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University of Kentucky materials are on ExploreUK. This item: Image 4 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2012-02-21.

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Image 4 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2012-02-21

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-4- work and for bringing pride and recognition to our University. The Board gave Mr. Kellen a round of applause. President Capilouto next stated that the University of Kentucky‘s Martin School of Public Policy and Administration had presented its inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award last month to a familiar face, Mr. Bob Wiseman. Mr. Wiseman is the UK Vice President for Facilities Management, who eamed his Master‘s in Public Administration degree from the Martin School in 1984. President Capilouto explained that Mr. Wiseman oversees the University‘s entire physical plant and capital projects management, another very critical component of what we do at UK. He noted that Mr. Wiseman had a distinguished public policy career before he joined the University nearly 10 years ago, working in both city and federal govemments in key leadership positions. President Capilouto acknowledged Mr. Wiseman’s tireless work on facilities throughout the campus and also in his work with the housing initiative. He thanked Mr. Wiseman for his wonderful efforts on behalf of his alma mater. The Board gave Mr. Wiseman a round of applause. President Capilouto next noted that today marked the last board meeting for Mr. Len Heller, the Vice President for Commercialization and Economic Development. Mr. Heller is retiring. President Capilouto commended him as being a stalwart the last several years in helping cement relationships with local businesses in our community and in advocating successfully for the increased commercialization ofthe intellectual property being developed on this campus and at Coldstream. He asked the Board to join him in thanking Mr. Heller for his service. President Capilouto offered that he had told Mr. Heller that the University was going to celebrate his retirement in the future in a more fun way. He recounted that over the Christmas holidays, Mr. Heller was a guest at Maxwell Place. There was a pianist and Mr. Heller decided to sing and accompany the pianist. President Capilouto asked him if he would do the same at his retirement celebration. Mr. Heller said "yes, he had already picked out his song, I did it ‘My Way’”. President Capilouto thanked Mr. Heller for doing it "your way”. It was "our way” too. The Board gave Mr. Heller a round of applause. President Capilouto next fonnally noted that one of our fonner board members and proud alums, Mr. Dennontti Dawson, was recently named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Mr. Dawson is a graduate ofthe College of Education and a fonner UK Wildcat stand-out. Mr. Dawson is widely acknowledged as one ofthe greatest centers to ever play the game. President Capilouto went on to say that after his long and distinguished career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Hall of Fame induction is a greatly deserved honor and that the University is very proud that he is a member of our family. He stated that the University will be inviting Mr. Dawson to join us at a Board meeting sometime soon so that we can properly recognize such an important achievement by one of our own. President Capilouto updated the Board on the search for the replacement for Mr. Frank Butler, the recently retired Executive Vice President for Financial Affairs. A search committee has been appointed and is ably chaired by Dr. Scott Smith, Dean of our College of Agriculture. He also advised the Board that the University has retained the national search consultancy, Witt/Keiffer, to assist the committee. He invited those with suggestions of people who would be good candidates to contact Dean Smith, as we move forward in filling this critically important position. President Capilouto was also pleased to announce that April 24, 2012 will be a special day in

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