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Image 1 of Cynthiana news (Cynthiana, Ky. : 1854), February 6, 1868

Part of Cynthiana news (Cynthiana, Ky. : 1854)

32 Pleasant Street Office No THE CYN TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, ioQan a year in advance or $3 at the end of the yefr one siuaro. Wc 1U lines, or leas. insertion 1 50 3 G ri 1(H)!) of the - isetHr "metropolitanandhotel. ecoiid, jfaiw Mivrt. bet. HDBEXELIUS, n.vxr rOUt a hoy 13 years of age, Yooilg Jam of the Phreeanezi saloon. the remained at iii? po- -t in the hack saloon, (in d game of euchre.) after the a party" had brokeap in a general "bust," and every ' hand" had oeen abandoned his own and thatof one remain lus ad- reixary. This thrilling poem is after the manner of -- (.asibianca ' athundering long har-khei- single-hande- ix-lec- nt KY. COVIN 3 TON, tf T.ui.on, ways: Clothing and Gent Dealer in Beady-HaW. 4.TBCBSTOK, Proprietor. The hoy held on the gieaay -- Cock,' FnrnUUnc I loods. House. Paris. Ky. h- - Kat corner Madison and Btxtt Late of Bourbon When :d! bo him had lied; Sout Ky. Jan. 24, lHi". With the Me of trumps hid under his hat TTAVDTO porehaaed the interest ol Mr. Street. Covington. 1 I N.Wrarr i;i the Metropolitan Hotel, And he hadn't another "rod."' w. v. nam an-MMMMd its entire management. I v. c. nu. comft SMITH. pledge My andlvided attention for the Vet beautiful and bright he gat, WHOLESALE G 110 EPS, fort of it- - guest. As horn to win or lose, W. A. THURSTON. Aug-.'-::With the ace ot trumps bid under hi hat. OOMMISSIONMEROH A NT8, OLAXTEB'S IK l USE, And a "bower" or two in his clulhe 1 Late Magnolia mi so. Madison Street, No. 12 Pike street, Covington, Kentucky kotsreen Ftkoand feventk, UuvlmgUm. Ky. Liquors. Foreign and Domestic The game wr nt on he would not go Tids bouse - located in Uae central portion, mch22,08 without his (atber word. vith irat class aecomnwlattooa. It baa re reattty beea renovated and reAirnk bed, with rAHS. ASM A a X. That (atber, drunk on the BOOf below, the beat of forntaire. The table will be J BcccKsaon to a. w. M'noxxoi.n' His voice no lonjrcr beard. with everything the market afford. WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER harircs moderate. Dc ealied aloud, "say. daddytany, W. V. SMITH. Pro'r. al4JM Drexelious li'dlding. Madison Stru t. Hadn't 1 better go It alooef Contantiv on hand a complete anaett I'LCKIIVKlt It. PRCKOVKK, meut of tine Jewelry, Watchea, ailver ant De knew not htal tbe eblaftala biy Pcckover & Co., Dentists, dated ware, line table cutlery, xc. UnconacaNU of Itiaaou. j:iiilS,(U PAEIS. CYXTUIAXa in Cyntlii-tffj;ii,"Sjieak. daddy!" once'agaii: he cried, gyfjHavinf opei.eM an olliee ee their old JJEW VOBK DBY GOODS stoke, will be pleased to Tin playing niybea! ibreven.' ons and the public generally at anytime pat; A. UB0GIXGER, but the man on the other ride All work done at Cincinnati prices, and in a Dealer in Staph and Fancy Dry Goods. Tlo- - And Ordered him up on the teren. patlslaetnrv manner. Prompt attention givsierv. Embn kleriea and Fancy Good,. en toeallf iu lliecountry. Oiliceov r X Pikeet, Covington, Ky, novJQ,63tf . 1 nov22-GG-- tf Bis conntenanec fell when his ear caught XVMthat. MX George Sehr, Blacksmith, .l.vs. U U9-Hut it wasn't a time to grieve. HENDEBOH & LONG. Sbopoti V"a!niit Street. Cyntbbun, Ky. So he dayed hint lie aee from under hi- - hat. ALL new Work entrusted to And the Ttflbt bower" out of his kleevC1 Sash Ttuilders and aaannlketuren of lilm will ie done on reaaouable lg done Doors. Blind, Flooring. Weatber-Boartlln- gJ rin and Jt ' Ym-ol aecofdiugfeo natare. Everything done in my and Shelving, also furnishers id all kllMWfin- And he abonted lond once more at hut, "My daddy! mu-- : line, will b- done with prowptneM and t( bracket, cornice, inouhling and Inaide stayr" i'tit those who ,nay favor me with their cus- ish. While oVr the table thick and fat and BaBroad, and nnder-stand- c sth treet. hot. Madi-otom. Ueb abm a PAltBiEB, The fluttering "pasteboards" BOW. KfAiM COVIXGTOii KV the dlwaxea ff boraea. Aug22-t- f .M. lIOBJbY. J. T. T!ie tallon dipbarned fitfully wild, OHIO. CINCINNATI, BUCK AS Posters, Labels, i Hand Hill Ticket. Wank inon - aaandkl - nof - e4 DCr"A few day a ago Judge E.kine reltiicd to allow General Toombs to practice as a lawyer m the court over which he presided. Alter the court adjlirnei1 lliG General sought lie Ju(1? in ,lis roomi a:i(1 expressed ln-- kJa oth-noin- nLL , I J P,!,1()11 as folio 'Sir, twenty years ago, when you were drinking butter nnlrc out ol a swiil-tur in the bog-- 1 was a before the court which you Fifteen years ago, now disgrace. when I was a Senator in L'ongre-- , ;tou were selling lager beer from behind the counter of a groggery, and at no period in ten years has any gentleman seen the time he could notice voU 0,1 tho strcet?: a!ul .vou' sir' are Penljred in accepting the olfico vou now lld, presume to refaftfl gen to practice beloro l!eni.on lhe ou ' , b gen-cur- l rth-rnt- i" hanna nandka rnmdl 1 de a. NO. 51. 18G8. Program, amines Carta, u r iir ( arc's IreularA, Party Tickets, BW- HhU Funeral Ticket We aie prepared 'o execute all kind BOOK. FI.I-- IN.AND FANCY and iMnotr:itinrr. IIa iantnnQs W voitonmt ni ,nn;i saw with a keen glance and grftJd lineatiens cl his character or his use- wilh a strong hand the heart ot his ful services to tho 8tate, in tlie varj. subject. His fertility of resource wasjous phases of his 'public historv but exhaustless. lie could treat the most would simnlv venture a word of'ca, difficult topics playfully and vet with ;eral tribute to his memorv. A man the prolbundest ability. His contro- - of singular constituent elements of vcrsial talent was a formidable weap-- ' character, ho was Ike ' builder ol kk on, bid he adorned it with wit and own lame and iortune; peculiar in his grace, as soldiers on holidays place ro-- nature and habits, often dark mrste. ses in tne muzzles oi tneir musKeis. nous and unpenetrable, he stood alii is denunciation, when he was roused most alone among men a purely into anger, was as crustic as frozen iner-- ; tellectual embodiment; kind and In terseness and incisiveness erous, it is true, when awakened by and vigor of style, epigrammatic the exigencies or mislortunes ot and keen antithesis, we do not era. but monmllv nra,m :i tnMAAmm know his superior, hardly his ual, 'aspect, although under a manly and in all the American press. most imposing exterior. He walked As a man, Mr. Harney was kind the stage of this world, wrapt in the an1, just and true in all the relations solitude of his own exalted tboaghrs, of life. Ilewasoia most genial dis- - but olten Irom the vast caverns ol hough sometimes genllv his brain there burst forth eiucida-- i position. pilncinlea. sarcastic m Ims remarks, Ins heart was Hons of great jramMFwt and wwh i rr nnink. bo-re- e. Dealers in Liquor and Grain, Pike street between Madison and Washington, ncartlu depot. K. C. JJ. Ex-pre- 6, lectwasofa verv noble order, clear, "Jam-ho-roe- ." i Grocers and Commission Merchants Sah-Stabl- e 1 v e ltisebi k nts i a. HAYS, TTUGHES Arst-ema- s. -- a oo vi n m in ( 200 feet CYNTHIANA, KY., FEBRUARY VOL. XII r. M Cars stop Accommodations hour for breakfast. Large i Livery and attached General Stage dflaoft. Agent,' Adams Company. Proprietor. T. It IIAMvIX, tdsM NEWS $1 00 Each additional Three months Six month. One vear HOUbK, KaNMNbTKKCT, within ill it, rYTf'TUTV kV. Cynttiiana News Job 0:g. J 0 B 5 K1NTIN H t, prucli-tionec- nht 1 : i :. a m--z- Georgetown vesteruay morning, in tl " dbi" Which voting Vilher,Poon, a student, not know that he ever had a personal l men signdicance and was is thought not but i ii , t.ini lit uu . i t utiitit uiiu nu iiuutri, uiaKiiii:iililSlin'r imnress. es. mtairv. lie teceneoi .i h iiul-anois, Iimmimk ivicbl ill ....... ...... H rw,m" 'one in each arm and one in the leg. V l not The difficulty oriiuatedthe morning aC,,0n; -- "uu..i i.ut. iiiucu ior tne euuear-- .1 pieMOUS OCtWeen WithersDoon and a . Tl,m-s MMfnrn mo.v vv n '! no bitterness in his soul. Ah, manv o studv and exoonnd Ik Jtown marshal, ulien fWsi;t,." -, . " i . , t . tne latter srrucK Witherspoon wifli a ii 77. urn i.njii HgMiut uiui iiou uiiu laws or ins country. In .u Yesterday morning it was rein his life, but only lean are sited for this the entire man seemed to be ab-- ! stick. newed, and while they weie firing at him now. We Oiler our heart's most'soibed. each other across the street, a son ot' earnest synpathy to the bereaved onos k.i)cop oll stani front engraven. Mr. Pullen's, and deputy marshal, Deliberation aat and pnblie care."' ot his estimable and highly talenced came out of a store in tlie rear of As one of Senphus said of Themi- laruilr, whose love was a halo around h's death-be- d and will be a halo around stocles, 4le jwa3 not honored so Witherspoon, shooting him, and wounds. the much lor hat own sake, but ior his lus grave. Frank. Yco. country's.'' And like that great, l?etii aa" Daatf Slijali SSic. Athenian soldier and statesman this; Facta and Fautcn. man rose from obscuritv. and bv his BRBCB OF HON. T. L. JONES. unaided intellect and energy placed himseli in the front rank of his State Deer ' fills many a bottle, and tho Mr. Jonet Mr. Speaker: ai.d ins country. Like Themistocles, bottle many a bier, "The ocean of And flicki red on liigh, too he came to the sad determination Breaks upon life's rocky shore, that cvorvi : Josh Bi!Ii And gkauned In the race of the gallant child. ol being as also did Demosthenes and With its turmoil, with its sorrow, heaven, but none of u.ants to go to And almost blinded his eye. Ca o, and other renowned heroes and Kvennore. ah. evermore! abont lt. lhem are in a lm statesmen ol the past. iSimilar ex-- ' Flowing, ebbing; ebbing, flowing, It flickered up. and flickered down. SallT Ann let mo Tlie first time amples also have unfortunately oc- Its emotions change and filidc; And at last disappeared in the socket, n caned of great men in more recent kiss licr 1 ielt as ,f 1 wa: Tears of unknown sorrow throwing And the man at the table, who "hailed from ol 'a rainbow, with ankee liistoiy. Solemn shadows o'er the tide' but still shall not their tlie town, oodle under each arm and a big Tlie lessons of yesterday and to- - names be honored; II' Chatam shall Slipped all of the stakes in his pocket. between my day, sir, should inspire us with deep say of the great Lord Clive "A hea- - lnmk of maPIe US And then with a baratof thunder sound solemnity and invite our serious con-- j ven born general who without expe- - teeth- And kicked nrer table and chairs. ternplatiou. Happy would it be for rmuce surpassed all the soldiers of On what'side of a church does a time:'' if Macauiy shall say of lhe J tree growl The outside. And cleared the door at a ingle bound us, and lor the dear country whose And slid down the ba:i:ster-.-tairervants we are, ii in tne midst ol same , -- jia cry iiersor. wno takes a lair Why is an elephant like a brickbat? our noisy harangues, bitter dilleren-ces- , and enlightened view of his whole from tlie Louisrilie Journal. Because he can't climb a tree. and jarring disputes we culd career must admit that our island, so fc:tt;a ei Joana H llauriaeji find more frequently some circum- fertile in heroes and statesmen, has If you wish anything to be forgotstance or occasion (if indeed, not un- - scarcely ever produced a man more ten, write it on the inner side ol tho Another of Louisville for other3)in which to give truly great either in arms or in coun- study door. poranes is gone, ana prooaoiy tne us pause, patience and cnaritv. it cil,'' may not, then, Kentucky be Every peacock is well convinced n ablest we have had. Mr. John II. such resolutions then and now bc- - pi oud of her statesman. that the eyes of all the world are up Ilarney, Senior Editor of the Louis- - lore the I louse bring not to cur no-- ! BO W here aptly pay homage to his on his tail. ville leniocrat, died at his home near ticc events producing these divine in- - worth! Who shall defy the decree of liiddleton yesterday morning at 5 fluencea, then it would seem Ave are (atei Who shall judge the cause of Hercules was probably a grnt bis lavonie cam was me sad "taking oflT uJudge not o'clocl after a long aud painful ill-- 1 lost to the kindlier instincts and ayua- ace of spades. ye oe judged. ot civilized men. neat. patuies "Uriel least John Ho kins Harney was born should be the instructor ol" the wise.'' "The hour shall come A man is badly oiT if, in a hard winUnnatural acts or incidents impress When they wbo think to bind the ethereal ter, lie has chinks m Lis roof and no February 2 1800, in Bourbon spirit, and mother dying us gravely, often strike us with alarm ty, Ky. Hi chink in his pocket. Who, liko the eagle hovering o'er his prey, when he was eight years ol age, he and overcome us with awe. If you think that your opportuniWatch with fnjekeya and strik aud strike Which of us would have supposed, was brought up by hit uncle, Judge :iLraiu ties are not good enough, you had Mills. He graduated at Miami Uni sir, that the estimable representative a sinew vibrate, better improve them. versity. Soon alter lus graduation he Irom Ohio, who so lately left tins hall If but wisdom tolly.- - shall confess Their to desccraie hc fcnjy, was elected IVufessor of Mathematics with joyous heart to repose for a Jf A, r. Speaker ol the man whom we bang a tabie'of commandments in the Indiana 'diversity. Here he brief period m the bosom of his it may be deliantly said, even petuall v before the eves, three or four years, after Hy, wa soon to be Stricken down by ' , , which he was Pnifetsor of Matbe-- the hand which he himself had warm in these times of the The more we sFeak ol 0,irs)eiV0; ia loyalty of men, he was a true and unities in Hanover College, Indiana, ed into life, and upon which be hoped patriot. His lovaltv, sir, superlatives, the more will others In 1858 lie accepted the hrofeasorsbip to lean in his declining year-- ? What indeed, was not vague and indefinite, 5Peak of 116 of Mathematics in the Louisville a tad and mttable aberration of poor consisted in exact obedience Col n kaaaanaa waver .i., College, ol which he became Presi- human nature Mas there! What " '..' r i "i..... .,.i ;. UMU wi dent. When he was a little mire olation is spread around a home and "VTr " wif in the water, some of lhe great lights '.:U- !' iriJ 'V'f-lii"i irli t o ml utivuuii w mi UW.U1C3 ui niu in he was married to lamiiv but vestenlav ' n than twenty-onw Ul C1! Ill 111 i.v ........ I., l o " "S""1 .l auu gu.ooea 1... the Miss Marlha Wallace, daughter of beantifui. Impenetrable Innm nmv wplldotinp.l Ao love irom cnuurcn is sweeter hnlanMM n,d . .i . ! i nr ii .i. ti severity: so ry lv: . . V" b.P:il CniKtitniim, ! r0 7""" " b" " who iMjB than that w hich follows.weet. soil oil . in nan clergyman he took bad its Messed abode. And the bitter olive is 'nolo' from charge of tlie Louisville Democrat would have thought sir . that the tna huiAnni ul nnml ihertasest J, . r. him Koit He expresseu. 7, K. 7. when Kentucky was overwhelmingly manlv lorm ol Kentucky s distinmade the constitution the polar star Joy may take her wreath rmdmako . . ... nor manv irtnvluvi b :i lAmnn Wlior. of ms voyage m life, lie loved his it a wedding ring ot friendship or .ft. tim Ann .invisd ' , .C COUlltlV With hlS Whole soul; it ab love; and gnel may do the same with 1v.K.wln1,;,l1.r,.,ltnl!;,n k fl,,-- i it. , ui uudviiii., n.'i ,1 ana "uiui iiivj a ij uiui nit; IV Bi i i vviioiiiurvu ii" i A I, wrueuiiis ueing, anu was me cause her girdle of thorns. Kir (Wl iki.n-- h. t r,hrit cl iff. ui i. 11 TmmmT TT Uarney leaves a widow and six chil- law and Union, would" soon be crumb. v To ue abused from one quarter an I area, three sons and three daughters, lmg to its mother earth, vanquished ;P d set it ltee, but lelt powerless from anotlicr, islihe beAn exerttionless, un- aiui numerous grand and great grand by himself alone. May we not Irom or the ing alternately jostled by a fanHer these stttrtling examples take heed ot ;10!1ired existence he could no longer and a chimney sweep. children. o con.trait.od bv one Ulin U'o m ho vnautw ni .11 Lrthlv .mltim I rook, abd he truly despaired of the " b A boy utterly without honor r.nd a to render a tribute ol respect and re- - ( and power, and 80 conduct ourselves Repnblic Thus passed away a man of girl without love, deserve nothing o Mr. Hnrnfiv'fl nioinm-Nn in ho hiifiinosa ol nnr Inirh on in" ns courage, zeal and genius. Let us else at the end ot ten years than to death has touched us more deeph to accomplish the ends of good gov- tread lightly on his grave and draw a be married to each other. thanbil since a beloved son perished eminent, and with becoming humili- - moral Irom his life. It is said that Teach a child to consider nil ar,?- ,, , . . A ov.indor road mi .. . r tho tnndi ol a W e knew mm well and esteemed him the Umnipotent m restoring a bleed-- ; ma life sacred; in short, give hu; mon.rch. highly, and were his personal friend 'mg country to its wonted liberty, toward animals, the . heart ot a tUp "iWU 9 i n"v ""' be ore he became our riv and peace. onir cli.i ' . i cr ir .i.. a. ' . OI OIr t I ;ir O.n. .1 i. ho ho:irr. COm" 1 How soon, Mr. Speaker, among the tor; and, during all his editorship ol o T ?1 O)r rus, UWIn ilocner 1 iv:iun uiuu neariv a ('uaner oi a centurv. thotiirh strange lataidies ol our Deing m of the 1 ersian empire, envy To men of a pocdical nature, hie" he was always, until within" a short 'such calamities as have overtaken our Sunder time past, our political opponent, and distinguished compeers Ml upon Us? ie not this little earth that covers apt to become a desert in whoso uib dulating air, as in that ei other des- though we had many controversies Should we not lay up in our hearts . avumivs m xmmt win erts, oojecis appear oom wayenng dispensa- with him, some ol them violent and these siirnal and instructive even bitter, the kind, personal tadau loons! Wo are children of the same rememueriier great men, and in lu- - and gigantic Uat ...,W1M t.:, Mn(i ,lc, were nev- - proud race, bound togeliier bv tne in- - tur times, when her ndmirinr sonsi . , O Grammar is laanted Irom language n ior i ik rmn. or pxnpnl, lor Olio briol" norin.l inlor. Iipriinncfl nt tho ilo:cr-- I mn ht. lihAriiAfl hall ca t tlie ro more easily than language from gram rupted. ol a common ancestry, cherished and statesmen, by no means the least in ? frem weata af art cri.t,i,'i that bright Without being in all respects so exalted by a common religion, and go rc c,i;;.,n u arrav will stand the name more easily tlian works oi art uotH great a political leader as the greatest ing down the tide of time, we and our criticism. 'Unmoved, of his Democratic predecessors, Shad- - posterity to share together the same Unshaken; unsedueed, nnterritied. You may shirk froai the far racli-iiiracklenn, lie has transcended that ignoble or glorious destmv His loyalty he kept, his love, his zeal; solitude?? of xov.r heart, but no eminent edi orm some of the best oinnnine perieuiujn Nor l.umhers nor examples with him other ,oot than vou,.s can tread them. qualities and powers of editorship. Una sol amhobus erit" wrouirht He was a brighter, a higher, a more Upon the subject of these resolu- To swerve from truth or change his con-Nothing seems roisglaced which star-lik-e spirit than Penn. Dis intel- - tions, most littingeulogiums have just sunt mind." the he a; t dictates. , . v. Tn i I i -, n p . IZ 3 lr.r. ttf1'1! . - i r , I 1 - Iemed wiuwiu . . ih'-uiu- u j I I llorsc-Sboeil- - 11 R L. CHEEK. K. T. CHEEK. A. M. TKt'EsOlLB & MO KEY. Wholesale and Retail & Co., Wholesale dealers in Lewis Cheek Grocers & Comisdon Mcroliante, Hroad Street. Srlma. Aln. Flrat National Bank, J. 0. .. of SelnM. Alabnaaa. for the sale of Weatera Pradnae -' iuav.t.CGtf Btifcmiri Graham t" t - COAL! rpHE anuetlgn,d having eftabltdied tool Yard in rrutblana. is now prenar i. cl tnanpfdy tlw rRtaeiw of tle "ny and wffb Pal la any quant it r. ban BMfCoal delivered with Liquors, Grain, Grasa Seed, Floor, Salt ' FORWAKDINCj ; -- S. ! FBISBIE. . Street, vy i EINS'fEIlf. it anaa. Ar want to buy a good and HEADY MADE CLOIBING Cheai ptir f Boot end Shoec call at 0 'I . I f iling's New Store. Gentlemen Fnrnislilng Goods, Hats, 4e No. 27, Pika Street, SCHOOL BOOKS. aI of School Uooka. Btation-COVINGTON, KY. DKAL.KB IN' II vou stiM-- V ery. Ptma. Inaa. Ionia. Blank Bonks, and ii: (act every thing mindly kept ill that line. AnrBflMf 1. T.MABT1X. T ABGRT j the A?TD FIXEOT UILLIXEBY tateat styles alwayam hand at ETONK KltOXT. itock 'ynt!iiana. rosT.9thininstant, o? inBatnrday, go'.ng out SeptlO-t- f .7T( ;n ttt'KK N OLD (Successor t and eou- - Wasldngton Whalin? for two dollars and nineteen eeuts - (laysville. Novl4-t- f HOSIERY, NUBIAS, Ureal; ia- Shawls, in great variety nt tiie S: ii, Proa ." Cynthhuia. Trices and Qood Fits Warranted In all tin CIJOTBIXG made at the "Stone Frottt1 itore, 'ynthinnw flOVKS, I rXRTS, gait! i -- 1 COY1NCTON, KY. Sept2Cdf Tho Peopled Shoe and Hat Store A. tf E . II I Sal WEBSTER & HODGES. in' M AND HATS. Madison street, apposite 1'ike, Covixgtox. rCr(Ientlemen,s Boots and Shoes For Sale or Rent. of every description made to oder, and Y new Brick Livery stable, now about a fit guaranteed. ii iii; eompli ted. on the eoi ner of 1'ike I now adfer for sale tomy regular tmm- and Walnut teets. ulhiana. Kv. era and the pnWie at large thehuvat and Xovtt--tt T. 1L. ill LL. nio- -t conipicte snick oi ooou ana amies ever offered in Covhigtoo. My Btoek, which has oi witii giear caie. ocrii and Children's Men'-- . Hoys". Ladies", wear, in both Eastern and Custom-madNov. 14. lsur-i- y M oval a:d square (uii Mi-s- e. Picture Frames CHARLES k MATHEWS. Mcauan ix ALL KINDS OF LUMBER ALL SIZES, ALL B T Y ROSEWOOD LKS , and GILT. MorLiixc;s. rtCTTSXOORDt A etc., &c. I Rhorer Bros. NEW GALLERY CYNTHIANA, KY. Der,-t- LKXlNtriUX PIKK, Near K. CL W . Depot, Covington, Kentucky. Keep on hand ataaoood luniher. all kinds. ,. ml .. I,. ii,, r 11W. fillip Ill IIUH'I MKI.IUgf II......,,,..' ,11111...11 ..fl... 1 f i LEVTS' KURJiUSMXG ;oHs. Vjl Ilea. Gloves, Huanendera, "d kerchiefs, bcarfs. shins, &o. at tne btoue Front. I I i kinds of lumber, of all tbickneues. Joist, scantling, fencing, shingles and lath. Also sash, doors and bunds. All orders will receive prompt and careful attention. 1 ctl II m MERCHANT TAILOR, AM) Manufacturer of Fine Clothing, afadlaoN St. OovlngfTttj Opposite 7th Street Market. uov2UGU: s. eotem-llortuna- le relf-alai- 1 j 's conn-fath- Ky. card-playe- r; er j ! per-mour- n, d J high-soule- d 111 Jl'ulll-tlvcs-b- ut K-f- ca. e , lH ark - "i-'iv- i a- "rTr F' . , and dbaub ataxTFACieaaa alt. OF SALT font received and for aahs by JO GOODS, W.Cor. Pike & Malison sts., S. AAf BARRELS M nov ioonsware, ITBOLESAU! AND RETAIL. -t " Q Table Cutlery, Uinipa, Chimneys, Coal and Lard Oils, eve, Ac. Boding laM pur-- e and money, it to me. or tin- 'News" ret!:.-.nri tiu ' oilice, will be rewarded by : .1. Seller.-.- ) FUBNISB1XG BOU8E la account on 1 jn. CHINA, tainius one t v:.t" dollar bilk ;:e live dol or, one tvo dollar bill, anu a oneUollar olll: Auv and wi n. IhtroBTEB AND DEALER IN to the PUBSE, much worn, rnoa. :. i BURKLE & REED. llaer Track, or ahlle there, or Doming back io town. i m oil-sid- -- KV COVIXtSTOX. i an.2!-w- 7 h. U. COMMISSION & rvrT q JJU tl Olid nfo Na T like T ' . - j I Poaaeroy and CaniiH I'om hlnriMuy Ka uawka I oala. a'BIbekent constant! on mar: d 1 n. QSSEB above-name- y -- .... . i I 1 I .r-i- , 1 t 5 . . .Ubni . ii". . :,.,. L i ,, . I , I iw-- - T over-praise- d i i I t .. . .v . L 1 ! 7 I HJUOW---'V'.- '. O "y- j - . " 1

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