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HELD OFFICE UNDE11 TWO PRESIDENTS. PRESIDIENT" WOODROW WIISON With pleasure, General Smith's thousands of graduates of different political affiliations have referred to him, their friend and preceptor, as having held, with enviable record, ani honored position under President Ilaft, and President Wilson, as Well as under different Governors hereto- fore referred to. Su1vIRicr AP.PRxECIAT En By Two POSTMASTER-GENERALS. Former Postmaster-General Frank H. Hitchcock wrote Postmaster Smith, thanking him for interest and helpful suggestionis in post cffiee affairs. Postmaster-General Albert S. Burleson, replying to a felicitous letter from General Smith, in taking up his port folio, wrote as follows which raakes an appropriate closing for this chapter: T HE POSTTMASTER-GENNERAL Washington, D. C. March 13, 1913. lion. Wilbur R. Smith, Lexington, KY. Dear Sir:- I assure you I appreciate your good wishes. I can appreciate the satisfaction that -must be yours in having educated so many young men of our country for their life's work. With kind regards, Very sincerely, A. S. BURLESON.

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