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Image 9 of Bourbon News, September 10, 1901

Part of Bourbon News

T fIjr j r rr r i i a t G 1ll I I t r I SAVAGES IN JAPAN TH z L t I I t it o ¬ i ¬ Crane IslandLnke Minnetonka Minnesota there Js1i picturesque island which takes its name from the fact that it Is uninhabited by man and given over to the cranes Generations back these birds decided upon this spot for a summer resort As times went on and the surrounding islands populated no man had the heart to disturb them until now Crane island is pointed out from passing boats as one of the curiosities of the northwest S ¬ Shaves and Colds known among men thatclose shaving is apt to bring on a cold Barbers however are acquainted with this fact and It is rather on account of it than through any desire to bring their patrons back soon again that they do not unless ordered to ad minister close shaves faKe Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure E W Groves signature j25lyr is on each box 25c Customs Practiced by These of Japan Aboriginal People Unique Styles In Baby Names Their Resemblance to Our Indians The Ainus generally known to Amer icans and Europeans as the hairy are the only aboriginal people Amos now living in Japan They are called hairy in contradistinction to tnfe smooth faced Japanese Koreans and Chinese Their present home is in Hokkaido or Yesso the most northerly part of the empire although it is supposed that in earlier times they occupied most of the entire country Ancqstors of the Japanese of today found them in possession and by force of superior arms and civilization gradually drove them to the north much in the same way as the savages were driven back toward the Pacific by the early settlers In America The Alnus live today pretty much as the Indians on their reservations in the west They are still for the most part half savage and the Japanese name for them Yesso means barbarian They are very skillful in hunting and fishing which are their chief occupa tions They are under the protection of the imperial government and are entirely separated from the Japanese The latest census showed that they number very nearly 17000 Among the many curious customs of the Ainus perhaps the quaintest is their method of naming their children They observe a peculiar economy in giving names The infant must go without a name until it shows Itself worthy of bearing one If it Is sickly and not likely to live it is not considered worthwhile to waste a name upon it As each child must by immemorial custom have a brand new name used by no one in the community names are scarce and must be guarded If the child should be given a name borne by some one else the ghost of the former pos sessor of the name may come back from the underworld to avenge the I i Buffalo N Y and return 1460 via Big Four and Penunsylvania Lines via 13 60D Ry Erie R R and C H i i I i I I I i I j i j Home seekers excursions to Califor¬ nia at rate of 7055 via Louisville or 7340 via Cincinnati on sale August 6 and 20 also September 3 and 17 Return slight limit 21 days from date of sale Stop ¬ It is customary to take a name from overs going at points West ot Denver some incident that occurred at the Cleveland 0 and return at the very childs birth or it is left to the parents low rate of 745 for round trip on afterward to choose one for it Should September 812 inclusive Return limit the infant come into the world with a September 15 with provision for extensmiling face it might be called Ikishl tion to October 8 Account G A R Encampment I I i I I i Natural Bridge excursion at fi50round trip on following dates July 14 and 28 August 11 and 25 September 8 and 22 October 6 and 20 I60 Round trip Buffalo N eleven days On sale daily Final limit Round trip 1815 On sale daily Final limit 15 days For further particulars regarding any of above rates call on or addressF B CARR Agentor HOUSTON RION T A Paris Ky I Free New Cure For Eczeiria And Skin Eruptions Remicks Eczema Cure and Remicks Pepsin Blood Tonic have never yet failed to cure the FREE TRIAL Write today samples are free HAVANA MEDICAL Co 1124 Locust St St Louis Al6 For sale by W T Brooks t1 oa t ¬ lrooks ¬ I l I f 1 I I r I I j li a 11 11 = I c ¬ i t i Si I I I I r I I I I I j I J Dr j Louisvilles Great INTERSTATE OENTIST Office in Agricultural Bank Bungling Take Elevator Office Hours Phone J S 11 to 5 p m MUCKiWR GI i and Return Leave Detroit Office No am through TUESDAY g27111 Good 10 days Attractive Side Trips Lake U S St Canal St Clair Flats to Port Hu ¬ ron then through i Americas Grandest Exhibit of Live Stock and Farm Products the great The Most Delightful Trip in all 1500000 t sea Lake Huron touching at va ¬ of in ¬ terest beautiful Mackinac Island CASH i 11 f i hDN7AL I N S11INGii n Atcm4e4 lie b r Aritds I r I > I era PAPER I j SPEED CONTESTS ON ILLUMINATED TRACK Special train loaves Cincinnati 845 am An Old Fashioned Fair with For additional Information apply to any C H ds D Ry or connecting agent leaf ¬ let or to tryk- I 4l Kodol Dyspepsia Cure what you eat MARY L DAVIS I i Manicure Artist EDWARDS t- u Hair Shampooed Facial and Will call at the residence of any lady upon receipt of order Ter maient address Ky F W SJiackelford l Pass Traffic Mgr Cincinnati 0 i Bail O Boca 9t H Landman Ds f No 503 W Ninth Street Cincinnati Ohio ill bA al the Windsor Hate Paris Kg TUESDAY SEPT 10th 1901 Returning every second Tuesday in each month REFERENCE Ever eadmg physician in Paris R mucky uptodate Amusements My agency insures against fire wind and stormbest old reliable prompt payin com panie ° nonunion W 0 HINTON Agt I DG j 1 Cattle Premiums the World Admission Day25c Evening lOc e2nK t spepsia Shire Kodol Digests what you n eat n AGENCY OF i i THE GLOBE TAILORING GO cnvcxrazv AT x Famous for Making BETTER Clothes 707703 too 4 not closejust right It takes the nicest Ia Tailoring art to build garments that are suited to ones wants But thats exactly the kin d we make Nothing haphazard everything STREflTa MABN t Not too baggy DEPARTMENT with forethought and deliberation A supplied- Broadway KENruai Y IHAKLESIX WEBB ae U JATTORNEYATLAW Special attentioni given to Collection office on Broadway WE ARE REPRESENTED The Expert Cutter will he at Twin Brothers on fBr II AND 12 With a magnificent assortment of Fall Piece Goods for Suits Troiis ers and Overcoats Call in and i PARIS T III KENTUCKY PORTER SMITH II NONTJN10NJAGENTS- i ELlApLEIF IDISUItA11 CLr AT L0W RATES 1- v jI PARIS KY FOLEY N DENTIST Office in Paion Building Hotel Fordhn Can be found at opposite kt office at night SPTEIBRIO leave your measurement Prices correct Guarantee e fit and work 1 OH5TJ V1LLIAMS- AT ORKBTATLAW Office in Simms1 Building P 4gENTUc IRS KY- w mans Ip 0 f f + CARPETS I YOUR wants cantle PARIS I k r I VL Athletic Carnfval 930 DENTIST 3 e S r r Magnificent RomanHippodrome and I T MCMILLAN pHILIP i 23 Oct 5 1901 I june4lyr 342 a itS PAJBIS KX- < 1 = PARIS KENTUCKY 8to12am i- Contractor and STORE R E L STEVENS Appetite + one T West Side Court House Square Paris Ky Graduate A T Stil School Kirksville Mo Member A A A O i t T Drake t 5 BROADWAY Its i I River I Maumee The W G Woodmanses Plano Go along the pictur- ¬ Sole distributors Angelus esque Western iano player and 16 other makes of shore o f Lake Pianos 105 W 4th St Cincinnati N B Call or write and get our prices It will pay you Erie and up the Detroit River to Detroit one of the most beauti ¬ ful river on earth stopping at over WIN BR OSTEOPATHIST Siek Headache iM to FRAUD ORIGINAL CHICKERIXG PIANO and it Is made in Boston Mass Only AIl I r IJ Steamers I 1JISg1 tiI4 BEWARE OF t- ¬ t WARNING j i4 ¬ Ii C D I I = k- PROFESSIONAL CARDS f II s the mouth of the and Opp Pair Sroro ij ble for you then in either case lake the ONLY remedy that has been introduced in all civilized countries wi n sovpre throat and lung troubles BoscLees German It not only hear and stimulates the tissues to the germ disease but allays inflammation causes easy expectoration piv a gOd nights rest and cures the nar enTry ONE bottle Recommended ii y years by all druggists in the world Get Greens Prize AlmanacW T Brit ROUTE DRy Pay To Buy Ci- right but you want something that will relieve and cure the more severe and dangerous results of throat and luug troubles What shall you do Go to u vernier and more regular climate y s if possible if not possi- ¬ i H JOHN W LOWERY is all i i5iC- I A cheap remedy for coughs acct colds We are C AYER CO Lowed Mass D Ry to CH Toledo then on beautiful steamer Mackinac out of Bro It + Does Leave It with him F t The piles that annoy yon so ire U quickly and permanently cured i ge use DeWitts Witch Hazel Salve ware of worthless counterfeits WfT ¬ a v If he says take it not If he tells to take it then dont take it He knows J I I All druggists 1 Whips and Blankets Collars Ha mes Traces Bridles etc SON ys Consult your doctor then do as Y1 ¬ < I SOc Paris Ky Mr Jaiue Special atten lion gil1 to vr of Pntsinouth Va over yyHa i of age suffered for work All work done when promised with a bail KIU o hit face ilK ms and satisfaction guaranteed T gild Put Jiin hia Veil DeWi ILizel Ses rud hlli permorLV- I ¬ t 25e GRTNNAN I t- I L j Cherry Pectoral at once Three sizes 24 Main Street I I You should see the hauiitiful samples- Harness Saddles of 10x20 portraits fnr 10 framed com- ¬ plete Forauwr price 20 with et a bottle of today W Lowery 9 I ¬ ¬ ¬ l Final limit on all tickets 20 days from date of sale Every one should take ac vantage of these rates to visit the great PanAmerican Exposition Indianapolis Ind and return at one fare 565 Sept 13 14 15 Good returning until Sept 23 Account Grand Lodge 0 O F dSstekT San Francisco Cal and return at the very low rate of 56 50 tor the roundtrip Tickets on sale Sept 18 to 26 Final limit returning Nov 15 Stop- ¬ overs at points West of Denver Col or returning Account of Episco pal Church Convention Cincinnati 0 and return at one fare 235 for round trip Sept 14 and 15 ueturn limit Sept 28 Also 1 fare 315 for round trip Sept 16 to 28 in ¬ clusive Return limit Sept 30 Ac- ¬ count Cincinnati Fall Festival Cincinnati 0 and return at one fare Sept 9 10 11 Good returning until Sept 20 Norfolk Va and return at one fare for round trip September 7 and 8 limit ed to September 15 Ewing Ky and return September 11 to 14 inclusive at one fare for round trip limited to September 16 Account Ewtrain leaves Paris daily ug Fair at 830 a m Returning leaves Ewing at 530 p m John I > No matter how hard your cough or how long it Ayers you Cherry Pectoral is best thing you can take Its too risky to wait until you have consump ¬ tion If you are coughing ° ¬ i N Summer excursion rates via L R R to point snamed below and returnLexington and return 60 cents for round trip Sept 10 11 12 13 14 Return limit Sept 16 Account the color ed fair- Wednesday t N Special Rates L Tb of odern times rest sr Bttiiner Salve for its wounds sores piles and all skin due cs It is gnarantn d Use no snliKiiinte Clarke KNnn y At up to last she was Cherry Pectoral she tried and was speedily cured D P Jolly Avoca N Y i ¬ ¬ II was u- ¬ i MotherMtroubled y mother many years for To Cure a Cold In One Day maburu which means a smile or fond parents may call it Kamoissage a pulling rope of the gods If they wish their child to be in the special care of the gods From the age of 7 to 10 Ainu children of either sex have their heads shaved but after 11 they are allowed to have long hair and wear the same clothesas grown persons They wear no clothThe Burlingtons California Ex Personally Conducted ing unless the weather Is very cold The favorite and almost exclusive ornight from St nament Is the earring usually made of metaL What clothing Is worn is made Louis and Chicago the Burlingtons of straw They never wear shoes or Personally Conducted Tourist Sleeper ther covering for the feet except as a Excursions leave for California In ad- great luxury and mark of distinctiondition to the protection of special con on ceremonious occasions ducfors the crowning feature is the The men carry small knives and to route through Scenic Colorado and Salt bacco pouches and the women carry looking glasses and eke Oity These Excursions are a fix small Is used as symbolic knives The knife The maiden nXQi Ssjjjngtons passenger wears It with the blade bare but when service she umrries Is a sheath The Very to California and women also it worn in faces using a paint their ReturnMuch less than half rates kind of Ink for the purpose are made September 19th to 27th inThe Ainus live mostly y fishing and clusive Final returg limit November hunting They hunt the bear and deer I catch salmon and other fish and grow IStfpotatoes and millet Whenever they cHottieseekers Excursions to the an get It they eat rice which they reWestand Northwest gard as the best food though they do IpcludingjNebrasljapiiiSas Colorado not raise It themselves Both sexes Utah Montana California W nslungt n smoke tobacco and drink liquor The marriage customs die Oregon and the Dakotas September 3d del 1 the Japanese The quesand 17th are the selected dates for these from those great Autumn Excursions The Burl- tion Is first settled between the youth ington bus the best trains to Kansas and maiden who then refer the matter to their parents through a mediator Ci r St Joseph 0 naba Denver St who should be a relative of the pro Paul and Minneapolis spective bridegroom The man must Do us the favor to write for Burling- send a present of lacquered ware ton descriptive matter outline your trip which is regarded by them as one ot and let us advise you the least cost the most precious things in the world Any ticket agent can sell via the Burl ¬ This however is reclaimed by him If ington it is the greatest railroad within his wife afterward seeks a divorce Alnus live In dwellings of about the the Louisiana Purchase it is the main same class as those of the American traveled line to the West and NorthIndians The rude hut has two win west Of its 8160 miles of railroad dows one of them for ordinary earthly ffjOQO miles are main lines uses the other reserved for the enW M SHAW trance of the gods D P A 406 Vine St Woman Is fairly treated and held in deep respect The man Is not allowedCincinnati Ohio to enter the house when the woman is L W WAKELEY In It alone and he Is not permitted to Genl Passr Agt walk behind a woman When a man Louis MoSt meets a woman he must salute first HOWARD ELLIOTTby smoothing his beard and rubbing General Manager i his hands Then she responds by St Louis Motouching her nose with a finger of her left hand A bad complexion generally results During October the Ainus hold a reIn all ligious fete which Is called the bear from nactive liver antI bowels cases DeWitta Little Early risers pro festival because they sacrifice a bear duce gratifying results W T Brooks which has been carefully fostered for Science has found that rheumatism is three years This Judicial punishment among the Ainus caused by uric acid in the blood poiSOli bond be excreted by the kidneys consists of a severe beating with a oleya Kidney Cure always makes them stick administered to the culprit The well Clarke and Kenney crimes are generally theftstealing articles or the wife of a neighbor As Any advertised dealer is au horized to there are eight men to one woman the Salve for tetter eczema guarantee Banner scalds burns ulcers aud- majority of the males are not married piles any open o oldsoreClarke Kenney and wife stealing is very common The accused is subjected to a long examination by the chief of the community and Is then compelled to resort to the ordeal of fire He must take a stone out of Food doesnt digest well boiling water If innocent the Ainus poor Bowels think he will not be Injured If the constipated Tongue coated question cannot be settled in this way liver i Ayers Pills the principals in the dispute must fightIt out are liver pills cure dys- ¬ The Alnus are polytheists though they limit their gods to two a god of pepsia biliousness fire and a god of water The first is 25c All druggistscalled Kabekamoi and the latter Hato kamol They also like most peoples Want your moustache or beard a beautiful brown or black Then use who have a religious system believe in BUCKINGHAMS DYE fort ors some sort of heaven and belL apaD Whls no era OP p and America HUHH mf en R P KAIL A Co It Is not generally I AND THEIR RESER THE EMPIRE ¬ The Life Ltnfl In Ones Hand There are three prominent lines in the palm the line of life that of the head and the heart line The line of life begins on the inner boundary of the palm about midway between the thumb and the forefinger If we imagine the left hand to be a map with the fingers pointing north this line runs toward the southeast then curves toward the south and in some hands curves finally toward the southwest It thus skirts the base oru uprise of the thumb known as the uprise of Venus If it is deep broad of good color and extends nearly or quite to the wrist and if the rest of the hand indicates vitality and cheerful ness the subject maybe expected to live to a green old age he has a good disposition and the qualities which good health and good temper usually create a IN Odd ¬ t Y OVATIONS ¬ i hflr Mr John Tippis Colton 0 says Foleys Honey and Tar cured my little girl of it severe cougb and inflamed tonKenney Clarke sils ¬ better nowhave been rightly speaking since first 1 came to the Pacific and still few are the days when I am not in some physical distress And the battle goes onill or well is a trifle so that tt goes I was made for a contest and the powers have so willed that my battlefield should be this dingy inglorious one of the bed and the physic bottle At least I have not failed but I would have preferred a place of trum petlngs and the open air over my head P < u T anmnwsrw Stet nNonft Cup ot Misery R L Stevenson writing in 1893 to George Meredith in an epistle quoted in a new edition of his Letters says With heart touching pathos For 14 years I have not had a days real health 1 have wakened sick and gone to bed weary and 1 have done my work unflinchingly I have written in bed and written out of It written in hemorrhages written in sickness written torn by coughing written when my head swam for weakness and for so long it seems to me I have won my wager and recovered my glove I am ¬ f PARIS KENTUCKY TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 10 19< Dil TEES BOUILBQlIiNEWS K I 0- St a t t s 7 1 r

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