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TABLE OF CONTENTS (Each Chapter is Prefaced by Table of Contents.) ORIGIN OF BOOK. PREFACE. CHAPTER I. His Boyhood and Young Manhood days. Ancestors, settled in Connecticut: 1628. See Bible record, 1744. Paternal and Maternal Ancestors. Member of- Sons of Revolution, Washington Society. One of the Charter Members of the Kentucky Society of Sons of the Revolution. Officer for years of Kentucky Society of Sons of the Revolu- tion. Triennial Delegate of Kentuckys Society at the meeting of the National Society of Sons of the Revolution. CHAPTER II. YOUNG MANHOOD DAYS. Attending Public School, also his Father's College. Keeping books for a Mercantile Firm, also for Flour Mill and other enterprises. Receives instruction in Shorthand and other studies at spare time. Endeavors to acquire a professional education. Tribute to his Pastors and Teachers. His Family. Earning his first dollar. Triumphantly meeting a crisis. Letter of recommendation from his first employer. Tribute to his Parents. Beginning of his thirty years' Presidency of the Commercial College of Kentucky Universitvy. Gives five hundred dollars to start a fund to build a gymnasium at Kentucky University. Gives five hundred dollars for a Bowman Scholarship to perpetuate the name of Ex-Regent, John B. Bowman, with Kentucky University.

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