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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Jun-6, 1.906 Page 90 Life Certificate The bearer , having completed the State Diploma Course, in the Normal Department of the A. & M. Col- lege of Kentucky, is in accordance with an act of the General Assembly of this Commonwealth approved March 21st, 1906, hereby granted a certificate of qualification to teach the branches contained in said Course in any of the public schools of this State. In testimony whereof the Board of Trustees of said College directed the President and the Dean of the Normal Department thereof to affix their signatures and the official seal of the College. This certificate is valid throughout the life time of the person to whom it is granted unless it sooner be revoked, for cause, by the Board of Trustees granting it or by the Superin- tendent of Public Instruction. Done at Lexington, Ky. _____________, 19 President Dean Normal Dept. Mr. Metcalfe offered the following resolution:- Resolved that President Patterson to appointed a Committee of one to report to the Executive Committee, at their next meeting the name or names of persons suitable to take the place vacated by Prof. Brooks and that in doing so shall take the assistance and. recommendations of all persons which he thinks will be conducive to the welfare of the College in making that P.91 appointment; and tnat this resolution is not for the purpose of precluding the Executive Committee from considering any other names submitted to them from any quarter; and that the Executive Committee be clothed with Dower to employ some person for such position until the next annual meeting of the Board in June 1907. Said resolution was seconded by Judge Kinkead, put upon its passage and carried. President Patterson moved that the Resolution of December made with reference to the relations of Athletics in the Academy and Normal Department, be amended so a.s to include in its scope basket-ball and all other athletic field sports. Said motion

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