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Page 4 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.22 n.1

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

has done only its duty in working for these accomplishments. It recognizes the valuable contributions made by many persons and organizations, both White and Negro, in bringing them about. There remain many problems-further improvement of higher educaition, preparation of Negro youth to meet the challenge of the new conditions, removal of the handicaps caused by segregation at the elementary level, and enough money to meet the educational needs of all youth within the State. But Kentucky is on the march, the idea of gradualism in solving racial problems is operating con- sistently, and ways and means to continue the advance somehow will be found. REPRESENTATIVE JESSE H. LAWRENCE One of the unsung heroes of the recent legislative session, yet one recognized as a strong legislator, is Mr. Jesse H. Lawrence, repre- sentative in Sincere, clear initiated into JESSE H. LAWRENCE the Kentucky Legislature from the 42nd District. thinking and possessed of convictions, Lawrence was Kentucky's Legislature last January. 4

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