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Image 6 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), February 25, 1904

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

u uL 1 y 6J AK MARCUS A HANNAS DGGISIQI IMPORTANT THE BEE EARLINBTON KY WAR OPERATIONS 1 Railroads Exempted From LinbKh to Passengers Riding On Passaa WILL PROBATED 1 In C Estate of About Three Millio Dollars is Left to His Family HERE ARE A TO RELATIVES r e llolk of the IniinpuMC FOR- Kortiitc However lt Left to llln lniincill nle l1iJ9laIJlIIN Son Jlrs Ittnni aria Ij C Iliiiniu Aniueil TnmtocH Xothtns to Charity 24By the wil Marcus Alonzo Han of the late Senator aa probated Tuesday an estate val tied at about 3000000 is left to the family There are no public bequests The principal beneficiaries are tho widow Mrs Charlotto Augusta Hanna the son Daniel Rhodes Hanna tho two daughters Mabel Augusta Hanna Par eons and Mrs Ruth McCormick wife at Hedill McCormick of Chicago 4 sister Lillian C Hanna Baldwin S given 10000 An aunt Mrs Holen Converse is given 1000 and each of the grandchildren 5000 each The widow is given the homestead asoperty all Us furnishings tho sta ales and the library In lieu of one scats support Several years ago Senator Hanna took out considerable lifo insurance p the benefit of Ills three children ihe will provides that these gifts are into consideration InHt to be tile pettlement of the estate The estate In the main is to be dl ided into three equal parts The first Ird was left to Mrs Hanna to re Aln as her owa daring her natural fe and at her death to bo disposed of the trustees The remaining twothirds is to then t divided into threo equal parts and Ivlded among the three children Jiare and share allko But the shores Sbe to be field in trust for the children the trustees who will conduct the Jlalrs of each and give to them the JJaeome from each part In the event of the death of tho two Daughters and that they have no chit ren then onefourth of their shares ft to be given to their husbands and Yale > emalnlng threefourths are to re kern back to Mrs Hanna or her son 3>antel The executors are not asked to give P4id It was the directions of Senator CBfcnbBa that all partnerships in which c4rwSS fntoreBted during his life should 4entinned the same as if ho wcro jn altre In addition to this how aver he delegated the power to tho tnwtees to terminate such partnerships at atsp time thcr desired if in their Jji gMent travh a step is considered ale test menre for the interest of the zalaw trader the towns of the will it is ox 9 ttod that the hulk of tile business will tall on the shoulders of Daniel R Dan Hanna Mrs SfeuBtv the son JJanna and L C Hanna are appoiatod r I Py 4 1 i 0 Feb ten j It + t rr r It Bromo Quinine Tablets l3 Seven Million boxes sold In past 12 months This Signature Take Laxative BriivtT Utile Vhut Iaxnes KcrM Itidtiif Free Cnn Xot itecrver Iiiiii Ki Fur liijnilrn Russia is Unprepared and Japan tIay Take Advantage in Perfect ¬ ing Her Plans Washington Fob 24The qatstlcs aa 10 whether a passenger on a riljra tI M was Tuesday decided by tho Uiu i Stales cuprcrna court again t the irt passenger The case In which the crr lou van rendered was that or Vi Northern Pacific Kail way Co V4 Lou ise H Adams and Itaink Ii- Auij irc of Jay H Adams an attorney al Irv of Spokane Wash in 1838 Mr Adams was riding on a posa vfclch contained a stipulation excn pt iu the railroad company from llabty in cure of cddQnt The federal cjviit yllrt for the district of Washlnptni tate awarded damages to thQ extent co t UiiOO and thp circuit court of ap pals for the ninth circuit court at fined this Judgment The opinion of the supreme court was handed down by Justice Brewer and reversed the lower courts The supreme court held that there could be no higher measure of duty to the heirs than to Adams himself and that there is nothing in public policy to prevent a contract between a common carrier and a free passenger exempting the carrier from liability in case of accident The company it is said waived its right to exact compensation from Adams He was not in the power of the company and obliged to accept its terms He freely and voluntarily chose to accept the privilege of tho road and having accepted that priv- ¬ Ilege tho court said can not repudiate Us conditions c MEMORIAL SERVICES HELD The Salvation Army Under B Tnckern Corsrand HId ice Fr Senator Hanna th- Serv- j Now York Feb 22Commander Booth Tucker of the Salvation army conducted a memorial service for Sen ¬ ator Marcus A Hanna Sunday in MeCot moriAl hall army headquarters Higgins read extracts of letters written by Senator Hauna to the army lead ors and gave parts of speeches the sen ¬ ator has delivered at army meetings Among tho letters read was one to Commander Booth Tucker on January I in which the senator epressed tho warm sympathy felt by Mrs Hanna and himself in the work of the army Commander Booth Tucker said that In the death of Senator Hanna tho Sal ration army had lost one of the best friends at ever had He was one of the grandest men tho world has over seen said the He knew the army and commander stood by to holp In the launching of ur work The effect of leis help willIs on oven though be Is BOW dead BALTIMORE o i S Paul the little son of Mrs oo timeI r I J 4 FIRE LASSES pke Fire Insurance Companies Flic re Out a Net ioa to Tfceiu f S ltOOC13- Frs It hay been learned Mint miutj of senato Tuesday ratified with the treaty with Pan ho large wholesale dry govde houses jmt aniendmcnt una for a canal across the Isthmus ol ormod an insjiwance pool among them Vuat name by a vote of CO to 14 Tht selves which amounted to about 5 ceanlt was a foregone cpnclusion the K0e09 from wWoh practically noth the matter boing only in iig will bo reallaodt Another develop rhtorest neat is that very few tenants of tho ho di lsion of the yoteJSn tic Jomo iocalled fireproof bulldhigs carried known eratlcalde vhlchl wa m > insurance titely until the roll was called all v t1to ropublleans being for ratification ARE ORSERED T9 PANAMA Fourteen democrats voted for ratio w ocrats the1lnllrc atlonand 4 aga1iiu f Q Tiilnl United States In I nua and titQttojfcf iliaIt fflorkJfof fnntry to Go to 1annjnii to oP the ourf woci PSJrpJ JnV Believe Mnrliiea t treatylpnd three democrats Overman w MeLaurln and Martin tvgro nalreU Wr5hln ton Feb 24 The war de wgalnsjf H win tMetdtal vote lG Uerii treaty and 17 partnicnt has issued orders for the en ncrat3 werc for the IJrci Third regiment of infantry to agnSl1st Jt q proceed to the Isthmus of Panama TJie regiment will leave at the tEASf ON LlFEv Liarllcst possible time on the trans r vU a ly t a M+ Sumner and McClelland from sttutrred rend UIret tirulznlrit liudy ports York New Foniul ut IloivU N IVluirf The regiment is going to Panama In Daltlracre ltd to relieve the marines stationed there iTie headquarters of tho regiment are Baltimore M jlII JEftb l1l Fort Thomas Ky where are eta iought that li ddft fwafloiJtn toned Companies C D I K L s3x9 flrb Moro but a charred ltgt y han yid M At Fort Sheridan Chicago aro Neon found Jn tibo wtttr at I3olvlor taUpned Companies A and B and tit so badly burned wharf The body is Jolumbuc barracks Companies E F G aatq be unrecognisable Tile regiment will be com pd H isatided by LleutCol Woodbury the Humor John Ilitclell Trics IndlauMolki InL Feb 24Preei present rolonel Hoakoll being about dent John Mitchell or the United Mine tq retire with an advanced rank + Workers of Aoicric1 upon his return USSIAS REPLY HANDED IN to the city from Chicago said that the current rumors intimating that he con tiNXla > Reply to Htxtrctury Hnya templated retirement from his present Xot Monde il to AiiildtsmulorMoCovmtuk official position ate absolutely without foundation Feb 20 Russias St Petersburg epiyto Secretary Hays note on ChiVisit inn DouiIiiKo Porti To Washington Feb 24 Indications na was handed to Ambassador McCor now point to tho cntiro general board nick Friday the navy visiting Santo Domingo Cabled to Sccrctnrj liny ports with a view to directing future 20 Secretary Feb Washington Ofperatlons in connection with the lay Friday received by cable from island intelligently ambassador McCormick the reply of ho Russian government to tho propoGen Young IN Ilucovcrlnnr Hanava Feb 24 LloutGen S B rtion relating to Chinese neutrality toJT oungA S A retired who has It is considered by the departmentaub past fortnight suP be rtisponslbe to our note and its Been ill Hora for the tnnco has been communicated to the Jering from stomach affection is re overmraents of Japan and China wverlng rAT ° t t i- f t I L j f I I r 1 i Prance to refrain from perraiUiug tine Russians to use Hs ports as bases for naval operations but wee conc > rncl over the long delay of the flotilla III JJbutll and had mnde reprcuouitiona o France on the subject The rcrf v r otion of French ncutrrHty is hri reassuring to the precept tlipkmiI situation It its the opinion here tixt the raaintenanoe of neutrQliry of i r oriental ports IB extremely adv ous to Japan as it aucmres her of the naval itittlon and 15mi KiiEfiinn source of rtipply the Vra3 i1 i5tv Siberian t1 u llltvv aces Muklni IriM nrniinnH For IoHslhle Erntx New York Fob s3Heavy guns are being put inposition on the cost about ten mliSR from Ofesha covering the approach to tHS1 port according lo the Tho rtlrsnV Times dispatch from correspondent points ut that these preparations are boing made in vIew untoward happenings of possible RE wJa t > The effect of around tho Block sea war in the far cast upon tho Balkan ltuatlbn Is tho chief diplomatic topic In many Europeancapitals JOSEPH FRANKLIN DEAD VIe Bml of n Long uiiil lwulilnh IJnNlncka Oavcer la Ut IonlH Retail TriiiU KEEP POSTED ABOUT U S PORATION ¬ ¬ sition has many friends around Howell who were much pleased at his return Engineers E G Ward and Kit Price 55 not to accompany each order For sale only and mother Mr Franklin says he dont know whether the above infant has any more grandparents run ning at large or not but if he Laswell who were injured in the comes across any more in his collision between engines 413 rounds he will report to TIIK BEE and 116 at Belknap recently are at some future time improving rapidly and will soon Have You Indigestion be able to be on deck again Fire get ¬ If you have Indigestion Kodol man Hugh Flanigan is also cure you It Dyspopsia Curo ting along nicely has cured thousands It is curing every Traveling Engineer Dennis E people yourself to givo hour You it n trial two it to Kelly spent last week on the You will continuo to suffer until you do try it There Is no othor combi nation of digostnnts that digest and rebuild at tho same time Kodol t Ions both Kodol cures strength Although the 18th was one of ins and rebuilds the worst days of the year for Sold by Jno X Taylor railroading the ground being Tails and heads nro used oxtrava covered with sleet most all pas antly senger trains in this vicinity of N ran on time the L ExFireman C P Dent has gone to braking Headache Pain E E Jorrett general foreman Dizzy of the Nashville terminals was it Howell Sunday to see his fam ¬ byis CO JONES DOW 44 BROAD ST HEW YORK Publisher The INVESTORS READ TilE WALL STREET JOURNAL LVAH5VILLHERRE HAUTE ¬ Rrtr Division ¬ Bilious yourliver ¬ rhea I r l i consult nearest ticket agent or ad ¬ R T G MATTHEWS dress Room 202 Equitable BUI jr Louisville Ky ¬ his Ho did not tally erect position as foreman of the Mr Franklin was born in tho north gang in the machine shop at of Ireland March 17 1836 came to the ing boy entered the Howell He has left for BowlUnited States when a service of a Now York dry goods firm ing Green to join his family ho was 17 years old i Personally conducted Pullman Tour ¬ ist sleepers to California free redlining chair cars For rates map folders descriptive literature free SteelCORthe sick list at Nashville Tonn McGregor great grandmother great Sandy Oliver after visiting at James Lantapho and wife The While k Atlas Map grandfather and mother G W itatlnics shouldKemble the bands ofand Volume of every be In home in Leeds Ky several great grand ¬ polder Nowhere else is the same amount tock of in is noI Dockery and wife formatIon accciilble to the public This volumo weeks finds that there mother r J W Mc ¬ hows by a five color map the location of plants place like Howell shops and has father and tines and ire great grand tinslands railroad andof steamship distribution official statements earnings to that place where he Gregor and wife Incorporation of capital division of returned and mother aT W Frank crtlficate full text of bylaws complete legal dK was successful in procuring a po father to October test of mortgages etc etc linand wife great grandfather 903 in the round houte Sandy St Louis Feb 23 Joseph Franklin vicepresident and manager of this I William Barr Dry Goods Co died at 24fl Monday morning at his home in Oakland near Kirkwood Mr Franklins death was duo to paralysis Ho was first stricken last September the attack affecting his right side He had been able to come to St Louln but three times since that stroke The second attack came last ilyF M Mast has resigned week when his left silo was affected ¬ 0of 4 tr railroad Iintr1rxr 4 bsi nine dal1ynSopt OO fr family 6f Sunday ¬ 24The 1 ITEMS Todd i ILJ LCorey atvisited tho Earllngton LOCOMOTIVE BLASTS L v boxo25c GRAPEVINE has been sometime on the I Japan Informed of the Departure lucky enough to obtain a posi ¬ vouches for the truth of the fact Jtbntllof Hmalan Slop SBaltluore Fob 20The Baltimore JfrBrtees on the St Louis Division as that the infant child of Mr Tokio Peb 28The aeBtMronoe of tion fiderwrtter iu its Lame this week Nothing is loft to charity rtite t41e list f 108803 of all the fire Era 6e that Ute Russian flotilla ex fireman putting him closer to Dempsey Franklin living im the naurancc compauiw in MM Baltimore Sept two torpedo boat destroyers his home Charleston country ii possessed THE TREATY RATIFIED ire The tetal ATOTB toes te 902864 which have been disarmed and will be Engineers James McGrath J of one great great grandmother iTSir 1nnnnin Ciiiiul Treaty AVitli the 64 of which 6009M taBs upon the otained until the war ends have left ooal companies The etMwated total Jlfeutll Kronen Somallland reached 0 Cunningham E W Bonham and nine other grandparents Slntc nt Innninu Itntiaeil By of salYoce IB 1780702 wWoh leaves Tekio Monday and produced a feel Geo W Lockwood R T Ooggin as follows Mrs Lennie Dockery Sena to tlic The gov 1 net loss to the lnaaraxee companiot ins of general jsatbfacHon K Lutoa have boon on great great grandmother Martha erKBiont is confident of the intention of and S United of 51095182 Waahinston Feb 2 J on every Saljio of Maillsonvlllo wits burJJrowstor led horo Sundny Toblo Ollutt has boon sick with Vice President Dickinson of Louord Carson of Howell ha SIll 1VII1 Take Her Time La mil n the Louisville and Nashville was been on the sick list for soin tonalHtts Her Troop Which the Frozei in the city yesterday from Louis Mrs Sallio Moore Wilt lulto sick Coiulltloii or the Inlet Make for a few days lust week This company iu mnkini Fireman Johh llussler an HirardniiH mid It Mny He Week ville Miss Miiymo Todd Isfttjoiullujr tho arrangements for the passenger switch engineer S B Crows Uefore TlicrcH Aiiyttiliitr Doliiir Shownltor Music School service of the Worlds Fair sea were among the victims of the London Feb 23The latest advice There has boon an opidomio of son expects to make permanent recent Aowel fire of Baron Hnyashl the Japanese min colds and Ingrippo around hero for I Ister to Great Britain lead him to be features of the through service J 0 Coker after firing on the some time Louis gateway lieve that tho Japanese troops may now via the St Miss Corn Castloberry who has Shawneetown Branch for sever wait possibly two or three months beyears has been transferred to boon visiting tier slater Mrs Wu al fore undertaking aggressive operations GlobeDemocratWhile of the main line James Hindman Bijjglus of near Madieonvlllo for In Manchuria tier Ho said We have found that Rus- Machinerys private car was at who has been watching engine the past month returned to Lyon county last week homo iu sia is so unprepared that I should not Howell recently Mrs Theodoreat McLeansboro has boon put A good many from this section at¬ be surprised If the Japanese land forces contented themselves with establishing H Curtis asked her if their car firing in Cokcrs place on the tended court last week a thorough organization and advancing had ever been run inro by an enMary Belle Todd who has beau as the construction of a railroad to- gine or cars Mr Walsh who BranchA attending school tit MadlBonyille collision between a wards the Yalu river progresses Rus sia appears to be less prepared than waspresent recalled an instance passenger train and two light was kept at home last week on ao was China in 189during Mr Leeds time where engines running a doubleheader count of sickness 5Innileqnate Transportation Agnes Barnhill of tho Madisen the car was run into and split occurred Monday morning neat I believe that only three trains a vlllo Graded School spent Saturday every dish in it being tho Illinois Central depot at day can bo run through Manchuria open and Sunday at home Supposing these are equally divided be- ¬ broken so frightened the negro Paducah Fireman 01 are n c e There Is an effort being made to tween troops and supplies aa would cook that he took the first train Bazzell of Paducah was killed get a rural mail route through thin be necessary Russia could not per ¬ home saying good bye forever and Engineer Villinnr Burch wa3 section Heros hoping that it will ceptibly strengthen her land forces before April Japans naval coup has to the Superintendent of Ma slightly bruised The engine succeed With the rural Uleph io been so unexpectedly successful that private car What had men on the double header es- already installed and the rural wall t rather think our troops will take chinery to follow we will have a neighbor ¬ their time The shallow Inlets are happened of course might hap caped without injury hood second to none frozen over retarding the disembarka ¬ pen again but Mr Walsh was His many friends are glad to Mrs W L Morrison is siok with especially tion of our forces This is true at Port Arthur where a near land determined that it should not see Charlie Mothershead on duty lagrlppc tag of troops is Impossible owing to happen in Howell yard and so again Ho resigned a few weeks To lure a Cold in One Day the Ice II had the car switched to another ago but reconsidered the matter Take Laxative Bromo Quiaino RUSSIAS BLACK SKA FLEET part of the yard where there and says there is no place like Tablets All druggists refund the It Slay Be Found Souse Morning In was no switchiog in progress and the Henderson division money if it tails to curo E W the Mediterranean no possibility of the car being Groves signature is on each box 25o New York Feb 23A dispatch to run The work of substituting the into Strangely enough the Herald from St Petersburg hazards Wanted system of spans across the forecast that some morning the however the car was run into a Gister doing THE Blab wants good live corre ¬ Russia Black sea fleet may bo unex- ¬ few days later at Flomaton Al ¬ West Pascagonia river spondents at tho following places pectedly found in the Mediterranean abama by an engine damaging away with tho old style of su Madisonvillo Hanson Slaughters Turkey being assured that this once an accomplished fact not one of tho it so badly that st had to be shop ¬ perstructure began yesterday Sobreo Providence Mauitou Dixon powers would have a word to say in ped for repairs Can it be pos ¬ The improvement will enable the St Charles Ilsloy and Barnsloy For objectionDiplomatic an ac ¬ Louisville and Nashville road to particulars address THE BEE Earl negotiations toward this sible that ones fear of lit cident invites or hastens its com safely run its heaviest locomo ington Ky end are alleged to be progressing Such egress from tho Black sea would tives over the Now Orleans and Great Opportunity release the big armored ships Knlaz ingFrank Mobile division and greatly Harrison Frank Joest llordod tho prospector home seek potemkln and Tavrlccski 12500 tons economize in time or or tourist account of tho very low each the Ekaterlna and the Ciama 11 and 0 O Foole old Henderson Colonist and Home Seeker rates to 000 tons each the Si nope 10000 tow Division fireman who wese pro ¬ points in Arkansas Texas Indian tho 13318 tons the Trlsvlatitella WELL SUPPLIED WITH ANCESTORS and Oklahoma Territories Missouri sometime Georgi Pobliednosco 12000 tons the moted to engineers Kansas Nebraska Colorado and tho Dvienadzat Apostolov and tho Rostis ago and transferred to Birming ¬ A Hopkins County Infant Who Has Mora great Western States via Missouri lav about 9000 tons each ten torpedo Pacific Railway or Iron Mountain have been re ¬ Grandparents Than any Child catchers and about 25 torpedo boats ham Alabama Route from St Louis or Memphis Cheap Colonist rates to Callfortttn a force which would turn the vital turned to the Henderson Divi ¬ in the State question of the command of the sea in sion to do some temporary run ¬ the far east in favor of Russia Mr P W Franklin of Charles- and Third Tuesdays of nach month fEransOaucasian troops are being ningJohn to and Home Mobilized and ordered to occupy the T Farmer whoso home ton who is traveling in the in ¬ Colonistterritory in Seeker ratesand the West certain heathers of Turkostan and Persia is at Ashley 111 after firing terest of the new rural fred de ¬ Southwest Liberal limits and stop ASSlHAKCE BY FRANCE livery route in this oounty over privileges for Homo Seekers C I Cleveland fi P To Cure a Cold in One Day lCarel tiiNtlfo train riding on a free piss10 l fsr Ma life on account of an act of car + JAPANS SUCCESSFUL NAVAL COUP Iceeneag on the part of the nklhvrv company stands on the kambfooi I HAS GIVEN HER AN ADVANTAGE at that passenger who pays lilt l FEW MINOR BEQUESTS PROVIDED MAY BE DELAYEL r 1C 0 f I Want your moustache or beard a Use beautiful brown or rich black BueingIiams r SOctiofdfUJrglitiofR r 1V P Hall SERVICEIVIA ITHROUGH II 21MIfUU NEW ORLEANS TO CHICAGO DINING CARS SERVING ALL MEALS EN R OH tCoNuht tNH N- ° UTE AitVAfMVlUt J r l 11 i ii < N r t i Ii 1

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