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Image 5 of The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 2, November 1896

Part of The State College cadet

(Che Etate Qellege Qabet. VOL. 7. LEXINGTON, KY., NOVEMBER, 1897. NO. 2. ON THE BANKS OF THE MISSISSIPPI. ~ However much may be said of the "Father of Waters," however rich his praise, varied his grandeur, or thrilling his experience, still one can not fully conceive these until he has seen with his own eyes. The actual experience and vision of this majestic stream is thrilling, delightful and inspiring At one time you approach high hills, cut by small yet deep ravines; and, after climbing them, the great river bursts into view——a broad and powerful stream at the base of the cliff on which you stand. Then, with wonderful and beautiful wind- ings stretching away in the distance, until linally it looks like a sil- · Ver band encircling earth’s bosom. The lowlands lining either bank are dense with the foliage of spring. Another cliff rises in the dist- ance. Yonder roll black clouds of smoke from the steamer labor- iously toiling up the stream. The day is calm and serene. The bright sun makes every wavelet sparkle wiih laughter as it journeys U seawird. Here and there leap sportive fish in their glee. Onward, O river! with thy resistless {low, , Carrying on thy placid stream . The deeds of men of long ago. Onward, O stream! while harvests we glean. Thou, O stream ! in rhapsodies wild! Thou, O stream ! while rolling sweet pean ! Art evermore humbling untaught child . To the sterner virtues of sterling man. No wonder savage and dusky mate Sang love—songs on thy fertile bank ; No wonder later bards, that wrote, Thy matchless praises sang.

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