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Image 1 of The Frankfort roundabout, October 26, 1907

Part of The Frankfort roundabout

7 > TIE FBANEFOR R A LEWIS Publisher CEO I A WEEKLY DEVOTED TO LOOAL OUT NJ 100 In Advance C YOL t XXXI I FRANKFO UCKY SATURDAY No 3 tirb It IRO6flEEMECHrV FRANKFORTS GEOliaE SOUTH IN DJ5ATSH I I SA LENDER Staple and Fancy Groceries No TobaccoI Now Pbonf june 16Om 0 r fl mt 15 I IIn W I AT k brorii Jr r Chaplain Rev W Penn A TreasurerJt t ton I W I I j i II Committee J M Utz ofcounty Geo D five years Kaisner of Fayette county four < years A banquet was served on Wednesday rj y eyenlng bvtha Frankfort Business p Boone t j lens belngl lid Shoop Racine Wis These tests are proving to the peoplewithout a drugp J pnnYJJcostt1le g f rrrant irnlun of as evo ShopS CapitolPharmacy Ii v r PrdnV 10 to 80 foot lonc11te have Building Lumber kin is in stock Your trade is appreciated of ATTENTION nIlI I street which will attractiveness oft is Already attractive residence and their home papor J> price Dr for the v i iJ at1i f t N74 1 f lc o 1 t Ji a i i II Jli 1j fIw ONVOME MiSsioN WOR j Miss Mabel Head Field Secretary f of the Womans Home Mission ty of the Methodist Church deliveredan interesting and Instructive address at the Methodist Church on Mondays evening r Hqr address was well calculated to arouse a deeper Interest in this im octant Worlc i L WI N + j x1k + i Thi Cerattffor C lJ t 1 4 i J- < the Signature of i j Kind You Have Always sanij Bears t Ct ji fi 0 a LECTURE Weavere Tieat uont j < 1 H ¬ FARMERS Our farmer readers are requested to read the advertisement In another place of the great clubbing arrange mont which we haVe made with the American Farm World whereby wo Bpvp tor tho f REGISTRATION For Infants and Children I ik SUPPLEMENTAL j SIRQUltdnbo CASTOR I A HAMMORMGO uso on Conway < n d largely to the J 4500 6000 1650 4143 St Clair Street c i Jh 60 to 1- CKaginBror ofI seedit I havinganother I atitlIwns ANOTHER STORY < ISUitS I Bv f LADDERS rte j 00 to 000 to 15 thanks for his kindness I B learn the truaatylos acquaint yourself with our exception ally low prices Trialboxes J ADDING Come today if possible see these elegant garments Monday Tuesday and Wednesday October 28 29 and 30 are ehe regular days lor the supplemental registration of voters This includes those who were absent from the city on registra tion day those who were sick them selves or who had sickness in their II families Voters desiring to place THANKS their names on the list dan go before affidavit to the Mr Watson T Crutohor has placed tho county clerk make us under obligations for a mess of the facts and havq thenr names enrolled finest sweet potatoes which we have If you take DeWitts Kidney auf it seen this season The crop ralse i Bladder Pills you will get a prompt by Mr Crutcher was the finest raised relief from backache weak kidneys and inflammation of the bladder and urinary troubles A weeks treatment grocer t 25 cents SOldby South Co VJ jI 7t Air Crutcher will please accept our I iJ srx ors ¬ this I Ca to come OpetaIIduse LADDERS IJust I offerings have found purohqs at at received another new stock 1 Twould be well for you if you are an intending pur ¬ r chaser oi a Tailored Garment to see our assortment in its present grand completonessv State3d ¬ I t times rolls That we favor the County Board round each year We tender our since thanks for of Education rather than the present trustee system believing that the ben The following gentlemen were nom- his kindness efits proposed In the amendments to inated by the Democratic committee r sections J57158 couldibe best realized on Saturday as their candidtites for FAIRBANKS and WILSON by this change city ofllces 4th That we appoint a committee For CCuncllmen conjunction with other First WardJ L Newman O B Speaking Capital Opera to work inbodies educational in the Demaree Z J Montgomery T E House 12 M To Day curIng needed legislation State In seKenney Second Ward Wra Congleton W So Rossen ED Weitzel C E Col Viqe President Charles W laws will perfect our educational line and Hon A E systemnsand that the committee Third Ward W G Simpson C M FairbanV asked Republican candi- ¬ for in section 4 of the resolutions proPBridgeford J H Triplett W McKee Wilson date for Governor will ad ¬ OSe such measures to the educational Hardie committee as will carry out the wishes of this body First Ward Jos C Hubbard Second WardJohn A Brislan Everybody invited To leCJ a cold quickly get from long term W S Dehoney short III your druggist some little Candy Coal t term Tablets callecj Preventics Druggists NARROW ESCAPE Third Ward W H Hoge I everywhere are now dispensing Pre Constable First Magisterial Dlsi As Mrs J B Wood and son Mr ventics for they are not only safe trlctL P Thompson Morton Wood were returning from but decidedely certain and prompt church at Woodlake on Sunday morn Preventics contain no quinine Taken DELIGHTFUL PRESENT ing a team driven by some city people at the sneeze stage Prtventlcs will Mr Joe Tracy of Pea Ridge has when just this side of the Forks prevent pneumonia bronchitis la placed us under our yearly obligation of Elkhorn became unmanageable and grippe etc Hence the name Pre to him for a lot of delightful persim ran the pole of the vehicle through ve tics Good for feverish children ripe mons sweet and very delicl the bank curtain of Hire Woods buggy just missing her head It was a ousOur macy old friend never fails to remem narrow escape from serious injury RobertsoncountyI pf Agent arr Secretary Mabel G Sayre of He bron Gate KeeperM L Bradford of Harrison county Worthy Ceres Mrs L Hook of > Worthy I GAYLE 15Giri FOR her us when persimmon liMSMSBoard v t I W JOHN juno Oti of Suits Coats and Skirts is now at its best all sizes being represented in all the various styles The most correct fashion I thoughts find their truest ex ¬ pression in the elegant crea ¬ tions assembled here exclu ¬ sive creations garments youll find hard to duplicate else ¬ where in style and quality at our prices comingtentucky of Conner of Wal- Clair > He fCynthIina 45 St The Troy Laundry I I HebronI 1 SAfjENDKH Every thing bnt the color comes out in tho wash if done by TH- DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES CITY OFFICES Steward James Colwell of Harri f v t son county Steward FLSayre of L i The Pure Food Law GEO B The Very Choicest of Them are Gathered Here opposed to the harmful unalterably discrimination against our rural communities jn the matter of raising revenue for school purposes and are in favor of an amendment to sections 167158 of the State Constitution which will enable these communitiesto levy and collect revenue up to a certain amount without the necessity of submitting tte question to a vote of the people this privilege now being enjoyed by cities of the first second third and fourth classes 2d That we gre in favor of a law r making tO per month the minimum salary to bo paid any teacher in this will not affect us We always did and always will sell nothing but Straight Liquors at EROUNDABOUT Boone Clayton of H Liquors and Where to Buy Them J S00TTOW JOB PRINTING I Grand Master F P Wolcott of Cov Tngton called the body to order in the Senate Chamber in the old Capitol building His address dealt with many sub Vjeists of Interest to the organization SThere was a fairly gpQd represen i iation of the membership both male andi female ar Sessions were held morning after f noon and evening The business was y wound Up on Wednesday and the fol flowing officers were elected for the en stttng year MGfand Matter F Wolcott of Cov 1tyI Garments Streetsjunolb mbjrhing LecturerVvV Invincible and Both Phones Cor 2nd S Bridge Farmers Kentucky State The Grange met In thla city on Tuesday 1 dies Tailored I SpecialtyStaple Vegetables Fruits on STATE gRANGE MET HERE of Ham the best Wall COjuno Main Street Phones 89 and 89 The largest rind best equipped plant in tho State June 16Cin Tanner BiER Colebratocl Pain faster mae of Pure Artificial OverseerNoC AtUlition to nior1 Jce made from Distilled Water Factory Sos 102 104 lOG and 108 c P J11ANKFOIIT The FrI lktOht leD G OIDD any f Lann Oilier bore Main and A Liiujiclry Foot of A qtrect Ready at all times ClairI prices tofeuit the most juno Both Phones 105 I MATTfit G junel56m need of When or old sanitary work call Chas Whitehoad 104 St f H 17 8toM Uauital a PLUMBINGnew firstclass in Manufacturers f KY Both Phones N The M do the beta work Jill the State All work called for and deliver ¬ ed E G NELL Agent Office J3 StClair St up stairs jl60m I tAmi nt my now Unitary South rrnnv on the Reliable Brid go St graphdr Juno 15Cm LA UN DRiI tI Am Ready To Make f SIdeV FRANKFORT GAYLE Incorporated South Side OQ814 Main Street EBNER June st t South 43 Bridle LER AKS coI I I PHAR IACY Ie 803 I Old Phone 517 CO 1lt4J 0 H I Bought I < i ti

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