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Image 5 of The Paducah evening sun, November 7, 1907

Part of The Paducah evening sun

THURSDAY 1I XOVKJUiKU i THE PADUOAE EVENING i1 eta i 11 ktWtea ttttttrereee- l IW I The educa i tlonal department p acd cooperai tion with every movement for the AND SOCIAL betterment of the Paducah schools Under Its auspices a School Improve rt Q ment Club will bo organized at once Former Pmlnenli Woman Honored at the Jefferson building Miss Alice Mrs J H Hirsch attended the I Compton nnd Mrs Thomas Turner tI eti5lo Olt M I ltt T I I Morrowtliallle 1 bil cloth postlthird are prepared for your winter requirements in oil cloUt in a very choice line of patterns in nil ComPIIon Cori4nne theI Sun JIVJI > ir Progres fill > r travelnj flask went to lr1 Henry Rudy in a cut with Mr Pat McKlrath Miss Carllne Sowell captured tho visitors prize a beautiful EVENTSII bunch of chrysanthemums A delic i ious luncheon a pretty emphasis of the green and white color scheme in I both the salad and ice courses was served after the game The guests twentysixth annual convention of l will attend tho DIstrif Educational were Mr and Mrs Henry nudI the W O T U held at Columbia association at MayflcM November 29 renD which was an immense gather nnd 30 as represent raves from this Ing Mrs Hirsch responded very Bred Terrell Frances Terrell Rosej gracefully to the welcomo for the I bud Hobson Louis Hallof Dyers W 0 T U Senator Carnusk made alsol burg Katherine Powell Katherine I an able address Jacsou tTennj day along tho line f sive Work for Seho jPEOPLE Ld SUNrea Keep Warm > And Avoid Bad Colds andother sickness by poorly heated homes This is a True Soot and Gas Mrs HIrsch was formerly Mrs the department ito srv that especial Sanders Nella Hatflold Uobblo I t Rowena Tralnum Rivers of this city I and has many riendu here She was school Improvements for Kentucky I a leading member of the local W C advocated by the fcdo tted womans Elise Wright of Urbana Ohio I ten v Calhoun 35C Extra quality for heavy wear clubs In the local paprx The state Messrs Louis Rleke Jr < per square yard president stresses the importance of RIeke Charlie Rleke Pat McElrath We say and guarantee Frank Boone Herbert Hawkins Leo I Kentuckys educational needs as fol Plcutuuit Occnsliin that no soot will be iny Keller Wallace Welt Sam Hushes liy A birthday party was given the stove or pipe after t Philo Allcott Blanton Allen George Miss Lula Rolfe Monday evening lowsSirs spent Tho evening was pleasantly the winters with games and refreshments were clubs calls the attemon of every work served late Those present were womans club In Kentucky to the fact Walter Iverson Fred Wade Richard Miss Lula Rolfe Miss Lillie Rolfc that on November 130 and 21 the Scott George Thompson Jr Edwin n I Mass Willis Rolfs Mica Sadie Pfar Kentucky State Development associa J Paxton Dr I B Howell your favorite baby to win ono of the son Miss Minute Shojlta Mlsi MJn tion will meet in Louisville Although Missionary Ton handsome prizes and be declared one Die Poat yn Arnrson M M the federation of clubs lg Interested The Womans Auxiliary of Grace of the most popular babies of Padu- 4oia Suuli Mli MIV 1oat Mxa In all matters for the Advancement of LOCAL MEWS Dally standlngof tho votes will Rosa Lewis Miss Suslo Oberhauson Kentucky Its cah it Is especially Interested Episcopal church will have bo seen in the theater See prizes at Miss Dorothy Oberhausen Mr and In educational conditions and wishes November missionary tea on Friday Konetkas jewelry store on Broad- Mrs J H Blaclovell Mr Charlie to cooperate with thf association to afternoon Ilt3 oclock in the parlors Our line is complete in way Wurth Mr Flouran Shonltn Mr Us uttermost strength for their bet lof the parish house The subject For Dr Pondloy 4 1C Following are examinations or Garfield Tapscott Mr Joe Shoultx terment sizes finishes designs The State Development as- Echoes from the General Conven Dr Hoyor mldii a phone 404 dered for this district by the United Mr Frank will bo UJs Grelf Mr Herman Heave sociation stands for development lout at Richmond Va quality and price otace 176Dr States civil service commission Nau bier along nil lines and mo of Its alms cuFsed as follows Our Prices range fromII assistant chemist de Gilbert osteopath 400 H tical expert will be to mako the states school ISketch of Notables Attending the pnrtment of agriculture Convention Miss Mlnulo Ratcllffe Broadway Phone 19C system second to none to free Knlertiliicil Lodge 125 7500 Mrs Thomas JonI New Legislation 1112 master Farley FISher retorlnafUni lucky from Its handicap of Dccemberl 427 S Third Old phone 1345 now partment at large and place it where It belongsfirst- BoswellMissionary Meeting and Offerings dian service and computer phono 351 Daughters of the Rebokahs at ttheir not thirtyseventh or fortysecond In U G Terrell Wo have just rwoived another States naval observatory Decembe home HIS Clay street The even the roll call of educational statistics The Church on One ing was pleasantly spent lot of those beautiful White Wax De 45 Refresh n N Iloark and Mrs Dcsha Breck Refuse to take Cashiers Checks meats were served Inrldgo with members of the educa FoundationThe Blgni Urunsons 529 Broadway elected officers will t We glvo you bet er carriage and and Individual checks until you read tional committee of the state fdeera tlon in Louisville have ben appointed I better tervico for the money than Harbours add on page eight Informal livening A Dutch market social will be I given by any transfer company In U Mn O L Robertson entertained a by tho state president to represent Mrs Thomas Boswell vice president given by the Sunday school classes of few America of his friends last evening at his the sympathy and the hearty cooper and Miss Emily Morrow secretary Incorporated Fine carries for apeclal pretty lodgings Bachelor Hall ation of the State Federation of Wo and treasurer occasions on short rotlco also ele with a Brunswick stow In honor of mens clubs In the work of the asso gant livery rigs Palmer Transfer Co Ing ciation All clubs art urged to In Forms for real estate agents for terest and cooperate with this work sale nt this office I WANTED Job and cylinder lire artistically decorated In a color fwWtS 1N MM YWfb City subscribers to tho Dally feeders at Sutherland Medicine Co 1 scheme of pink and green carried Sun who wish the delivery of their i streetIN TiiE Perfection oil Heater asd nut with chrysanthemums abd ferns hoped will take active Interest in papers stopped must notify our col ADS Dr Hewitt of Central Rajo Lamps advertised In this llatJrMr Robertson was assisted In receiv this matter I COURTS lectors or tuAke the requests direct are sold only by Noahs Ark ing and entertaining his guests by University on behalf of the Presby daughter of Hon H J Moorman to Tho Sun office N n attention will I Mrs Clay WHks and Mrs E B Win formerly commonwealths attorney to paid to such orders when given 1 1 free MIfses Chosley Gregory and rooms upstairs with all modern con i in tho Graves county circuit and Is to carriers Sun PnMUhtng Co Subscribers Inserting want ads in Among those Katherine Wlnfree Circuit Oiiirt tail attractive young lady Mr War Thq Sun will kindly remember that vlences Apply 401 South Fourth I That we heartily sympathize In Mix Isabel Mohan pianist and Mrs E B Wlnfree Hustling agents ea WANTED T J Saudercon against the Prln present wore ran Is a rising young attorney and Is I1COWII n lilt ties now hor studio In Mrs Clay Wllka Misses Chcsley tho movement ofithe Kentucky Fed a partner of Mr Moorman In the nil such items nre to be paid tor work big pay phone lllGa or call ceM Furnace company Judgment for when the ad is inserted the rule ap tho American anrnmn National bank oration of Woraenfs clubs for the bet- Gregory Katherine Wilkes Elfreda 22n Broadway building second floor where eha 600 damages He was working for Wilkes Messrs John Robertson W terment of ourpublic schools in Ken practice of law WANTED Colored boy about 13 pleased to see all her the defendant tearing down the old F Keep of LouIsvIKe would be I Adolphus tuck tionPOR years old to work around house and Iron furnace property at Third and friend and patron KINDLING wood ring 2361 Robertson Woley Walter Wlnfreoi Co 128 Paducah DIst stable For quality use tho Dlamopd Norton streets when a part of It fell Alex Wlnfree Murrell Wlnfree O L of organizing School Improvement MITCHELLS for highgrade bicy South Third street rubber Mnrnps The nimnond Stump on him and caused serious Injuries Robertson leagues and as an organization and cles 32C32S South Third street John W Seott against 1 X O Britt Works 115 South Third street FOR KENT Four room Hat wtttt as Individuals we pledge our support et al dlemlseeU vlthout projudlcoMiss Nola Campbell of Murray Isi FOR SALE or rent laundry com bath front and back porches halls S Phones 3f to such associations eOutputs Department plete Ring old phone 42Cr Johir 1VrSeott tilts morning pled Ciliiratloiuil In etc upstairs No 1440 Broadway JJ Hollini has loft the I Mr i Murh Work FOR SALE Cheap gasoline boat L D Sanders tow tnoniht and I have ac stilt against W OH and T C into city for a Notable Lecture at Womans Cluli Gray engine Address A K Sun The educational alleges 29CO CERTIFICATES of deposit and inked an Intermit in h business and for he slat for wilnry He entered Votnnns club met department of the Lorado Taft the Chicago sculptor turned from Cadiz where he attended FOR heatiLg Wednesday aftertile defendants court and stovewood ring cashiers checks accepted In pay shan look after it for him Any In that A Zeigler of Noxapater 437 F Levin Into a contract In which they were to noon at the club building It was the will deliver his notable lecture Mr Jacob formation with reference to any ment for any real estate sold for me Glimpse of a Sculptors Studio or Miss Is visiting his daughter Mrs branch of It wit receive prompt at- jniol their stock In the Southern Pea regular November meeting and one How wuuu old phone by Whlttemoro agency No raise h FOR DKi on Monday Jack Randolph 24 1C Kentucky ave Statues are Made Mrs 23C1 tentIon If you will cell up Tho Sun nut company for tho purpose of pool of more than usual Interest prices George C Hughes evening November 11 at the Wo E J Pax lag dividends anti that tho ralnrlon Henry C Ovorbey chairman of the office Doth phone 358 500 LOADS dry stove wood for brJk FOR ItENTEight under the nueMr Louie Dodd editor of the Ban the three should be pooled and department presided and there was manu club auditorium ton of Doth phones 203 house with bath on Kentucky are Mr dana News spent last night In the quick delivery mem- auspices of the Womans club i large representation of the Place your orders far wedding Scott was to get half the salary of n FOR MiENT Four room flat nue near High school Apply to Mrs has Taft Is a native of Illinois Invitations at home The Sun is ttie llirso Scott was manager of the bers present This department Is studied extensively abroad but has city the guest of his fathetlnIaw Third and Tennessee Phone 222 C W Clrardey with lltaidy Phillips and peanut company thoroughly alive to the educational B T HallDr showing ai great tn assortment as Co FOH SALE Roll top desk with contempt of needs of Kentucky and while cooper- achieved emlncm as an artist He Alex McCarty for Attorney Samuel Grassland of you will flail anywhere at prices court was Is a member of the Municipal Art Moyfleld Is in the city chair Apply at this office CLEANING AND PRESSING neat ating earnestly with the federated fined 2 He failed to remuch lower than you will have to spond quickly to a summons as a wit work along this lino will give en- Commission of Chicago a director of guaranteed TRY T C NICKELLS best hand ly done Satisfaction Mr Cliff Ferguson of Murray has pay ejtowbore ness thusiast effort to local school im the Municipal Art League a mem accepted a position In the city Hi sewed oak ruled half soles In city for Work called for and delivered Ooi i Co aro show- R D Omen Mr John A Carnagey ber of the National Sculpture society formerly resided hero but for the durability Fourth and Washington Charles Norwood nnd wife Leone provement trial is aliI ask James Duffy South ing tho largest lin of 1150 popular Norwood against tho Paducah Trac superintendent of tho schools made and was for two years president of past several months had been Illvcg STORAGE ROOM for rent Barks Ninth street near Broadway Phon He copyright novels for CO cents ever tlon company Judgment for fi dam a forcible practical address ester tho Western Society of Artists dale Bros Co Olvi lhone 12G1 r New I iSa at his oM homo at Murray IH one of tho best known sculptors of shown In the city of Paducah egos Thqy claim they were put off Mrs Jessie Clay of 1245 Trlmbk phone 1260AUCTION SALE k On November this country and no one Is nlorr street has returned from a visit tu Bulbs Bulbs alt kinds Special a car because tho transfer slip had ORDER your dry stove wood loose 14 nt front door of F N Gardner capable of leani dly reviewing art Maylleld Hyacinth bulbs pr dozen 2Gc 01 J expired and sued for IDOu each and bundled kindling from Johnston one baby Co 11C South Third subjects During the Columbia ex Yopp Seed Co Second street Old Deuker Coal Co Both phones 203W H Boyd and Ed Dullot were rocker and roll top desk will bo sold position Mr Tat frequently lectured phono 243 WANTEDA tinner tit Robortsan by Constable J W Wharton by 1fMlu the Fine Arts building and came Rif The Ladle1 Mitt society of the 111 21 a week to a firstclass man courts order to be recognized as an authority on church meets Friday First Baptist Scott Mfg Co Robertson HI Desirable FOR SALE CHEAP all matters relating to works of art II I IiI afternoon at 1 orlock with Mrs J the NewsDemocrat Publishing eon CLOTHES cleaned and pressed property on South Fourth Three RO as well as to his chosen profession R Coulson 325 South Seventh street puny Is lu the hands of tho Jury All work guaranteed Solomon The houses numbers 427 431 and 4S5 Two groups the Sleep and the The otrfat baby contest Is now which seems to bo hung The case Tailor 115 South Third street Phone between Clark and Adams streets Awakening of the Flowers by him on at the Ko y ilHater and there are 1010a Write to Mrs C A Brenner Herrin adorned the entrance of Horticultu 34 of tho wwtiHt little babies under ARE NOW in a position to 111 Box 30G or inquire nt Joe Bren ral hall and excited much admira J year of ng1 in this great contest pleted yesterday afternoon lato Curd I i12e Kentucky serve any and all kinds of sandwiches ners shoe shop 120i tion He has held the Important po Ivory one of th 54 babies will bo sition of instructor in tha Art Insti- chile and hot tamales 111 12 South avenue for full particulars at each and ovshown on the curtain 1 In hIs lecture hero tute of Chicago SPLENDID opportunity for amb Third livery ndmluslon cry irfomiiiic on Monday he will give practical Il lous woman to secure business of of 5 cents eniltkx you to vote for lie claims that tho company did not A BRICK residence for rent 835 CLOTHES her own that will pay 100 to 15 < lustration of sculpturing as follows 3 pay him all that he was untitled tar Madison Apply to iRev W E Cave a The Master Craftmanshlp month business experience not The materials clay plaster mar and sues for S475 214 North Seventh street necessary but must be a woman of ble bronze Tln tools Building up Use ofLOST Basket of laundry on Sixth pleasing personality and good sbolai n bust from llf Tho problem of In Police Court between Broadway and I C freight connections Address L C S gen For man and boy here features proportion and cxpreesiion In buying clothes Louts Lance charged with stealing 734 and be rewarded eral delivery bicycle Mr James Cologne I to the grandLallys for grand was held are just the right things The big skull in Tho muscularofmask anything else the shape TWO S FOOT show cases and Rapid change the larceny Jury WINTEDFor U S army Abe stands for sale cheap Apply at 333 bodiedunmarried men between ages head The portrait ot the Princess The wheel was positively Identified a good thing to know exactly Broadway From youth to old of Lamballe of 21 and 35 cltUnns of the United unil tho bond of Lanco fixed at f 500 digressions is rniwilfied a little old age with occasional Ho Is about 21 years okl what you are gettingi the WANTEDPositlen as assistant States of good character and tem Building up n fiiture pose and pro fashioned in this day of ox Florence Lnngdon Other cases bookkeeper or clerk In grocery Ad perato habits who can speak read wo can fit you out be ignorance of tho buyer is portions Expr slon In lines Drap and wrlto English Men wanted now colored stealing skates from J W dress E caro Sun pensive cxtrnflts and toilet for service in Cuba For information Cleaves fi Sons held to answer J E fore you start and sup ing a statue Thl plaster cast Piece often n great source of profit 11ANTED Position by book apply to Rocrutlng Officer New Rich vntori But if you will give molds and lostt molds Chopping 1 and costs Rossi drunkenness keeper and stenographer Address mend House Paducah Ky to some ply the trunks too out a cast The marble The point M 1 care Sun I Trials and Perplex- Ing Instrument When Marring Licenses First ourNeroli FOR RENTNice homo In coun NIGHT SCHOOL cJlp and muut or cutting Triumphs IR ruarbl W White to Mary Luello Itodd mall This week we make a ities ofsculptors art Illustrated fully label in a garment you re at- try two miles from city Good past tuition free If you within the next of tho prpsent thls notice Rent Parham to Nellie McClain ure Apply Chas Blchon 3892 five days to Draughons Practlis colored special display in suits At each step by4te actual process up onety in possession of all the old phona fnir trial you will be sur College on tho stage Hi will be assisted by Incorporated Business knowledge you need it tells clean IrllRlitfnl Social KviMihif nt Church for business for work prised nt the eFORRET iA fourroom bouse 314 Yr Broadway Paducah Mr Crunnilie a young artist Oli with all modern conveniences at 514 phone 1755 asking for particulars of you everything we dont The Church Building society nUll fragrance and a little in for travel tor dress for Apply North Fifth street 5 1C this remarkable offer If you deem s the Young Ladles society of tho First Alumni Mfitinc Important One tho Lath water will strengthen need to shy a word North Fifth street quit at end of month owing mrthls Presbyterian church will entertain The High S inwl Alumni associa anybody andeverybody perhaps of opinion your You know Its all wool all FORRENTro gentlemannicely or continue at special rape4m- i Linn will meet Friday afternoon at with a picnic supper tonight at 030 good your grandmothers right in fctyleand tallolnu 4 oclock at ili high school auditor- oclock in the lecture room of the furnished upstairs room convenient onth to hath hot and cold water church Your check on any ium The Ilrram Is In charge of Tho Missionary society and well guaranttc a lit Apply taste Our Nerolj Cologne is r Called Meeting at 40S Clay street Marshall Aid society and church choli the literary toirnilttee and will bf very fine indeed nnd we sell local bank or trust com There will be a called meeting Ir an attractive one All the members are especial guests of honor LOST ladys gold watch with it in half pint glass stoppercdI are urged to lbe present if possible fob between court house and Fifth Carpenters Local No 559 at 73j pany will be accepted in Business of importance ro bottles for ire allow fi per cent At Womans Club Tltis Afternoon and Broadway Finder please return oclock Hostess All members are The Womans club meets this afterthis store the same as to Paducah laundry and receive re be transacted JIis HiiRliespretty party discount on all cash urged to be present wits noon In regular session at tho club An exceedingly ward paid for purchases A S MALONE Business Agent cash in payment of ac the entertalnrmi t of the Entre Nous building Tho business session was GOOD PRICE paid for furniture with Cashiers Checks hold at 2 oclock other luesta by Miss Phil club and and stoves at Williams ec Peal 20J counts or for purchase Mr W p Marsh deputy graui on Paducah banks ppa Hughe tat evening at her Tho open meeting at I oclock Is In South Third street New phone 901a master of tho Ancient Order of tnltej charge of the ClvIcs department Mss home on Broaiway Tho house was ofmerchandise FOR RENTTwo 3room house Workmen of Kentucky SOcDrugleetn is In the ei- > Adine Morton chairman The proa charming co effect in white and on Klncald street ucross Sixth streett and will decorated throughremain ten days in the lu gram Is an attractive local one Dr green elabora brIdge Apply to GIp Husbands or terest of the order cue Japanese chry- Meyer Lovltch and Mr John S out with the phone 1780 Mrs M It Randall of North Sixth II ferns l There were Sere llcucUer are the speakers santhemums o i v street Is seriously ill of pneumonia FOR SA4Eabollneaunoh twelve table winged In the double James Wele and Mr Robert Scott horse power 19 foot long Will e A son was born lade night to Mr vlll slag mrlor Thr sb prize a prettf hahge for real estateJ It halt and Mrs CanGlbgpn of 334 North Henry won by Mrs bracelet was Nwwr tl 1HPII Nh y Drooliporj r u V>L Ninth strut It rhe Tho gentl 30c A good heavy grade per square yard 11 ir 30cI 100 sqbortJeretJ Tt 1T I j Scott1Manie Burner otlthoWIIIcox t entire im ig to ov1n1Ing Theylare 1 WlllialliI ofiloulslIe I i jI I r tlr W n J r Dont IIra GEO flItwo MissIMam peoI clt1Iesl 0 HART 1WANT TnT TT 1 I excep1tlon IThat 10UIDarls I the Best Line SONS CO IlnorlllllnlIlren recenU1secured WVTT4I- fail 2 C iFOitj IAUoruo room watIIon = BOIoI i thlslmllrnlng RE comIpany The Toilet or matterI oingI itsI iHI ltlhono I I JUlrchantsI Cologne 1 fresh h t

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