directly into thu llalboat, which was the Inhabitants are on tho outlook for t hod pickerel. partially split open and u, number of men Tim Chinese are anid to muniifucturo an Kiiocxcd into tho river, four of them beinir bodies of tho drowned. na'sthetic not unlike cocaine in its action, arownen. 1 no Jury of Inquest put. tho re A Pair ol Discouraged Pole Hunters. and claim thut tho anu'sthetiu property is sponsibility on Captain Poinsett, who has Winnipko, Mamtoiia, March 31. Alex. the juice of the eye of tho frog. been committod to juil, McArthur, who loft hero about a month ()scb 8. Btkoi-s- , tho ago to find tho North Polo, has returned. Going Out Like Lion. Minister to Turkey, ia n natlvo of (leorgia. CiiIcaoo. March M.l)iso itches fcom Tho new s of tho movements of the Eski lie waa borii In Tulbotton nnd resided mos, whom ho expected to mcot, wns disYnrious points in the Ktuto rennet honv thero until ho was cloven' years old, s during tho duy and evoning. couraging. They will not boon Hudson Johx Winnahakkii, tho Phillldellh! Hay till tho fall, nnd, as the only other 11 uiiiiiiiiu no siorm nils ruge.t severely . merchant, carries life Insurnneo of route wns that which Colonel Gilder found hrotighoiit tho day, covering tho ground J. H. htefson, of thrt sumo eitv, hita Impracticable, ho decided to abandon tho v It h snow to u depth of twelve inctios on (fitA.U, and Hamilton Dlsston Ksm.Ds), trip for the present. He says ho will moko Thr proprietor of a Ilrond atroot bucket the level. another attempt next fall,' Colonel Oilder, Loi'lHVIl' Mlll'.-l- l .ll k... K.irtn n..t. ahnp has been arrested and held for trial ing nere Heavily and without intermission tho other Arctic explorer, is still here. In a New Y'oi li court, tho evident Intent ameo seven o'clock. Tho snow la about being to aoltlo the legal stutua of hla "busiOur New El Dorado. four Inches deep, and Is still falling. ness. " Ht. Levi, March .31. A special to tho VtNCKSNns, lxn.. March :). One of the A lli.Asoiw merchiuit nsked Queen says news from Alaska has ever known In to accept a Jubileo gift of a cheesa heaviest lis section fell lit. lav ..m'.ti.i.r ti,A been received from tho steamship Idaho, va tons and mndo from tho weigning which arrived at PortTownsend last night. ground to a depth of from Ilfloon to clgh- milk of 8,.VJ0 Cuiiudiun cows, but alio do that tho gold fever ia setting In early, not-iveu incites. rllucd. fthstaiiding a most scvoro winter. Ono Nicikii.asvii.i.r, Kr., March XI. A heavy Kaon Hao, Iho young Kmperor of China, hundred men have started from Yukon al is driving through nnd Is who has boon deelnrcd "of ago" ut sixteen, six inches on the railway truck, aud ready and many others aro ready to stnrt. has assumed tho full reins of government. Petroleum beds nro rumored to havo been In tho cuts tho drifts nro banking up. His name aignillea "Continuation of found nenr Juneuu. Tho gold prospectors Glory." ore preparing to scatter in all directions Nihilists' Litest Move. HKvr.itAi, books of county records In 8t. I'btkkhih 110, March SI). A wholesnls in the spring. Iowa, which hnd long been missing, were merchant of 8t. Petersburg, reputed to be reeontly found in a lhivenport suloon, High License Bill Passed. where they had pawned for liquor by worth millions, has been shot and killod by Ai.ii.inv, N. Y., March 31. Tho Senate a man to whom ho refused to give Sil.OOO it former ofllcinl. passed tho High Liquor License Ovrit fJl,UlO,lliO bus been contributed to roubles toward tho Nihilist fund. Tho bill, which was passed by tho Assembly a Other Rusthe colleges of this country by twenly murderer has been arrested. sian capitalists nro fearful of suffering a tew daya ago. The measuro has boon men. Threo of these en similar fate. They nro roeoiving letters made a parly ono Republicans for, Demo(lirard, Johns Hopkins and Asa rackcr threatening them with immediate death if crats against. Tho bill now goes te tho gnvo over tU.Ooi, i. they do not comply with domnnds to fur. Governor, who, It is 'generally believed. TiiK Ktnto Department la much exorcisod will almost certainly vote it. niah money for tho "common dilute." over tho proimitiiro puhllcntloii of the Treuty with Russia, and efforts Death ol Saxe, the Poel. Confession. will bo mndo to discover the methods by Ai.nANY. N. Y.. March 31. John and. (Jcbantox, Pa., March !). Chnrloa s which It was mado public. frey Haxo. tho noet. died hern Thn made a death-beconfession of tho burial will take place in Greenwood fniu- EMi'Kiton William roioivod l,MS congratulating him upon his birth- murder of JofTerson Yohe, committed 101. in nrooKiyn. seventeen years ago. Ho implicated day onnlvorsarjfc Of theso enmc Protecting Gaoe. from different parts of Germany, aixty Michael Herlzel, of Mifllin, l'a., who has been arrested. Id- -, March 31. Tho House from America and flvo from Cunadu, Tho passed u bill making it unlawful te others oro not accounted for. hunt or kill prairio chickens, quail or Adopts the Faith and Marries a Jewess. K111NKV Harti.ktt, one of Boston's besU years old, known lawyors, is righty-eigh- t Ql'min,' N. Y., March an. Patrick pheasants for tho term of flvo yeuia. yot hit bodily strength is little imruirod. Walsh, of Now York, adopted tho Hebrew Fatal Boiler Explosion. and ho ia said never to havo exhibited faith yesterday, was clrcumcisod last Emu, Pa. March 31. A boiler explosion greater lutellccttinl vigor than In a recent night and waa married this morning to horo fatally injured Edgar L. argument in an luiportuu; cute that he Una Lovl, a young Jowcbs, also of Now Kturtcvnnt. of Cleveland: nnd PntrieU ' 1111 1 Hf. o - thou-aan- d aaw-loo- snow-storm- 11 fin),-Wl- .111 Vio-tor- snow-storm- s 11 anow-stor- la-c- twenty-Steph- Death-Be- . d Fred-crick- 's ' y WM couducUng. York. TV Kolly aud Wiu. MeClpud, of Eric, SNOWED IN. 18S7. FERGUSON & COHLEY. LIVES IMPERILED. Roughs Attack a Malvation Army Meeting and a fearful Hauls Wage for Twenly The International Railway Tightly Minutes. Blockaded. Savannah, Ga., April 3. The Salvation Army meeting ho re was tho scene of a riot which imperiled scores of lives, Fifteen Hundred Passengers Cut OA for Week.T-Hardiih- lpa The army ineots in Ford's Hall and has Kndured by Over a the Unfortunates Snow Plied Thirty nightly attracted threo or four hundred people. an immense throng sur I'eet Deep, rounded the building. While the salvation band was playing the police appeared Monctox, N. B., April I. Tho great snow and arrested five members of the army blockudo on tho Northern Division cf tho who plnyod tho instruments. At tho Intercolonial railway still continues, to barracks they rofused offers of bail aud the discomfort and even suffering of hun- said thoy would make a test case. Three dreds of beluted travelers. Fully fifteen of the army who were not arrested an hundred passengers, including seven hunnounced to tho crowd that they would con dred immigrants, are baited on their duct the meeting. The hall was quickly fill roirte, aud the railway authoritica aro ed to ltsutmost;capacity,an unusually large straining every no.vo to get food to tho sprinkling of roughs being in the crowd passengers aud tho fifteen hundred work- At nine o'clock, one of tho roughs Insulted men that are trying te dig them out. Ono a lady sitting near him. Her escort struck train is at River Du Loup, another at Ht, him in the face. In an Instant the roughs Luce, and another at Ht. Flavicn, Sir roso In a body and precinitated a light. Charles and Lady Tupper being passenHome of the more respectable men present gers on the latter. A break has been mado cnampionca the causo of the lady ' protes Ht, Flavicn to Campbcllton, and two tor ana iorty or nrty men from whore soon in blocked trains between these points ara volved in a terrible free for all fight. Many working their way out through a tunnel 01 the roughs were armed with clubs and of mow. AH tho northern mails since chairs and other movable objects were last Thursday frora Prince Edward used with terrible effect Several pistols Island, New Brunswick and Nova Hcotla were flourished, but for some reason no aro at Ht. Flavien, and seven mail clerks shots wero tired. There was no policeman are guarding them. Fully ono-hal- f of tho present, and the combatants fought for conductors, baggage-master- s and express twonty minutes before detail of bluo managers that run on the line are hemmed coats arrivod and cleared the hall. Two in at this point. A dispatch from Newmen suffered broken noses, several had castle, five hours' ride from Moncton, teeth knocked out and twcnty-liv- o others tays that the (Juebeo night train, the first were more or less seriously battered up. that baa pcascd the New Brunswick The hundred and fifty or more women borders tince Friday last, haa worked its present added to the confusion by scream way through. It has aeven cars, all laden ing and rushing about tho hall seek with people who havo been delayed by the ing safety from the flying missiles. Many storm of the week, exhausted and worn by 01 tnem huddled in terror on the ttago. their long sojourn amid snowdrifts and The accno of the fight was at the head of frost. They are freed at last only by a narrow flight of stairs which furnished the superhuman efforts of fifteen hundred the only exit from tho hall, and to escape men, who have worked night and day. to me street necessitated charging through On Tuesday tho ahovelcra were so exthe very thickest of the fray. Had tho hausted that P. 8. Archibald, chief en- stairway been accessible many lives gineer, started with a special train and all would probably have been lost In the the men ho oould collect for the scene. He pumc-stricke- n rush of women. The alti arrived at Campbcllton, pushed his way tude of the police force towards the army through to Ht. Flavien, and last night, does not meet with popular approval. about eight o'clock, broke the blockade. People have no idea what amount of snow KALAKAUA'S HEAD. there it on tho New Brunswick northern borders. In order to clear tho track of Incensed Chinamen Oner Five Thousand tnow five terraces were made from tho Dollars for It. rail to the summit of the bank, and Ban KnANCisco, April 8. Captain McCuleach lino of men threw to the terlough, who arrivod a few days ago in com race above, and In many places snow-drift- s mand of the brig Wm. (. Irwin from the are thirty feet in depth. During their Sandwich Islands, relates a remarkable week's sojourn In the drifts passengers story of Chinese enmity against King endured great hardships, although tho Kalakaua. Ho states that a certain railway authorities did all they could to Chinese firm paid a bribe of 170,000 to muko them comfortable. It waa fortunate a native officer holding a high position tor the women aud children that so many to secure his influence in obtaining the tloepers wore tnowed In with thorn, and exclusive right to sell opium in the Hano scruples were observed in taking coal waiian Kingdom, and that the Chinese from cart on tho tldiugt to supply them llrm in question failod to secure the prize. with fuel. They then demanded a return of the bribe, which was refused. McCullough further Arensdori'i Delense. states that the Chinese have decided not Sioux Citt, Ia., April 1. The defense in to submit to what they consider an outthe Haddock trial consists in charging rage, nnd when he left the walls of HonoLeavitt with the act of murder. Witnesses lulu were covered with handbills, in Chithis morning have sworn positivoly that nese, offering a reward of fo.OOO for the an hour before tho murder they saw head of King Kalukaua. It ia said that Leavilt on Fourth street, wearing light tho guards have been doubled about the pants. Other witnesses testified to hit palace. having mado remarks about killing HadPositions Going Begging. ' dock the day of tho murder. The testimony, howover, is not wholly tonflned to Washington, April 3. There have been Leavitt, a part of it being directed against ten vacancies in the Medical Corps of tho the character and utterances of "BisNavy for nearly two years. Tho burgeon marck." Out of tho number of witnessos Uonoral has found it difficult to secura to fur called all are saloon men with but suituble physicians to fill the vacancies two exceptions. They generally loavo tho which have occured during that time from stand nioro or less confused by tho seven death, resignation, or other causes. Tho of tho Stale's counsel. official of tho Bureau of Medicine and Surgery say that unless somo provision is An Anarchist's Wile Given a Divorce. mado by which tho inducements to enter Eau Ci.Ainr, Wis., April 1. Chas. L. the navy will beeomo equal to thoso ofJames, tho noted Anarchist, and son of fered candidates for appointment to tho tho English no'clist, O. P. R. James, was medical corps of the army, it will soon bo sued by his wifo for divorce, and a decree impossible to prevail upon a rcputabto was grunted yesterday on tho ground of young physician to accept a commission failure to support and iuhumau treatment. us ussistant surgeon in the navy. Mrs. James testified that her husband Freedom ol the Press. threatened her with a knife, called her New Yoiik, April 3. It having boon foul names and generally and terrified her. The defendant did not ap- stated thnt a boycott had boon placed by pear. Mrs. James gets the custody of tha the Knights of Labor District Assembly upon tho .Now York Ami, Typographical children and a house and lot. Union, No. 6, this afternoon adopted resolutions denouncing any such attempt to A Court Suspends Operations. muzzle the press of this city or of tho counPtTTSBCKmi, April 1. On account of tho try, and decluring for tho expression of by honest opinion of the press upon all matexhaustion of tho appropriation caused tho fni lure of Congress te pass tho deters of public importance. ficiency bill In time for tho President to sign it, Judge Aeheson issued an order toBrained by a Falling Tree. day suspending operations in the U. S. Meahvu.le, Pa., April 8. Ouorcns E. District Court for Houthwostcrn PennsylBaker, a farmer residing about four miles vania until tho October term. Tho pris from Harmonsburg, this county, was inoners in jail on pending charges wero all stantly killed Huturday afternoon whilo released 011 their own recognizances. engaged in felliug timber. A tree in falling caught him and his uplifted axo was of Herr MosL Release buried in his brain. Baker waa a veteran An1. Uorr Most, the years of Nkw Yoiik, April of tho lute war, was forty-sovearchist, was rclcuscd from tho penitenti age, and leaves a wifo and five children in ary on Blackwcll's Island, early this destitute circumstances. morning. On his landing at the foot of Horrible Accident. Eost Fifty-seconstrcot ho was greeted foi'NOsTOWN, O., April 3. John Varlcy, ty a young woman and a number of his A big crowd waa on tha a roller at an iron mill, while attempting sympathizers. steel passing river hank and they followed Most and his to carp a piece of red-ho- t friends to Second. avonue, whero they through tho rolls, Blippcd and foil. The above the knee, in a beer saloon. themselves steel struck his left leg passing through tho floshy portion and Reduction ol the Public CebL causing a terrible wound, nearly burning Washington, April 1. The public debt tho bone off. Varloy was removed to the was reduced during tho mouth of March to hospital aud tho leg amputated at the Cash in the thigh. tho amount of ll2,5iK,4t)7.71. Treasury uvullable for tho reduction of the v Judge Lynch In Iowa. debt, 3ti8,iai,!n.63. CniCAGo, April 3. A Timet special from President Diaz's Message. Creston, la., says: Last night a mob Citt ok Mexico, April 1. In his mes- stormed the jail at Coming, Adams Counsage to Congress President Dial ty, took therefrom 3. H. McKonzie, who will say: "Our relations at present with murdored his tenant, named Riggs, in a dispute about threo weeks ago, carried foreign nations are most agreeable, commencing with our neighbor on tho north, him a short distance from town and hangI am pleased te say there ia no question ed him. The raid was wholly unexpected. of any kind that can disturb tho friendly Says Arensdorl Is Not (he Man. relations existing between the two nadlofx Citt, U., April 8 The dofonao in tion." the Haddock murder trial have produced Coinage tor March. a witness who swears he saw the murWashington, April 1. The coinage ol der; that Arensdorf is not the murderer, the mints during tho month of March was but a man who answers the description of 3,l'.i5,'JUu, of which t3,(W,SS0 were u Leavitt, ono of tho principal witnessos for standard silver dollars. the prosecution, NATIONAL PnbHsta AFFAIRS. Secretary Fairchild Mads Secretary of the Treasury. Assistant Commission Meets and The Iuter-Stat-e Organize With Judge C'ooUy aa Chair. ;. , ,:' v. man,.. h v Washington, April 1. The following appolntmcnta wero mado by the President today: Charles B. Kairchild, of New York, to bo Secretary of the Treasury, vice Man. ning, resigned, and Isaac H. Maynard, ol New York, to be Assistant Secretary ol tho Trcasnry, vice Fairchild, promoted. Charles Stebbins Fairchild was. bora at Cnzenovia, N. Y., April 80, 1843, and his position as a Cabinet Minister finds him ill the prime of lire and well fitted for the onerous labors as bead of the financial department of the Government. Bis father was for many years the attorney for the New York Central railroad and ia one of the eminent men of New York. The new Secretary of the Treasury received his early education at the Methodist Bern- Inary, at Cazenovla, and be entered Harvard in IS.', graduating from that institution with the class of 1W3. He then entered the Harvard Law School and waa admitted to the bar In 1905, and subsequent. ly became ono of tha ilrm of Hart, Hale, .Swartz & Fairchild. ,one of the most successful lejfal combinations in ew York. In 1874 he waa appointed O. s. fairchild. Deputy Attorney General, and In hia first political position he so distinguished himself that in the ensuing year he was nominated by the Democ ratio party for the Attorney :Generalship and was elected. He served In this capacity for two years, and they were eventful ones, for the people of New York, because tho alleged canal ring were receiving the attention of Gorernoi Tilden and hla Attorney General cordially seconded his efforts to rid the State of them and their methods. Upon the expiration of his term as Attorney General, ' Mr. Fairchild, la 1878, visited Europe for the second time, his first trip having occurred In 1871. While on the Continent the future secretary made a careful study of the monetary systems of tha old world, and when he returned to New York be had acquired a valuable fund of information. From 1880, when he returned from Europe, up to the time ho was called to Washington aa Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Fairchild waa practicing his profession in New York city. The new secretary is a very straightforward man of business, easy of access, for it haa beef his boast since be came to Washington that hia door has always been open to callers, no matter what their business was, and In this respect he haa ahown a marked difference from other officials of tho new administra tion.. His face is round and smoothly shaven, a closely dipped black moustache being conspicuous above tho nrra closed mouth, while in stature he is slightly above the medium height, compactly built, and weighs about 180 pounds. Secretary Fairchild is a firm believer ia the efficacy of equostrian exercise, and every afternoon at the close of business ha mounts his smart bay roadster and rides al a canter through the suburbs of Washington as an appetizer for dinner. Socially ho and his wifo are very popular, and his hospitable mansion has always been thronged . during the gay season. Treasurer Jordan's successor has not . yet been determined upon, and probably will not be announced for some days. Mr. Theodore Cook, of Cincinnati, la spoken of most frequently In connection with the place and it is thought most likely will suc ceed Mr. Jordan. commerce commission The inter-Stat- e ers called at the Executive Mansion yesterday about noon and paid their respects to tho President. They then repaired to the ' Interior Department and were sworn in at , the private office of Secretary Lamar, by Mr. Stoddard, a notary publio connected with the department Tho commissioners were then each presented with his commission and thoy remained with Secretary Lamar for some time. After leaving the Interior Department the commissioners inspected the temporary quarters provided for them in the Hooe building, some informal talk was indulged in by the commis sion with closed doors, and then on motion of Mr. Morrison, Mr. Conley, of Michigan, was unanimously elocted chairman of tha Inter-Stat- e commission. The selection of a secretary was deferred and the commission adjourned until The first business that will come before tho commission after its complete organization bv the election of a secretary, will be to fix the time and place for the hearing of matters submitted by Mr. H. E. Smith, vice president of the Louisville ft Nash ville railroad, and Virgil Powers, general commissioner for pool rates for the South ern Railway and Steamship Association, in reference to tho long and short haul feature commerce act as it apof the Inter-Stat- e plies to the railroads oast of the Mississippi river, sonth of the Ohio and west of the Potomac river. The President has any number of applicants for the Austrian mission. J. Randolph Tucker was tendered the mission not long ago, but declined. He has hopes of being given an Associate Judgeship of the Supreme Court bonoh on the retirement of Justices Btrong and Bradley. For the Austrian mission General Pierce M. B. Young, of Georgia, who recently resigned the Consul Generalship at St, Petersburg, is, perhaps, the most formidable applicaut 1 i MS? f i : :4 .H 1 .Trtnv 1 itwrt. nf Chieaeo. made ono hun- dred horseshoes in ono hour, twelve min beating the utes and llfteen seconds, record. frost throughout the neighbor the night of the 1st, killod all tho growing vegetation, cuuing corn down to the ground. It is thought the fruit trees are uninjured. At WilliamsDort. Ind.. John Cunning ham and Jesse Hhortridge,.of Tippecanoe County, wore acquitted of the charge 01 murder for the killing of Simon Oirard lust fall. The erratic Senator Jones, of Florida, U showing strength for reflection. Ur.w hood of Waco, Tex., on -- VvV

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