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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, April 5, 1856

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

DAILY VOLUME XII. 13 OSc on Third atreet, between Market and Jeffereon, East aide, THIRTEEN PREMIUMS TAKES WITHIN THRU TIABS BT TEEMS. lemoer4 per year.payaWe quarterly . M 00 do, It is kducce- ' Ten Cents per week, payable to the Carrier. Pkij leuocrt, eoiDlry einor, rrr tcm - . iOO ADYLKTisLNQ. Lb.iiXLS . I 00 One square of 10 lines, one Insertion as Do each additional insertioa . . . Ji . 00 1 . 10 00 one month, without alteratiea , J tm DEVITT & ty MILES, LOUISYILLE, KT. Jars stock en hand for sprin g trade. A h. tn Dcwitt fc mrai Itlilcs,. R, 2fi ' it 40 00 Week (Cincinnati-- ) BOYLE & CO., No. 475 iaUORS H-i Bonded Warehouse. Throushonr Mr. S.S.Boyle, New York city, we have mads extensive arrangements and va forth importation of foreign Liquors which we invue have just received a large soppy, to suon the attention of tne trade. Our facilities are CO-- , as to fiOYLB ft e&abie us to reUat low prices. 5, 67, and 5! Second street, Nos. Cincinnati, Ohio. mr23dly BOURBON COUNTY OLD Paris. 60 bbls 8. have Just received from also, tools Crow old: K. and Mellninef 4 and yearsexcelled in Kentucky, cannot be Whisky, all of which J.MOWh-d- . lor r?OURBON AND COPPER. Saddlery Warehouse. TURE tn) BUSINESS NOTICES: WHOLESALE Leacder E. Uaktr, 4S6 M&rkwt LOUIS- - Silver Cup aioardedto D. ffJIare ly the Agricultural and Jlechanicol Ao ten dtf eialion for the beet epecimen of TrunLi. D. O'HARE HAS CON- - PLACE. Tille, Ky. WILLIAM KATE, Souti-soes'- AND BRASS BELL street, between Tint andFOUNDER, Second, Louis- ville, iy. THOXAS BUIit I. O. K'CHHiKlT McChenT k Harman, gi ENERAL COLLECTING AND W Real tycflire K Kate Agents. No. Court Place, DICKINSON & SNYDER, No. 79 Fourth street, between Main and Market, (BAR TBI SITIOIil HOTEL), LOC16VILLK, KT., Steam Sagar EefiniBg Company. "MANUFACTURERS AND DEAL-- j JL Bedding, Tarpau- if lins. A. RANDALL, era in a'l kinds of Mattresses, Flags, Window Shades, Curtain ttoods, and l ntiiifctm.r Materials. We warrant our work as represented, and offer it at B. low prices. Patronage solicited. Imrifdiyj Cutter, Sim Painter and BrandDEPOT). GOING IT ALONE. PARTNERSHIP OF DUMESXIL, DELL No. Bo87 VO Agents, : STREET. 658 MAIN l. PAINTER'S AT JOHNSTON'S No. S3 Third Street, LOUISVILLE. KT. Ja36 dtf ,ri. a. Hits Eg. vt. i. nixm P1LCIIER & 1IAUSER, Attorneys at SOUTHEAST OFFICE apt L a w. CORNER Jefferson etretts, Louisville, Ey. Zm PETER ELHTH, Flour and Commission Merchant, Main tret, between Second and Third, 2Ta. (54 THE HOUSE LATELY OCCU-pie- d by Ormshy a Owen, Hardware Dealer, keeps brand of supply of the THE I. ouisville Scale Factory, Fam-lon band bet Flour, which he sells at the lowest market price, jy 18 D. J. WILLIASIS, RESPECTFULLY XTOULD to the citisens of Louisville and AN- vicinwV rjounre be is prepared to give designs, make drawings, ad execute tui.aings of every description and style of ity that t aj-r- tjr"The beet references can be given. n. Jorn:s Ja3Id6m co., Ilonsc, Si?n, and Ornamental Painters & SALE SHANGHAI WHISKY FOR SMITH. MADDUX St rnrl9J by HISKY. 0 bbls rectified Ml hhls Conner Whisky; do; jaskInkdy. 10 bbls ola Bourbon, fe23 AND JOREIGN WINES A4quartr il.Mir. BRAN- - casks Eoward.March Wine: At Co.'s superior quarter casts Sicily Wine; Dry Malas-- a Wine; do superior fort mine, do 1) octaves superior Cognac Brandy ; 6 bbls Apple Brandy , threeyears old, very fine; ao do. new; 10 do i do Peach Brandy, a pure article; For sale ia quantities to suit by n tela " i.ukk. a nnrim 10 Itf Warehouse on Sixth cross street, below Main, opposite Wriclit ot BriJgeford's store. Inquii-rap an- -j iiius. juiks. For manufacturing LiquorSjCordials, Effervescing Beverages, V inegar, enters, byrups, . Essences, Wines, tc. ff?r into this country. For Bale. TliiiriCi UUUD liUlLiDINO part LOTS, most LOCATKD ON SIDE OF SOUTH Louisville and Bardstown turnpike road, adjoin- ingtbe Farms of S. B. Lewis, Stephen Chenoweth, and Uenry rreaencK on tne norm siae, t'Xai muesiroro Louisville, nd contains 14. acres, HO clewed, balance in timber and grass, houses comfortable, excellent springs, soil kind and geainl.ayoany orchard of choice fruit. There are four or five btautiful building siles, and the springs and cleared and timbered land may be divided to suit them, farming utensils, corn, sic. I will sell in whole or in part to suit purchasers. Good city property will be taken in part payment. Apply to h M.J. HJtAUK.on the Laud.orto lieadv.of the firxi of Wilson & Ueady, on Market street, Louisville. MRS. A. K. JACKSON, HAVING Farm YING The ladies ot Louiaville and vicinity are invited to call and examine for themselves. mr3t a Onlers promptly and curefully executed. AT East side Fourth Street, BETWEEN MARKET AND JEFFERSON, IS PREPARED TO OFFER the ladles of Louisville and vicinity a full and beautiful assortment of FANCY MlLL.lNE.RT "OuiS, comprising all tne latest styles of Straw and For Bale. BEAUTIFUL SITES npnREE cointry building FOR residences. Two of the sites Plumes, Misses' and Inunts' Uxts, flats, &o. and a I Js. complete assortment of Willi nery Material, allot which 1I front the Newburg turnpike, IS miles from the city, and eortin from oina to ten acres each. The other will be sold at very low prices. verv newest novelties of the season will be ocen lot fronts the Bardstown turnpike, and contains about Th for iospeofion es soon as received. No pains will be twelve acres. All the land of the above mentioned lots nired to show them. Having made arrangements to is in the highest state of cultivation, and cannot be in elikibiiuv of location. Vor tarmi. ten., in. receive daily, by express, the latest patterns as they come out, a great variety of frame, Laces, Uimps, quire through the Louisville post office, or to the subJC. HKINSOUM. fmrldtfj scriber, etc , will be kept constantly on nana. Wn feel rnntident that all who may favor US with their patronage will amply receive their money 's worth Sale. in rare ana oeautiiui gcovs, aa we are ueiermicea to A please the most fwsticLous taste, and hope our efforts will be appreciated. Lt.a rica ijvujc iiuk,va x irsi street, near tne n.mnirc Milliners snnnlied with everv srade of Mil bkeorner of Otllege. ilouso has six rooms and a ood cellar. The Lot is in reet front by U00 deep, to a linery Goods and Psttern Hat at the lowest prices. no. iwi sourui street, cetween mar- ?oot alley. There is a good cistern and stable; also, a apt dtf variety of fruit trees and shrubtery . Would exchange ket and Jefferson, east side. thealtove property for a farm inKentnckv. For cue tioularsinuuireenthe premises. ia7 otf G0. Bleaching and Pressing. For Bale. JOHN ENGELN, HAT AND FARM, CONSISTING OF 126 B5nnet Bleacher and Pressor, has removed from acres, lying near Hobbs's Dooot. on the Louis VrifT Fifth to Jetlerson street, between fourth and yilleand krstiikfort Railroad. For partioularsapply tc If in, opposite tne new masonic iisii. kC0..or to t3T All kinds of Hats and RjnneU Bleached and I NOCH, WICKS C.M.DKCKWITn.onthepreraiiss. tnrM dim Pressed in the most fashionable style FOR BALE, Millinery Goods. RESPECTFULLY INVITE THE IfK t,. ' attention of the ladies to my present stock of choice goods, comprising au new ana oesiraoie styles or tioDnru, iieaa cresses; , Ainnons, leatbers; Flowers. Ruches: Laces and Millinery Goods In general at wholes sis JOHN H. CANNON. r retail. rori Wm. Osborn, A LARGE .1 YOUNG MAL- - inquire oi lets ilAUU. R. LfcdrfcR. Jefferson street. DR. A few doors above P. O jaild&wtf For Sale. VALUABLE PROPERTY T11K lJUUliLiti TWU-STUII- A Brick Y Building on the southeast corner of Mar ket and Fifteenth streets is otfered tor sale for casii, auu mv wwuix ua o, u, auu ta montu.' credit, ana very cneap. xms Jtuuaing nas ALL TJKDS OF LIQTOR CAN SI MANUTACTUBM) seven rooms in it, one oi wmca is a commodious 12 TO 50 CINTS PKE GALLON. TOR store-roosuitable lor groceries or dry goods. The CLEANS AND DYES Building is conveniently arranged for one or two famN OUTLAY OF $2 WILL FUR ia Cleans and irrei Ladies' Straw Bonnets: ilieshas an excellent cistern and converting Whisky and Water KTtr,u-atnfor Makes Frames and Crowns for Bonnets: nearly new, and in a thriving part or tne city. tt. Also, s arms ana uanas lor saie or exenangea tor city into the strongest Vinegar in 36 hoars, at a cost of two And keens a choice selection of Ladies' Su aw and Fan you want a Bargain, at no. s uouxt to three cents per gauon. property. Can, it cy Bonnets, rrencn flowers, lUDOons, ate. apt Tiieonly vessels necessary for this purpose are Wine ATUliiauA st SJlllU finriadtrj Plsoe. or Wcisky barrels. The substances with which tbey are filled, for the purpose of making Vinegar, can be found For Rent. in forests of America. As simple as this .tih process may appearfor the production of Vinegar,the IlUUSCi, Uxv A 1 VVU-aiU- ill GRIND :ii the west sida of Second, between Green and puWl.nereWlUIOlieiiivwiurecriT iuiuic. The most approved methods art given forconstrnct- s;reets. contai icg three chambers on O.mrjlete instructors lor uollungana ir.. M.r;ti.ra. the second and two par.ors and hail on the lint story, .u Darreung an xinas ui nquur., uu with two rooms in tne oascineni. VV appearance of old barrels new, and for givicg age to CONSUMMATION CERTAIN! M. Apply to for detecting impurities or new barrels. Instructions J en ers on street, oci. first ana oecona, .jnit,i;mM in nil kinds cf honors, and for distin or to N. L. PRTTIT. mrl4 dtf of Brandy. Of guishing French from other qualities gives two modes the lmii.,r mentioned below, th.s book STI1A NOTICE. of making them; by the first they are made "off hand," FR03I THE requiring only the admixture of the materials as given steamer Ella on the the morning of the 4th tne receipts, t nese are cucaii inuvnj tucu uusutm in TO BE DISTRIBUTED IN GIFTS 1 will be artificial strength, finetaote, and beautiful color. inst., a large Hock Mountain- brown AIL Lit 'he had around his neck a rop- halter. The second mode requires the use of apparatus, and a for certain length of time is allowed from the spirit to mellow. i5FTbe Drawing to come off positivblt at llo- - I A liberal reward will be paid to any person delivering the best imported sart iiall in ninety days, or sooner, if all the said Mule to u t undersignsd, or giving information These cannot be distinguished I. 8. MuuKhAAD. liquors. where hv can be found. licketa are sold. Ho. itt Wall street. nir27 dtf A PARTIAL LIFT OF THE LIQUORS raoDUCJSP North side Jefferson. bet. Third and Fourth sts. LOUISYILLE, KY., 4- - V I r mil A. FRENTZ'S GIFT NO CONCERT!! HUMBUG! S0,092 wrvva Mi mi a a Victoria'?; Donaldson's; Car- valhalXX; Diploma; Simple and Finej Leacock, high Bherrt Cablnepale. ury, auu lK "'u".u' old and rich. pale; Vriarte, brown, ISiS: V. V . PoBTfi. Cold. oale, and dry. Hunt At Co.'s; Wil unampagne imliams' White: Williams'Black bel, itation; Mumm's Cabinet; Grape Leaf; Sparkling Ca- - ZaJock Pratt, In a lata lecture on the horse, gives his opinion of what eomtitate good points: Be should he about fifteen and a half hands ffor the Louisville Democrat- Messrs. Editors : The LouUvillo Journal, the high; the head light, and clean made; wide between the Ives fool and anseru pulous month-piec- e of the Know-Nothi- large, tthe nostrils, and open; nostrils thenue forebroad in the ran? parent, and faction, net on! here, bat the most un head, eyes prominent, el ear, and sparkling; a an tiring and unrelenting of all the papers throughout small, neatly set on; neck rather short, and well . this widespread Union ; and the satellites of the set up; large arm or ahouldar, well thrown back, and high; withers arched and high; legs fine, flat, game sphere pay due obedience and homage to it thio, and small boned; body round and rather as their controlling planet, aa may be seen their light, though sufficiently largs to e:Trd snbUa occasional notes of approbation and concession to when it la needed; fall eaeet, aiijriliO play for tne lungs; back short, tne hind quarter set on that commanding orb which the editor delights e, obliquM Any one posaeMr? a horse of in blazing fortiu See the fulsome notes ad- - this make, and weighing eleven or twelve hundred dressed to him bj the fanatio from Little Bock, PQn( 'est assured he is a horse of aU work, and a barirain well worth getiine hold of. . .w. j .v. i : . ' I Mr. Ptattu now seventy jear of 2e. and hsJ ? r pubiwaea in tnai renicie or aiacord or the first of iwT, h,en an aJmirer of tae hems, and is a April, and his own eulozy on the Louisville Jour- - competent juJze.' ?tt 1Ir- - P- - lectar' maa7 everywhere reeoonited nal, which he says s hints. We zive two or three. deHtned to le the grand agent of the American Cam or Hoksks.-- No horss can end are labor Party." Dots he mean, by the Lsterseais party, I all the time. A few months inpsjtare, after beinz hiifh fed and worked for several Tears, will reaew the followers of Walkor at Xicaraima. or thoa. as sUted periods of rest American adventurers who hav. oM tv. I won win preserve the v.Ul eneryes ofand recr- man unim- iiussian service, operating tor glory ana emolu- - paired through a Ionic life : and by a wi.e law of ment T Ha certainly cannot mean that faction I Providence, which is as beneAcial to the beast as whose watchword and passport, when questioned ? the man, horse will da more labor in six days I than if he were worked the whole saven. ,. . .i aa to tnoir pontics, wH to say, -- i mnoM, noting" jjj to m- ,- rcn'.iar eicellenc. nf th but all right onthe gootef who have withdrawn I horses cf "ew York, I mizit say. I have driven nd forty mues ia ihree Jay, from their compatriots into caverns and caves, to F1' two hundred SATURDAY, APRIL 5,1356. tj . r.i "s .... lt ... f,. For TlF.ailUTl!.R TWn.lTnRV workseditionsnsttheiroountry, 5 Lacour's Improved Process, . BRICK Y GENTS k. NORWOOD is now dissolved, and the subserii-eoffers his polite bow to the citiiens of Louisville. The very kind treatment SLd the liberal patronage he has received sine he has been a citizen of the city induces him to ask a continuance of the favors he has bad at their hands; and in doing o, he pledges himself that thse who favor him with their patronage shall b satisfied, lie is determined to work for reputaHe has tion as well as coney.wishing to a god lot of No. 1 commence buildins Dxi-An iiinii for those early, and shall keep on hand an assortment of Wrick at any in the market. He hopes, all timet not inferior to by atrict attention to business and a faithfol regard lo hnneatv and intecritv. t be liherally patronised. His yard is on the comer of Broadway and Shelby streets, re ne can at aa umes ne luuuu. NORWOOD. JOaN ledif eontianUy AKCniTECT AND BUILDER, East gU,bet. Walnut and Chestnut, LouiFville,Ky 100 bbls. warranted pure. In store and for sale by C'J. T. Y. BKBJ T. bUa mtU er atantiy on hand a large assortment of i & V Gent'emen's solid Dole Leather 1 runki, Ladies' Tmnka. Bonnet Boxes. Vai'Cea, Carpet Bars, Packing Xruuks, kc wtnen are ot m best qaatity. made by experienced workmen, srjd cn he bo us tit lower than in any other boose in this cily. Con nu-- merchants will find it to be to their interest to gire thia house a call before purchasing lsewhers mrii7 dtf ' dtfkwl NEW TORE . AND RETAIL, BOURBON WHISKY. TkLD . BYstons doorO'HARE, Ey. D. from Third, Louisville, ! ATTORNEY AT LAW, rO. 5 COURT Trunk Manufactory, Great Western THREE-STOR- in the of Market and business meut of Dresi Hata, Bonnets, Ribbons, Wreaths, FlowSecond streets. Also, four or five Lots. ers, Caps, Coitfnres, together with ail other articles on the Bardstowu road, near the city. Any person appertaining to the trade. will address Box l&ie, Louisville wishing to buy The stock includes the last Pans raahlocs, and, for Price reasonable and terms easy. mrai d richness of fabric, beauty and elegance of style, is d greatly superior to any Similar goods hereto fare for Bale, No. 101, A. FRENTZ STRAYED BEGS TO ASSURE his friends that under no circumstance will the distribution be postponed beyond the of his time, lie hopes, ny energy nd the patrons, to Dung tne enierpnse to a conclusion at an earuer penou, iu wmvii can. uue iiuuce wiu oe given. Only 1,546 Uckets to be sold. Tickets only 2. TDREB HUNDRED AND SIXTE2N GIFTS. ..i...D;n llMi-kr-Are- . The undersigned dees not wish to speonlate on the CLS.XST dui wisnes ony to aaovt mi pian to ciuse up 6t. junen aieaoci v. hmu i oujkvihw.u Latitte; Chateau Margaux; ChaUau Latour; Chateau Euouc, his health is failing, and he wants to re Loeville, Ate. . tire from business, 'the public re invired to call and examine tne goods, at dir. trents's jewelry Moreno. Red Htrmitage; lloct; Fos toa Market strett, one door above Fifth. Mr. r. reRnm.n. ltuH: White and ter; Moseile: epukiing aiosene, uraueuuerget, fers all who are not acquainted with hici to the citi JohanntseDerger; aiapes- - superior, v,u iens of Louisville, lie has been living in Louisville VTELSON & DAVIS, SCALE BIAN Steinwein; SC. u i me pant tiit jHiiiiia iciiinas nnuiucj ro-r,f4tiren.Kni.M and 61 Sixth street, near the Steinberg, V hits tne citizens n.wum;iiBviii (erring to partieuiwly towno oe who Known aunnginmat court-houskeep on band an assortment of Platform . Wos . ad b4 d iinga .; xr-. bin. ales, of all sizes, suifame tor wrei;pBH, awm, Vl'""tr,r.,. uomr, lioo toM. K A . lilts ltnnim. b uiara irapuj ib3o; lis. Ate. Also, patent Balances of all kinds. ; Cognac, ot the intsges from The followins- - are the articles to be distributed: above, they are tuildicg to oraer, Poultney l .rfrfitinr. to the S lenta Gold lluiitinc Watches, each CygnettejUnited Vineyard Proprietors,Castilion;Lond putting up all overthe ecuntry, scum ana wesv, ; don Uock. 6lc. 450 00 $160 perior sty!e of Hay, Coal, Stock, Ore, and Railroad one at ShO. snuTKR ixn ALlt Chesn and easily 4 (ienta' Gold Witches. 290 W bcule. witn iron ieers anu aieet icariut. one v. $7s, and one at 60 London Porter; Scotch, India, and Pine Apple Ale; can S1 four ranted to give satisfaction. wo!d liunticff W atches. two lie' all be made for two cents per gallon inMade days. wuhoutthe EFFKRVKEC1NG BEVERAGES su w at uo ana two at rmntci fineAp-Dleeffervescing Grtpe Juice; Ladies' PIANO FORTES 1 PIANO FORTES 1 1 fruit;do Peach Juice; do Strawberrydo Juice; Mead, Soda; 3 and oneGold Watches, one at $65. one at S40. 142 W at (77 Lever n PETERS. CRAGG & CO. Water, wiihout metallic apparatus. Boker, French, 1 dents' Silver Uaianceeiatches. four at SIS. one ia? w BITTERS Stoushlon's, Gouley's, Chronomtter now finishing at their factory, o M.iaic Kei. 9l'.b. two Silver Goblets, one at street. a Main V pV AKOfi PKR WEEK. blHLr'S n every variety tor coa 'vcr, otc. tl these Pian os. from wholesale ii. I uri.ioiTOR. Brakdiksa New Vork. Pine Q Suaandoneat15;oneTeaPot,sJUSliand one at 128 00 Silrer-ri- l ted Castors, one at Tin rrm.t m.n1 60 00 S15; one Caice Stand, 15 Apple, Peach. Apple, old South Carolina Apple and Duyers, Having inouceo toe proprieiAir. w , two at tii. 9 lti.rarat Gold Bracelets, one at are enabled m tv.iw ico w one at f ju, two at is. ana tnree at su Whiskt Common Rectified, old Rye, Bourbon, Mo to furnish all who are in want of instruments at the V irginia Ry e ; N, s Roanoke, s 1 sets &nl at S13. two lowest holesale or retail prices . Retai buy ers are as non gahela, Tu caloosa, old now . ., .verase oith berceiiv-n- r Am n.Uninu - . . I at ..nj nve naisay, ana iniiij i 33 pairs uiuiuiuufu at eiu, lour at us, two as IMPUUIiiU i,ivt'Utt purchasing from the factory direct, or from any of our UTIT.I. St C. , one a ec t $7 , one at so, one at s, twelve at Bhia.m Hhn the slighest knowledge of this busiauthonsed agents, the pricesbeinguniformthroushout 175 00 lace at S15 Persons without ti.m 14 i h. fi.nni. tA aui. itt. lone, ana imperceptibly into the process ot manufao-tnr- . 37 breastpins for Ladies, one at Sis, eighteen at are wasaanTSB equal to the best astern make; their ness are !ed is h- no meanseomclicated. a in. three at ey. nve at so. two at si. two at so. Snn.r Piiniu. theonlv class ofinstruBcnts manufac bO Camp street, and oO ia to be at Ko. tured by them, baring Just received the premium at the i Thi.wnrir store, So- - found Charles street, opposite the A three at Si. twenty at i, ten at (2 one at S13. 883 00 (inlrl :xteninn Pens 46 SU wben in competition aitneoooa 52 60 "P-f- ; withthMieVf rChickerinik cons.'of Boston.and.Nunn. nneatai3tO.twon.tSla fct. Charles Hotel. Price I (two dollars) can be sent per mail in gold, ana 13 Gold fencils, three t $7, five at $6, three at $5, s riirk.of Kev York. . to AildreSS one st S3 WEBB. PETERS & CO., 16 fc liver Extension Pens and Pencils, four at to, 109 Fourth street. oc29 New Orleans. La. f..ur at Si. two at A3 75. two at A3, two at tl cO. 60 00 value of this work has been suthcieotly 93 Gold Lockeu. Chains. Bracelets. Clasps. Belt WE MANUr AU-- provea oywat aaopuon 83 W Buckles its ERON PUMPS. on hand Iron Force and lift liquor man macturersoi tnecitv 01 xie iur. 13 rob Senis, one at A 10, three at $7 60, three at ss, have always 79 mi two at Wi oo, tnree at td; six tveys at a Pumps, of the most approved kinds, both for cisterns COMMENDATION S OF THE PRESS. EE 9 Finger Rinss five Diamond and fourof them and wells of any depth. We warrant our Pumps to per , nve at via. two at iu.... iiu vu Ttt. wnrv will h found to sumlv the dealer in Kmerald two at form well, and will refund the money it they l an to give aO t'O .nnn. arinea. vineiw. Vc with a thorounh teacher and S Keal Riues.fouratf 10. four at SS satisfaction. . guide amiil ailine rarieu auu iuuismi hvhhi v .ui. in Pr:. Kn&meled. Rubv. and Echmoine Rinas. n iM.a. JAHBAiMJl.JL. m. aolsdatw 60 00 .- V. n. PirJLvuut. at 6 each were a work ot superrrogstionto praiseaoooaoi 14 Rings Enameled, Box, Glasa, Garnet and To- It 73 00 Mons. Lacour's writing, ine vomms neiore us is re eight at Mill pai six at so 60, Garnet, Opal, and Topax markable for its completeness and the exact practical 19 assorted Kings manufacturers will hnd 77 SO 60, sixteen at 4 AOUlLLLlbllAL MA NIT FACTORY. I directions which it gives. Old superseded. Theusepf W three at $4Rirgs-Garn1, il of the old modes entirely Paste, ar.d Topas assorted as tne -- loam would (JAULT ffi UU UU the old formulasthe newappear suggested in 01 joiiy in nine at 3 60, ten at 3, six at $i 60, five at J.. S6 60 JOSEPH this work. ones presence of and another Vindl oli EeR n?s he ot the princpsJ objects appears to be to avoid, as jr- Esch tlcltel wui admit a lady and gentleman to expensive (to use to be had :rJrlithD. andrteeTnVands of maYial, Sr aa poaele.apr1Mcet of apparatus or the manufac- - tt,0T?cTetsMr. irerju. at the different hotels, and at f iShtaVoruinVr tor) of an v kind ia the glore Qt attheshort- put w. vhnle lisbof drinkable;, from a choice pipe a number of years, and hays always regarded him as a and L.umoer xara on uign ena iweuiu tir.nntlm m m umrw uu man of veracity iair ana nonoraoie. of Otard wupuy.ot tne vintage 01 fed&tw3ai Liouisvuie, swy. uy streis. Y11,L.. r. T11U1V1 ABBUl, economical manner 01 aiic. recipe lor con CAPT. SAM'L DILLXR, rmntrinn. A friend has applied tnegauons wunine gallons OTwiiiskv into u P. MARC HAND, verting mrt.:iL-;if.u-torThe latter quality does not resulu. JOfcli. K. 1'U.M. mrai dtf of intoxicating .properties to cossessan equal-- amount ..llnT,. rL- . Aii w. , fif" mueh finer ti.. v. ,. me iwnra. . . J3 t7 AGaUCTULTUEAL. Points of a Hood. Hone. DAILY DEMOCRAT. For Rent. THE and MADAME A. SOREL BEGS CmrWJ sate by hJ Ctl J J iar Markit strbkt.bkt. 'most respectfully to Inform the ladies of LouisSt., Cincinnati, Ohio. ville, and the publio generally, that the has just ar.d is no opening her SFKIJW STOCK OF AND WINES IN U. S. rtraved MILLIJS&KX, comrrmng a spienuia assort PARIS once 900 bbls new Bourbon Whisky; ucui of article peruininf to the ,;t . twc!ti monthl. renewable - -. a 80 00 --X. 400 do do Copper do, to arrive by 1st May; 10 0 for twelve months Bach For tale by imml e at a proportional price. Dis as can be bought west of the mountains. A UrfapasAdditional advening of Linen sheets an liool in atore. '..r and i.e!.l inside nt vert. tine extra rin weekly, sortment F, . 250 BBLS. V V. V. T W I Advertim-men- . reii;bLsbed al intervals, vis: by or monthly, are charred 01 per beautifullv fined, for sale low by the drsy-loa- d : V Square for the firmU and cetiu tor every ecbeeqaent DEWITT & MILES, NO. 551 10 QUARTER rSThe privilege of yearly advertieers is strictly con BRANDY. u 'uhu, business, and jumiu virrbf uci.itu sr,d to tlieirewn on band and are constantly making Ji- - casks pur K. Jsolin Cognac just received per h tee busne-i- s of art adverti-no- g fin if not considered, at, . or sals cheap. Also steamer iicheu ana lorsaiaiowDy Linen tcHr ' tuat of iu itidiviaual members. ap3 J. MONKS. mri4 on hand , a large stock of fine Harness- ISTSo firatuiton Advertising:. Dm MILMKERY!Fourth, Third LOUISYILLE, KY. Importers and Distillers of Liquors and Wines, Tf do do two mot-.!.Do do do three m d . IS 00 FIRST-PREMIU- M One square mooi, without alteration SADDLE, HARNESS, AXD 9U 00 do twelve moctlit. do Da -. 1M TRUNK MA X U F ACTC RE Perh addition! sqtare for six months 10 00 twelve months do I Street, between Second and Third, - SW 00 Ko. &bl aoaare aii souths, renewable once a week , renewable twice One eeare twelve mot-.!!- Ia FOR SALE & RENT. Nob. 55, 57, and 59 Second Saddle, Harness, & Trunk Makers 531 Main U, bet. Second and Third, AO Fred.gouls, 8. 8. Boyli (New York.) NUMBER 223. SATURDAY. APRIL 5, 1856. MISCELLANEOUS. LIQUORS. MANUFACTURES. TUG DULY DEMOCRAT, r II NT ID AND PCBLISHID BT HARNEY, HUGHES & CO., KENTUCKY; LOUISVILLE, 3 HOTELS & B ANKEK S. J. T. BO. W. HOOK O'SETaH, MANSION HOUSE, mESSRS. & O'BKYAN MOORE Sureiythey canno. ciiui wio uomo uu uiauugmatung appena-- . anvera ana teamsters in my emrioy, I had slow uon of the Amcrxcan party l And buletdo'us moulded man by the name cf Dan Urowa. who from a thumb-p- a oer called toe Tennessee Whir. I drove tor me torn years, and. aiwsys drew tse PrntL". largest loads in the lame time, and with le?s fa- nnhlishei in the same iournal. savinsto lia konoa, than any other driver 1 ent is the Napoleon of the press in the United States, liis horses WOUid look better on the same St -- ;n anew, nil if nr friends will eiranlate hi greatly promote the cause of the American party fecd ..a tSuV ot "w' aJ J JWJ ta S001 while those in charge of complimentary I in this section," with the . . i11181111"" vidense of lxapr&per Now, if that portion of (.then V card under the quotation. "";P-- a miiy nunorsa weias the Union ia invaded by a foreign foe, or threat- - DttS 0Ter ih cuklU --nountaina wr.a ened with insurrection by the inhabitants of the f . 01 no"M n aim aa ac ?T eonntry, there is a constitutional mode to repel a and dark-Ian- 3.Z the one and suppres the other; and this "'J77 napper, in Uie whole time. WhiLst other Urn bearer of Tennessee ought to have applied to hrdJJT sica horses, his were aiwsys ia a the proper source for assistance, and not to a ve'e- "onuber cf tesma I ran who has worn himself out ia the service, as is S01, onJltlol- - Tb on V wor da,s Trat4' ,a sequel of his attack on Professor proven by the Harney, of the Democrat, against whom he has 2.500 pounds to Prattville, and 3,000 pounds to distance of thirty-si- x miles, making been leveling his artiUeryia the wax that he insti- - tt3klll miUlon of pounds in all. 1 gated and waged, since early in 1855, and in whi3a atKa k ellw I wto. abw mm u.m.uuuk m h .Thanatril all Mia ammnnitinn .n.-- l h. of horses, and of roads, and came out second best, aa we shall show when Dt.of 1 feeding I horse it should be remembered that w.nnfnhl tha bndcet. w mw aim Slow, as may BO UM All that tha nnn brilliant anil mnlK. ow moving corn led horsee or of the nressf and we mizhtsav soldier of the cross. wltneM? 10 Ohio. Oau are more suitable to develoo all his since he has become theologian, unless he yields qualities, and from ten to sixteen qaarts per day can do, ts to inthat department to Jlr. voke the demoniao spirit which he hag so sedu- mould be given. unto farmer. lously wielded for the last ten or fifteen months. SnoriXd Mi at. A writer ia the Reading Jour thus: -- Rally American?! Rally 3 KsllyH There nal en this subject, rays:. will be a regular meeting of Boone Council, No. 85 on I "bmuking meal is rather ridiculed by some of 11a wara :, neia at me iwuuet cngine-nou3- 0ttr tern nkees, but if the thing u wU done, Market at 7 -thi. ever,!. Anril we shall be encouraged, and continue to do so not and thereby to inspire all the invective that can be withstanding. brought to bear against rule and order at the ap- "liy some of our farmers it is often eon J acted rroachine election, and to inve tne oaoe-seeku- nr with carelersnes, selecticg for that purpuse a lot know-Nothin- g faction the ascendency ever the of old, stumps, wet and worm-eate- n proprietors of the eity, and the control of their in the bargain. The idea of smoki&z with wormy property, the imposition and collection of tne wood not only taxes, and the distribution of them amongst them by u borning unpleasant, but ua wholesome; for the of animal substance. tmpyrsuMatM selves. With such colleagues aa Mr. K. Jr. Baird ou is eliminated. to assist him, who says in his communication on "If the smoke ia made of wet and half-rctte- n the subject of the election of eity officers: "1 did wood, the wood is sour, the smoke bitter, and mostnot know before that the ownership of property ly steam. 1 have cftea heard eop!e ask why constituted a qualification for office," nor does, in was thai their meat drips to while smoking. the general, in our happy Uovernmeat as it now it reason u plain. Lse proper materials lor stands, except so far a. that all men have a natural lae steam, and compactiona right to manage their own pro- d Uu9 water to xul the perty; and this Mr. Laird knows he is too good a -m taw jer nos to on -- ewuy Ti-4 U oh J" .... 'fed n. rv V3 t'91"? ' t,ul ' vrtr! W Ks n"2pDt L) .trt lercat WAJsi . aTJa VI A m. .a. aux. IAA sk Jrt l mJtij , y .f Ufinnt uJ i-gvuvtu vurcuuAAS. Att t .nJurrnnitnt f the. fVinTssntinn hnh ffirmAii thn I wim j Icomposiiioa.gMKl Xhm imokJ M taareof will b ttsiTor wK. v ViAssml tVi aw WUIVU AWMlBTUtv W KVfWUWi, I .1 j k- .f1 il VwCHUAT WWUJ AAWAV WaYXatTU. I AT,. ue..r.,.ar;n VCld K ! aA I - 1 m UOWtSTVr IU mAmW , v viv tf - (iiu . . 1IJL announce to their friends and the public tha they have leased, for a term of years, the above wel trim lni1i,m.Tit r.warzM1 anil lie r iirrl AA Tint I 0 known llotel anu stage cianu. . Vtm 1. nnw J an sea mrtnttmmA fif-T- h uouse bas oeen renovatea ana iahi tn mmrrw tw i. ahIv hia I The method which, upon trial, I found to an ana every tmng putm proper oraer lor tne cntcrutia own election, but to have the other Koow-Notrainters Depot, No. 55 Third street, swer best, was to engage some sawdust with a saw ment of Travelers ana iioaraers. mgs elected; then ho may Indemnify himself for yer, of PREPARED TO CONTRACT lire hickory, and this, before nsing, dry ia THE his imaginary losses, ine Journal ts equally tne ovea. raining either In the new style of Zinr Glosa rwith pnre White Lead. Also, Imitations of M ood KOTKL.on Main.between Bev anxious f his and their success, and contradicts PALLS CITY with, eora eob f VuS ae4 so Fir prompt !y attended to. MarkUe. Reiariti and entn ua iiighiu streets. loraiciur occupied ty the statement published the other day. mat nine large aa kindle fre ordinarily), cover witn dried sawdust, and AS they warrant their work equal if not superior to Messrs. Bibb St Son, we are prepared to accommodate out of the sixteen members of the Common Coun- - lastly, snr4 dim evmy, they solicit a share of public p&lronage. all wno may favor ns with tueir patronage. Our table throw upon this a few braaohes of J uaiptr. will at ail times be lurnisneu witn tne nest tie markets I This contains an essential volatile oil, which wnl '. jLj". i will afford, and our bar supplied with tha beslquaiity ot hundred and some odd dollars. Mr. Baird, one of ALEXANDER, M'LAUGHLIN & HUGHES, be found to mix with the smoke of the eob and liquors and the most choice brands of cigars. s, insists that he is a We trust, by our exertions u please our patrons, that the hickory, and imparts a Painters, and pleasant Honae, Sign, & Steamboat Mr. Baird might as well insist on going into the we shall receive auberaisnare 01 paironAge. It boaJr1n,'- rV . 11. B A.AH9 At LU- GLASS STAlXEItS &i DECORATORS. bank,, or the insurance, or railroad directory. u""um w w he is not a stockholder to the ex i ent required ITS TBI Aas or Snxxr. The age of sheep is com STAINED GLASS IN ALL build- AVING DISPOSED OF OUR IN tohere render him eligible and acceptable, as to insist monly known by the teeth, of which it haa eight branches for churches, public and private terest in tha Falls City Botel to W. B. Sears at on eteamboats. going into the council, where he u not interest ir.r. and incisors, or Co., we take pleasure in recommending our friends and teeth in the lower jaw, the fT nestly exeeutefl. LyrainUn in ail its brae cbe in the city; and it is pre-- I w ; cdas a property-holdthe public generau to meir nospiwmty . No. SO bULLiTt STRF.LT, jaoludcwAui bud at ovj sumptivefor any man to desire a share ia the Louisville, Ky. lulle Mm yrh,B tt u tfd in is assneia'eil with us in the faint ty-Whave this dav mawgement of a municipality or eorporation, -1 itver , irJlscr teth. or onlv two. but -will oontioue .a M. ALtXAN ..eaaaw.. k aaV inshaaa a tha ata an Af rha i . '' t business J- - the Stj ls of I'KK, and M'l.anclilia wUC...UH AAAm. before ha is a month old be has eiht. Duria- .vw-- v tbeaame under XX KJt v -M M. M LsfGHLlX, UAl i'iU Astreets,II tU LUftiH li u . tie. tnstnt vm. innani a I nf smaj: uia kni .ha. JOUN HCOULS. Kj Fourth and MainDUbliO. is now cpen for the ao uu yvat between Aiieu.uurui uio.uuiuu itjuiuca and 13 months eld. the two mi J lie anrumodation of the Know Nothing faction, onee are It tion and influence in the shed, and at two attain their full sixe; . at. SMITH the jiuuuing is entirely new, furniture, seaatng, and exulting'.y publishes the cards of commenda TOHS. MSDDrX style. tc, of the latest the Hotel is on Fourth street, near when between two and three, the next two incis Theentranceto A: tion addressed to him from abroad, such flatte ors are shed, and at tbrve attain their fail site; at Uain. We solicit the patronage of the public, and hope by ry as that from the Tennessee Whig, for example, four he has six complete teeth, and at five he has AND (GENERAL COMMISSION between who denominates him the Napoleon of the preee; a ur exertion to mem it. mouth. The period of the first removal de tl Third street, oco JUii.ftu. makten a cu., rropnevors but would it not have been more appropriate for fall Mt on,T Op0at;. seasoa of lamfcing, but Main and the b..vtr, iouisvuie, aj. this Tennessee Whig to have complimented the also upon thegotdness of a sheep's keeping; those) EEFEKBNCE8. editor of the Journal as the Jirai of the press, as which are weil fed, usually having them the ear Linenhergerfc Co., Louisville, Ky. OLDHAM HOUSE, K. P. Hopkins, I'anes, Ky. Marat was to the Jacobins in k ranee, in the editor liest removed. Cassidv L r'icklin, Par!?, Ky. No.605 Market street, between Brook and Floyd, and printing relation, with his ami dm peuplee, Their natural age is zsnorally nine or ten years. John I1 nomas, Lebanon, Ky. what Prentice is to the haiow-Nothinwita his but their teeth begin to fail between six and seven, LOUISVILLE, KY. Ines, ro. t Co.. Citcinnsti, O. la Kicketls St Daily, Fd nl urf I, n d n UT13. Lousville Journal I waea they becomo "broken mouthed, they then At Hayien, is polls, la. THE UNDERSIGNED WOULD Coodit. Wrirbt fcotlivJie, la. begin to fall oj in flssh, and should, even whea Hon.J.L St l most resneotfully announce to the traveling pub do, A- - Posey do. Co., Poets and Parodists. lic that he has taken the above well known Tavern kipt for breeding, be fattend off before that time. viikh-- . ft C.micheal. do. da. Mulilai Stand, and that he is now prepared to accommodate all I find a poem and a parody In my note book, both Thus remarks a eorrerpondent of tae Prairie d19dtT Keith Av Chenoweth. Co)unilus, I a. ho mav favor him with their patronage, honing by of which Lave caused me repeatedly to disturb the I Farmer. VI UK UUOI1 CCUKSUi SV.CHUOU HI IU ll"l cess. Eariy breakfast will be servea to persons wisn silence of my chamber by loud peais of laughter; cV lug to leave by uieuiaeremrauroaus. and which, I have no doubt, will be welcomed by I The First Flowers nf Spring. J5 jourcaieopy II. M.GARRETT, Proprietor. my readers as rate gems or love and numor. TJOR WARDING AND GENERAL rain is over and eone." Tll winter u tjsr Mercharts. Louirville, Ky. We.the il A poet of Philadelphia recently published the Nature Is now undergoing resuscitation, and blood Ddersigned, have this day f..rmel a Copartnership for Notice. beginning to flaw again in the veins of trunk of transacting a Forwarding and General is l:e purpose bnnneaa, ard have taken the booe TT Owwimission P. CURTIS WOULD GIVE NO subjoined address: the sap up and bough and bash. The sua No. K3, Last side of Zhird, acre pied l J. TO MAST. V tire th it he has resumed his former occupation from the roots, as it draws tne mercury up the tub Wat ween xa-.and the luver. aud in connection with C.N. Warren, will contiuue the TRANK CARTIa, We are young, of the thermometer. Every dry twig that crackjuaiu H.nb n ana cxenauKe ousmess ai ao. W. R. JOTLTT. t irili..nA.l.lf4. And both are loving, led in the wind a month ago, is growing moist and ttreet, a few doors wtst of tne uanx o: iovusviue, un (;orf imineriU of Nalli, Giass, Cotton l'ams.atid derthenameoi You love me, flexible. The swset tastes and sweet smell, which aepao ffiusburg Manufactures solicited. 1, u ni l a s mi-lAtiit..v. And I love yon; the winter denied, are now making ready for palate and nostril, so long starved by the frosty weathEach, each other's CO., Hide, Oil and Leather Store. TUOS. BROWNE & Co.), Faultg reproving At er. (Successors to C.N. Warren tr KIRKPATRICK & SONS, 21 nTTTT 1 rrfc SeUina: otf Begin the spring, therefore, by providing some Some in me, B Mm RoMt h Third Market and Chestnut AND BliUW UASL MAKlliii. EXCHANGE & BANKING OFFICE, thing first to smell and afterwards to taste. The And some in yon. have forsnle epanish m... nf infnrmation that is perfectly astonishing, and etret,Phniil'ti:a,Patna Kips, Tanners' Oil,Hides, dry 43d Main st., between Third and Fourth, Tanners' w.nii ntii have been aconired from actual observation. se2ldAw 64 Third treet green aa'ted ! and . What is best last echoes of wintry winds should quicken the EX and Camera lools, at the lowest prices and upon tne If you wisn to see ingenuity arpnea,iooa in a copy 01 mS7lLL DEAL IN BILLS OF Money thoughts to prepare for flowers and traits. Wsj for us to do? Warrants, Uncurrent V Worth of Watctea, Clocks, Gold,V rhr.ffe.Liind transact a general Ranking bus advise our readers to welcome the spring by some foTOutiV 01 an All kinds of Letberin theroegh wanted, for which and Silver, and oe given iucasn,oraeD dig. practical demonstration in favor of pots and plant; Lire and love, jeweuv. " Ike highest market price wui mr7 dtf . CAKKlAUrj DL.ALr- - I ascertain tne results lpeakfrom actualobservatioa. PkU.Sdn. In exchange tor uiiea. Continue loving ground, to or, if they are blessed with oat-do2.00O PATHS OF SPECTACLES t This work will revolotionixe the presentstyle of Leather stored freo of charge and sold on eommis between Market and Jefferson, JO" MCXKKXT You loving me, pass through their garden wans and along the - - k ., J 4 i . iTwuiv Mnnnfunru . full . n,t II nf a nnn W Honors. JtW WTX XlCraitt. ian. has FRENTZ, ON ACCOUNT OF 1. If.Ranking and Exchange Office of A i.aeour'a book for instructing in tne art or making kni tie.. Phtnns. i I loving you; of Rockawav beds, to see what can to done to waxe tne audi Hi health, has determined u uurtmnit K ikiriin.jii in..U. KiuUt HnuiiHi. and boitllni effervescing temperance beverages, li XiAO)and offers his enure stock to retire from busi Each, ea?h other's from sleep. THE SHAVING SOAP. ness, Clocks, pure J. M. FINCKNET & CO., the Ji of which are warranted of sty bvit and most durable quors, wines, and every vinegar for the table, should be Jewelry, Jet and Fancy Goods, of Watches, and, in Ax FOWLER'8 Spectacles, Faults reproving housekeeper in the country. TROOM The first Sower of the year is the snow Urop, workmanship, combined with leate, and elegance. n Ll.a bands of usually kept in a first-claestablish- - 529 Main et.,one door above ThIrd,LonisTille,Ky. tbe rublic. which always seems to us to have been a real snow Yon reproving me; I yon; t :nvites tn attention of his friends and ILAVUnj. The copyright forbids, or we would give our readers, fact, everv article Walnut OH Military Shaving Soap moruiug, some if the most valuable recipes that ment, at cost raica. liis assortment embrace all the this 4. ocU dAtwtf This is best for ns to do ! flake turned to a fiower in falling. It does not sty les.and Hcompletein every UY AND SELL EXCHANGE ON ever appeared in trint. How so much information can latet improvement sandof Spectac'es ADMITTED BY THE THOU-sattd- .' are of the very all points of the United States and Canada. be given for two dollars is the most astonishing feature particulHr. The stock The author of this piece is notorious for his per wait until the frost Is entirely out or tne ground. hast, and known as the "Solomon Snectaclea." Those CAST IRON RAILING. who have used it during the past twelve years itnw .nd .ii American ana foreign uoiaana B liver .am.I full towards the Connected witntne ooo. jretn tern jhui. ...l.nIin.u. fmfffini hi. in.i am vax.). before it lifts iu twhite fresh faceslumbering com- 01 work This the to aurpaae anything ever introduced into this branch of to arouse iu HAVE A LARGE ASSORT- -- onI.icors on Lwcoa. liquorsisthat most completewith; it in want on bargains wui una it to iceir aavsntfike by Ruv and sell eastern, western, soathern, and north ing, in the Sunday" Mercury cf Philadelphia, the 7 usually we ever met calling a. the manufacture of the toilet, riatfd to render afreeanle an operation is Mree iilSSnni'msdsoB all points In the United States iT;.. ion. Theform is convenient, it 408 Market street, one door above Fifth. ahead of all the rest, and V W ment nf varr handsome Railing Patterns, suit- contains an immense number 01 formulas lor making mrsi n.,;a;2i.i,nn,n. -l V..W...can ions, vet eaer to be ,. follow in z r cblv rerfumed. aud will produce a copious and perma-- c MnmiriH. and hunonid. to which St .v.r, w.rietv of ho uors. w ines. co rdi als, bitters, s y ru us. .ki. . jbu . and Canada, and remittances made on the day auof pay and habits both, by the editor of that journal: so suaniA imi um ww uurtM w u:. tv. cold published by 01 Aaiiing the attention ment. Notice. 'nt lather with either hard or None water, leaves the call above named 01 Uioaeia wantare preparedw put It vinegar, lie. The work is and importers subscription; cf having won the day, and winks consciousness genuine without the to purposes. W e of liaut rs in kin smooth and u.ichapped. TO HAAKT. most reasonable terms. at xwwua. t,.m nuihnri natir and on the satisfactory references, this city. Ibis alone woaia speax more m lavor 01 tne ii7r.B.ture. in fae Siiuiie, 01 TO WHOMISth LJi ' at the Crocus that star up jost too late. from a distance, with reliability oi ue work inancouia ne otnerwisesaia. mmtr f!nnm.-O- n tha of i We want scap, Eat i: the Crocus spent too long a nme at ner yor'sale n this city ty Id wi Morris and WPsen Orders J all ddm A v. utuA. iv n vein ter last a lot oi nna wulreceivepromrattenuop. mvnrtrnvv and both need scrubbing. And toilet, she comee with a more richly-colore- d StarbirdAi Smith. In Sew Vork by the principal fan blooded to;k, consisting of flye young lO llilti Hydraulic Foundry, Yon soap me, variegated dress pure white, yeiiow, blue, purCALF, were received by the 15WlTIITHl!i HOGS and one BULL Quit DrinLinp Poisonous Liquors! Washington and FloydsUMU. best arranged Hotel In New Eng 8. TROpM.weeeasor WW Manufactured only by JOliM And I soap yon; ple, white and purple striped, and yel ow streaksd Louisville and Fraukfort Railroad, addressed to CoL jaUd3o aoldftw Corner lo call attention to V room At Powler.'!aCherryet.,stwtork. LACOCE'S PATENT IMPROVED PROCESS Thomss A.Walker land, and the subscriber begs leave superior accommo. Each, each ether's with brown all growing deeper and richer ia the not m Tf its maeniflcent arrangements to m.r- - .aid . . stock are.v called i for and taken awav bv the i:.:...: n.. fumiinre is mintandcomnine uuniv ana Formating all kinds of ij . v. Rough hides rubbing-Y- on sunshine, and fairly inaagurrttias Spring. ease and comfort.- The scrub me, But her reiga is not sure until she is invented with are most 13 OFFERED FOR A BETIEU tween Olarktl ana jnain drawins rooms arranged eiegantly appointed; the suites And I scrub yon. another token of dominion, and the Crown Imfor families and large traveling BAMUKL GILL. Superintendent Ko. of rooms well commodious and weU Opium, Calomel, or Blin INSTANTLY, BY THE USE OF JZ What is beet ItContains no perial (FriiaUaria Imperialie)is put upon her oarties: the sleeping apartments JA Lacour's Essential Oils. aie ior ventilated, and a large proportion or mem suppuea NOtlCO. For ns to do t eral rouon, ana i Child. head. This tail ciani u more gay ia eppaaraai. lT.h ri..tiiu water and gss. Every effort will be t These Oils are obtained by Distillation at the Cheml The moat Delicate In it corned out ia the real rprinq comfort of cal Laboratory (parishof Jefferson) of Pierre Lacour, Y AN ORDER OF THE DIREC-LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKT. ratbWuw. Live and rub, critic eaa find but one fault it looks better than Autnor oi lAcuuri viiciuicm jui.ibi uavttori inem- tor. of the Southwestern Agricultural and Me. his guests Alanipuiauons,iacour on tne Aianuiacture of Li Continue rubbing-Y- on ical it smells. . For its best advantage, it should be set ""M PORTER AND DEALER IN SAD chanlcal Association, swcanoiuers wiu not ne enutiea w.h 4.1856 relSrteortSia rubbing me, HL dWv.Hardwai-a.Harnes- i Mountings, Trunks-an- d where everybody will admire it v,. ia a flowsr-borde- r, a aimitation of a.j, uuuTcni neuirai spl in May next, without paying their fourth instalment tTT3TVS PATENT BTEAM-B0ILER- 3. Imported Rrandies, vie: I rubbing you; ritiibut to a superior for iu beauty, and no one pluck it for its fra cSitm:.V.e..,vf.n.tock. which will be the They will please be irepsrei tp pay when called on. fcarserac, aiareic vognac, rouitney, Beignette, Otard, Each, each other's grance. f HPS, k. BRUNT, Trees. mr diiin fcandaoeaeat and best selected atock of goods in toy line For the Care of Consumption, Decline, Asthma United Vineyard Proprietors, Csstillion. and London fur. jj J g PLAN OF ARRANGING Rough hides scrubbing bet ore oen inipurww. iu '" present i u.... mu iniuy ps- that has everany old trade generally H Boilers the strengtn ot IM srsDiiiw. . iu. a wi Bronchitis, Wasting 01 tne riesn, i.igu Enrrirci. Ixcidint. A lady while tasainz Yon gcrubbintr me: I you: wovld invito vor, ana a neauuiui sparkling coior. common KecMned I MXjii n I TnnVcTnvl.i H II 1 it A u T XT uoH-- Bo'lersin use combines economy of the tne and with th . . n a ...mine u t aiork. which I am oxtersai u Sweats, Spitting of ttiooa, cooping through one of our frequented thoroughfare of wi.i. kw will be chanced, by the use of the Oil nf r... AA. just received, su crates oi tne aoove, finest This is best for us to do! . J. K. Thev have beea in use for two years, cannot fail to secure me the best An aeil at uriees that sac, to Mew York Brandy, Pine Apple Brandy, com-nu- n tv, consisting el inning, sreaaiast, lea, ana lout I .mTie certificates in regard to their pirfonnancecan Con gh, Difficulty of Breithing, Colds, Sew York, observed a little c;-r-l very sparsely Miteouri Democrat. Cncnac Brandv. Ate, traot that comer the saarkoU 4y stock sabraoes Ware, and for sale at the lowest prices, at the iwTnraduced. The Patentee, desirous oi introducing Coughs, luflaeDia, Phthisis, Pain clothed in ragged garments, shivering from the ef- aruciesi Aha foiiow-inLACJULU s uilui uia cnanires common RenHfleii intereat in the offers one-hsrKKNCll UlliaA uuusa.tdi aiarket street. sivirtlng; theinon steamooaU, its tributaries to the first one that eT in the Side, and all Diseases 8dd fWhisky to Monongaheia feye Whisky, old Virginia between Fourth and Fifth. apt Mississippi river and Morocco Skins; VVhiskv. Ate. JRndie Leathers; AsrcDom or Cou Richakdsoh.-- A of the Chest and Lons. SonuTthum. Call and examine the model, in the othce Vthiskv. Bourbonenances common Patent de; VwneM Leathers 1 iteeuned wm. Dawson. The Patentee is at present at pondent of tne rew 1 orK JUeraia gets oa tne lot-- to a store, where she purchased some cake. 1 kougt oil. or utuiiAi ftirrwps; IS ESTIMATED THAT 150,000 kv to oH Irish Malt Whisky . and a superior artida of TORITANNIA AND J A P A N E D TfYwager Hotel. Eog Ekins; Bias; At A W1R1I -- 1 eomnlete assortment of Britannia the National I Caif do; die anaatly In the CnUed States w ith WILL TS. BIRD. she was aware that breadu.might be better. hlor tae fceotcn "niBsy. lowinir. parklea; nirli aeoa . .... . I K j. .. a mt do; " and Professcr Rheriy says that a vast nnm-b- rr Ul L or fs.Atit cnanges common vtnisky to Tur Tea and Breakfast Bets, Tumblers, Cups, Ate., ot the -Plosnes: Tn snita of the Cotonel's rood looks. thU a nee cmi4 inaneaessu.u4u. u. Threes; WHO. CHILTON of these could be saved by the timely use of some giule Peach Brandy, Ac. Oil of Peach and Oil of Com- - best quality. Also, jspanea lonet Pets, Unite Trays, . HOTCH1KOS. Riding Whips; She then look her to another plaoe. tne lowest prices, at tne Tacks; I Bird Cares, Sc., for sale at nacwillconverteommon Whisky to Apple Brandy. dote is told by some wags. When he first came to she wanted.procured her a shawl ani etasr article pacfty do; ; the Coarb Laoee DrHialL' RALSAM STRIKES at the boot ofany OILOF OIS converu the poorest Whisky to Holland FKNCU CHINA UC'LoB, 431 Market street. where she W sgna do; Exchange and Btinking House oi Washington, among the distinguished men to of comfort. . The grateful little erear.ure look el Oov,b Lavrs; between Fourth and Fifth. Gin, echeiaam esnnappe, stoseuin, awan Uia,ng Dittiss at osca, and surh is iu speedy effee', that or K IipUe fprtngf; StahtoerOil Cloths; cm uainc it freelv. according to directions, for K may whom he was introduced was Jlr. J. C. Kivea. PiarDes- - Mountings; VO.m Bands; with its merits, benevolent lady fall ia the face, and with artAxle and betas, and not entirely satisfied DUSTERS. A COM. LAUiLa H UU.l,lfl lttAUl) AU1U will, in five TOKATHER MMr. Rives," said the Colonel, "you are one of the the frank T . mm n s.; . Did it Trunk Avoaras nwiTf hcV his monev. Their MOM A Y bnnrs after being: mixed, change five callon simplicity, said, "Are yon God's wife? I plete stock of the above for sale cheap at the most Mai. Iron. Ate. mTEWCOMB'S BUILDINGS, COR- - first men I have ever met whom rumor nas not be less moat eloquent puuoiJgiss ever employ warns gallons of water, to thirtv snl WILL tH CUERRFLLLY RRFUNDRD. by Thesingle Ylnecar and twenty-fiv- e TUENCIl CHINA HOUSE. 4J1 Marxtt street. MaV .ru .in and Bullitt streets. Kentucky money lied; you have not been represented as worse look thebetter advantage! Inns of the most acid Vinecar that can be found in th. Also.Veepseonstantlyon band a general assortxuts ditressiDg cough is frequently relieved The a between Fourth and Fifth- ar3 afilicted market, aj tne ase oi i.acour s uoncentrate-- i Acid, to upon deposits ot dose, ao broke up in a few hours' time. f fcaddles, bri'lies. Harnes. ar.S Trunks. allowed withdrawn at pleasure. ing than yon are." Mr. Ktve; looked him over nottie oerore mey una V i net w can be made for one dollar and sixty cents peg .... to he 9 . Be Ail orders promptly attended to at the shortest dov, not have to take bo'tie alter rehef or not. t.ur ti,i M.meif v will arlord The editor of the and Time li Us on all the prineipleeitlrs la deliberately, and remarked, "Yon mast come and . '. An Edito ix E S,otioe. New Goods! New' Goods! i nn vet a nam rh let sratis- - THK barrel. ,h. .rent and at see me. After my wile nas once set ner eyes on Staunton Vindicator assist. UKMAKJ.aU lIULUB-P- , LiSCOUrs W rennlra nn the United States, in sums to suitparcnasers.iorsaia says : TDk iTlSKnn XI5 SUMPTION akin is worth more preparation only pouring the Oil into the Whisky and WALL PAPERS, BORDERS, JUST RE pri-of this medicine. You will find certiB.. snake wen. inewquim iuub niaua wiu nave a one WIO MANUFACTORY'. Note,Bt'ockrnd BuUlonffuslnesstransaoted on you, She WUI never compiaia vi mxj kwk. Rives. thautlte Bank Some fellow has beea drinking mean whisky. CEIVED PER, LATE ARRIVALS. ankunnentlv Riohardaon dined with Air. eats of PHYSICIANS in Cincinnati, and of others, n.tnral aroma a full, rich, oily taste a he.ntif.,1 favorable terma. gone to stealing t whose cures have beea effected here at home, where transrarent color and a fine bead. Lacour's Oils exert i Now the Colonel not cuiy cnews a noiiwu vi ani as a natural consequence AND THOSE IN Collections uiuJuronei iiimiu Brittaln. ' th-'Great can be found. . to properties in convening common W hisky to everything in We have lost several books, pens, and a pair cf three aistinet Remittances tobacco, but he has aa aversion want are respectfully solicited to call and ex wuhomt money and without pr;ee In every to Brandy, Oin, Ate. The first property combines with l'ositively eterlings,Demand Bills forsalein sumsofonspouna hickory the shape of spittoons, so long as Wilton and I scissors, recently. We keep oa hand a ease where entire saualaotion is not given. ForAtsale by ana seoHiaea in tne ions i nocuiem articles the amine our assortment of Wall Papers, Borders, Ate, n.dnkP:ns CO , RKLL, I ALB0TI wUdAiWinsim of Norther. astern. Southern, and Wss-- Brussels carpets ean be rouna as suesutuies. The I club for such animals, and the first we get whole of thsgrsin oil, (Amylie Alcohol.) The w riisrv t. Just received. Our stock consists of the most modern 1 1. .1 . A u nn ...I nf th&t naculiar rrit&.Linv &ni innroTM atviea oi riDera suitable ior umriui.. . ,i rl narehased at low rales. to me IV. We're not poking fan, but n.nV Nnl, story goes that after the Colonel had beea talking we intend I m ci i i.i v. and Chewing tor an BOOT r'Jt'nVa.'fnduTsila'ttnf.h8 liana w arrauia- Come and Taj Your State Tax for 1 833. I taste, andiubecomes a neutral spirit; the. second property I sianvr, au. iuici I are us umw mmravam. . Land Warrant " SnS .:.T.....Li iL. Vii .1 .11 a mf went up to her husband, threw her arms around I - I consists - h v"' "VA num. "TT 10 tne I -an assortment as can bft foun I . Jl U.I. CaaTia. his neck, and said: "My dear, I always thought yom I KF Baron, the French actor, was a great fa- . ..l-.TT "I Rrn.'I DCaranCC "1 srvai. nnttv odar IT.miltnn Ar "" ' -- -. f ltUi thatyci'luui. I. (immuni IB II eUewhtre in tne ray, ann as sreauy reuueeu prices. VTk.B. CiJo..W.H.DAvTnso..THos.L. T neiweru ia imoartd m ,k. f. rih. lnnn. w rw- RVARTi Al MLKIUis.Ml Main street. CLIFTON. DAYIDSON & mniK found at anv time during the day. Al were the ngliest mtn i ever saw, out now i mink rorue wim taaiea. js wvumia v imum. 3J0.M FOURTH eT.,BIT.alAril A5D MARKIT, those whe do not eoma forward promptly may expect to quor, which renders distinction from the Genuine .- v between Beuona and Tbira pi ' ' ' snn um wa w cms f BrHndsiropossiiiie. . IT ANKERS, CORNER OF MAIN von are qiite handsomeThe Oldert Siand in Louteville. ' mJT insavusara puv uD in uart iwviiea, eacn DOS I k?;.flU U" u.--. HAMILTOX. laU Bherlff, IDUUU, -B9 AND BULLITT STREETS. Interestallowed up- JLiClIArtUH. 11UIA.L,, tie contains sufficient Oil for making 3o aallons of young lady, one evening lately, which was full of eoospany ef the very highest TRS. NICHOL AS INVITES THE A nhr;tlFttl,p?aTOa"ir1rtTOUmpD, 1 Corner of Sixth and Main streets, Louisville, Ky. Deal in gold and silver cua and bullion. Purchue a.Lnnisfcad learned and other, to .bee 11 ii attention of ber Baron." aaid the lady, haoghtny and SPRING-STYL- E GEN- eomnanr by askinir for the loan ef a ! fashion. m, a OUR -- what do you eome forf VEMILAT1NO Dl A KoV l WI08. I 1 bottle of theseOils (five in number win ha I banknotes- A. DX LONd at SOU, Proprietors. "For my TT.t Is winch mere admired than diminutive, argenteous, truncated eon, eonvex I angrily, , iga, .r Buy time anu ucmann ou.. id aaaortineDt of Ladies' V iga. Half acv-r- , trntt, a epieudCurl., aisays er band and tiarte Vo orOar niaoaxn, repue tae mo-g-aJianv ether atyle in Uie city. We have a large HE ABOVE HOUSE HAS BEEN ..( Tanlt TTOCeedS. SOd on its summit, and ie mi perl orated with symmetn - mgat-ea- p, ai.d ' of hand,Vxii our own mske. O. ML huLAB, u.i...nU.ntinr.. .nil nromntlV banking, stack aa ML. aal the shonent coiiee. iiaaTtry wuaveice, cal Indeauuou ohi wanted thimble. pitaTHXR At SMITH. 01 Siu, to tne auorvss Vt mumuw.i, mrauniiu iwih .utuus, I jswaooasteow mrii. not dli e fuurtli atreet,betweea Main at.d Market. ia all butineii usually pertaining to . ' mr29 " 46 Alain street. urieani. j all Ciax tuit ARE i, In juaons HAVING TAKEN br. ".W.; .yn fr i.tthn ItlAildux Smith, o. in, i,' r.n. The National Hotel, rr. ,,,?,, uJ fl i '""v' CHANGED HANDS. uiimimijimhuuhi Carter Jouclt, and Falls City Planing BY ,vT. 'KSSGFm ty BEN. FLOOD, BLIND VENITIAN nr, rrnn ' ac. spiiuno 5ntr,nnv w at Cost! Positively no Iliimlrti crhhM CARRIAGES. OTE ii rtthe pw' rntiu, f...r. ur ITrr i,;i.t ..... i.t,iii1 EDWARD STOKES, 810,000 REWARD WLir ue 445. Cor. Main and Fifth ttf. j AMERICAN HOUSE, BOSTON, AUUUIU, 'i; "i Liquors and Vinegar, pVin'in HALL'S Balsam for the Lungs, DR. WM. 4i . ;n;ii. lU inuiioiumj tte. u f IT . nUTCIIIIlGS i .' 1UILDER8 . tivli oc,n.Tr, en "M"''. " .l"" "??"r.":.iri I "" JJ.r.Eofcsx.Ageut. u. hw tu., "T. !.. n.. iu v. tW .. inaCWWvi sn "ij r u;,

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