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Image 150 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2012-02-21

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Project Status: · The University has pltced all orders for fixed equipment. The construction manager provided a list of all needed utility outages in preparation of demolition activities. The contractors began demolition on January 9"‘ with the following work to be complete within the next 30 days: complete 4*** iloor demolition, install loading platform, begin CMU walls at 4"’ tloor, begin overhead MEP rough-in on 4"°‘ floor. T he current substantial completion date is 10/1/ 12. Renovata Northside Libraray Prrjec! Descrqvtions This project consists of renovating approximately 11,000 GSF of space on a single floor. The building will be renovated into an undergraduate class lah facility for Biology and an outreach instructional facility for the Partnership Institute for Mathematics and Science Education Refoma (PIMSER). The improvements will include a community activities room that will double as a classroom for both PIMSER and Biology. The renovation will also incorporate necessary upgrades of the building systems, such as communications, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, fre safety and security. ' Project Slatus: This project was bid on January 18, 2012, with 10 responsive bids received. Marillia Design and Construction submitted u low hid which is currently being evaluated. It is anticipated that a contract will be awarded. Substantial completion is tentatively scheduled for late July, with a final completion date of late August 2012. Reuovate Nursing Building — Phase H Project Desc1·iptim1: This project will renovate approximately 8,200 square feet on the sixth tloor of the College of Nursing Building to accommodate the coustmction of zz new 118 seat Computer Classroom aud associated support space. The project will be funded by federal grant of $1 ,287,000 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and University funds. Project Slalus: All demo complete & stud installation is complete. HVAC, overhead electrical, electrical r0ugh~in in walls and plumbing rough·in are approximately 40% complete. The contractors will begin duct and sprinkler rough-in, installation of door Eames, obtain frnming inspection, complete plumbing relocation and obtain an inspection. Renuvnte Old Pharmacy Building for Biology {Multi-Disciplinary Sciences Building) Prqect DI?SC|'»§){i0}7f The old Pharmacy building (now Multi-Disciplinary Sciences Building) will be used to provide teaching lab space for Biology, future research lab space for Biology and Chemistry, and office space to co—locate the University’s significant core of statistical expertise from the colleges ot`Ar1s and Sciences, Public Health and Medicine. This phase ofthe project will renovate approximately l8,120 square feet on the first, second and third floors of the Mt11ti·Discipiinary Sciences Building and will include the modification of the existing offices and the creation of ` additional ofilces, computer class labs, at Biology class lab and support spaces. The estimated scope ot`$3.4 million will be funded from institutional fund balances. Project Status: Project is substantially complete. Renovntc Schmidt Vocgl Arts Center Przjec! Descrqelians This project will complete the renovations to include rehearsal rooms, teaching studios, practice rooms, music library, office space for staff and graduate assistants, and enhancements to the building's main entrance. The project has been funded for the design phase only. Prajeci S/ams: · The design is on hold pending fundraising efforts. Renovata Shively Sports Ceutcr Prqecl Descrqzrian: This project consists of renovating 9,121 square feet ofthe Shively Sports Center using $950,000 of private funds from the Athletic Association. The project was approved at the May 3, 201 1 Board of Trustees meeting. This renovation will modemize the center’s locker, shower, restroom, and lounge facilities for men’s and women’s track C

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