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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 24, 1915

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ISSUE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA University of Kentucky VOL. VUL LEXINGTON PLANS COMPLETED KENTUCKY, NOV. 24 l$i5. No. 11 THREE OF "THE FINEST" FOR TENNESSEE VOLS WILL ARRIVE TODAY FOR CAME .Former Wildcat Warriors Will Be Omnipresent in Gathering Wildcats in Poor Condition For Contest Because of Injuries STOP AT THE PHOENIX HOME-COMIN- Tomorrow comes the big event of the season, the Thanksgiving football game, and with it the gathering of old friends who fought and witnessed e battles on the battlefield j oars ago. Theamous victory over Perdue has awakened interest over all the United States. Letters have been reg ceived by the Committee, from nearly every alumni chapter of the country and members from nearly every chapter are expected to be present at the celebration tomor- self-sam- Ijpme-Comin- IUIV, , The visiting alumni of the University will be entertained at the Phoenix 'Hotel, the headquarters of the e alumni. Th laVhv nf tha hn. tel will be decorated at one end with . a large Tennessee banner and at the - other with that of Kentucky. Around the railings will be the class colors of all the old classes of .the University lugouin wiui iw peunancs wnm me class numerals on them. More than sixty-fiv- e merchants and business men of the city will decorate their win dows with the Kentucky blue 'and white and the Tennessee white and yellow. Open house will 'begin at the Phoe- nix this evening and will continue until Friday. All alumni, University of flcials, and old students are cordially Invited to be present at the headquarters at any and all times. A smoker will be given in the ball room tonight and Friday the annual alumnae luncheon will take place. Especial interest in the gathering of 'the alumni this year will be aroused by the large number of old Wildcat football warriors that are expected to be present. They will be the especial guests of honor at the game and will parade across the field just before the teams clash. Special invitation have been sent to the "K" men and it is expected that (there will be in the review on the old battlefield tomorrow, at least one member from every team .. . 4t..t una ver reproBeutea xne r lucti. university. One of the largest reunions is expected of tfhe "Immortals of '98," who hope to have more than half their twelve veterans present. Three men from this team, Charley Straus, d Elliott and J. D. Turner are residents of Fayette County; Roscoe Sev-er- s and "Billy" Rease, of Eastern Kentucky; J. D. Graham, of New York City; "Mad Anthony" Wayne, of Pulaski County; W. H. Willis and Soule pmlth, are expected to be here also. A special section of the bleachers has been reserved for the visiting alumni aad old students, badge for 'CRUTCH. tflG" THOMPSON. Home-Comin- 4, 1 9 Mil-war- BATTALION WILL GO TO CAPTAIN "DUTCH. ville, at Louisville. February FRANKFORT DEC. 7TH SCHEDULE FOR CO-E- D Cadets and Band Drill Daily For the Inaugural Parade " The cadets and band are now drilling daily in preparation for the parade at the Inauguration of Governor A. O. Stanley at IFrankfort, December 7. Lieutenant Underwood said' that he expected 380 members of the battalion would make the trip. In the inaugural parade of four years ago, when Governor McCreary took the oath of office, the University cadets made a much better showing than the State militia and other or ganizations, and their- excellent ap pearance was freely commented on. The Commandant and all his officers are confident that the battalion's showing this year will eclipse that of 1911. Lieutenant Underwood left Saturday for New York where he will attend the Artoy-Navfotoball game Thanksgiving, but will return in time to see that the cadets are properly whipped into shape and ready to uphold the good reputation of the military department of State University. y Misses Innes and Heller Are Nucleus Around Which Team Will Be Built PROSPECTS ARE GOOD 29, Kentucky Wesleyan, Although student Interest Is focused on the big football game tomorrow with Tennessee, ere long the two basketball squads will be the topic of conversation around the University campus. Last week the Kernel published an incompleted schedule for the men's team, and this the State Miss Elsie Heller, as captain, and week can list the following games for center, and Miss Innis as manager the girls: January 15, Logan College, at Lex- and guard are the only varsity memington. bers left.) Misses Florence Hughes January 21, Kentucky Wesleyan, at and Nat Wood (now Mrs. William Bailey), completed their four years of Lexington. February 6, University of Louisville, the basket game, and Miss Olive Taul did not return to the University this at Lexington. February 11, K. C. W., at Lexington. year. The loss of these three young ladies will be keenly felt, however, in February 18, open. February 25, University of Loute-- ' the two girls left, Dr. Tigert will have the nucleus around which he can build g up a quintet. SCORES OF PAST GAMES Frances Geisel, Pearl Bastin, Jane OF STATE AND TENNESSEE (Continued on Page 2) 26-1- Co-ed- i point-winnin- OFFICIAL Thanksgiving holidays begin at the close of school today and continue until Monday. Those absent from drill either this afternoon or Monday will not be excused but will be required to make It up in squad drilling. admission to which may be obtained at alumni headquarters. Thefr will be a "magnanamous" parade tomorrow morning and in the afternoon everybody, old and young, will be on hand at the game. at Winchester. March 3, K. C. W., at Danville. Manager Nancy Innis will probably arrange for a return game with Logan College on the open date. She Is also trying to make arrangements to re-twm tba- Leafcrin dates so that all the home dates and foreign dates will net come dn a row as is the condi tio if the present schedule stands. Logan College and Kentucky College (for Women have position on the schedule this year in place of Vander-bil- t and a Woman's Olub team of Cincinnati, otherwise, the same teams will be met. Only one game was lost last season, that to Louisville, 11-The other game played with the Falls 3 City girls resulted In favor of Ky. Tenn. 1899 0 12 1901 0 5 1906 2f 0 1907 1908 0 0 0 7 1909 17 0 1910 10 0 1911 12 0 1912 13 0 1913 7 13 Wf 6. 23 DAY G Coach Clevenger and about 20 bat-- . warriors of the University of Tennessee will arrive in the Blue Grass capital tonight and will appear on Stoll Field tomorrow afternoon to engage the Wildcat camp in their annual Turkey Day mix-up- . The Vols' will attempt to make it three, straight agajnst Kentucky, and the Blue and White team is determined to get redress for the wrongs of the past two seasons. The game will be called at 2:30 o'clock. Many and varied reports have come from Knoxville stating that the Ten nessee boys will be seriously handi capped by the heavy injured list; however, Coach Tigert, the team, and local followers are not taking much stock in this, as they believe the Vols will be as strong when they oppose Kentucky tomorrow as when they went down to Nashville for the Var- derbilt drubbing. They held Mississ ippi A and M. Saturday a week ago and since then have shown steady improvement, while the Wildcats who were trained "to the very minute for the Purdue victory, have shown signs of relaxation and stolen ess. Simpson has been complaining of a bad cold, Thompson of a "charley horse" and Brittain has not been able to appear in a uniform for the past three or four days. The first two named will be ready for the fray, but it is still doubtful about Britain's playing. His absence from the line would lessen the home boys' chances for victory ,by several points, as well as cause Coach Tigert considerable worry concerning the of the defense. Corn, Clayton or Heick will get the call for guard and Thompson more than likely will be called upon to fill Brlttaln's place on defensive end. Otherwise, the line-uwill probably be as that which startd against Purdue: Crutcher, left nd: Server, left 'tackle; Dempsey, center; Simpson, right guard; Thompson, right tackle; Keliey, right end; Kinne, quarterback; Grabfelder, left half; Haydon, right half, and Captain Schrader, fullback. p (Continued on Page 3) WILDCAT SCHEDULE. October 2 Butler College Ootober 9 Barlham College October 16 Mississippi A. and M October 23 University of the South (Sewanee) Ootober 30 University of Cincinnati November 6 University of Louisville 13 NOVEMBER PURDUE November 26 Tennessee ,..., (HOME-COMIN- DAT.) to 0 to 13 0 to 12 7 to 7 27 to 6 15 to 0 7 to 0 At Lexington 33 54

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