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Image 2 of The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 2, November 1896

Part of The State College cadet

~" x" ~ L r A UNIVERSITY OF I · . gest Assorl TIN r . KENTUCKY ’ g . _l_0F_ Pa1lo1 . , . :};<;b suave lOc, E Atywk rr guaranteed. ,_, 5 O am. ' Sta.t10 MM {once i ¤C.,C,.< · 5 IE l LIBRARY l jj fi TRAN5Y'~VA*`» Presented by mg Make"- El, P INTING CC , 2 , R U. E . Station 1. b at y *§INGTh onc. e very "` I0 E. HAH`, STR tents and faculty. V THB Slidlill Gilllllllli (ll Ktlllilllllill offers to the public the following Courses of Study, viz; ` l Agricultural, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Classical, Normal School and three Scientitic Courses, l each of which covers four years in the College proper and leads to 21 degree. 3 Its Faculty contains twenty-eight professors. lts grounds, buildings and equip- ments represent $450.000 in value. Its laboratories Chemical, Physical, Biological, ”i Botanical, Geological, Physiological and Mechanical are the largest and best in Kentucky. I ._ Each Legislative District is entitled by law to free tuition, room rent. fuel and i 5 lights for four properly prepared students in the College proper, and to an equal ` i number in the Normal Department, Alumni of other college in Kentucky are entered in post graduate courses free. For catalogue and other inforrnalion apply to y JAMES K. PATTERSON, Ph. D., LL. D., l President of the College, Lexington, Ky. l l

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