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Image 6 of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.), April 5, 1909

Part of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.)

1n J i JY P fr rH + u r r ag t L rt fir wint < T = NOW IS HE THE SUPPLY i w i f PARK TO tt long at this price BENTON AND HAS RAILWAY HEAD LYNCHED pr >t i 1 j I t HEWSSS > 1 t 7 1 b fr- CLASSIFIED COLUMN t r to rent a home to buy a home want to insure your tome 44 If yon want If you want > > 7th 1909 We take great pleasure in announcing our Easter Opening and invite our friends nchesterandClarkcounty to be our guests We have planned every way possi ¬ ble to make this a popular trade event We are going to do our Ipest to make your visit both pleasant and > J 1 r i I J lyon r Iiiw J Y 3 SALE1 CKeap graph p lf1i and about 30 records also Hargt Morning Glory horn Address N19tfWIt B this office FOR ANTEDTo bay clean rags ply at The News office I WIRE FENCE I still build all kinds of wire fence Ii in the market for same write or telephone mo for prices JOHN A TANNER Winn Home phone 541 avenue We will look for you APRIL 7th afternoon or evening 216tf Music By The Winchester Orchestra Afternoon Program I 1 t March Great Divide When Knighthood was in Slower Waltz Dance of the Clowns Marceline Hits of 1909Medley Overture Sea Swing FOR RENT TAYLOR Program Evening ereValtz ne Overture Mar- Red Wing Sweet Tender Thoughts Waltz March Two Blue Eyes Wing lung Sing Chinese Characteristic J atV 216tf 43111mo Eggs from thorough ¬ bred singlecomb White Leghorns at 75 cents for 15 H E WITT 109 French avenue 3151mo FOR SALE Afternoon from 200 Oclock to 500 Oclock Evening from 730 Oclock to 9 80 Oclock During these hours light refreshments will be served n v for sale COLEMAN BROWNING 218 Col lege street Home phone 65- Reception Hours irlst1 Old papers To take orders for mak- ¬ ing cakes beaten biscuit rolls time bales and rosettes MISS LUCY NapaneeIndian WidowTwo 7 WANTED elrFascinationWaltz Intermezzo March Southern Beauties The Rural Festival BarnDauco Waltz Are You Sincere Flower Girl Indian Intermezzo Lazareo Waltz Step Merry 217tf FOR SALE this office ¬ NT Two houses March Jlu D1D1to Hunting SconeDescripti- Ap ¬ 217tf profitable 4 JUST ARRIVED A tEL = APRIL t i Gift to Baptism of Jesus Christian Church Now in City or i EMPLOYEIS IN > re Wednesday Afternoon and Evening > rr j MEMORIAL PICTURE f e Easter Openin i r r y r > S< THE WINCHESTER READY 1ks > a I Owing inclemenqy of the weather little has eei clone on jjie ball park but this tWeekiftlie weatli er is good everything will be put in Carpen ¬ readiness for the ters were putto work repairing the grand stand and bleechers Monday morning and a number of coUegGiboys are scraping off the diamond The privilege of selling pop and soft drinks on the grounds has beenj sold to 1tliffand Wyatt and the popcorn and crackerjack toS 01 Tony Wyatt has been ap ¬ Wilson pointed ground keeper iv The team will begin practice Mon ¬ day morning April 12th and the firs exhibition game will bo played yitli K W C Friday April 16th The management is negotiating with three pitchers to take the plactf of Harvard who was taken ill and went to Colorado for his health AlI j three have a high rating and either of them they tyiihk will be satisfactory AYrangements ts have been made with Mrs T M Morrow and Mrs W Wv Milam to keep the players while tlijby are at home earlyj IS > c y Twelfth Far Choice NEGRO J Carpenters at Work on Grand Stand Players to Be Here April ¬ FLORIDA J i> h GETTING BALL We have a beautiful assort ment of nice large pieces of ONYX ENAMEL WARE that we are offering for FRIDAY and SATURDAY at the Special Low Price of I T i 10 YOURSELF GRUBS < i ° JI ENAMEL WARE 25 cts 4rl Z > i L I r r t u 55 Seeing Special Stock purebred FOR SALE Eggs from Bull Plymouth Rocks I A Display Worth H JIf Farmer Objects to Cutting Off Limb PHILLIPS Winchester Ky Home of TreeJames BoothMay A trip through a large store like this is interesting especially so phone 311 317lmor F f The memorial picture the Baptism Lose Heafihgr Kills Policeman in Pensacola While t of Jesus which is to hang inr th when tliq whole store is on dress parade and you are urged to look to JUNK DEALERChas < 7r Resisting ArrestWas Baptistry in 1the Eirst Chrjstitfij our hearts content without in any manner feeling that you are taking junkdealer in old iron and all lows LBXINGfTOK i4upanyones time or expected to make n purchase April arrived Monday morning 5JoluL church Lynched in town of old metal Best 1i is a gift to tlie church from hiesrscSucha trip is educational too in that you see a multitude of various i Main Corner and Washington r dosignra d all that is latest in house furnishings s ahd Beverly Joucttihi meinoryj a Special to street 317lm6i puny was hot and painfully wound- ¬ of their father S Joue PENSACOLA April Fia STRAY COLTStraYed into my liv ed by L II 3Iatthews a fanner re- ¬ 1 Dave Alexander negro was lynchedsiding on the Versailles pike at an cry stable No 15 West Wasbingt- ¬ hero for the murder of policeman early hour yesterday morning and range- foi have presented a kitchen Oil street a yearling horse coltH Carter whom the negro stabbed to he is now at his home in Davis Court e use of the ladies of the church bay long tailand inane BIRL t J t death while resisting arrest TURNER in this city r Baldwin Bros have presented th URNITURE The shooting vas done with a shot- large clock for the Main Auditorium UNDERTAKING WANTAt mice good reliable boy t gun Booth vas struck in the right to learn the printers trade ApT CDL SAMUEL H STONE side of the face gird head antfitds to this office 327tf1 feared that he will lose tine use of his AUDITORIUM MOVING RENT New 6room cottage qnv IN LOUISVILLE left ear as the drum was penetrated OPERA HOUSE street with gas water and COMMENDS EDIIORfAL by several pieces of the shot Mat ¬ 4 MONDAY APRIL room PICTURE5110W- OPENS Good cistern Pos thews was arrested yesterday morn- ¬ sion at once Apply to MRS 18 WINCHESTER NEWS MARIA BEAN 210 College streNptedKentuCkian Dies After Several ing by Patrolmen Hall and Sloan at his residence abut tlrreemies from eMcnths Illness in Louis et323eodtf Saturday NightThree Entertain- ¬ the city Villa ments That Evening Were According to the story told to the LOST Pocketbook 41 some moneyMr W M Beckner Calls Attention police by Booth the company bought Crowded and a card OSCAR VEST Re = to Experiments in Dust Laying LOI IS JLLE Ky TApril 5Col the right of way from Matthews for ward W J REED 101 Alabama In Massachusetts road when it was first built At The Auditorium Companys movSarauel H Stonq fl man high in bust street Phone 716 Cures Backache Kidney and 325tf iness social a d Masonic circles died that time the limb of a tree which ing picture show opened Saturday Bladder Troubleii1 5 30 oclock Saturday afternoon was in the way of the wire construc ¬ night Three shows were put on and To the Editor of The News FOR SALE Plymouth Rock eggs tffc It corrects irregularities was trimmed down This didI the room was crowded each timeTheV an illness of several monthst setting best in the State xa after 1a You are certainly right in your ed ¬ Tho body will bo taken to Rich not suit Matthews and he objected- management will open tlc show each itorial reference to the dust iiuis strengthens the kidneys so they Also eligible Berkshire gilts will will eliminate the impurities mond Kyf his fonnef home at 830 to the cutting of the tree at that time afternoon at three oclock and at ance in your issue of Saturday farrow in May J C McCLURE It from the blood and tones up Since that time the limb which was night at sevenR R No2 Home phone 860oclock Tuesday morning and tho bu ¬ is the burning question of the hour It inter-¬ Qe Tuesday after cut has again grown out rail will take 3261mo to tho eyes of all who walk the the whole system fered it is claimed with the high Commence taking Foleys Aeon in the Riojimond cemetery streets I have been reading about FOR RENT Two or three rooms for tension wiro and the management of ENTRTAINMEkT AT EXTRAORDINARY SCENES OF Ho way State Auditor under some experiments with reference to Kidney Remedy at once and company ordered the tree cut man and wife No 32 Fitch ale ¬ YiUiaux 0 Bradley and was later U1Ct dust laying in Massachusetts In avoid Brights Disease or Dia ¬ nue Home phone 721 unsuccessful candidate for the Re again On account of tlio high ton ¬ fTewtowii Chelsea Winchester Lex ¬ betes 50 and 100 bottles THE COURT SicilyBefore sion to which thu electricity is put no 3276L publican uouuuatxon for Governor ington Quincy Dedham Malden and CoU Samuel H Stone was born in work can bo done around tho wires EXGOVERNOR DIES FOR RENT Three rooms fimtafife other cities in that State the author ¬ RUhniQud Madison county Deconx until after ono oclock a m when for housekeepings Apply 136 Ala- ¬ tho electricity is cut off Last night Prof Taylor and Others to Ente iai her 4 1840 be xis flftyniue yeaxa of com ¬ Special to The News bama street 327Gt Under Ansfcs tf Methtdist Uq tlc the fan of pcirL J C at that hour 0 cQ1struQlQl g7ing in binations of those articles andall aTe LINCOLN April 5 ExGotcrnor Scene Stwe a 1 gEa1N11l owner of Mdi ont charge of Booth went the Church Lathes preferred to water The Park Com ¬ Poyuter of Nebraska died of apo- A THRILLING RIDE ON A RUNA- ¬ FOR SALE i Blaek Langsuant egg QUO ot the tuost influential of the shooting to cut the limb wnwt mission of Boston have found pine WAY TRAIN at five cents each KAPOLBOJTi xnexx ot that seytxoxx of the State In When they arrived there they were An entertainment will be given at tar and asphaltic oils the best sup plexy while making a speech in Gov ¬ BARNES Winchester KJV roirfef WONDERFUL AEOR WRIGHTS lS6tU at the ajw of seventeen yeah runt by Mx Matthews who again made the court house Tuesday evening Apt pressers of dust they have tried on The men who No 6 3 2Mjov I FUGHTS he xxxatxieuhxtevl ai the Vnxvexsity of a vigorous protest PlANE We certainly need nil 6th at S oclo k for the benefit of macadam roads vroret on the top of the cav couehuled leauuuy He studied IM ltwx GREAT MOSCOW FLOOIS the Rome Mission Society of the something to hold the dust down in SURRENDERS TO OFFI tionrngfcv i I FOR SALEr Eggs front thew two years trail wwxxpletwl his eXl to < nit at hs reque tmml started toc- Methodist church Prof H K Tay ¬ our streets and if it is to be done it lHEJUCGllIJlG FLY iepSmcnffi KVUQ to twu bred Mtt w it is saiduetaticcta were yell that it be done quickly I COYIXGTON Kv April 5 Berry OTHER duril the Tait that he vas objecting lot and Prof Dalgety will lecture for 50 eeafe for 15 3fKS BL A The Ks 11 C quartette will render a l1 M BECThrRI Simpson the alleged leader of the TRACY Jfcraa sceeiL EEA tcrl Stcuae ras X11 mwn iu Cltax- vtis tacaaer tO the city than the ear number of selections rioters at Stearns Ky surrendered o f When the tueu h et into the c4ar IOcthkwady lli atuthr vas a aiati e t Each LMn Reality the anhere to the Unitd States Marshal Of tits c cuatt I i a llau e of the unit scmac c the Ytt WORK IS 1E6UN ON FOR SALE ftIHZ VesSax fieers seareked for hint for four stcxul is the side loot As the earfaeus i wUv cRf that xxawx 31 TOBACCO BARNS swath SL C WKe Iii- FAVi 7i Rcsenwd Stat at Diagram with Ao sua4y i a clot rb ics ed latttevs it u aid mimed tkMcs egrs ffwan emits per lay jlfe Cisk er ct tte 1atr Jcatal ilc liaAhct t cl laic lag anti stciti11at the toot The tfeMiM iUkvii SSsgfe GraBb WBitw 51 Cvtofe tf LmAtr It Be Ustd SELLS FOUR ENGINES t tcw eiret tke Itt sale cti OttNau1N1 Leglaaaaa aBIts pm J5 QOth Ae d ritA tt e citrct as tat = EkMMfitrf in Slractarts ak i JJlIUSlJlIESS TRIP YOUR PICTURE IS YOUR- Le Zt1t TboNcwsIemploymerit 57 h4 f > rE tSt 4J RnpgeCompaJI HENRY H HALL < 317tf 4 I5 F1eKithtey v- f 19 I K WITHLV1VIA1V GO r+ Remedy isei H HOWETO + Egypt andRussia Got USE tl after th- chloriden i eEarthquake thelI ERSi iCeilarWi t t N I > cnt III AK 0 tY FAST T MH Wlt late r daltiil 31K ba1Av c hk lir ie ta anal a11 VISIT TO SHiOLl IE w A m lty as 1 a WK Wkt lei tcwht tc ss ble aaa l 1 i4sirv cireti tl the 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Yr 1 nit st i s th gild br4roa i anuw lr jmcc t the i uitel State t ae ci wrt sett irr the c u thiriinli i1 brrrill PrnvL amt xvlwlo out on his trip hr telika i11 fatir of tha rnilro1 iirUroso 1 KTO Six rn ions are w > t oha four Iirau 1t tics andtaro the tajmvfttiicm sU ot the milro ul ended jtsltrtlay The xwrk is lw Grano trodorknrr wnclnuc isking that KonUuky Uailroil Cwv i IR dnno ender the culreanz ron of mission lx restrained front cariying John llcri nciks who ys the barns CastTENDERS RESIGNATION The oxtlor of tho bomwrinto vrill lx rlual3letctlwithin forty days IUNTA AlhhZ Ch Aril s Oak Wane The British struck a rtid ill Wtstmwstwr abaila lt in k s nkstrAit iconditioaiTkQ jkpuk and in UwWl t 111SliI GW Spreiial to Tltn hews WOTH JtEaT E IOE TlfYINI THOSE WHI4 1 IMi st1M r- St SUES WEKt m TO tft1VEftYAD IN THIS TAPER TOUCHES SOMEONrS SELF THAT DO a nmmim MADE IN ANSWER TO AN Att I NT Aarca iraaaaa s aa tf mm if IE < iil hiltt l 1 thia a roayaiug YOWIWQIT STOJfc 1 l tS t111 tist 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