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Page 7 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.22 n.1

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

K.J.E.A. Election The annual election of officers will be held Friday, April 14. This year all officers are to be elected. Mr. Whitney M. Young, who has given strong leadership two years, may not, according to the Constitution, succeed himself as president, nor may Messrs. W. B. Chenault and B. G. Patterson, first and second vice presidents, respectively. The secretary-treasurer, William H. Perry, Jr., is not a candidate for reelection. The terms of all directors, Robert L. Dowery, C. B. Nuckolls, Victor K. Perry and E. W. Whiteside, expire with this session. During the recent war period, when no elections were held, the practice of staggering the terms of directors was lost, due to the fact that those whose terms would normally have expired had to continue until the next election. There are many interested, able men and women in our Associa- tion. After the election the affairs of the organization will be in largely new, but thoroughly competent hands. You are cordially invited to attend K. S. C. COLLEGE NATIONAL ALUMNI FELLOWSHIP PROM Honoringt The K. S. C. Faculty, Alumni of other Colleges and K. N. E. A. Members THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 13, 1950 BEECHER TERRACE (Floor Show) Hours: 10 to 2 Semi Formal Present Music courtesy of Musicians' Union-Local 637 Henry Bland, Musical Director 7 I

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