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Image 2 of Crittenden record-press (Marion, Ky. : 1909), December 21, 1911

Part of Crittenden record-press (Marion, Ky. : 1909)

A "Dennis Denton Clark." See him laugh, hear him laugh, when he gives you laugh, at the school house Saturday night. Satisfied Customer is Our Best Recommendation Cadiz, Ky.T NOV. 5J, lVH Lumber Co., Don't forget the play at the school i- - 1 ; ll house Saturday night Dee liith. (un Pnducah, K. eral admission 2." cent. Dear Sirs: Wc arc now building our! Died Suddenly third school house with lumber, windows, doors and fin-"Acute Indigestion the Cause. ishing material bought of you How Often do we Read this and I desire to take advanHeading in Our Paper. tage of this opportunity to thank you for your promptDear reader, if your food does not ness in filling our orders and digest properly, but stays in your your stomach, eausing for the class of material fur- stavs in shortness of breath and much fermisery, nished, same was as good or mentation, you are the one that should better than the grades WC ex- - constantly have with you a box of MI- pectedand assure you ,i,i' Two stomach tablets. tablets taken at ittk. wc have never been more the first sight of distress would have ' notice out of tht serveti and kL,Pt man' a satisfactorily When we have other building fi.iiurs. have stomach trouble of any If you to do where you can ship us kind, start to get rid of it today. One ON A we will certainly give you 50 cent box of MIyou feelstomacha tablike lets will make new our order. man. Two weeks' treatment will make any abused, out of order stomach Very truly, stronp and vigorous. Levi Cunningham, Guaranteed mind you, for Signed, , dizziness, biliousness, bad dreams. ComSupt. Trigg County 1 i ' IUV h li 1 Ur-' -- A TlarhM indiges-tion- mon Schools. II K KK UN. Wire Cut. Collar Onll not properly tirnlcd leaves a Ulnlluurlni; or Snddlo pear. Mrs. Jerry Holt visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cleghorn, Sunday. Hert Hrnri'v :it tended church sit Dunn Springs Sunday. Sherrill-Russe- reach San Francisco in five ' months, where she will be turned over to her new owner. Capt. Jolm Barneson, a director of the exposition. The little vessel is commanded by Capt. (.'. 10. Mills H We tell vrmhmr nnl pay brt market --M 'p rv etuliilird vfl K in KkIj aW.- -Kiiij il t UHTTHK for iiikh .u.d has a crow f five men. oit Ballard's SNOW LINIMENT I nislit Itcr.icily for All Abrasion of thr Klcuh. If th- round Is clean .ed and npplled promptly, the liniment provethe liealinir wou'iil tumiix at hrali from ..nd tho outw irdly, ttius tin' v a pe.-- rfeit euro that If the wound leavu no e.uiclt- In the per-forn-l- c:i t'.i" outaUK1 tu unucr wie I firn !'' r'in .... nril lirilfi iint Into n . .. r.i . . .. I x i nnd uenr 3 . . - i rtv. . r , r J; Si strtH: pre- to nil others ..iri!r-.- 1 li.iinunt fev rnr i leaves n bad inov t.tii'v nirnrr, rf ttus sur- run- -- . . 1 I'ri..- i - :ients.-Willia- nnd 91.00. tl.imesF.C-il-rcf.PrcSt.Loul3,Mo. Stephens Eye Salve is a healing ointm:nt tor sore uyes. fiOc p. s& 5oioAMonreonHeNProRvT !!. .1 i 3j JC1 m J. H. Ormc, Marion, Ky. Antiseptic Kern1 I n s ods until you see what McConnel than he was paying for, and sent Nunn have. a letter to the gas inspector's office. He wrote: Miss Rankin, of Fords Ferry, will "I am sending you a check for Our grandmothers preserved arrange the musical program for Saturday night. the color of the hair by using a $1.00 to have my meter tested. t fU;.,i. :il :in siu . in. shampoo of sage tea. i uiinrw Miss Ida Winders was the guest of It was found a broken wheel Ena Clark Saturday. BUFF ORPINGTONS - Big prevented the meter from regisWinter layers. 100 choice birds tering. Apple's dollar was re for sale at $1.00 each and up. turned today. N. R. Farris, Salem, Ky. ' ft - 2 I'll 1 i, EGO Take CARDUI The Woman's Tonic Mrs. ;i Effie Graham, of Willard, Ky., says: "1 was so weak 1 could I suffered, hardly go. nearly every month, for 3 years. When I began to take Cardui, my back hurt awfully. I only weighed 99 pounds. Not long after, I weighed 115. Now, I do all my work, and am in good health." Begin taking today. Cardui, It is proposed to dam the Blue Nile and thus provide irrigation When the hands chap badly and the skin split on the finger tips, every motion is painful. MALLARD'S SNOW for 500,000 acres. LINIMENT puts an end to the misery. One or two applications heals all soreHeartburn is a symptom of indiges- ness and restores the hands to sound tion. Take a dose of HERRING in condition. Price 25c, 50c, and $1.00 such cases. The pain disappears in- per bottle. Sold by Jas. H. Orme. stantly. The bowels operate speedily and you feel line, vigorous and cheer Survey Kept Secret. ful. Price 50c. Sold by Jas. II. Orme. ... j Williams' Indian Pile Ointment wil cure Rlmd, Bleeding and Itching Pile, jl absorbs the tumors, allays itching at once, acts as n poultice, gives instant relief. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment is prepared for Piles and itching of the private parts. Druggists, mnil 50c and J 1.00. William? Mfg. Co., Props., Cleveland. (). Sold only by J. II Orme ' - .., list: ' ui ini.-iHL'- iiuiiiiy, kidney and, . It is made known bladder TrOUble$,remov,ngg.avel.cureH( dovernor diabetes, wenk and lame backs, rheu-- 1 to the undersigned, parties unknown did m.uiMn nnd all irrcgulrmtie of the that certain kidneys and bladder in oth men and I on the night of Decemlwr iltll. Regulates bladder trm.bhs women jn lhl, ('0l,ntv of CHttend-i- n children If not wild by your drug-- : od wantonly and willfully set fire uv m..l ,, rec,,.t ..f CHi. w.ii , to and burn the barn of A. B one smi.ll bottle two immth-treatment, and sehlnm fiufa to perfect .IllSVJS, and a cure. Send for t. tiin!itnU from' WHEREAS. It is recommcmi- ihiH and other state Dr. L. W. Hall. e(, ,)y tJu. JUfIKt. 0f .saj(l emnlv nW Olive street St. I.OUM, ,Mu old that n reward he offered for the by druggist. ' LOSE JOBS Extra Federal Clerks Will Be pensed With Under New Law. Hickman, Ky., Dec. M. - .,, mi i- npprehermton nnd Conviction of each of the parties guilty of burning said barn. Now. Know Ye. 'Hint by virtue of the authority vested in mr by law I do hereby offer a rewa- rd of Five Hundred Dollars, good for Ninety dnvs from date, for the npprchension and conviction ofotichof the guilty person or persons, and their deliver) to the Jailer nf Crittenden County. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal to be nlilxed, Done at, Frankfort, this the 11th day of Dis- - JUDGE O'REAR Late Gubernatorial Republican Candidatc Quits Bench; Sends Note to Govornor Wilson. Washington, Dec. M. -A- ttorney General Wickershnm told Representative Ol'.ie .lames to day that in his opinion Clerk Walter Blackburn, of United States District Court at Pnducah. and the other extra Federal clerks in Kentucky, will lose their places under the new law. Mr. .lames and Mr. Blackburn called on Mr. 'ickersham for his oninion. This is virtually an official notice of the fact, to the extra clerks in Kentucky. Under the new law one clerk is to be attached to each Federal District Court at a salary of Sli.oOO, which a new bill seeks to raise to $f),000. is .....,,. The Texas Wcnder cures l.i. WILL COMMONWEALTH OF KY. OFFICE OF THE (JOVKRNOK. A TEXAS WONDER Frankfort, ivy. D?c. lb".-Wit- hoiu recommending his successor and in the moat form.) note addressed to the (luvcrnor. Judge Ed. ('. O'Renr this evening nt (5:10 o'clock resigned his Dpepinlier. 1911. position on the Appelate bench Augustus E. Wilson the resignation to take effect nt1 My the Governor. once. tiov. wuson at one was i Mun E. Brunei, Hooded with recommendation of Secretary of State applicants for the position. JudBy R. A. Coon, ge O.Orear it is said will locale Ass't Secretary of State in Louisville and practice law. By virtue of the authority vest ed in me, I hereby offer a reThe quicker a coW gotten rui of wrtl of Two Hundred Dollars the h'm the danger from neutnnniH THE CAUSE Or ECZEMA for the arrest and conviction of and other MriiMis diiemu". II. W. L. the guilty persons. germ life that burrows under and Hall, of Waverly, Va., wiy: "I firmi - feeds on the skin. Tin.' wny to cure ly believe t'hnmburlnin'M Cough RemeECZEMA is to remove the cause by dy to be absolutely the beat prejmra-tiowashing away with a clenn, penetratI on the market for colds. luve ing liquid, the germ life and poisons recommended it to my friends and that cause the trouble. they nil agree with me " Per "ale by We have a preparation that will do all dealer this. The first application will stop the itching and give prompt relief to an irritated, itching or inllamed rkin If you are a siillVrer from skin r scalp eruption in any form, try one bottle of ZEMO the clean scientific preparation, we are confident you will' be pleaded with tin result from the use of this standard preparation for eczema. Good for infants as well as grown persons. -- Hnynes & Taylor's Druj' j Store. J. W. Blue, Jr. Judge Crittenden Count. n :''T,'..f;L'iSu;o luAZ EYt UUl,J tor flothlrj Lut t'o Eyes j m tM V1!XM J IH?M7ill 1 A party has been at ROBERT WINN TO work here for several days running lines south and east of town. SUCCEED O'REAR. When interviewed they would'nt say for whom they were workFrankfort, Ky., Dec. 18. Aning. It is believed the survey is nouncement came from Governbeing conducted for the I. C. or Wilson at 12:IJ0 o'clock this railroad. morning that he had named Rob"I had been troubled with constipaert II. Winn, of Mount Sterling, tion for two years and tried all of the For coughs and colds use to succeed Judge Edward C. Already this year foreign countries have invested $100,000,000 in American farming machinery. Why seek better? Stick to the old time tried, and fire tested Metcalfe laundry. Rov Gilbert. Vermillion, Kans., Dec. 1(5. John 1). Kochefellow is endorsed for President in a statement published in the local newspaper. !"' lodny. by Vermillion bus.- - - Herschel Franklin spent a few days & in Evansville last week. L& Hit. dies -D- ra, Kansas Business Men Appreciate His Business Ability. M 1.0U- - ( STRAYED Pale-face- d, weak, and shaky women who suffer every day with womanly weakness need the help of a gentle tonic, with a building action on the womanly system. If you are weak you need Cardui, the woman's tonic, because Cardui will act directly on the cause of your trouble. Cardui has a record of more than 50 years of success. It must be good. tner- - pro-Taf- t. Gabriel E. Towerv was the guest of latMcConne & Nunn. his brother, Willis M. Towery, of TriJ. A Moore, of Marion, was in this bune. Hanover has 7,000 miles of section last week bird hunting. country roads bordered by fruit E. F. Dean, of Iron Hill, passed Mis Kittic Wathen is spending a through this community Tuesday en trees. The piofit keeps up the few days with her grandparents at route roads. to Providence. Clvmentsburg. The box supper at Lamb school from my farm See Ena Clark as "The viUian wife" house was well attenJed and enjoyed near Levias about Nov. IS one "in the play at the school house Dec. 16 by all wio were present. fawn color'd Jersey heifer weight Mrs. Nancy Paris and Elta are visitMiss Ruby Hard is teaching a suc- about 150 lbs. Finder will be reing her daughter, Mrs. Laura Gass, at cessful school. warded. J. B. Carter. Henderson. Roy M. Towery and wife, of Clovis, Prof. Chas I lust went to SalMiss Lula Watson spent Sunday the New Mexico, who spent stveral days guest of Miss Rittie Helt. em, Sunday. the guest of his father, S. C. Towery, Vernon O. Paris "The schemer" at of this place, left for St. Louis. Mo., Californii Apricots and where they will reside. the school house Saturday night. Peaches, Indiana canned tomMrs. Sue Martin, ho has been visChronic rheumatism contracts the atoes. Corn and Hominv at iting in the Colon for several days, muscles, distorts the joints nnd underhas returned home. mines the strength. A powerful pene- Tolley's. H. E. Watson was in Evansville the trating and relieving remedy will be Hunt For Honest Man Ends found in BALLARD'S SNOW LINIfirst of the week. MENT. It restores strength and Hear "Ailie Wathen" in "character Kansas City, Dec. ID. iogenes to the aching limbs. Price li')C, sketches, readings" at school house were he alive he might try 50c, and SI 00 per bottle Sld by Jas. Saturday night Dec. 16th. IL Orme. Kansas City for the man he was Mrs. Annie Moore, of Marion, is looking for. (J. P. Apple bevisiting her mother, Mrs. Sue Alvis, Don't buy your Christmas go- lieved he was getting more gas this week. Pale Faces mmlftlon here toda, chose Chicago as the hell oil the bottle. vited to attend. (convention city and named .lime the other . the closest approach ,. n .,, .,. fm. ,jll..1Sl.mi1iiiur A protracted meeting is in occurinr at i) o'clock, when the of delegates. progress in Salem at the Baptist BIO REWARD ruddy star was less than a degree The primary question was not church. Much interest is being south of Luna. The conjunction disposed of. Politically the manifested. was the nearest approach of the meeting was altogether The saw mill is running at For Apprehension of Incendiaries moon to a planet during 1011. Alex Fowler's now and also one $700.00 In Each Case. at Emmaus church. PILES! PILES! PILES! They clear the skin and brighten the destroy disease germs, Dr. Hell's Anti-Paieyes. A box for only 50 cents at is an antiseptic remedy for exHayncs & Taylor's and druggist ternal and internal pains, relief is alD721 everywhere. most instantenous. Sold by all dealers. sup-pler.cs- i ins ....i. i....: lllilYl'S, illlll IHiUIL' X'"- I'"- - LilM'. Six more weeks until school is Chicago is Named by Republicans. Slimi!llllll( out. Ue will he ii little glad. JllSt OS GlIOll Washington. Dec. 11). With There is Sunday School at Elm ran only bo th ! h.n it u anothlittle trace of friction, the Re Cirove everv Sunday moruinir at er little of Dr Hell' publican national committee met Everybody is in - Every twittie the h.nne Lok for the ten o'clock. , 16th. .ffl; or elnuK ItrfTcii' rsiiy ImtiV. Ill Isvlllr. Wille fir werlcly price SONS M. SABEL Iw-Ttir-llonc- y. Seo the play at the school house Saturday night. SHADY GROVE. See our advertisement in this J. O. Paris. D. D. Clark and Jesse Rev. Lane, of Caldwell county was paper and then you can decide Alvis were in Evansville last week. called the pastorate of Clear Spring what to give. McConnel & Nunn. Rufus Robinson has been called pas- Baptist church here the 1th Saturday Coaling ships that pass through in November. tor at Dunn Springs. the Panama Canal is expected to Wm. K. Powell, of near Repton, Lala Watson as "Hannah" in "An become an immense business. evening with Uncle Sam's folks" at deputy assessor, was in this communiSee the ne Christmas goods the school house Saturday night Dec. ty this week. li jrniH tMHlorsomont that 8th. The v.t,.s uvre all for' llw favored beta- Ludn Kinsulvmg and Marie jll,e " Jnnlois MTg. Co., ms , I, i. r. wfltl li. tfn If t Ohio. Sold only by not enlv on lino animiut. out Ki Cleveland. ' unan ilcslt. aj it doio Its ij Or mo, Marion Ky. on worii quicxiy aim wiuruui;iiy. 1'rlco 25e, FOR PRESIDENT. i thnii D. E . i heaU 1 ly, TILLS. J A 33 Mtrkit IL lOVISTlUE, IT. I Have you overworked your nervous Otiltrt In FURS, HI0ES, WOOL. system and caused trouble with your kidneys mid bladder? Have pains in h ms, idi, back and bladder? Have, you n llabby appearance of the face, iindundir the eyes.? A frequent de coming, pass urine? If so, Williams' .sin-tKlin Grove !..! a spdl., .A nmi Kidney Pills will cure you- - Druggist cake contest Fridav evening Dec. - In-n- lo KIIINKY WILLIAMS' H il i itoNKYss n WANT JOHN I surveying RAL-LARD'- O'-Re- S utmtr . .i Vsj ' L CHWsmks ar best physicians in Rristol, Tenn., and liOREIIOUNI) SYRUP. It in the Applegato court. they could do nothing for me," writes acts soothingly in irritated lungs and Thos. E. Williams, Middleboro, Ky. throat. Price 25c, 50c, and $1.00 per Ynu can Always liet "Two packages of Chamberlain's bottle. Sold by Jas. H. Orme. Stomach and Liver Tablets cured me." The beHt coufch medicine if you ak for For sale by all dealers. Yacht Goes Around Horn. Dr. Tf FJL ' - koWNG rm cyor j rw!' WE SELL CUTLERV THAT IS MIAKP TO HEG1N WITH AND Hell's nnd look WHICH IS WELL TEMPERED AND WILL STAY SHARP. (Juaranteed "r tno 'IL'" on lnt WE DO NOT. HOWEVER, USE "SHARP PRACTICE" WITH ,0 ivo !,!,tWf!U'lio"Sold verywhere. THOSE WHO GIVE VS THEIR TRADE AND "PALM OFF" O.N " THEM A POOR GIMUE OF HARDWARE. IL)A GROVE WE KNIFE Pine-Tar-Hon- ey Mars Flirts With Girl in The Moon. Panama-I'acifi- lttl. Flying! New York, Dec. 19. the (lag of the - c, Exposition, the auxiliary schoon- -' ed an unusual close conjunction er yacht E.lns. wuic.i is only 8") j of Mars and tho moon. Between feet in length and 19 foot beam, j Tobacco stripping is the order 7 and 11 o'clock the moon pass left New York for a trip aiv.wiv the day. ed from one side of the planet to the horn' Slu- - is expected for Santa Clans, he s Stargazers last night witness- ',,,, (' PRICES WHEN WE FIRST MARK OUR GOODS. OLIVE & WALKER PHOME142.

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