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Image 12 of Annual report. 1917

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

We, the mzidersigned, duly appointed Auditors of the Cor- poration, do hereby certify that we have examined the books and accounts of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Sta- l tion for the iiscal year ended June 30, 1917; that we have found the same well kept and classified as above; that the bal- ance brought forward from the preceding year was nothing , on the Hatch Fund and nothing on the Adams Fund; that the receipts for the year from the Treasurer of the United States were $15,000.00 under the act of Congress of March 2, ‘ 1887, and $15,000.00 under the act of Congress of March 16, 1906, and the corresponding disbursements $15,000.00 and A $15,000.00; for all of which proper vouchers are on file and " have been by us examined and found correct, leaving balances I ` of nothing and nothing. p l And we f-1u·the·r certify that the expenditures have been solely for the purposes set forth in the acts of Congress ap- I . proved March 2, 1887, and l\Iarch 16, 1906, and in accordance with the terms of said acts, respectively. (Signed) F. M. MGKEE, (Seal) P. P. Jonnsron, JR., Auditors. Attest: Exim YL. Ginms, Custodian. » n h I » . ) /

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