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Image 5 of Bourbon News, September 10, 1901

Part of Bourbon News

w i a 4 THE BOURBON HEWS PARIS KENTTJ ig v THE BOURBON NEWS THE SWIFT CHAMP T EDITOR AND OWNER Attempted Assassination of the President 1 every nation on earth has come messages of sympathy and hope The latest advices from the bedside of the sident are that he has splendid chances to recover The magnitude of the act of the despicable wretch who fired the shots are however not lessened in the least by the Presidents condition The duties of the American people are new plain Stamp out anarchism in is country once and forever atterson New Jersey has long been known to be a nest hole of this vermin The laws of New Jersey do not seem tobe adequate for their control or expul- ¬ sion The United States Government should take the matter in hand and if necessary wipe the town of Patterson off the map Emma Goldman the female leader of the anarchist band whose lectures and teachings are said to have inspired the wretch to assassinate McKinley should not bo tolerated in this country any longer Taking advantage of the protection given by the men of this country to her sex she has preached into the shallow minds of these murderous fiends the doctrines of anarchy and murder Her sex should be no bar to her punish went The American people are too easy Tney should rise en masse and demand the exportation of every an archist to the country from which he came and see to it that none ever set fl 5t on our shores again I ry t K ¬ k il Ii n i J 1jj k i Iii ilm lilt I otv I j I j I I m I Saturday in Newport Dr Warren Stitt of Blackerville Cal was the guest of his cousin Mr Harmon Stitt from Saturday to Monday Mrs G S Allen went to Payne Depot Monday to visit her sister Mrs Romu- ¬ lus Payne Ora Long Harry Best and James Ca wen will attend college at Danville Miss Ida Barton Rogers is visiting her parents near town Mrs Chas Clarke is able to be out after several weeks illness For beat apple vinegar made by E P Gamble call on Jones Bros It Mrs Lou Warner of Owingaville is the guest of daughter Mrs Ernest Gor ham near town Mrs Maude Throckmorton of Cyn ¬ thiana is the guest of Miss Bettie F Vimont MissEdna Brown will teach Colville School Miss izzie Brown the Thorn School Miss Elsie Snapp the Purdy PARIS was enveloped Of thick I o d j i I I I I I noon and for several hours last night the day for the most part was practically cloudless the sun after 1p m was either entirely obscured from view or else shown but dimly through the smoke laden air The generally accepted idea of the cause of it was that large forest fires were raging throughout the mountain counties 4 t in a great cloud smoke yesterday after ¬ i e- I Uie Apples That Eve Ate- v A FARMER living near Flat Rock preempt has an apple tree on hi place which is bearing an unusually large crop this season The fruit is of an exceptionally good eating varity but every apple is marked with a very pecu- ¬ liar formation On the right side of each apple as it hangs on the tree is a small depression as though a had been bitten out of it even the marks of the teeth showing The owner of the tree brought a peck of them to town on court day and are all marked the same and he savs every a pie on the tree bears a similar mark The farmer claims the tree is a direct decendant of the one in the garden of Eden from which Eve plucked the apple which caused all the trouble He says since he made the discovery the negroes working on his farm cannot be induced to go into his orchard at night and will walk a mile out of their way to avoid going near j I i j i il i i i y f t a tivesMr it I Who What When George Who George Whos Minstrels Next Monday at the Grand THE FAIR I 1 ALL THE MONEY WE CAN Honesty a little here and a little there spread so thinly over such a large surface that nobody minds it And the better bargains we place in your way the oftener youll come and the more money well make in the end We make money by helping you to save money Next Fridajiyou can confidently look for bargain in every department Japanese trays in assorted colors popular size 85c each Japanese fans about 3 feet high largely used for decorating 29c each splasher mats 5c each wall packets Be each enameled steel plates in pure white 9c each nickel plated stove lifters 4c each saw files length 8 inches oc each basting spoons 2c each nickel plated cork screws oc each im oil stones for sharpening razors 9c each enameled steel drinking white 9c each nickel plated nutcrackers 14c each gold paint with brush 9c a bottle large memorandum household window books 2 for 5c cleaners with rubber 5c each mourning paper in boxes 3oc grade at 23c a box poster pictures size 11x14 copy- ¬ righted in assorted subjects Gc each dish mops worth lOc now at 6c Glen nys patent ft nit jar tops to fit Masons jars lOc per dozen handled soap savers tic tinware mender 8c a box Mrs Potts nickel plated sad irons 8 in a box with stand s set of 3 irons 09c meatforks 4 prong extra heavy Oc each shoemakers outfits 43 cents per box shoe leather 34c per pound riveting etc 29c machines for uiendm each rivets oc a box wire cutting pincers lOc p r pair embroidery hoops Ic each remember no advertised goods ou sale after 5 p m Boy wanted to deliver packages THE PAIR x i I I f ¬ WE ARE IN BUSINESS TO MAKE I i I J I i I II Ii I j If i i ¬ j i I i I 1 i i t j j I j t IiIQ I A harvest p t n s Ii Abetter one for 200 Better still for 300 And so on our hats climb the scale of merit step by step until the finest in the land is met at 500 each grade is the best for the priceDerby Fedora Goff and Staple Shapes all the new blocks and new shades Bo s We cannot be beat we carry a full assortment all the time Prices from 5 to 25 cents per pair hi1rn9 B n Ht nQ C i ip varietythe best in all at prices that are sure to please the most economical buyers this cityand PRRIER ry On our Remnant Coun ter some remnants that can be made into school JflJUESi 7 MAIN STS FOURTH PARIS KY S ¬ q 1- t A Full W a Line of Boys and Misses Underwear to select from to keep the little ones warm this winter s r t Kentucky w Notice To The Public Yes August Flower still has the larBuck Freeman the uptodate barber gest sale of any medicine in the civilized For Fall have arrived in E all the Latest Shapes and EE Colors II II ¬ = 1- 3- d UMBRELLAS LITTLELITTLE GIRLS 4Sr = CO PRICE 3 e FOR t Is ¬ 18 = ca ¬ ¬ 5 o4IP can always be found and will remain in his barber shop on Main street ready to wait on you Call and try bath rooms Everything at his shop is strictly firstclass tf world Your mothers and grandmothersnever thought of using anything else for Indigestion or Doctors were scarce and they seldom heard of Appendicitis Nervous Prostration or Heart failure etc They used August I HAVE one of the best established Flower to clean out the system and stop trades in the city from the simple fact fermentation of undigested food regu that I run the best barber in town late the action of the liver stimulate Hot and cold baths always ready the nervous and organic action of the CARL CRAWFORD system and that is all they took when feeling dull with headaches and other Q FOR a good clean shave and an upto aches Yon only need a few doses of Greens August Flower in liquid form date hair cut call at Tom Crawfords to new barber shop located in the old post ingmake you satisfied that there is noth ¬ serious the matter with you Get office stand No long waits tf Greens Prize Almanac W T Brooks COAL Try our South Jellico Blue LoSTBetween Cottontown bridge Gem or mixed cannel they are all good and Mr Bruce Millers on Georgetown Order your Winter coal now THE handsome new Presbyterian 19jytf J S WILSON BRO pike a ladies jacket of light brown Ohurch in Winchester be dedicated on September 18th My agency insures against fire cheqk with green changeable silk lining The church was built several years ago Finder please leave at this office 4 but a debt rested on it when finished wind and storm best old reliable Nft This debt has been extinguished and prompt paying companies nonA few months ago food which I ate the building will be dedicated wholly union W O HINTON Agt for breakraat would not remain on my free from debt stomach for half an hour I used one Those famous little pills DeWitts bottle of your Kodol Dyspepsia Cure All Aboard For Des Moines Little Early Risers compel your liver and can now eat my breakfast and other and bowels to do their duty thus giving mealb with a relish and my food is By a decision in the police court at you pure rich blood to recuperate your thoroughly digested Nothing equals Are easy to take Never gripe Kodol Dyspepsia Care for stomach Des Moines In kissing and hugging body W T Brooks H S Pitts Arlington Tex troubles may be indulged in the city Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you ea Thos W Carter of Ash boro N C t al f T Brookshad kidney trouble and Foley Kidney eatW Ask your druggist for effected a perfect cure and he says I am indebted to One Minute Cough there is no remedy that will compare Cure for my present good health and my with itClarke Kenney life I was treated in vain by doctors for lung trouble following lagrippe I DeWits Witch Hazel Salve should be One Minute Congi and re promptly applied to outs burns and covered my health Mr E H Wise scalds It soothes sod quickly heals the Madison Ga W T Brooks injured part are worthless counterfeits be sure tc gat DeWitts ASK your dealer for a Stoner 5 cent W T Brooks cigar home made a- g HOWARD HATS 3 Question Answered II 3w- Five dozen Stiff Bosom E Shirts Worth 10O at theE Low Price of 75 cents Es E Sizes 14 to 16 12 AL GREENBAUM ManagerI SHIRT SALE B G L HEYMAN Paris w j In abundance and ¬ We have iw R We sell a good hat for roo- t as- E FILL HIT FANCIES FALL HAT FANCIES- In Hosiery- dresses of- Shown in our splendid display Critical eyes of fashionable dressers are admiring the good taste displayed in our fall Stvle Hats HATS nobby and stylish from brim to crown Every con ¬ ceivable shape which fashion has accreed proper at quick goodbye prices ¬ a of that The price of our competitors We have them from 49 cents a pair up to better grades f W P Johnson of State Collegeof Lexington will assist Prof C 0 at the M F C Mr and Mrs C H Ernnjrer of Cin ¬ cinnati guests of T E Savage and family Sunday Misses Renaker Mary Lydick and Miss Fitzwater of guests of Mrs Chas Martin Sunday Mr Arthur Stanard of California and Miss Emily Bass of Louisville were guests of their aunts Miss Ella and Judith Fleming Miss Eugene Wadell is much improv ¬ ed and able to be up Miss Lucy Harris of Carlisle is the guest of her cousin Ben Howard and wife Dr F A Herbert took a fourinch cob from the throat of Everett Thomasons mare James Peddicord returned to Wind sor Mo Monday His wife will re ¬ main several wee ks Eals turnpike commissioner is having new floor put in the bridges at Steels Ford and Ed Laysons FOR LEASE A good mill property 4 sets of burrs good dam engine of horsepower 3 strong buildings withgraineries Apply or write to T M PURNELL Mrs Rhoda Conway has returned from a visit to Mrs Thomas Overby at Paris Newt Current for Jung Brew ing Co of Cincinnati is putting in a fine bar and the latest improved beer cooler and refrigerator at the new hotel which will start this week RECOGNIZED HEADQUARTERS goes without saying Paris 170 Onethird R L and Will Wilson shipped a car of cattle and hogs Saturday to Cincinnati Mr Ed Hardy returned Friday from months visit at Canton Mo with rela ¬ ¬ hardly necessary to say that we are w Shoes at School- > p Depends on who wears it What amount of STYLE and GOOD APPEARANCE it has depends upon where you buy it Its r j + Y WHATS IN A HAT a ¬ We regret that through a misunderstanding of a remark made by Hon Monday Caleb Powers in regard to a settlement Miss Blanche Young of Cynthiana of moaey matters Mr Jas B Howard and Mr Ed Brown formerly of this became involved in a difficulty with Mr place now of Cyiithiana were married Powers Wednesday evening in which h struck Powers with an ink bottle While a painful injury it is not serious We are glad to say that the affair was at once explained and friendly relations resumed between these gentlemen Farkfort Roundabout Of all the silly rot that was ever pub- ¬ lished in a newspaper the above takes the cake vrhe next thing we will be reading about the Honorable Gentleman Mr Czoloaz a w Hello SCHOOL COMMENCESSoon and the little ones have tqd foe shod Remember we arm selling BIILLERSBURG Mr F M Ewing was the guest Jno Hamilton last week Misses Lou Warlord and Mary Arm- ¬ strong will resume their positions at Hamilton College this week Miss Mary Carpenter returned from several weeks visit with Miss Mamie Conway in Cincinnati Mr Chas Turner took 1st premium at Germantown on 2 year old saddle horse 1st in sweep stake saddle ring Sanford Carpenter took premium on aged pair of Mrs Wm horses at Maysville Fair Carpenter took one premium on fancy needle work Mies Maggie Davis of Paris was the guest of Myrtle Cray from Saturday to JEWELERS CO P ANTISEPTALEINE guaranteed to pre ¬ vent the teeth front decaying relieve all sensativeness heal bleeding gums and make the breath pure and sweet For sale by all druggists tf Rot g J WINTERS A PATRONIZE home industry and call for the Stoner cigar ¬ I combatted Whenever there i s unmistakable evidenceof the need of their aid they should be used A neg ¬ lect of this rule sometimes produces mischief which results in serious trouble if the course be persisted in Our Dr C H OWEN having just returned from taking a special course in one of the best specialists in New York is prepared to ao the best of work having the latest improved methods of fitting Examinations free Next visit Thursday Sept 12 1901 ¬ j > Many believe that glasses slpuld be restored to only when the sight becomes defective as not to be able to do without This is a great mistake which must be every city it has appeared in and the press enconinums of the different cities visited have been of the highest order The company has ben selected with the greatest care and every person connected with the company is a finish¬ ed artist The vocal contingent of the show is one of the many meritorious features while in the olio can be found such famed stars at as Weaver and Don na Fresto and Wardo Geo Lambert Hogan Sherwood and Fox Geo Weaver Hi Tom Ward Nat Blossoman array of artists never before seen in anyone organization and the amuse¬ ment loving people of Paris surely havea rare treat in store for them dent McKinley by a selfconfessed an arohist has stirred the world From i You Do or You Dont Need GlassesThe eye being a rather delicate organ great care should be exercised in the election of proper glasses the Grand has tion The Who What When Minstrels This company has been received with the utmost enthusiasam by large houses ff The attempted assassination of Presi of cured for the patrons of house one 1 light only Monday Sept 16 Americas Representative Minstrel Organiza3 POBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY f manager TUESDAY SEPTEMBER JOt 1901 T BOYS AND 1 T TTI I- 1b Ii Eczema and Skin Eruptions Remicks Eczema Cute and Remicks Pepsin Blood Tonic will cure the most blitinate case At W T Brooks tf < To Cure A Cold in One Day Low Rates to New York iIII O S W are selling tickets The B to New York and return at low rates going via Washington Baltimore and Philadelphia returning via Buffalo aid Niagara Falls allowing one stopover in For particulars ad each dress O P McOarty General ger Agent Cincinnati Ohio ¬ ¬ Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets All druggists refund the if it to cure E W Grows signature s on each box 2oc J25lyr- Colal ado Excursions Crescent Tickets yia the Queen points at Route to Colorado and reduced rates account Summer Excursions Ask ticket agents for particu ¬ P A Cinlars W C Rinearson cinnati It is easier to keep well than get cured Dewitts Little Early Risers taken now and then will always keep your bowels in perfect order They never grips but promote tin east gentle action W T Brooks ¬ ¬ s can never cure dyspepsia by dieting What your needs is plenty of good food properly digested Then if your stomach will not digest it Kodol Dyspepsia Cure will It contains all of the natural digestants hence must digest every class of food and so prepare it that nature can use it in noirisuing the body and replacing the wasted tissues thus life health strength ambition pure blood and good healthy appetite W T Brooks s You r I 4 J S Wi t 4

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