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Image 1 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), February 25, 1904

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

bnfwc I IMrrll + + b I hAS 0 EARLINGTON FIFTEENTH YEAR HOPKINS COUNTY KY THURSDAY FEB KENTUCKY OGDEN STILL Invited EXPERT ACCOUNTANT AT WORK ¬ ¬ s- ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ SIXTY MEN SUMMONED ¬ From Webster County for the Witherspoon Trial Which Began at Ten OclocK Monday Morning + MM r circuitr i Burton at this place last July began at Madisonville Monday On account of the wide publicity given the case in the trial of Mr presidingfolder HOW THE JURY STOOD gates present were Chas BaldThe jury in the case of the win and H M OofFman of Prov qmlUonmlthagainst jT B idenco LindIt who has been on trial at Delegates were elected to the Madisonvillo for several days District Conference U br held at charged with complicity in Sacramento the week of May 80 the killing of Jesse Burton at a The delegates chosen are W A picnic hero on July dth last Randolph ins R Dean Earl brought in a verdict Monday ington J J Crowder S J Bone morning and found the prisoner Nebo Ohas Baldwin Provi guilty fixing his punishment at dence Irving H Wheatcroft 21 years in the penitentiary Wheatcroft As alternate H Tins trial has been attended by M CofTman Providence and J a large number of people with W Langford Wheatcroft were intense interest The courthouse chosenThe was not large enough to contain third quarterly conference them and a groat many were un will be held at Wheatcroft May able to find standing room The 14 and 15 The fourth will prob majority of the people who heard ably be held at Nebo all of the testimony were of the Th presiding older preached opinion that the verdict would Sunday morning and jvening bo for manslaughter while some IMPORTANT CASES predicted lift sentence others a hung jury But from the fact that Limllo was un officer and on To Be Tried at this Term of Christian Circuit Court account of no previous malice it was not thought that a verdict Ito I lunsvihe Ky Feb 22 for a degree grantor than volun tary manslaughter could he Circuit Court convened hero to day with Judge Thomas P brought Cook on the be chrrhen fire about fiOO cases on the dek et r ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ foldr Sflthirty LockettJrRimbYcLit1Fo Jno W Lockett Sr and Jan L Grayot The speaking began Friday morning and was conclud ed Saturday af terhbolu at8 o616ck Rafter Wtich1lthenjuryretired for Qn It is reported that tlii jury oil aflrst iloll titood nine for a life sentence twol 6r 21 years and one for five years and jthat they stood that way until Monday morning when upon re considering the matter the ver dict of 21 years was reed upon In conversation with an Earl ington man Tuesday LindJo said WLwill not ask for anew trial but will go to the penitentiary with the consolation of knowing I am innocent of the crime for which I was convicted I know it and God knows it and this fact wall rid materially in helping me to hyep up at tout heart and hope for the best Tell my friends not to forget my heart broken wife and little children ¬ < ts The most important cases to come up at the term are those of the Pembroke ne roes charged with the murder of an unknown imiu NovemberCOf thy nineprisoners five are yet to bej tried The other four were convicted at the special r l in January and 4sentenced to death > r1OBA000 t GROWERS tE ¬ ommisoiur ¬ Yerkes With Mr Flack and Others Before Committee r If Washington Fob 22The Ways and Means Committee5 of the House will give another hear ¬ ing on the Gaines tobacco bill Wednesday Commissioner Yer kes E M Flack of Hopkinsville Ky and Felix G Ewing of Ce dur Hill Tenu will be heard Sentiment for this measure for the relief of the tobacco grower is growing and if it can be dem ¬ onstrated that it will not too greatly affect the revepue bill it will pass vr ¬ ¬ The Senate chaplain calls tho Sen ate his flock And a facetious paper Oharroing little hats are mado of chinchilla and trimmed with velvet adds of Bhoop1 > I a I i II i f t Gf4y JAPANS WARLIKE 1 EMPEROR He Is only fiftyone years of ago and Is sold to be a very bail horseman despite his Imposing appearance in the accompanying picture Ab Drake Webb MR C Es MORTONj Miss Oallie B Drake and Mr Lindle which has just closed it Charlie Webb two of Earling was thought best to get a jury One of the Most Prominent Citizens of tons prominent young people from another county Oonse ¬ Madisonvillc DradW Stricken were married at the residence of quently the sheriff was ordered With Paralysis Monday Feb 8 Rey Fowler Madisonville The ELOPED TO NASHVILLE and Died Friday Rev VV R Jinnett of this city sixty men from Webster county Two Prominent Young People of This performed the ceremony in an This trial will likely be con ¬ City Surprise Their Friends BURIED AT 10 A M MONDAY impressive manner The happy cluded this week end Get Married young couple left for Evansville Mr 0 E Morton of Madison 52 returning on 91 Tuesday Married at the Grand Leader Miss Maggie Fenwick and Mr ville one of the best known citi- ¬ on Charles Barnett both prominent On account of the crowded zens of that place died last Fri ¬ nightMr and Mrs Webb were met young people of thiK city stole a condition of the court house at day night about 11 oclock He march on their friends and Madisonvillo Tuesday Mr Oarl was stricken with paralysis on oloped to Nashville on train 58 Kohl man of the Grand Loader the morning of Feb 8 and for and driven to the residence of leaving Earlington at 4 80 oclock dry goods store offered the use ofI severil days his condition re ¬ the grooms father where ai elegant spread was laid for Wednesday morning where they his store to a Nebo couple mained about the same Last were met by friends and a min ¬ which to be married The couple Wednesday however a decided twelve The table was beauti ¬ ister and driven to the court were Miss Jennie N Peyton and change for the worse took place fully decorated with marchael house and married Miss Fen Mr J D Landsden both of the and his case was pronounced neils carnations and ferns and wick is a beautiful and charming Nebo country The ceremony hopeless by the physicians Mr the supper consisted of six f young lady and has lately been was performed by Rev Price E Morton was born August 27 employed as bookkeeper in the Gatlin und the happy couple 1848 and was 50 years old He grocery store lIfT W Robinson left for home on Moodys train married Miss Emma Clark Cooke fair with only a few of the relaI Lives and friends Mr Burnett in an energetic young on Sept 1 3809 Two children Among the out- ¬ business mat and is in the livery Kontueky was the first State were the fruit of this union business here The happy couple side of the Lout si mm Purchase Ter ¬ Charles and Aileen His wife by the young ritory willremain in Nashville until at the group to dedicate its building and daughter still survive him to a pretty home on Railroa World Fair presented by Mr and Mrsiv Saturday and will then return his son having lied several years street to Earl ington The many friends About 800 will be ppcnb on the ago just as he teas entering man 0 P Webb where they will of the young couple wish them be at home to their friends in a all happiness and success in their few days years ago new Louisville Miss Drake is a popular young and was a conscientious worker has quite a number of in the church up to the time of lady and Mr Webb is one of his death He was the eldest friends here known young men is son of Mr and Mrs John G the best Morton and van one of the best Earlington and stands high is who knQWI known men in Madisonville and the estimation of all many friends wiflli his death was deeply lamented him Their I by all who knew him The fu ¬ them all the happiness that cast lives neral services were to have taken be crowded into their i place Sundays but on account of Not a Moment to Lose i the rain took place Monday at 10 The Kentucky Worlds Fair oclock Beautiful and fitting remarks were made at tho resi- Commission is being urged by the dence by Elder S F Fowler uf ¬ exposition pflioials to forward ex ¬ ter which the remains were borne hibits to St Louis without to the family lot in time Odd Fel- ¬ Freight congestion is threatened Thirty thousand cars full of exlows cemetery and laid to rest hibits are expected to reach the Paducah Coated Up on Sunday Worlds Fair City in the next five weeks The Kentucky Com ¬ Paducah Ky February 21 All day coal wagons have been mission is leaving no stone ua busy hauling coal by special per ¬ turned to have every Kentucky mission of the mayor A coal display ready on timeApri1B0 famine developed in Paducah the To do this it must have all at time exposition grounds latter part of the week because April 1 Counting delays that the railroads could not handle the coal consigned into Paducah s are unavoidable during a freight and as a result Saturday night congestion this means that ship ¬ found all dealers without coal ments in car load lots should and hundreds of orders ahead leave Louisville not later than with people actually in many later than March 15 Exhibitors instances suffering Today some arQ urged to rush their samples Kentucky of the coal arrived and is being and specimens to r CLEARING FOR ACTION ON A JAPANESE WARSHIP Worlds Fair Commission Louis distributed ass rapidly as possible Ii s yule 1 The Imitsitive J4Paneee have for eafllIut beep careful and dfecdminatinj tshdents of the art ot war on the sea Their hips are modern and their dtecf Kentucky Day ThurBday tftine i4ing9arofglltterlug beads are ptta to excellent Frequent target practice Has glen them epleadtd marictman the St Louis Exponitiou will ranged in varying lengths to forraH skip aft6wh n they clear for action tbert are DO files be the first State day of the hie fair scalloped trimming iA + Cl9lA16a L p X t7 0 ttx 1NGrt7idWI II IJ WMt Yft M4 4 JI 404 1 yq fto > I MUTSUHITO emperor of Japan during Ills own lifetime hat The trial of Elmer Witherspoon BeenThe brainy and farsighted the sleep of centuries to take Its place as a first his country emerge froin who is charged with killing Jesse class world power This phenomenal advance Is largely due to his own efforts i I AUTHORS Scores of Kentuckians of both sexes have entered the broad and alluring field of literature and not a few have met deserved success The Kentucky Worlds Fair Commission wants to make a complete collection for the library of the Kentucky Building at the St Louis Exposition of books written by Kentuckians since the date of Statehoods beginning Authors or owners of Kentucky written books are in ¬ vited to send them without de- ¬ lay to R E Hughes Secretary Kentucky Worlds Fair Commis sion Louisville at the earliest possible moment The Commis sion hopes to make the collection very complete Books furnished will be returned to the owners at the close of the Exposition ¬ Louisville Ky Feby 22The Evening Post says today W F Ogden the missing cashier of the Kentucky d Indi ana Bank of West Point has not been seen for two weel having disappeared Sunday af ternoon February 7 An at tachment has been sued out in Hardin county to levy on his 2800 worth of stock in the bank for personal debts aggregating 1200 which Mr Ogden left be hind him Ben C Weaver thin expert ac ¬ countant is still at work on the books and it is said that a state ment of the banks financial con NICHOLAS IL CZAR OF ALL THE RUSSIAS dition will be mado within a The pouti loving czar who finds himself at wllr IHCIIUSU of Ills empires week The directors still say lie greed for Iniul has ruled Huspln slue years iud Is In hln lilrtyslxUi yenr no shortage has been fcund Hague peace tribunal was his idea ns was nisu the idea of iluhpnlllnu China of that in Mr Ogdens accounts Manchuria Mr Ogdens wife and children have moved to the home of her DELEGATES TODISTRICT TWENTY I CONFERENCE brother in McLeansboro 111 No word has boon heard from Og- ¬ Quarterly Conference of Earlington Ch- den and some of his friends fear ONE YEARS cult Held Here Saturday suicide He left a unto to the directors qf the bunk saying he Was the Verdict in the Case of the11second quarterly confer would remain in i neighboring town until upsured that he once for the Earl r Commonwealth Against J would get ju tSc Church Methodist Episcopal B Lindle South was held here Saturday i 1I 1t Worlds Fair f At- No 8 1904 to Send Copies ol Their Books to MISSING West Point Cashiers Stock is tached for Debts 25 a r r NightI carriageI E 1The presentr I lifeJ Ionitimet I i ¬ I w ¬ delaya earhib- its 1 jat m + + J u c t V f ++ 2at 4 t- tfI wy t L- yyY > V t 1- f

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