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Image 4 of Cynthiana news (Cynthiana, Ky. : 1854), February 6, 1868

Part of Cynthiana news (Cynthiana, Ky. : 1854)

s:.'--aaj.w- -i C A. WLIiSTKK. THE BEST M. JIODC.KS. IF. WEBSTER & HODGES, Dm rAYLVG MI. aiKi se:e: US, BTBR1 REMOVED mu J toP ke street, we would respect-- 1 he ittwithm ef our friends, pa-- 1 the ublic generally t ;ir ml' lete iBsortment f gooda before purchas! gel where. IVe keep coustoutlj en hand il k M of i ' P - 4. TTnTt nahi I 28, l 7-- s .t (.:;nic;;s .. old on Main ii halt's drug store, a al i TTAYINO iformed a partnership with I 1 Wm. Ten rov. i the laanutaeture of Tin Ware, and in t he lie of every eharae-kitcbeparlor and ter of Stove, for the counting room, woum take tins occasion to return his thanks to the public for their liberal uatronaec, heretofore, and would most respect fnl. ask a continuance. The form will enlarge their bushiest in both departn, ments. We have purchased a large amount of lUuO tin-war- e, the" CASH FIGURES ever ollered Establishment where wewffl at tiiis lowest inarkeu in Mod to see our old an be pb to S30 1 v ho l.e.d work No. black Cloth Coats nsw friends. niav ."to IS We keep constantly on No. Wool Carimrn Salt iti our line. 21) to .Mi Land a good supply of SADDLES, Harness, Cassinett 12 to " ilridie. Collars and everything in the sad- One all Wool (' 10 to dlery audi liarii. - line. G to Oassnhett " Repairing doue promptly, with aeet-- " Lhasa 2 to ana, mm i:; a w orkm u msiiner. PANTS s invitd call to The pubUe generally ar $7 00 to $9 00 re an satisfied ah Wool Caanaera and examine our . fc, SSOtO 0 (HI a e shall be abba to ren lei- general aatfts-- L thai 3 :.) 2 SO to LiiM '.i MarsaQes FKNKELL. J. taction. SO to if00 Plain Linen janll.OG 1 -- FRESH rn r 1 50 to 60 to G have for sale are of the meet celebrated manufacture now in Market, and wUI he gold to suit buyera and thetiaiea, Mr. Shannon will take exclusive charge of the manufacturing department, la all its branches, and will attend lo all Jobs entrusted to bin care with alacrity. All work Boea as lloolinir. Giitterinr. spouting, and Copper n work. liUO. be executed la the best possible manner. The best workman, the country afContractors, Builders and fords have been employed for the estaMiah-lueit- t. CYKTHIAKA, Kl and the Hi Idle are invited to give us. At iiretiare.1 to contract mid bnliu sou- - a call before imrcliaslng elsewhere. I ..tflK ,!.... ;.. a w!i l.ast ;Hie hiani mi eei. i.'iieu uooi a .in . All! i A larro and eawplete rapplyof Mackerel, kin is of building material, consisting of north of the Joet OJtice, Cynthlann. White I ih. Potomac Berin, together with cvrrv i. tion oi umuer, biiiiic" - o.v. eale cheap at sn amount of Bacon. JuneC-- tf 'ath. on band and for sale fcav.Ki .T. !.'. I HI Kirs. Hire .- es.-n- ! I k HIOUT 0OB. BROADWAY ST. Lexington, Ky. Opened July 1st, 1807. Sin r r I Lucky Hsdhon Bfc Ceutral Uailroad dejiots. ol.C. T. WOltLEY. Hote late proprietor Pboc-uiii. Ji. BAltCLA I . JulTl-2- DEALEE IX We will en Mm ny, Heoemboc 23d, 16C7 offer lor At Qdst -- nd Bd0 Po X Id. 1 Ii . i I Notice to Hunters. 4 LL persons ill please tak uotiee that win not J V this permit pasgiiig rurougtj our farms, etcner auj for any amathsg or other purposes Mud every violation by tresspassers after tlie ttk of Uecembei, lew, w ill b? eallea to in Cyutbiana. to settle actb court-hu-- e i: i:SHAV. E. cording to law. ir . u) J. M. I'.KRRY. ;u duoijo 4jaanV008 jo sptui y ,rXl All kinds o genU jyrniahing Goodi will baflaaai raty cbaap aft C T. Dell-iiis- i Store. Hi . -t - I lttn tn vle stabli Sept.)-t- f tUat nnihin 3 ha vet Hoon veloped by medical lesearcb, that acta so! powerfully, positively and harmlegsly, in case- - ol female irregularity, as uoea tbfa medic ine. In all recent eases if never fails, while thousands who have been ln sufferers, are indebted to it for the boon of health oatr ! 1 1 . A XA, K E MUCK Y. J. W fiENAKER. BE prepared tn furnish Saddle Horses. Double and Single Buggiea 9Feed of all descriptions. Ha Corn and Oats furuhthedon reasoiisble tetma. tfe also have a good two-bor-sc team for theacconuModation of tliose whohnve haul W!i(uesaleaiid Retail dealer in il inr to do. Borsea are bought an at all sold tllllCS. Medicines andChemicals, !A1XTS. oi: sfant Iv on Dec. Dye ( !;(!"- -. Perfumery. UlAX. Ky and a cc kei)s of the follow Drugs, Medicines and Dv sinfTs Perfumery and Fan. v .rticles; All the popular hair "oils; All the hair dyes; All the line caps; Hair, tooth, clothes and Taint brusbusindow (.lass putty and Oils: Taints, dry and in oils; Lamps and burning tmbhs Brandies and Winea for medical purposea All the achooJ books: our stables We are now prepared to train horses, to either saddle or liarness. Mr. Korman has had aeveral yeara experience in that line, and warrants general satisfaction. -- 13, - I'uLLANDS y. Although so powerful and positive, they perfectly liannle s. and may be used at all times, except when specially forbidden ill the directions. Thev have been extensivelv employed bv eminent physicians In Trance and England; as well as in my own practice, over ten s and I have y.1 t to h. ar of the tirst in- could give you testiuio- oi failure. nials of their efficacy from ladies ii over . and the Northern North States, were they not in their re, Over 100.000 bottle- - lutve Letn aohl the last year, and I hope awl ti'i.-- f as DttUiV I am scii aufferera have been benefited. aware that a remedy so potent to remove ah obstructions, may he used fori had purpose, but trust that wneu one bottle id thus used. ten mav iau mio uic nanus, oi reailv n- e.i lufferers. To all w ho Butler from any irregularity: painful, dittcult. excessive, oli'en-iv- e or Menstruation. Lucorrhea, or the traiu of diseases that fbllew, 1 would my, try a bottle of Dr. Lvou'a French Periodica' I)nis. Eelngaflnid preparation, theb action is more direct and positive tliau an pills or powders. Kxpli. it directions, bearing in- tacshnile, aecompauy each bottle. They may be obtained of nearly every druggist in tbe country, or by enclosing the price to ('. o. ( lark ft f .. New Haven, UU Geucral am nta for the I'nited States an Canada. DU.JOIIN L. LYON. Practicing Physician, New Haven. Ck. Mar-lv Price 910 per Bottle. 11 magic unions POWDERS!!! Blank 'SM!!S PREPARATION IS THE PIS-yeacovery of tlie Rev. J. W. Poland, merly imxtorof the llaptlat church baQonV ii.-town. N. ilvri v Im.1ov...i k that denomination throughout New Ena land. He wa obliged to "leave the pulpit and study medicine to save bis own life, and his M igie Powders are one of thr mojt wan derful uLscoveriea of modem times it i the great Liverand Blllona remedy, which completely thrown in the shade all othei dlscovi rie- - ii! luedh'lne; and it afmrdaj aha much gratilieatiou that they receive the uimuhuons approbation of all who havs tested them. The Magic Bilious Powders are a positive cure fbr Liver Complaint. In its m t agravateu form, and an immediate corrector of all Bilious Derangements, Excellent for beadacbe, coustipatiou, pimples, blot; he-- , a callow I. in. drowstuess. dbnd nc-heartburn, palpitation and a most wonderful en re and preventive for Fever and .. n e nil v. no aie iroiuueu I nc njcuir. With this fear fi; suaiadv to alw avs keep tin i Il-x- book-- ; Jewelry and Photograph Albums; ( hey big and amehilis; Tobacco; Gsdtar and Violin strings; Erench and English Lmmuaalaj All the popubur hair dressing; All the hair I n vigoratives; All the ToBet Articles nsed bv gtntlemea and ladies; Stationery, including all kinds of paper uul ink p. ns. Ac. Spectacles. L ad pencils. J pockets Books, Constantly on hand a supplv of Howe A Stephen".; Family Dyes and I'h.unphlets; Every Patent Medicine under the sun of character; All the popular Novels and cheap publications; Hymn Books and Bibles; (igars of every variety: Sponges. Syringen and in short thing that is kept maarst class Drug Store. A.-.- ; Prescriptions carefully compounded bv m:. MflUMi l.. liAWiUAS. an druirsist. rieuced s. J., . U Bilious A Bcctious. i'd. Titey are ii'( onlv known remedv thai ;'i ure Liver Contphilnt. !d. riiey are tlie only known remedy uliI Cj i. UlUii : .21 f 1 prepaard V FSugar, Tea cure Constitution. The .'owners are M thorough in their ojm ration ;!.ar one pan kage will be all that the majority of those uiiig them w ill require to ctSbct a id e. i)th. Tht y are inibl and pleasant yet the most effectual catiiartbi known. Dth. The arc the cheat est and best aed- wUI !th. AND lV thing " that JLj.Iu.1 ii tiVLLiaiiliU Here area few Important particulars: 1st. They are the Gnat SpeeltM for all JEWELRY Xi .r in the to furnish Jobber will and Coffee, In fact, everi grocery line, ATCincinnatj Prices !!!! Freight and Prayage added. Wewonld call tlie attention of Farmers and others, who are in the habit of pnrrhmhaa WATCHES. FOE BALE. their goods at the river, to eur atari an3 prie s. V. think we can .mike it to their elrv establishment to to ny man to interest c lay in their supplies in this mar-- k icinc extant a tb can c t. think any part of the oritl for the Price, SO cents, we buy strictly we understand our business; fbr have adopted Circulars, con fining ci rtiaeates, infor-t- the motto of ahorta cash amiand (piiek profits salea any part of the world on a cnan unae. In the Post Ottlce Building, where be will niation, &c, sent jan.lo-67-tbe pleased to see his friends and the public free of charge. Sold by all druggist . or by mail on generall y, lie keeps a good assortment of I cation to C tt CO , General Agents New Haven, Coaa Watches and Jewelry, Price 30 ecu ta per box. Mar21-l- y. And will attend promptly to all orders for repairing. He reels satisfied that he can barrels of salt in store and for sale. please all who may entrust their work to bis care. Thankful for past patronage, he J- H. CARTFR. May:;o LLI solicits a continuance of the same. Ml LLEESBUKG K V Sept2d-t- i G of tlie .Me Kim House FAH0YPcacbi Caned Thh wi '' knon ii hotel la now i tlie accommodation oi ::uests. opened Pine Apjd. s. HOLUNGSWORTH'S A COS. All the lor Sardines, old patrons and traveling public generally Lob-t- e are requested to give us a call, ataopaiat Oy :cr . will be spared to give satisfaction. Pickles. Julyll-t- i J. IV. I 'OS WAY. Pried Pea-.heLocated at Covington, Lexington. NewDried Apples, port and Louisville. Ky. Also the old BaPreserved GtnCKj tine article, I have for rale, at my store in the Post con College, Cincinnati. Ohio, and the GregJ. Mies, oiSce buihliiig. on Main atreeta ory National, at Indianapolis. ud. Citron, These colleges employ none but the best Baltimore Honey Syrup. Lais ins, instructs is. Course of Instruction embra- Belchers best Golden Syrup, 'urranrs. ew ( bieana aloutsi es, ces all the late.--t improvements, and arc And in fact every thing in that line. recommended by leading business men. aud A general vari !y of Canned Fmlta, teachers everywhere. For further part ic- A fresh supply or Oranges, Lemons, Figs. I. T. Mi UTIN. Ealsins, Ac. ulars and circulars, all on Cbas. T. Daniel, ni:t-tattorney at. la v. ( ynthiana, aud BCliciting Everything complete that can be baans in a large f amily Grocery Sept&-- tl agent for these colleges. TOBACCO AND C1GABS, Of the finest brands, at & CO! A. KATZENS1EIN i Confectionery & Grocery, (Opposite Main Street, o f. For Sale Sn 50 Seeing the necessity and wantsof the pec-p-ie of Cyutbiana and vicinity, and bein desirous of meeting those wants, wo have coueludod to cstablisb a LUMBER YARD "Where we shall keep all kinds and rrades of pine. Cherry, walnut and poplar. We also propose to x,eep a auperior article of pine and poplar shiugles. Also best ar ticleof seasoned pine and poplar lath. All partie- - wlahing orders tilled, we obli gate ourselves to furnish the above article at Covington prices with tlie freight added. Also DOORS, BASH AND BLINDS, Business 6E0CEEIES. College f. llayaO Kept constantly on hand at factory prices Wholesale and retail dealer in foreign and domestic CAltrENTER ec UliO S. Court-Hotis- e,) ( PIKE STREET - Lumber Yard. i vnthiana. Ey. it;ou KjyuKjiu uaiu jjjj.iKjjbvJin.ii CI G AllS AND TOBACCO FANCY GP.F.Y j OE-OPENIX- H. G. NEIBEL LT.MAETLVS. BED, AugS-t- PRICES. CrNTHIANA MEDICINES quality. WINE, &c. ,t the lowest l rice at the RTONI FRONT C. I. UELLLNQ, Qaa removed t his Store Rorna AMI PRICK PAID FOR 1 r IGUEST Sheep Peit-- , UidcK Tallow and other . A. EVELETu. mmaSry prodnce. ew AT CINCINNATI BcptT9-3i- u Carefully compounded day or nilit. ALL ORDERS CORRBCTLY ANSWERED. EIMBHOUGB Airil2.Vtf - i Prescriptionfl l-2- cts II I LL. appli-U.CLAE- K Warranted pure and of the be?t saijjad WARS AXD IIOUSE FURNISHING ; PPMEaspfcr distilled arhlsky, nheheal Apple Brandy, french brandy, merament kiuts, pureenCawha a'bse, i;uk!iivr wines and chain- Longworth's ahsa. and in fact ail kiudot iriues.fAV tab 5iuHsiiutij Alt nCLEflC PainU, OOa, Dye Stuffs. Window Glasa,'Scbool r.n.l Uank 13ook, Stationery, il'c, Ire. lUTai OlklllO MaXalBBESI Dec3BH-3- ui f Ui Cs (For iedical Porposea.) . FLA svl 1 Vl TV' WINES AND LIQUOES PceJM iuti: 1 flUIiE iMsOBTED And Eastern Jeans. ? y, TIN HAIttd: TOOTH BHCBnES, Fur "1 NnbiaB, at Y HO A PH. I FIXE TOILET Shawls, Cloaks. WHISKY, ( .1 Leer, and Minds, MEHICIXE8, CHEMICATA PEHFI M RET, French llerinoes, CUaOM.' (1 'I la ii DEUCdi, Empress CDothes, Best Prints 12 This Machine without a superior in the world. It runs as ma and easv ami with as little noise as aiiY first class machine in market. It w ill sear from the aaaaamt leather to the finest hank bill and makes evcrr atitch nerfeet. It hems, fells, binds, eaam and tucks; and is adapted to every variety oi work. It h atrong, compact" an durable, am: will latwenty yeara, for ordinar? family ROW lug, if not broken by accident or carelessness. Bat it U wndsaa tr nnrrnhj Ihrng llstef tlie merits of this imu hii.e bs--t I fore the put. lie. - the peoresl concern; fur-- I them in the greatest abundance. All nish can try thia mnehine by calling o the atrent and it will proclaim its, own merits. of the Singer New Family Sewing Machine, ; STRHT.P. PLAID, and PAIfCW Dress Qoodd and Cfilrq Bab AND OTIlEIt TOOLS. pacauEa m Hate. Bonnctee Cloak-Drs- CARPENTERS, Buccestorto II. W. Suawhaw. Cost, OOOD ALL MILUNERV COOrKRS, nub, J, Otwe CASH ONLY, Dmra in mv mm nraetiee. over ten vears. and do not hes- - - rroprietora. m to Planter's House, COVINGTON, KY. . For near 7th St. Market Vest door of Theatre and Post Iraisvllle and Keu- - Within one Mjuare Office, and near the L PENCE, J.ViS SOUTHERN HOTEL. TUOS. II. CYN T TTAVT! testnd tnese 1 nil county, for the WALNUT BTESET, Trreo'ularities!!! Wo Maua Gooda Establishment. All cheap for cash. W. L. NOltTHCUTT. nov2.fiatt PERIODICAL DROPS! The Stoves WIU ( a.m e. livery: l The Great Female Ecmedy for Sheet-Iro- 1ABFEXTEK GUNSMITHING. Boots and Shot s, Hats and Cans, Queens and (ilas-waran ami on no Mozamhuques, a- LYON'S 00 Airill$-l- v 1 J. J. GOOD, Guns, FSslola, and all kinds of Pitta! Cartridges. Superior Gun raper, Powder, l'owder Fasltiouablc Cloths & Casimers. Flasks, Shut Bags, and all Organdies, btockings and nose. kinds of sporting Napkins and Vesting, r.dl dc Cherres, apparatus. Genta ravats. Also a large.'istrtnient of Keys on Hoop Bkirts, Gloves and Silks, hand, and fitted to suit Stationery ofaH kinds, Prints and ( 'aliens, locks of all kinds. And Gooda of every description. In fact AT. SO the cxelusive ri'dit of ITjirrisnr thai is kepi in the tirst . lass Dry everything and can CHEAPER BATES than heretofore. 6 Cottoo Vesta from - & Co. DELHN0 C. T. hi- g FAST WORKING MACHINES, For the manufacture of therefore afford tu furnish it at CCOBDING tothcgreal reductions in Woolen Goods, also to the scarcity of mom v. I am now prepared to sell my Goods, l OULD bear to inform stock oi We are also prepared with a splendid Hearse to attend Funerals,' with Metahc and Wooden cases. OOPurchasers ore respectfully invited to call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. CHEAP FOR CASH. We are agents for the sale of lumber and coal, at this place, for Z. Cusli-inoct3-t- CL OTHINCc!!! hi Cuson I Ky friends and customers, that in addition to Msateek on Jands, he U now receiving a large apd dben &e. KEW BPRING & BUMMEB FENNELL, Dm Ju Sheet-Iro- n . MANUFACTORY. st tf aa nrr bed-roo- -- ri A. Tin, Copper & RESPECTFULLY INFORM theeittxena of Harrison and the ad joining Counties thai he has purchased the ex lusive right of thU greatest of i m prove ptentsou Stove Trimmings, and would call the attention of the public to them. Is la believed that one Mt of these trimming will out-latwo or three of the ordinary kind. He would also inform the nubia; that ha is prepared to do all kinds t' Job work with neatness and dispatch, together with bit ordinary business of Tin. Copper, Sheet-Iro-n ooeng. Guttering, Ac. Keeps ooastactJy hand the best of Stoves and Castings. FRANK liQX. Marl4-l- y Something Hew, Come and See. J. AND H. S. SHANNON & CO, T1TOUI-.- A-.- . imi i HAVE JUST m?i IRTEDA LARGE and superb lot of Furniture of every description, consist itijj; of Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Bureaus, AVashstands, Fancy Stands, Lounges nnd Cribs, Matrasses, single and double, Chairs, description, Tin Safes. of every Breakfast and Dining Tables, cilice Sets, and desk Stools, Fine (Mill's Patent FAKNK BOX, s, .vs-c- fit trimmings. Pidntera' and Glaziers" Findings, h, Otam, tad Patty, Paints. Oil-- , and Cutlery of all hinds, j Uwka, Na'ii-- . j.og. Droa-t- . and Trace MBfaa Waai aai BaWEj IV, Ac cr Indeed everything conducive to Ike health plaamere an' eomforl of mankind. at Cumc and aee a, a- - we ue i Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, clad sides and Iron clad bottom stove , i Splendid Assortment MatraSeS. Copner GLASS AND QTJEENSWAEE, Oyo-tu.T- nrifl Tvif.dion of Stove Vessels All kinds Except Great Excitement!! W. L. NoirniCUTT, Importation of Household Corner 'Main ft Pike Street-;.- , Cyutbiana. A A'ew AGAINST I I. WXXCH' cartfits. WA M ii' eaSI A. New Furniture Establishment. -- troi'is ai and con Hardware, II. M. KKLI.KH. W.M.i 1 11TON The beat White Wheat high ground Flour for ale to suit purchasers Main street, in Poet otnee building, at .t.ii. Mayan Groceries and Hardware From fully 'S. SHANNON White Flour, or Tiko Mvtaatl Ho! II j Dry Octl7-t- f CiJqocIs. J. IL OABTFFJ'S. mm REMOVAL. C. G. LAND & DKALKIIS Co., IN Fancy Goods. Notions, Ladies and Gents Ladies wishing to purcliaso Furnishing Goods, Fresh Oysters aeros! up nhyM and day. TnquircTor the Star Dry Gooda Store, Foreign & Eomcstic Dry Goods Furs, Bonnets or Eats, T ocks, Hixges, Scnxwa, Nails. Evmtv-- 1 and the public Madison J thing in the building HIS friendsit to their nitereat togenerally Pistols. Large assortment line. Guns and Drexeliua Building. and Pike,street between Will Inid it to their interest to call at And call and Sixth of table cutlery Hats. Caps. Cloths. Oassimercs, OloTes, Hoi- purchase their ftupplifjs. His tobacco and at reduced pnees. Agricultural iinpliiueuts aery, thaspenders, Ac.. naMra removed to their cigara are of the anest quality. COVINGTON, KY. kinds. "Funks Plows."' The best tajrThe best Duality otlmgt Beer for of aU drawer In the country. Our stock water ah- by th:la-- . ntav31,66 a is full and complete. of band-Ss- w Afid axajBina lier Best Prints 12'oc; Bleached Cotton as low ian.'ll-t- f. as sc: Balmoral Skirts al yi H and apwarda; ON English Gingham "HE undersigned haa now on hahd and TREET. Ladut, MUset and Ckildtent from $1 If to f 00; at l"e; Ladies' Shawls Before purchasing. A complete line Where they FIKE glad to see all who the 'inest White Blankwill be kinds of Lumber and is prepared to saw and ets 12-- 4 at N'.i; tiuest French Merino I ' , yards Lasting, Kid. Morroceo and Calf, mav favor them w itb call. idth SI 10; till bills at the abortest notice. Also, a srist Gooda w ill he sold very low for cash, J sr Sewed and Pegged Boots; Bulmard's in was 94 per set: Furs of aU descriptions aa low lathe and shingle mill. Patronage respectto iroinpt paying customers. etc., l'olish Bootees, fully ioiicited. Dress Goods Reduced Forty per cent.! Nov. 1st. IjajMjr JUST RECEIVED. Flannels as low as 15 cents; Wool Flannels JIade to order for the ''Stone Front." Will Grind on Friday's. All kinds of Hats low lor Cash at as low as '20 cents, and all other goods in pro- Bleaching, Pressing and Stamping A. BLADES. portion. All Wool Caaarfmerc as low as 7r C. T. Dellings New-Stordone to order. cents, and best Harrison Caasimerea 91 Cuj On band and fhrssle SO barrels of 2 & 3 all descript'ons rear old Copper Whisky, and 5 barrels of Twte have nude arrrngementa to supply Jeans ofand best 7.j cents. and colors as low Corner Pike and Walnut streets, near tha Octai,"07-t- f as cents, octir-t- f North arolina Apple Brandy. Orders Bankin House W the trade at Cincinnati prices. to box 61 will be promptly attended 1. T. MAIiTIN. rpiIE ae (MintsA a, id notes of Leon Cuson EES, IStt Con ne rev the, June Id. J. and Cuson (.arm tt, have been ut in anSI -- tf LUST OAJtPETINGh MEBTN09, nay hands fbr -, Pugs. Matting; OannisU and L.t. e Curt;.ins. POPf.IN ALPACA, ing themselvea coflectibn. toAll those knearindebted them will plehsaj iuu( io tfXn a0jiaMow po ami) 'Q )poai no Oil Shades, Wall Paper, A:e., at the "Stone SILKS. DELAINES, Ac, Ac, I call and settle. OctJl-t- t Front," Cyntbiava, Ky. ) AL the "Monc 1 runt."' aspocs(i u;3,i "x MayS-- tf liao C. W. WEbT. -- Lumber, Lumber, lt. martin. I reductioYIn prices. Mtb. L. Bents' S COCK & PRICES NEW STORE, Fancy Goods J0. j SALT. SALT. jj tni9Q i NOTICE.

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