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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 7, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

Jwrrw iP i A 4 L ThJ yz 1fj p r I t N i I 1 a Ji ± IAt Trcr > VOLUME mSmm c A XII r y J COLUMBIA KENrUcl WEESDAY I ADAIR COUNTY d j 7 t 7 1909 APRIL etD < i- 2 f c P f 22 NUMBER 1v stock Of goods whose progressive meth Red Bird Jr Owned by A K Rupe The Meeting Ewing St Its Meets With An Acci BROKEEVEN ods are reaching out for more business near Breeding is one of the mostprom > dent ad- ¬ Mr John Hobson the man who ising jfcung stallions in this section of A great deal of interest is being man to the country He is almost a moddle inTTOWNS vertises enough paper every Spring of ifested in the evangelistic meeting now The Lexington Herald v writes as fol form and goes all the gaits He is only The L W T S Team Defeats BC plaster the skies and whose stock in progress at the Presbyterian Church r lows concerning an accident which be threeyears old but will be heard from I But Loses St Marys goods would indicate his ability to do it Rev Hendricks tells the story of Jesus sends greeting to his many friends in in its simplicity and is ail earnest and fell Mr Ewing Stiults of this place a when he has had time to prove the this part of the county I bothGreens- entertaining speaker Rev Carter has few days ago worth of his breeding He was sired The Lindsey Wilson Base Ball Team burgandCampbellsville we found the charge the song service arid he sings While practicing at League Park by Old Red Bird he by Jo Brown and returned Saturday night from their two 01 v Some ofHis Observations yesterday afternoon young Stults the he by Cabells Lexington Red Bird Jrs business men hopeful of Better business with spirit and with the understanding clever college days trip having defeated the B C I conditions in the future and enjoying a There are about thirty voices in pitcher the time ago by Manager secured some dam also is a descendant of Lexington at Campbellsville in fine style but lost 1 good runof trade at present Ganzel for the Mr Rupe has another horse and Jack choir and soul stirring music is render ¬ twirling staff of the Rochester team which the people of his sections well St Marys at Lebanon in a hard fought Expressions of sorrow of the sudden ed at every meetingJ >PsPiRIT OFENTERPRISE ON EVERY HAND contest The following is the score death of the late C H Murrell so well Cottage prayer meetings are held suffered a broken nose as a result of a know and appreciate 22lt FIRST GAME peculiar accident known in both places came from every- daily in the afternoon on every street Stultewas warming up RHE¬ ii It was our pleasure last week to one we met in conversation and indi in Columbia and meetings are being with Pitchers A member of the nine promised to Ijl 16 5Minahan Snyder and Johnson ¬ neigh cated the high esteem in which he was held in Mina furnish the News last week with a rei v spend a day or so in each of our and the stores for business men The han 9 10 8 1 was knocking bunts to his three port of the baseball game played hereCampbellsville held That the bonds of frendship outlook is boring cities SECOND GAME flattering for a great religi team mates One of these bunts which on Saturday between the Lindsey Wil ¬ V Greensburg and when the word pleas the ties of social intercourse and the re ¬ ous uprising every body taking an in RHEt was more oh the order of a line drive son team and a nine from the Buchan- ¬ lire is used it but feebly reflects the lations in industrial advancement are 6 12 S terest The meeting will likely contin ¬ came > feeling that is entertained by The News steadily becoming closer and growing towards Stults He ran for the an Institute Campbellsville but he St Marys 9 86 ue until the 15th of the month and in ball but slipped just as he neared it failed to do so The boys played in the stronger between the three towns can the meantime people living out of Wwn not be denied In this the local press- areinvited to come in and take part andit struck him on the nose breaking rain and were forced to quit before the Notice time was when some little unpleasant s a factor and for which we are striv ¬ The seryices in the forenoon are from loose the cartilege He came to the ninth inning was reached It is our incity immediately for medical attention formation when the game closed either Every one who agreed to jointhe 7 Ties between the towns ranked in the ing to accomplish ten to eleven < breasts of some but that time never To the citizens of both place The services beginoclock and the evening Although the injury caused him little on the fifth or sixth inning the score farmers club as presented last fall are promptly at 730 oclock existed when we had an unkind feeling News extends good will and wishes and The preaching is very helpful the sing pain at the time it was considerably stood 13 to nothing in favor of theLind requested to meet in the News Office i next Saturday at one oclock for the swollen and it will be several days be seyWilson against either or against any of their not yielding our love t for home and ing delightful and inspiring > purpose of furthering the interest of fore he can take active exercise enterprises and efforts to forge to the home industries finds much pleasure in Since writing the above the meeting I r front in any laudable undertaking and your prosperity A letter from Mr Stults to his par ¬ The Rochester New York nine Ew the organization Remember that this has so grown in interest that in order ing Stults of this place pitcher is do- meeting is important and while only a we can truthfully say that the growth r to accommodate the vast throngs the ents here says he was not much hurt ing some fine playing and is about well The following is a at Lexington few joined it is therefore necessary and development of both places is a More About Sidewalks services have been removed to the schedule of exhibition games in which where they will practice until about the that everymember should be present source of much pleasure to us courthouse where they will be con15th of Dont fail to attend the p A day and a half in Campbellsville The Boardf Trustees of Columbia tinued all duringthis week excepting Ewing will play this month 4SL each met the this month Last week they¬ is the initiatory step meeting This Transylvania boys badly de and we hope to fritted away like a bird on the wing adopted the following resolutions at Saturday and perhaps longer Satur city he gives the hotel at which he will A feating them the score standing 21 to accomplish much good in the farming stop and when the hour of departure came last nights meeting das is a day of rest C S Harris Apr 78 Louisville Louisville Hotel 5 The Lexington Herald speaks in interest in this county not ready nor willing to go Within the Whereas It is the opinion of this Rev Hendricks sermon Sunday after ¬ last four or five years Campbellsville Board that cement sidewalks should be noon to men only was highly appreci ¬ Apr 910 Dayton ORecord House gloring terms of young Stults claiming that he will soon be known throughout Our Gradyville correspondent was in Apr 11 Cincinnati Grand Hotel i fViias enjoyed a most hearty growthone built out eahof the four principal ated It abounded in truths forcibly the Louisville market last week hence that any town in the state should justly streets to the town limits but this presented At the conclusion nearly Apr 14 15 Fort WayneIndRand ll the country as a great pitcher f it was for him to send in a lk feel proud With a new school build board does not think it necessary to every man in the house indorsed his ¬ Wggenera popular and letter ing that is an ornament to the town have iame built on both sides from the utterances by shaking his hand Sun ¬ jTom farmer has accepted a relia¬ phone this weekHe states over the posi that the people of the community under the control of the Baptists and old town day night the large court room was fill ¬ the Northern Egg and Poul ¬ are generally well excepting Mrs W ± he improving the Presbyterian school Apr 20 Rochester N borne re It is to its utmost rapacity a strong help try Co located in Columbia Tom W Yates who is quite Sick He also building the best of faculties exist for property owners on each street will led sermon being v delivered wants his friends throughout the coun reports that John Franklins dwelling i Resolutions of Respect i a 7 education We were informed that both agree on which side df their respective ty to bring him their eggs poultry etc and schools had an ample number of stu streets such work should be located and ali contents were consumed by He promises fair dealing and the high ¬ fire last3 Saturday night and that the Death of Maj L J Lowe dents and a corps of instructors justly the owners of the property on the op¬ Whereas our Heavenly Father has est market price 22lt smallpox scare is about over all the removed from the walks of men our iy the pride of all interested in education posite side of said streets from which patients being much better On Saturday March 27th Maj L J highly esteemed brother and fellow al advancement > walks are to be built will agree to con ¬ Chicken thieves are in the landand 1l W The Courthouse is being remoddled tribute to the building of the walk laborer J S Stapp and whereas he we understand several hen houses in Reveries of a Bachelor was given by and will when completed be an at directly across the street from their sustained the closest relationship to the the vicinity of town have be n visited a number of young ladies in the Lind ¬ tit tractive building One of the most con property a sum equal ato twenty pe of 83 years The deceased was the Russell Creek Baptist Academy in A chicken thief could be easily cauglit sey Wilson Chapel last Saturday eve- ¬ spicuous business buildings of the town cent of the amount it would cost to father of Mr John D Lowe of this that he was one of its mos liberal i if proper precautions were taken A ning The play was gotten up by Mrs is the brick block recently erected by build a walk in front of their respec¬ place who reached Cookvillein time to financial contributors and also a most man who will steal a fowl would steal a D Neilson and it was a most enjoy ¬ Mr Jo Willock on the main business tive properties said cost to be estimat- attend the funeral valuable member of the Board of Trus ¬ horse all that is lacking is the oppor ¬ P able affair The chapel was well filled v street It is three full stories the first ed at the rate of fourteen cent per When quite a young man Maj Lowe tees theref 01 e it be resolved tunity as is usualjy the case when an enter ¬ occupied by The Buchanan Lyon Co square foot then such property own was licensed to practice law following 1 That we record with gratitude our tainment isgiven by the college girls the second for theatrical and skating ers so contributing shall be exempt t Ihe profession until the beginingof the appreciation of his wise and safe coun ¬ The J R Watkins Remedy Com ¬ rink purposes while the third is dedi from building a sidewalk for a period of war of the rebellion at which time he sel and also of his beneficent gifts pany is represented by J B Grant in Miss Lucile Shannon reader recited in < c ted to to Masonry and is one of the five years It is further resolved that entered the Confederate army asa which made it possible for us to erect Adair county who solicits your tradeif a verry happy manner and Miss Esther x most attractive halls in the State This the Board at the regular May meeting private but before liostilities ceased he our present elegant and commodious in need of pure extracts spices stock Nell furnished the music rendering severalselections admirably building is a monument to Campbells ¬ will consider the recommendations so was promoted to the rank of Major dormitory and poultry food and several valuable vile to the enterprise of Mr Willock made and pass ordiances for the build-¬ He was a gallant soldier and as a 2 That we seek to emulate his gene liniments salve etc They guarantee Miss Lillian Van Arsdale of Spring and a blessing and inspiration to the ing of said sidewalks cevilian a fine did gentleman When rosity by being true and loyal to the in ¬ every thing they sell 22lm field who is a sister of Mrs HughNoe I fraternal order that seeks to advance the war closed he returned to Gains stitution of learning which he so ten- ¬ this place and who visited here recent ¬ Mr Lee Grissom has accepted a po ¬ the moral and social virtues boro Tenn where he spent the great- ¬ derly cheerished and fostered ly making many friends among the A Very Enjoyable Occasion Campbellsville with its mills factories er portion tof his life and became a 3 That we bow with humbles bmis ¬ sition with Coffey Patteson as sales ¬ young people was married at her home and commercial interests with an in ¬ man and Last Friday was the thirtysecond teacher anxlsq proficient was he in this sion to Him who has removed our be ¬ marii1 is a popular gentl last week to Mr Earl Brackney who creasipg populationdemonstrating taste birthday of Mr Verna Burbridge who line of vocation he was known loved brother to a higher realm of ex ¬ has spent several years in the mercah is prominnent young miller of Colum tile business He inVites his fiends to bus Ohid for beautiful architecture in the many lives with his mother Mrs Sarah Bur throughout the countryas a great edu- ¬ istence I Immediately after the cere ¬ new dwellings erected and being erect bridge 04 V That we place upbn record our in the Fairplay country His cator mony the couple left for the home of ed with its social genial and attract Many ye rsagp he confessed his heartfelt sympath for his grief strick- ¬ mother concluded to celebrate the oc Columbia Chapter No 7R A Mv the groom citizenship can well and truly look Savior united with the Christian en family in this theJr sad affliction casioTrby having a quilting a big din ¬ will meet next Friday night All Corn A forward to even better days With ner etc Thirty or forty ladies and Church and was consistent until the and that a copy of these resolutions bev I anions are requested to be present as There was a very fair crowd in town two newspapers to keep the desirable < > Monday cocmty court and the business about that many men were invited end He was also zealousMas n and furnished them and and attractive features before thewas buried with the usual formalities 5 That the papers of Columbia and it will be an important meeting f town was about up to an average Sheriff W B Patteson and Wade Eu ¬ T A Murrell H P country and whose efforts to do so public dayTe Republican candidates of the Fraternity Campbellsville be requested to publish V bank of this place being two of the I should be highly appreciatedby all who The News is in sympathy with the this preamble and these resolutions for office were all here and they numbers Mr Patteson reports that If you want extracts and spices that busy throughout the day meeting were feelthe worth of advancement Camp it was the finest dinper he ever enjoy- surviving children his companion hav ¬ Done by order of the Board of Trus their arepure and will give entire satisfact ¬ friends bellsville will evidentially maintain her ed ing died two or three years ago The candidates only have sev ¬ tees of the Russells Creek Baptist ion get consisting of everything good and them from J B Grant who enteen days in which to forward steps Academy ata called meeting March canvass the that there was an abundance for all represents The J R Watkins Remedy part of our time was pleasantly present primary coming on the 24th of this 31 1909 State Board of EqualizationfrA J L Atkinson Pres Co 22lm month > J spent with friendstoo many to mention j S E Kerr Secty While the ladies were preparing the > the handshakes and pleasantries meal x Campbellsville Ky Mr Frank Jackman who has been Th State Board of Equalization is the men concluded that Mrs Bur S C Buff Orpingtons our old friend Matthews the bridge needed anew yard fence They now at work in Frankfort and living at Cane Valley for the past year is I it V guardian angel of The Sentinel and from went to work has rented the Wesley property in the 12 pure bred cockerels beautiful shape removed the old palings raising the taxation in a great many They Are Handsome Mr Richardson and t our new Tutt addition and will remove with his arid plumage at 200 each Eggs from ina snort time the dwelling was counties Befow we give its action as enclosed by a new slat fence It was a to Adair and several neighboring coUn- ¬ prize winning stock cook strain at The Misses Eubank did not have a family to Columbia in a short time happy day for Mrs Burbridge and one ties Adair 6 per cent on lands which formal opening panic prices 100 for 15 es- ¬ at their millinery Y try press are strong and genuine In that will long be remembered by all show a decrease of 78270 6 per cent Miss Minnie Johnson sold her farm RTBaker tablishment butfrheir many new hatsr last recognition of the editor of The Enquir Amandaville ICy on lots which show a decrease weelcthe property known as the 20tf hose who were present uptodate in every particular have at¬ Johnson land lying on Pettisfork to er whose compliment of The News 521 tracted many ladies to their place of Mr S E Yates Mr T R Stults County Court Clerk man was possibly too broad in his last Casey county increased her list on business all of whom speak in gloring for three thousandofJeffersonvilleJqd1II has issued the following marriage li Destructive Fire weeks issue we can only say we hope both lands and lots but she was raised terms of the handsome stock now ready censes in the last few days S H that your efforts ano bility will be duly J 5 per cent for the purchaser These ladies em- ¬ Mrs William Winfrey mother of Wheat and Eva McEntire Wiri H appreciated in the home and city of Last Monday morning the dwelling Lands in Cumberland county showed barked in this businesshseveral seasons your choice in lifes great work O Winfrey got badly burned ilton and Cora Coomer Tom M Samueli house of Mr WT Dohoney who lives an increase but lots a decrease She ago and their elegant taste has built Prof M In Greensburgthe same cordial greet ¬ a few miles out of town was discover ¬ was raised 5 per cent InGreen county for them a fine trade They are assist at her home near Dunnville a few and Lillia Qadberry ing was in evidence though limited in ed to be on fire The alarm was given days ago It is said she can not recovthe raise is only two per cent ed this season by Miss Ernestine Kos er Montpelier Mill Company gjrinds and acquaintance and cut short in time our but by the time assistance arrived the Russell county increased her list both V stay was a pleasant one Greensburg flames were in such a headway they serwho is thoroughly up on every crushes corn every day Exchange flour as to lands and lots but she was raised feature of the business DrinkS Dope Cola and Grape Orig for wheat Flour and ship stuff for has not had a phenominal growth but could not be checked A large barn 5 per cent v Try a bottle sale Pay 125 for goodwheat an tors not imitators ste improvments all the while and stood near the residence which soon Tayloc county made an increase in i and be convinced Bottled by Ottley 20tf enjoys a splendid trade with the adjoin ¬ caught and both the dwelling and its lands Montpelier Ky j Will Probated and lots but 5 per cent was add- ¬ Hobson Campbellsville Ky ing country Presesd for time in the content with the exception of one bed ed The State is after more revenue I have plenty of fertilizer for corn adjustment of our business we only and the barn were soon in ashes The The will of the lateJ S Stapp wasThe enterprising citizens of Dirigo and tobaccoranging in price from 100 Y met a few who setmed closely allied loss estimated fct between four and probatedjp the Adair County Court have Display of Artistic If you need any with the people of this vicinity The five thousand dollars with 1000 insur ¬ gives iUineryJ last Monday The decedent ancTthe his this countyfor somebeen fighting for a to 160 per hundred the Columbia Rol ¬ daily mail time and last week call and see me near bulling of the pike between Greens ance 600 on the dwelling and 400 on wife eight thousand dollars reI ler Mill Soloman McKinley 203t s burg and Columbia was the main theme the barn Mr Dohoney has the sympa- ¬ Last Wednesday at the invitation of mainder of his estate to his children their efforts were rewarded of Conversation and a determination on thy of all his friends and neighbors one of the proprietors we visited the after all debts have been paid Mr I J W Blades who lives in Metcalfe The J R Watkins Remedies rep ¬ millinery establishment of Mesdames James garnet was named as Executor their part to accomplish it was strong The origin of the fire is not known 7 county just ov the Adair line lost resented by J B Grant in this < presented The enterprising merchants Hurt Eubank It was their opening of the will but he is undecided as to hir residence and contents by fire last county can also be purchased fromRobv ofth tcity realize the great worth of ADAIR CIRCUIT COU T day and many beautiful hats trimmed whether will take jip the duties 1 Monday nightr ertIudson or J H Pelly Columbia most artistically were on display a closer touch with Adair jsountj and F P Rice 4 22lm I Many ladies called during the day h1arewiUing and anxious to do their part Preaching Next Sunday itPourtJNOti e Eld F J Barger tand wife are now usual we visiiE irthe printer and Adair Circ who were very perfuse in their compli ¬ residents of Columbia and are occupy ¬ v Weare receiving private bids on our We F P Rice and 37 other qualified mints on the selection and makeup of found the editor of The Record an his T F Turner Red Lick ing their new home on Bbmar Heights store stand but have made no positive < pltcepf business a gentleman of North voters within the boundary proposed the hats and the taste displayed in ar sale Any one wanting a good sUnd W Hi C Sandidge Ebinezeri ing said court to establish tW town of 1dy who has had lirge ecperieie gl Mother and baby doing well > Jk M JPiiirce UnionChapels i W itlior fe I John Ward has devoted His timE znd talent jQane Valley according to the boundary the iniilineify business B rn to JRGrider Cdar E O1flt- g l Q daughter Moti to the advancement of Greiengbiurg set out in said petition andwe will on dames Hurt Eubank Miss Bes- edJ N Watheit Sociei Hill rd kickiM in thevside Satthday April i was i ii yMJw D i t5 VJ the 2nd day 6 the next May terni of Rcwe is JH Iei lad through his > paper The jGigenBb urgf and infant getting along nicely him up for a Y1GCIC VI 1 Jict f1ll1Y Wilson PinlrRidge j f 4 Record and is still at his po o duty said court moye sald court to establish i IABKAsey Columbia fl D Crnshaw wbohub it t a4t t Dr S therefor Mr Wood Lewis one tnelciding mer said town and ppomtoffice rjB6rn to the Gradyvi1e1 t f Miller Stot- sick for twothpnthss now able tdat Ji l1M chants and a Imanjdentified with the March2f 1O9 FP Rice andothers Cari1 J v P tzfewda37sagoaon ll busineae tend to i 21it best interests of iliis town and courity by wiLtis1Jlt2yn i Jv n t was enjoying a good trade We jdso tr W 1 Cve Providen e tf Last Frid was Anlor Day and tbe fi7i Ladies sailefor 26 met the ehterprisiiig merchaht W W S I Colliboyi ob rved it by p1antin < rl18iiri < Mitchell iMosS who have a b utifui JiJ i f 2ttf man trees i < < 1 1LTh pitelEIGHRORlNG ir ¬ v K Camptiellst II J LWTS BCI I LWTS I acquaintancesi ¬ r j t r I Ilousej limitsL f YO ¬ jnTennessee j ¬ t callr r k Five > 1 o I 1 ortii rlbut made1us 1 r of2 F r t L mf I ¬ L I p1 I Sf I 1 I 4As i his1f1 nat Pi- A e r L ff kiQ4t2Lt rhi j fi if iV t J3 Jt f- a Ik ln = I lI < I t iS T C Ni L ± V LJL P e t v < < it fI i 4i vr > > Fj vi i t Jr 7 if j ju infl I ji < bt l < = > t P p biiZ itff j y l < t v t t tJ E CT c if r > < < 1 4i L r 11t t 1 r t fI r tl 1 1 i t K It t- 14i A t < 1 I tbf 3i c r J t ti5D J < j IfI L It > 45 < J tJ i

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