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Image 13 of Frontier Nursing Service, Vol. 81, No. 1, Summer/September 2005

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

QUARTERLY BULLETIN 1 1 I In 1929, The Kentucky Association of Nurse Midwives was in- corporated and its logo was a Kentucky Cardinal surrounded by l the words Life is the gift of God." It had 16 chartered members - all FNS staff, as they were the only nurse-midwives in the U.S. li In 1941, it became the American Association of Nurse Midwives l (AANM), and in 1955 the AANM became a member of the In- temational Confederation of Midwives. The AANM met annually at Wendover with some prominent leader in the field of obstetrics or gynecology as the guest speaker. 4 In 1955, the American College of Nurse Midwifery (ACNM) was E incorporated and so it seemed only natural that the AANM and l the ACNM should get together, which they did in 1969 with the merger being called the American College of Nurse Midwives. l The corporate seal of the College was redesigned and shows the ll date 1929, when the professional organization for nurse-midwives l was formed. Helen Browne, Mrs. Breckinridges successor, and i who Mrs. Breckinridge said was "the most brilliant teacher we ll ever had, the most lucid in importing knowledge," wrote after the merger, "It is with some degree of sadness that we say farewell to the Kentucky Cardinal on the seal ofthe AANM. This little bird 1 reminded us throughout the 41 years that "Life is the gift of God." l In 1932, when the national maternal death rate was still deplor- p ably high, Dr. Louis Dublin of the Metropolitan Life Insurance I Company, who tabulated the first 1,000 maternity cases of the FNS wrote: "The study shows conclusively what has in fact been demonstrated before, that the type of service rendered by the l Frontier Nurses safeguards the life of mother and babe. If such service were available to the women of the country generally, there would be a saving of 10,000 mothers lives a year in the United States, there would be 30,000 less stillbirths and 30,000 l more children alive at the end of the first month of 1ife." (QB l Summer 1932). Years later when the first 10,000 matemity cases I were tabulated by Metropolitan Life, the results showed a mater- nity mortality rate of9. 1/10,000 when the U.S. rate was 34/10,000 V and the neonatal mortality was 17.3/1,000 compared to 20.5/ 1 ,000 in the U.S.

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