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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Jun-6, 1906 Page 92(cont'd) Ayes:- Iessrs. Frazee, Terrell, Patterson, Metcalfe, Carpenter, Brooks, Kinkead, Barker, and Lafferty. 9 Noes.- None The motion was carried. Thereupon Mr. Clay Chairman of the Committee on President' 8 Report, reported for said Committeeorally as follows. In the Report of the President there are two suggestions calling for action: One is that we change the name of the institution from State College to University; and the other is if we have funds sufficient we add two more rooms to the President's House, for the use of his library. The Committee recommends the addition to the President's House as we have the funds. In regard to the change in the name of the institution to a University, we did not have much time to consider this question and the lawyers of the Committee thought there was maybe some legal question involved as to how it would affect our rights with the National Government and the various acts of the Legis- lature, and in the meantime to appoint the President a Committee of one, to investigate and state the reasons for the change of name, and also how it would affect our rights. (They said they did not have time to properly consider it, and as the Legislature does not meet in two years, we thought it would be wise to suspend action on that part of the report until the meeting just before the meeting of the Legislature.) Upon motion of Judge Barker seconded by Mr. Smith and duly carried the report of the Committee was received and adopted Judge Kinkead voting no. At this point Prof. Jas. G. White appeared before the Board and made a statement with reference to the work of the Young Men's Ohristian Association in the College and its needs, and

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