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Page 302 of Hancock s diary: or, A history of the Second Tennessee Confederate cavalry, with sketches of First and Seventh battalions; also, portraits and biographical sketches. Two volumes in one.

3(12 R. R, Hancock's Diary. Tennessee, we had some hope of going back to our! native State occasionally, while, if we went with Ferguson, we had no hope of seeing Tennessee until the war] closed. What a sad thought was this ! The all-imporj tant question now was, "Will the regiment be transl ferred?" How anxiously did the Second Tennessee] wait for an answer to that question. The brigade was to start south the next morning. Dark came, yet n\ transfer. " What will we do ? " " Colonel Barteau, can you not help us out of this trouble?" "Can't you, Colonel Morton? " " Is there any hope of a transfer?'] "Is it possible that we will have to start south in the] morning with Ferguson?" "Do not despair, men, per-] haps we v/ill be transferred yet." Eight, nine, and tea -o'clock came, and yet no transfer. Some lay down ti rest, though, perhaps, too much troubled to sleep,] Finally, about eleven o'clock p. m., "The Second Tenl nessee is transferred to Forrest" spread like lightning through the camp. Those who had been trying in vain] to while away the time in sleep now sprang from then] tents to unite with the rest in yelling, hallooing, shout] ing, and such another jollification as they had from then] until daylight next morning had never been witnessed] in the camp of the Second Tennessee Cavalry before! If General Ferguson is now living I guess that he ha] not forgotten the serenade that a lot of the boys gavd him that night with tin pans, camp kettles, etc. We had no cannon by which we could give Ferguson a part] ing salute; however, some of the boys got up a righj good substitute by boring holes in logs and filling wita powder. But after all the big guns and the little guns] Ferguson still remained quiet, and did not order any the Second Tennessee to be sent to his headquarters.

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