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Image 140 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2012-02-21

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

CAPITAL CONSTRUCTlON QUARTERLY ACTNlTY RenovateIExpand the Center for Applied Energy Research (Ph Il) Project Number: 2286.20 Project Description: S¤°P¤? $l»285»22*i The_ primary purpose of this project will be multl—phased project incorporating the following components: Mineral Process Lab Bulldlng — The initial phase or the project will require the construction of a 6,400 square foot support building. This new facility will permit the relocation of the existing mineral processing group, currently housed in the Center's main facility. The existing equipment will be relocated along with support space, of0ces and labs. Relocation of the Crushing Room - The existing Crushing Room is to be relocated into an existing facility originally built for dry storage of coal. Bio-fuels Hlghbay Lab Fit-up and improvements - Renovated space, vacated by the Mineral Processes Lab ln above, will allow for the development of a bio-fuels laboratory for production, characterization, and testing of biomass derived fuels, with a focus on biodiesel, bio-oils, and biomass derived Fischer·Tropsch liquids. The principle objective of this project is the establishment of a laboratory dedicated tothe development of improved processes for biomass utilization, with the goal of supporting the development ofthe biofuels industry in Kentuckyl Combustion High Bay Hoods — The exlstlng Combustion/High Bay Lab will have a new bench top fume hood and a new walk-in hood installed with required ductwork and exhaust fans. Consultant: Denham Blythe Contract # A101070 Orlglnal ContractAmount: $40,000 , Total Amendments to Data; Cumulative Amendment Amount: Describe all amendments : Revised ContractAmount: $40,000 No amendments this quarter. Contractor: Parco Construction Group ` Contract # 4500048996 Original Contract Amount: $996,600 Total Change Orders to Date: Cumulative Change Order Amount: Low Bid: $996,600 Revised Contract Amount: $996,600 High Bid: $1,358,000 Contract Percent Complete: _ 2% Number of Bids: 8 · Describe all change orders greater than $25,000.00: No change orders greater than $25,000 this quarter. 19

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