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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Jun-6, 1906 Page 89 Upon motion of Judge Kinkead, seconded by President Patter- son, the Report of the Business Agent was received, adopted and approved. The Report of the Treasurer was read by the Secretary. Upon motion of Mr. Carpenter, duly seconded and carried, said Report was referred to the Finance Committee. The Secretary read the minutes of the Board of Control. President Patterson submitted to the Board for approval forms of Certificates to teach in Common Schools, to be issued by the Normal Department upon the completion of the prescribed work therefor. Upon motion of kr. Terrell, duly seconded and carried, said forms were adopted and approved for the purposes therein specified. Said forms are as follows:- The bearer , having completed the State Certificate Course in the Normal Department of the A. & M. Col- lege of Kentucky, is in accordance with an act of the General Assembly of this Commonwealth approved March 21st, 1906, hereby granted a certificate of qualification to teach the branches contained in said course in any of the public schools of Ken- tucky for a period of two years from this date. In testimony whereof the Board of Trustees of said College directed the President of the College and the Dean of the Nor- mal Department thereof to affix their names and the official Seal of the College. Done at Lexington, Ky. President _____ __ 19 Dean Noriml Dept.

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