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Image 170 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2012-02-21

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

A CAPlTAL CONSTRUCTION QUARTERLY ACTNlTY _ Renovata Old Pharmacy Building for Biology (Multi- Disciplinary Sciences Building) Protect Numben 2317.10 Project Description; SCOPE! $3.677.500 The old Pharmacy building (now Multi-Disciplinary Sciences Building) will be used to provide teaching lab space for = Biology, future research lab space for Biology and Chemistry, and office space to co—locate the Universlty's significant core of statistical expertise from the colleges of Arts and Sciences, Public Health and Medicine. This phase of the project will renovate approximately 18,120 equate feet on the first, second and third floors of the Multi-Disciplinary Sciences Building and will include the modification ofthe existing offices and the creation oi additional ofncss, computer class labs, a Biology class lab and support spaces. The estimated scope of $3.4 million wlll be funded from institutional fund balances. . Consultant: Stengel-Hill Architecture . . Contract # A111080 Orlglnal Contract Amount: $250,000 . Total Amendments to Date; 1 Cumulative Amendment Amount: $29,600 Describe all amendments : Revised Contract Amount: $279,600 Amendment 1, 5/10/11, en Increase of $29,600 was approved to provide additional design services as required due to scope increase. No amendments this quarter. Contractor: Jarboe Construction, inc. Contract # 4500047132 Original Contract Amount: $1,884,000 g Total Change Orders to Date; 16 Cumulative Change Order Amount: $155,003 Low Bid: $1,884,000 Revised Contract/tmount: $2,039,003 High Bid: $2,242,000 Contract Percent Complete: 99% Number of Bids; 11 Describe all change orders greater than $25,000.00: Change Order # 5, SI24/11 was approved for an increase of $109,805 to provide an additional 1400 nsf of Hnished oftice space on the third floor. The space will be used for the department of Statistics. No change orders greater than 1 $25,000 this quarter. 17

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