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Image 1 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), February 20, 1906

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

lr f l TI1K ftIwwcnr nKtTJIElc tonight followed I y dear titul colder during Wed nesday IVOL A YEAR 70000 XVIII NO 44 1 I ASPHALT CAST Meeting of Legislative Committees Called for This Afternoon to Take it Up ticounty ylclubs alk t l ILlS SOX HUIIT He Mayor of the CltjiO Iowa FIRES CLAIM EIGHT VICTIM Five Perish In a Fennsylvanii Villuge Last Night tMUCH ENTHUSIASM of Councilman S A Hill n S Barnett and C L Van Meter The mayor had an Interview Three Children Cremated In Maine with Alderman Starks president of Missouri Girls Heroic Act WAS DISPLAY1 AT Till IUC the aldcrmanlc boned this morning In Saving lice Friend TUIti OF GIN TYIiKlt and Mr Shirks appointed Aldermen Karl Palmer W L Miller and Harry Hank from that board so the matter I vault bo taken UII at once A Joint Many Veterans on llolli Stiles W IC It HUAKJvMVVS DAIIIXU DEED meeting of the committees the may- Found hi tile Audience Lust or and the city solicitor will be held Xight this afternoon to take up the matter Tunnel 11111 Penn Feb 20Flve and determine what steps should be persons wero burned to death early taken this morning In n lire which practicGen Hoar A Tyler of Hlckman Mayor Yeiser and some of the city ally wiped out tho village Severn 1 Ky who lectured last night at The officials have been Investigating the houses and four stores were destroy- questions for sonic time and have Kentucky on The Kentucky Brigade ed The dead are Mary Grogan and of Forrests Cavalry was greeted had a good deal of correspondence three children and an unidentified by n representative and appreciative with tho mayors of the oilier second bodyThree clans cities about It and all of them audience and his address evoked the members of the Grogan greatest of enthusiasm from his au family escaped by Jumping from have also taken It up They C9n h second story Tho dead were trap tend that It Is not legal for the coun ditors The local camp of Confederate veil on the second floor by 11 a in us ty to assess and collect a tax on city r te fit r property for exclusive county pur Veterans wre on the staguwlth Gent and fimoRc Is a species of double Tyler when the curtain was raised that POUCH and the Confederate colors hungfrnm Three Children Cremated taxationAs today The city the center The sight touched are offlclal said Caribou Me IFeb20As a re- In tho hearts of the sult of fire In tho residence of Jos Is paying ninetenths of the taxes of sponshe chord audience nnd t was greeted with eph Cyr last night three children the county and It Is not right We were cremated Another chlM was pay for keeping up the roads for the rounds of applause General Tylers voice has lost rescued through the heroic efforts of countys prisoners the countys poor nut other expenses of similar natufb some of tho fire of Its younger days Leonard Cyr The fire was caused eloquence of lamp explosion Docs the county pay for the citys but now and then the old came to the surface as ho would street Its poor or Us prisoners upon sonic particularly heroic Fourteen Lost Their Lives Not only do we do this but the coun- dwell Walsonburg Col Feb t ty supervisors assess city property deed of the gallant Kentucky brl cording to figures given out by the higher than the city does The coun gade History said General Tyler Victor Fuel company fourteen min t y board Is composed of eight men rarely gives credit to whom credit ers lost their lives In the Maltland live of them from the county and Is due and he therefore recited In Mine accident Twelve bodies were three from the cityand the county cident after Incident to prove the recovered members who are In the majority groat courage the hearty enthusiasm cut the county assessments down and comradeship and time lighting have Her Life For a Friend raise the citys There are a host of the abilityof as great fighters as ever dispatch to Chicago Feb have studied this question a us who gun the RecordHerald from Glasgow good deal lately and we dont think fired a Gen H D Lyon of Lyon county Mo says It Is legal who won fame and distinction In the In saving her friend from being Front Investigations so far made war was an occupant of one of the crushed by n freight engine Miss there probablyIs no necessity for n was affectionately greeted Anna Mao Dlggs yesterday lost her legislative provision exempting the boxes and and warmly life on tho west approach of the by his old comrades city from paying county taxes anti applauded by the audience Miss Chicago and Alton bridge taxpayers will merely have to resist A number of veterans of the FedLouise Arthur and two other young county taxes If they are Illegal the ora army were In the audience and women had walked across time bridge The question has been taken up In the generals ad and were wiring the end of tho west and an seemed to enjoyany Lexington and Covington of his audience approach when they heard a train drss as much as article written by Mayor Duncan of The lecture was under the auspices behind them All four ran and three l cxlngton will be found on nnothci Daughters of the Confederacy sot safelyoft the embankment but page of todays Sun which will In of the and for the benefit of the proposed hiss Arthur stumbled and fell on the terest local people tracks Miss Diggs ran to her and Confederate monument If the mayor Is right In his con At the Gen Tyler was the guest of Capt throw her from the tracks tention tho taxpayers will be re city nnd same Instance the pilot of the loco 100 James Koger while In tile lieved of about 70 cents on the lie held n motive struck time rescuer killing her today for his home on their taxes which Is n great big left reception for tho veterans before and Instantly The assessed valuation of Item his lecture and took the oppor McCraijhcn the citys part Is In after KrakeiiianM llruve Deed tunity of renewing many an old 10000000 and 70 round figures friendships Trenton X J Feb 20Swing n tents reduction of taxes as this would runaway locomotive speeding down mean a saving of 70000 a year Nothing definite has yet boon tho track toward nn approaching The county officials are of course Metzger a brakeman on question and lone in the William Burns Garner train Harry up In arras over the Reading railroad tho Philadelphia some of them are making all sorts murder wise as tho police have not a flying to warrant an or tit Who risk of his life made of threats One of them told the nifllcient evidence nicked the engine In time to ovoid mayor today that he the mayor rest In Jumping on n disastrous collision cap on the locomotive stopped and tho Mctzgcr thrust his foot through tho cab window und severed an ar cry Ho bled profusely but main alned his position until all danger sits past then he collapsed lie was dowly bleeding to death when taken Jack Sykcs a lineman employed alarm wire he reached back to to n hospital for treatment iNo ono can explain how the loco by the Home Telephone company loosen tho 1100 volt feud wire The part of the wire he grasped native started on Its wild career u narrow escape train Instant hind I death this morning whllo working on was badly Insulated and he got 1100 Mcchanlcsburg volts It made him release his hold a pole In IWOWXED IN A CISTEKX was climbing a polo which held and the lineman got a fall of about lie a 1100 volt feed wire runnlpg to the thirty feet to the ground News reached the city this utter He was bruised about the Lady but noon of the tragic death of Mrs Maarc lights In the mill district The lie did not ry Holtkant who resides six miles pole also held a fire alarm wire and not seriously injured was have hold of the wire long enough jack of TJrookport 111 tier body was the ground wire from the alarm encased In Iron pipe running to the to do him any harm other than give ound In tho cistern and the Jury returned a verdict of accidental drownground Ills pliers caught In the In hint a severe shakeup carrying 1100 At noon today lie was able to be Ing although It Is reported that the sulated feed wire volts and with one arm around the out walking ground but will not be infortunate woman committed mil poleand touching the grounded able to work again for a day or two tide She was about 51 years old 20Ao 20A f a + I Home Telephone Lineman Had Narrow Escape From Being Killed Fell 30 Feet I k- n 01 4f H Denever Feb 20 I Publication i s made today of the complaints on which Gov hooding of Idaho asked requisition for Charles II Moycr president William D Hay wood sec retarytreasurer of the Western Federation of Miners and 0 A Petti bone former member of the execu the committee of that organization From these It appears the me were charged directly with the murder of Former Governor Steunen berg of Idaho and not merely with The being accessories to the crime complaints and requisitions charge the accused with having discharged the bomb by means of which Steuen berg was killed at Caldwell Idaho last The specific December 30 chargo of murder was made it Is ex planned In order to forestall habeas corpus proceedings on behalf of the accused men but no attempt will be made to prove that they were in Idaho at the time of the commission It Is alleged however of the crime they conspired with others to mur der Steuenberg and furnished funds Various to cary out the plot f to Coble Called Today to Arkunsa iltlUlj TUAGKDY Is A THIUTEU Dr A Coble war called today to Fall River Mass Feb Roydel Ark by a telegram statin terrible tragedy developed hero this that his son Henry Coble had bee hurt In n sawmill there No partlcu morning when tho Fall River L1nb liars were given and Dr Coble left steamer Plymouth arrived from Now The officers reported that a York this afternoon woman name unknown probably from New York throw her three children I ntothe ocean and Jumped JUDGE BARRY SAH She left a note In her overboard state room also a wallet containing TO GET OUT money 20A UfiUlS Activss With Skull Crushed 2OGussle Hart Today Resigned as a Member of an actress at the Third Avenue thea tre was found dead early today In Investigating Committee a theatrical boarding house A germ eral police alarm was sent out for three mien and two women who lied Couldnt Agree With Others lie salt when they learned she was dead tier rKufhvim Flres It Into skull was fractured and she had n 111111 gash In her forehead It developed that Mrs Hart was killed by fullhig down tho stairs In a saloon Now York Feb TODAY IX Till umSIrUlm = I 1100 1 Seetued liy Safe powers Ohio Hammcrsvllle Oln tion Feb 20 Burglars entered the postofllco early v this morning and wrapped time safe with mall bags and blew It with nitroThey secured three hun glycerine dred dollar bills stamps and money orders bringing tho loss to almost They escaped a thousand dollars In a buggy Attempt at Suicide Leaving Cola Feb 20 her sent In one of the boxes In tho Crystal Iheatco during the afternoon performance Sirs C A Wolldcr mounted tho stage flourished n re volver In full view of till audience shot and probably fatally wounded herself yesterday Those In tho au thence who had not observed her movements prior to her approach to the stage thought the shbotlng was part of the act and made no outcry A moment later however screams of performers In the wings brought the realization upon tho audience that n real tragedy had been enacted When thW woman was picked up by stage attendants she was unconscious An ambulance was summoned and tho dying woman removed to the hospit Quiet was restored In tho then al tro and the performance was rcsum TniKKlc Denver i t tf t t v roo Killed a Helpless Ctrl Shreveport La Feb 20Whllo returning from school Margaret Lear aged 15 Was attacked near liar lomo two miles west of this city by a negro who attempted to criminally issault her She made such an out ry that tile negro drew a pistol and shot her Inflicting a wound from which she died The negro was captured and Jailed and will probably je lynched Woman WKhls a Razor O Feb 20Mrs ilarry Gregga who has been mixed in numerous scraps and who used shotgun upon another female hero bout a year ago was arrested last tight by Marshal Sllkor for cutting nto ribbons with a razor tho noto Babe lobs ncgrft female desperado The In a drunken brawl Rowans rowans woman Is In a precarious condition ab Wilmington The Confession ysTODAYS MARKETS Boise Idaho Feb 20 Orchards alleged confession purports to give Open Close the details of tho plot to assassinate Wheat 82 h May S2Tt Governor Steunenberg from Former Shot by lily SveclliriH 81 I July 81 Its Inception It gives the names of PIqua 0 Fob 20Louis Thorn other men alleged to be Implicated y orii ns was shot and badly wounded last 12 May i2 In his alleged confession Orchard night by Mabel Perry Thomas and 13 13 July says he was alone In the actual exe tho Perry womanhave been lovors cution of the Caldwoll plot that hq tats hut were separated by a quarrel She X 29 29 May had first planned to shoot Steunsn hothlm In the groin while ho was 2916 berg with buckshot and went to the rylng to force his way Into her house Christmas Ete for that pur Pork house 1GC7 May 1575 pose Intending to shoot through the 1SjiO July 1532 window but abandoned plan the tinted Ills Wife With u Uazor Orchard has It Is claimed told of the Cotton Zariosvllle 0 Feb 20This Men 1OtG 1050 working of tho Inner circle of the morning at Mantua Juries Green May 1007 1008 Western Federation of Minors main- n iiurdored his wife by cutting her W82 WSS July tained ot Denver gives the details hroat with a razor and then at Aug 1029 1031 of the plot that led to the killing of ompted to commit suicide The a number of men n the Telluride itoiks rlmo was committed while the was 1 174 C 172v illsfrlct in Colorado and Information returning from a visit to relatives L8 h about various outrages qt Cripple 139i and the cause Is unknown Coy Gooding says the con Creek 154 150 TI0 fession discloses conditions perhaps County Clerk Hiram Smedley has equaled In this country No never mon at work on the recapitulation of signed separate cells In tho penlten one was permitted to talk with Moy l work will and Pettibone when lary and can hold no communlca till county tax books The BT Haywood cqulro two weeks or longer they arrived here They were as ton JulyI29 N148 47Rig126 c< I A the Frankfort Ky Feb house today Judge Ell Barry oatrocious murders committed during labor troubles In this state form a rIon and Marshall counties arose to chain of crime with which efforts a question of personal privilege and are being made to connect the off- tendered his resignation as a member of a special committee appointed Federation icers of tlie Western through the confession said to have by the speaker to Investigate time sev Barry charg been made by Harry Orchard who Is oral state departments charged with the Steuenberg murder ed recently that he could not get a In explana meeting of committee This confession It Is asserted dis tion of his resignation Judge Barry closed a plot to kill Former Governor gen Pealiouyof Colorado William lip declared that lie found the other not Yemen of the committee did Gabbcrt chief Justice of the Colo agree with him as to the character of rado supreme court and John Camp ray Or- Investigation and he desired to bell a former chief justice tiro from the committee chard Is said to have confessed Iledwlno responded to Barry and wholesale assassinations were plan- The old horse has begun to said ned at headquarters of the Western in Denver kick before he has been spurred Federation of Miners did you want Judge A drum- chiefly by refugees Iron the camps What It is head courtmartlal or your own selec at Cripple Creek and Telurlde tion made up of mugwumps and also said Orchards confession gives bolters If you did you did not get the history of the explosion of hide It and you did not deserve to get pendence station near Cripple Creek It June C 1901 which killed fourteen Hedwlno then told the house of a many othersmen and Injured meeting of the Investigating commit It develops Orchards confession too last night at which Judge Harry t according to the best authority stated way conspicuously absent that bombs had been placed In the Wo hold another meeting this gateway of the residences of the two after notifying supreme morning he said members of the Colorado Judge Barry and he again failed to court and that more than a dozen up We then had a summons attempts had been made to assassi show Issued against him to appear before nate Former Governor Peabody An tho committee and ho resigns now Investigation since the alleged con avoid an appearance before that disclosed the pres- to fession was made ence of bombs in exactly the spots committeeAfter other lively tats The man who mearthed Indicated bombs a prominent member of the speaker called a halt and asked the lie will not the Colorado national guard Is now for regular business having accompanied the accept Barrys resignation It Is said In Idaho By a vote of CO to 17 the house party that returned with Mover Ho will passed time Louisville waterworks Haywood and Pettibone appear as a witness la the Orchard bill trial It Is said to prove the truth of WOULDNT THAT LIB YOU the alleged confession here from reached Information Ky Feb Louisville 20The Cripple Creek that Edward Green a man had been arrested board of safety today ordered tho federation on n warrant forwarded by the Idaho chief of police to see that all the Lou charging him with con isville theatres playhouses etc In authorities nection In the Steunenbcrg assassina- chiding skating rinks are closed hereafter on Sunda- T I Dr PKAIJODY WAS TO ME KILLKI Ackloy In Fob 20Thcodore Roosevelt a cousin of the president hay announced himself a democrat candidate for mayor of Ackley Ho has been a resident and Is promi nently Identified with business at y leI IllKSIDKXTS ba V AN INSANE MOTHER < it I I j i HORRIBLE DEED OF Ohio Itallroads Will Charge Two Cents a Mile for Kverythlng Chicago Feb 20The Ohio railroad representatives In session here have determined to eliminate every Three Children Into thing except two cent mile fares IIn Threw order to recompense themselves for New York and Bermudez Aspha Ocean and Jumped After rado Federation company claim be submitted to the the new law This Includes an abrc gatlon of reduced transportation for Hague court of arbitration rrhe excursion conventions weekend suggestion will probably be adopted Lenders Arrested and Awful 1lot ror rates books and Giisslc Karl an Actress Found Dead thousandmile by President Roosevelt iiMxl Haul Made in New York Wholesale Murder Is Said tocharity business 1 III Ohio by Safe mowers ne Itcyvalcd COUSIN I counted MADE CONFESSIO Washington Feb 20presldent Castro of Venezuela has sugge tel that the controversy Between Venezuela and the United States over the Many Murders Charged to Colo- the city taxpayers have to pal would be a candidate for office som taxes or a double tax an some time and the people would renicm fairs ber him but his honor merol It is This Is a question tint promises to laughed and replied that ho was for create quite a wrangle very soon and justice and equity before any olive TWO The committee met this aftcrcooi Is ono the taxpayers of every degree nail decided with Solicitor Jamci are vitally Interested in Th mayor brought the matter uji Campbell to thoroughly look up tin before the council board last night law and hold another meeting to and a committee was appointed to morrow afternoon to further con take It up In conjunction with the aider IDo TO HKCOUP MINE WORKER HAS May He Taken to Hague Tribunal tlit Suggestion of Castro Ackley t 10 CENTS PER WEEK un Wants to Is uu PADUCAH KENTU JKYrrUESDAY EVENING FEB 20 1906 If the Proposition to Stop Paying County Taxes Should Be Legal mince 7 c bt1iit COULD BE SAVED PEOPLE IN CITY S a it IfU L 1 r 1- a tb 6s1NbL1 iLMM + i- t- r

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