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Page 5 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.22 n.1

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

A graduate of Central High School, Louisville, with an A.B. degree from Howard University and the M.S. degree from Indiana Uni- versity, a successful teacher in the field of social studies at Central High School and Madison Street Junior High School, Louisville, he had a background of knowledge and experience helpful in under- standing the problems of government. A football player at Howard Unlliversity, a coach of football at Louisville Municipal College, he knew something of human nature, strategy and poise, elements necessary in the game of politics as it is played in Kentucky. His cordial reception in Frankfort, his contributions to the work of the Assembly, the respect in which he was held by friend and foe, did much for interracial good will. He met the comment, "If all Negroes were like you . . . " with, "There are many more like me . . . there will be still others if we legislate wisely." Lawrence was an important factor in the passing of amendments to the Day Law and Regional Compact that were favorable to Negroes as citizens. On the floor of the House, during debate and passage of the bills, he maneuvered with the skill and diplomacy befitting a veteran, rather than a neophyte. His securing the cooperation of the Administration, and his ready sacrifice of personal publicity for the good of the cause he represented, were important elements in creating an atmosphere favorable to the legislation he sought. He has joined with former Representatives Charles W. Anderson, Jr. and Dennis Henderson in making history. The K. N. E. A. expresses gratitude to its former member, Representative J. H. Lawrence, of the Kentucky Legislature. Announcements Louisville awaits the 74th Annual Session of the K. N. E. A. All plans for the convention are completed. Short evening sessions, with dynamic speakers, qualified to bring challenging messages are scheduled. Excellent departmental meetings have been planned by interested teachers, many of whom have worked the year round in developing their programs. Some departments that have been inactive will reorganize during the convention. Social activities have been planned for the enjoyment of visitors and their friends. The Annual Musicale, always a high point in the convention program, *vill be better than ever this year. Louisville teachers and pupils will be having a spring vacation during the period of the meeting, therefore the customary visits to Louisville schools in session cannot be made. 5

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