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Image 10 of Annual report. 1917

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

/ Expenimen-r STATION STAFF BOARD O1" CONTROL. ‘ ` CHARLES B. NICHOLS, Chairman, Lexington, Ky. RICHARD C. STOLL, Lexington, Ky. JOHN E. BROXVN, Shelbyville, Ky. _ CLAUDE B. TERRELL, Bedford, Ky. FRANK McKEE, Versailles, Ky. P. PRESTON JOHNSTON, Lexington, Ky. SAMUEL B. MARKS Lexington, Ky. FR K L. McVEY. President of the University. ALFRED M. PETER, Acting Director FC. S. ADAMS, Horticulture. O. S. LEE, Fertilizers. FRE Ag ALLEN, VFood and Drugs, I TG. N. McCARTY, Animal Husbandry - ea . I. _ X\'. ANDERSON, Animal Husbandry J. XX'. McFARLIN, Food and Drugs, II. Inspection. D. AVERITT, Chemistry. J. S. McHARGUE, Chemistry. . l’. E. BACON, Animal Husbandry II. iL. B. MANN, Animal Husbandry I. · P. L. BLUMENTHAL_ Chemistry. .I. H. MARTIN, .·Xl`lll'TlHl Husbandry II. ·(·C. I). BOHANNAN. Agricultural C. XV. MATHEXVS, Horticulture, Head. » Economics, Acting Head. FJ. T. MILLIGAN, Animal Husbandry A. L. BRUECKNER, Diseases of Live II. Stock, S. F. MUSSELMAN, State Veterinarian , L. .\. BROXVN, Food and Drugs. X\’. D, NICHOLLS, Farm Management, G. I>. BUCKNER, Chemistry. Head. . .I. XV. CRAIG, Fertilizers and Feeds. H. R. NISXX'ONGER_ Entomology and N. M. CREGOR, Food and Drugs, In- Botany. spection. .I. XV. NUTTER, Animal Husbandry II. H. E. CURTIS, Fertilizers. Head. A. .I. OLNEY. Horticulture. +l{. C. DABNEY, Food and Drugs. +CORNELIA C. PAGE, Librarian. MARY L. DIDLAKE_ Entomology and D. I-I. PEAK, Business Agent. Botany. HOMER PERRY, Entomology and A. E. EXVAN, Agronomy. Botany. H. GARMAN, Entomology and Botany, M. J. PERRY, Entomology and Botany Head. A. M. PETER, Chemistry, Head. O. L. GINOCHIO, Secretary to the \\’. R. PINNELL, Food and Drugs. Director. R. L. PONTIUS, Diseases of Live E. S. GOOD, Animal Husbandry I. Stock, Acting Head. (Beef Cattle, Sheep and Swine), C. S. PORTER, Food and Drugs, In- Head. spection. *.\NGUS GORDON, Agronomy. +I—I. C. RHODES, Animal Husbandry I. E. J. GOTT, Bacteriology. G. l\I. ROACH, Food and Drugs, In- iR<`»BERT GRAHAM, Diseases of Live spection. . Stock, Head. GEORGE ROBERTS, Agronomy, Head CARRIE LEE HATHAXVAY Entomo— \\’lI.l..IAM RODES, Fertilizers. iogy and Botany, ` 0. M. SIIEDD, Chemistry. ll. .I. IIEALY. Bacteriology. XX'. I-I. SIMMONS, Food and Drugs_ In- S. L. HIBBERD, Agronomy. spection. J. J. HOOPER, Animal Husbandry II. ·tl\l. .I. SMITH, Animal Husbandry I. (Dairy Cattle, Horses and Poultry), GRACE L. SNODGRASS, Librarian. Head. H. D. SPEARS, Feeds. .I. lt. IlI‘MI’I-IREY, Markets, Head, ALEX STEWART, Animal Husbandry TED. HTISTON, Animal Husbandry II. U. ‘ _ _ J. R. HUTsoN, Farm nianagement. H?. B. 'MYLOR. F¤r‘¤hZ€r==· XX'. I). ILER, Chemistry. XX'. G. TERRELL, Food and Drugs, In- *ELMER INGRAM, Feeds and Ferti- SIl€‘€UOY`i· lizcrs, inspection. I .I. l). TURNER, Feeds, Head. H. H. .IEX\`ETT, Entomology and I li. C. VAUGHN, Entomology and Botany. l Botany. *R. \\'. JONES, Feeds and Fertilizers, T {LUIS XVARREN, Entomology and Inspection. i Botany. . P. E. K.\Rli.\KER, Agronomy. l il. X\'. XVESSON, Agricultural Eco- E. .I. KINNEY, Agronomy. ' nomics. _ J. O. LaI3ACH, Food and Drugs, Act- ill. Il. X\'lLl{INS, Animal Husbandry ing Head. II. XX'. T. LAl<`FER'l`Y, Legal Adviser. G. ll. XYURTZ, Meteorology. E. GANO LEE, Fertilizers, Inspection. T. G. YAXIS, Animal Husbandry I. *011 leave of absence. tllesigned.

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