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Item 9 of University of Kentucky Graduate School Bulletin, 1967-1968

Part of University of Kentucky Graduate School course catalogs

i 1 I : l '1 LEWIS W. COCHRAN, M.S., Ph.D., Acting Dean . I , JAMES C. HUMPHRIES, M.S., PH.D., Assistant Dean l DOROTHY C. LINVILLE, A.B., Admissions Oicer i LUCY ROBERTA HOGAN, A.B., Administrative Assistant ROSA LENA BRUMFIELD, B.S. in Com., Administrative Secretary 3 l l - i i 1 Introductory Statement THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY began Offering graduate work in 1870, . and awarding graduate degrees in 1876, although the Graduate School as a distinct unit was not organized until 1912. I l The Graduate School is concerned with advanced study and research : , carried on by the faculty and students of all colleges and departments. 5 Under it the total graduate resources of the University are merged in 3 order to promote the achievement of knowledge in an atmosphere of g s free and lively inquiry. ' . Graduate work is Oered in all colleges in the University. Directors 1 l of graduate study in the various subjects are listed in this bulletin just T before the list of courses. i The following advanced degrees are conferred: :- MASTER OF ARTS MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MECHANICAL ; MASTER OF SCIENCE ENGINEERING ; MASTER OF SCIENCE IN AGRICULTURE MASTER OF SCIENCE IN V , MASTER OF SCIENCE IN CLINICAL METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING . NUTRITION MASTER OF SCIENCE IN NUCLEAR . MASTER OF SCIENCE IN HOME ENGINEERING , I ECONOMICS MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PUBLIC i MASTER OF SCIENCE IN HEALTH 3 1 AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION MASTER OF SCIENCE IN CIVIL MASTER OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATION . . ENGINEERING MASTER OF BUSINESS : MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ELECTRICAL ADMINISTRATION . ENGINEERING MASTER OF MUSIC 1 MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ENGINEER SPECIALIST IN EDUCATION ING MECHANICS DOCTOR OF MUSICAL ARTS IN MUSIC MASTER OF SCIENCE IN LIBRARY TEACHING t SCIENCE DOCTOR OF EDUCATION (ED.D.) DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY l l l

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