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Image 3 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2012-02-21

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-3- WHEREAS, because of her skilled support to Vice President Albert A. Gore, Jr. during his visit to the University of Kentucky in 1996, she received a commendation from the White House Communications Agency; and WHEREAS, l\/Irs. Way has voluntarily served the Lexington community and Bluegrass Region as a past Chairperson of the Lexington’s Annual American Heart Walk and UK’s liaison for the United Way. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the University Of Kentucky Board Of Trustees does hereby adopt this resolution on February 21, 2012 and express, on behalf of the University community, our individual and collective gratitude to l\/Irs. Peggy Way for her exemplary service to the University of Kentucky, the city of Lexington, and the Bluegrass Region. On behalf ofthe Board of Trustees, Ms. Brothers also presented a Wildcat Alumni Plaza paver noting that its dedication and unveiling would occur on April 20th. There was a long round of appreciative applause and a standing ovation for Ms. Way. Ms. Way stated that it had been an honor and a privilege to work with everyone. She will cherish the memories of her work at the University and wished the Board well as they make the important decisions for the future ofthe University. E. President’s Report (PR lg Before beginning PR 1, President Capilouto wanted to join everyone in saying hello and saying goodbye. He welcomed Dr. Wilson and commented that though he has now heard the Oath of Office on several occasions, he has never heard "dueling” mentioned so many times in just a few sentences. He extended his thanks to Ms. Way and credited her for him being a quick study. She had taught him quickly and well so that she could then leave the university. He thanked her for everything she had done. President Capilouto was pleased to again spotlight some ofthe tremendous work by the faculty and students and wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the lists in PR l. He noted the range of terrific staff members to alums that have been singled out for well deserved recognition. He stated that he would like to introduce a few people today that are remarkable assets to this University. President Capilouto recognized Mr. Vince Kellen, the Chief Inforrnation Officer at the University. Mr. Kellen has been selected as a Dell Transforrnational CIO. He was one of four CIOs selected globally to receive this honor by the leading computer manufacturer. Mr. Kellen was recognized at Dell’s Field Readiness Seminar in Las Vegas on February 9th, where he met with senior Dell executives and other IT professionals to discuss emerging trends and challenges facing the world of higher education. President Capilouto commented that technology is an increasingly critical part of virtually everything we do at the University. Most critically, is the important part technology plays in learning and classroom instruction. He acknowledged that Mr. Kellen has been one ofthe true leaders in the University’s efforts in this regard. President Capilouto thanked him for his great

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