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Inception and Origin of This Book At a regular meeting of the Philemporium Society of the Commercial College of Kentucky University the following reso- lution was unanimously adopted: Study Hall, Commercial College of Kentucky University. Lexington, Ky. WHEREAS, General Wilbur R. Smith, the honored and beloved Pres- ident of the Commercial College of Kentucky University, has responded to this Society's request by giving some "Reminiscences of his one-quarter of a century as an educator of thousands of voung men," and other inter- esting and instructive sketches, including different positions of honor and trust which he has filled; WHEREAS, Believing his successful career and life devoted to use- fulness, if written and published, would be an incentive to higher and nobler things in life, and worthy the emulation of all young men, and believing such a book would be appreciated by his thousands of graduates all over the worlti, therefore, be It Resolved, '[hat the Philemporlurm Society request General Smith to grant the publication of his Biography and Reminiscences by a committee representing this Society. Signed) R. N. HAMILTON, Jr., President Philemporium Society. THE REQUEST General Wilbur R. Smith:- We, the undersigned committee, bog leave to present you, in this formal manner, the accompanying resolution, unanimously adopted by the Philemporiunm Society of the Commercial College of Kentucky University. and sincerely trust that you will grant us the request contained therein. The comrcittee -appointed by the Society beg leave to suggest the following persons. to assist in compiling and doing the stenographic work in the publication: ,Miss Margaret Chapman, of Ohio: W. K. Routt, many years teacher in the Business Department; W. W. Smith, many years your teacher and secretary. Very respectfully, R. N. HAMILTON, President, E. L. KINTER, Cammittee. REQUEST GRANTED After a conference with the aforesaid committee, composed of teachers and students of his College, General Smith complied with their request. Lexington, Ky. The Editors of the publication have been associated with General Smith as teachers In his College, or as recretary, for one-fifth to one- quarter of a century, which close contact has given them ample oppor- tunity to gain directly, or by Interviews and corespondence, the informa- tion cantained in this book. These Interesting facts. though novelistic and inspiring, from which valuable lessons may be learned, need no ornamental rhetoric to emphasize their value. W. K. ROUTT, Editors. W. W. SMITH , dt

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