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Image 1 of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.), April 5, 1909

Part of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.)

TIf ie t t ii OL 1 J F2iL1h4Yi L ir Lr LM I H v7tf p 1- L t C II I- V THE WINCHESITR NEWS NO 148 1 t S Last Edition l E r t f f T 1i WINCHESTER KY MONDAY APRIL 5 1909 J 11 Tx IE WEATBIBR Partly closely Tuesday 2 GENTS A COPY tIt tU celrTJ II 11 GEM1S = IT CURE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT CONVENES EiH f r APRIL TERM FOR JuryCalls Judge Beolon Instructs the Grand lANGLEl SAYS INDUSTRIES Measure is Not in Accord With Republican and Sale of Liquor in Local Option Districts Calls Attention to j TOn Tlie Clark Circuit Court convened its Aprir term Monday morning number ofimportant cases are on divisiontfie WASHINGTON and J D Jones are set MEET for Tuesday of this week The case of Trot Robinson John Dewire and others for stealing the brass from the engine in the old brick yard and Claude Bush for breaking in the gro ¬ West Lexington Body to Assemble in cery store of B T Burch are of much SemiAnnual Meeting interest The grand jury is compos ¬ This Week ed of the following J W SwopeLJ Ramsdy H L The Presbytery of West Lexington Stevens S T Prewitt Allen Dykes James T EC ton JameL Powell Jr B A Tracy YoE church of this city is a member meets Walden Asa Dooley W T Gorden its regular semiannual meeting Prewitt was selected as fore ¬ with the Versailles Presbyterian men Tuesday April 6 at 730 hurchon p in The Presbytery is of the nat ¬ In his instruction to the jury ure of a court and on that account it Judge J M Benton said t hat he did not know of anything of great im ¬ is not possible for it to announce in portance to come up before them He advance the full program of its pro ¬ called their attention to the new law ceedings since it will follow a docket in regard to gambling on race horses that will consist chiefly of what may in pool rooms as passed by the last be on the clerks desk and such other Legislature and read the act in full of church business as may arise dur ¬ In case an indictment is returned ing its sessions But there are cer ¬ for a violation the operators of such tain things that may anticipated as a business is subject to a fine of 1 certain to form a part of the coming 000 and six months in jail as the meeting either because of the fixed minimum and the limit is 5000 and custom of the Presbytery or of the twelve months in jail Each day th- e definite orders taken at previqus ses businessis run mpybe termed a sep sions arate offense He also calledatten ¬ Rev Wm Cumming and Judge W tion to i the saleof liquor in local M Beckner will represent Winchester The program in its chief features will be as follows Tuesday April G 730 p mOpeu ¬ are the petit jurors rjXM AidridgeW N Sewell C J Scot4 tBooneJ H Williams W McCullum Presbyterians ST E Bush SH B ff aragus moderatorIiitc WINCHESTER SMiler For Term Ending For the regulars ¬ on All the sessions are public and everyobdy is invited to all The Friday The delegates will be entertained at the various homes from their ar rivel on Tuesday evening until Friday andon Wednesday and Thursday all the visitors will be the guests at a dinner at noon in the Harris building on Main street served by the ladies of the church I Il XX < t D e f t 0 SAVE SOME OF THE MONEY I THAT YOU ttSAVEi I I ads I IIIIIIIIII- IIIII a a i 1 f 0 ¬ ¬ Boylem I reportv tire rshiPst itOOOOOlj 1Puts gasolind laughters 1u indncss9fDI oppositePnducuh in made about 35 minutes In Paris they went around to the fire department where every courtesy was shown them by vit va eAery ished and not a cent was charged to the c applause at the expense of Chairman Payne when he referred to the snggcstion of the latter in the ingth a 4 Insane Asylum Burns c iward Okla April 5Six hunv 9 ts insa QpertOfls were in Repa ahavlug behum l sT MAKEb RECORD TRIP to the bout so he could execute bond ¬ Walter Ifhop and Sara When they reached the cabin tho boa ought to climb up on tot r e mua rLiPseomb on pulled out Deputy Champion took Robt Bot of one of the Kentucky mountains party stopped in Lexington for sup ¬ kin on his motorcycle madflccord the wheel and in trying to guide the and see the needs of the b per leaving Lexington at about 8 15j boat to the Kentucky shore the tiller the trip being sugI made back to Winches the country by comparing the rope was either broken or cut tor from Lexington in 40 minutes in ton nt 2 ocock Arrivi Time boat finally landed fn Illinois r at 10 oclock Sunday night tllCi ft opposite here where serious troubl ¬ was threatened between the crew and very a the Kentucky officers who were the rotput in commission iSSlkwk tired out of their jurisdiction Botji side had pistols When the sheriff Avent H into the engine room two shots were C Flynn of Cia i spent Frida y greet attemjHta it Ii fiprloHs TM la tired outside and he got out ftLater C Flynn ofCalyx n 1 at Frida y to faULorgiaii th officers returned toKeiitiu in Lexington + i I thelSuyior sevcJestl startdan Ing from aralrie sex y state insane pY e ofafter t were g was luttendants The mains not touched by the fin Teryum offerebe walld ftnearade worIaIHighs 4ttc itor t I I4 r t ti- t r t T 0 X > w r i tlM s 1 icbb 4 p of gOIl n worth n30 j c- J Y iYposy y PlI alaM ol c des Weir roIMMt said to he i Is cash t > Y Itzgera14 t lie T J t= R t a f r Dentists Office of 1 Fff r t a BOYLEs that raw materials should be placed upon the free list and contended that nothing is raw material which has been touched by the hand of labor Tie said that he had been criticised for insisting on protection for the industries of his own section without regard to how it might affect the balance of the country and declared that he regarded this as the pri imiry purpose of representative government and that whenever ho found he was unable to stand first by the industries of his own congressional district for which purpose he was sent lucre he would no longer desire to remain in Congress rTwant protection he declared not only for the industries ofmy own section but for the industries of any other section in which labor is employed I wantprotection not only for the men whose hands and faces are scqgclied before the seething fires t i amenable to civil service classification These officers often exercise a power- ¬ TROOPS GUARD FIRE ful influence in politics and consti ¬ tute in the opinion of the committee RAVAGED DISTRICT a menace to free institutions The remedy is to be found the committee believes in an extension of the clas ¬ sifted competitive service and a clear ¬ Fort Worth Tex Suffers TwoI er definition of the executive order governing political activity In the un ¬ classified service It Is also suggested Million Dollar Loss that the civil service commission or some other body free of departmental dictation be empowered to investigate Fort Worth Tex April 5State cases arising under the executive ortroops continue to guard the burned der district in South Fort Worth to vent looting A relief committee wa r named but because of the fact that Pennsylvania Kidnaper Refuses to the burned residence district was pop Admit She Is Columbus 0 Girl ulated largely by those in comfortable Sharon Pa April 5Mrs James circumstances the monetary retie Boyle held as an accomplice In the needed is small kidnaping of Willie Whltla Is believTo a party of small boys and a care- ed according to information received lessly thrown cigaret is generally here from Columbus 0 to be Miss credited the fire which destroyed Helen Richards of that place When property valued at 2000000 caused asked in jail at Mercer If her name the death of one man J J Newton a was Richards before her marriage the bank employe the serious injury of woman answered No Im Just Mrs six others rendered 300 families Jimmy homeless and will cause the tempo Although Mrs Boyle waived exam- ¬ rary idleness of several hundred Ination several days ago it Is probworkmen employed in the manufac- able that she will be given a hearing turing plants and business houses the last of this week as her lawyers burned claim she is entitled to one The fife originated in a barn near the corner of Petersmith street and Denied at Columbus Jennings avenue Driven by a gale Columbus 0 April 5Chief of Poblowing from the southwest the lice OConnor denied that the local flames quickly spread to adjoining police had identified Mrs Helen buildings Boyle in Jail at baron Pa as Mrs After eating its way through the Helen Richards At the time of the residence district and reducing to Whitla kidnaping reports were pubdwellings lished that the Boyles were believed pretentious 300 ashes three churches and the Walker sanl to have been arrested here sitar hear tarium the flames attacked the man ing St Louis a year ago but search ufacturing plant of the Sawyer Elec of the police records here has failed trical company This building was to substantiate the quickly destroyed and five large I Governor Harmons Policy warehouses and several smaller busi ¬ Governer Columbus 0 April 5 ness houses suffered a like fate Pacific Harmon will tackle each state insti ¬ The yards of the Texas railroad company were In the path- tution department and commission way of the fire The roundhojise re- within the province of his control as pair shops coal chutes and several a separate problem He will et well boxcars were destroyed andI enough alone if he finds It If he finds bad enough be will demand 20 locombJyes were reduced to twIstwholesale resignations and install new and iron ed masses di The burned 4af ° a is approximately batches of trustees managers officers He has riot and a half and commissioners a mile and a half mile wide and while itwill require adopted a general policy of firing alli and t ays to accurately computSJr indi the present institutional boards pitch viial losses a conservative eStiiZ ate has disproved wild rumors that w his intention w 4 5 coun- had no jurisdiction Captain Davis was arrested when the boat landed at Smith Lund on tlm charge that liquor had been sol oboard the boat recently while it was landed there He Avas fined 50 and asked the officers to accompany him ¬ ¬ thff tsides streett rThe r r thef againf legisla- partyHe SEVERE TESTS ending March 31st 1909 they word A net increase of 1 Motor Hose Wagon Makes Long Trip 1481839 to Suburban Towns on 22337They would have been several hun- ¬ Sunday dred dollars more but for the fact that for fifteen days following the Another test of the nowdniotor hose burning of the postoffice practically wagon of the fIre dpjfrtment waa no business was done made Sunday evening Chief A IK Baldwin in company witli couneihiien KIDNAPS THE TWOJ Q Boone G D McCullum H H Hippy Maurice Stroud Austin Reev- ¬ KENTUCKY OFFICERS es Vernon Hisle Albert Baldwin and a reporter for The News left Win ¬ Steamboat Captain Carries Sheriff to chester at 215 for Lexington The trip to Lexington was made in 45 Illinois Out of StatesJminutes From Lexington the party urisdiction went to Paris over the old Maysville pike PADUCAH Ky April 5WhcrSe heriff Boshop and Deputy Sheri us r t Champion of Livingston county Ky s boarded the steamer Liberty Bell a ¬ I w SOME CaptainHurry of the moneys saved in the course of a year because of your reading and answering ads youd bo surprised at the sum total The pennies and dimes on groceries table supplies the dollars saved on clothes furniture furnishings objects of art china silverware all in a years course would amount to a tidy sum indeed l Why dont you try the experiment for a feAV weeks of ACTUALLY SETTING ASIDE tIme amounts saved in your purchases on account of your study of the ads Then invest in something you have long needed and sayuHera is something Ive bought with money ACTUALLY not theoretically SAVED You will find that all of tins adviae we have B been giving you about reading and answering been sound busi ¬ nesslike advice And you will let the ads take a real part inyourbuyingI and your selling hereafterwhich will be a fortunate you and for the town in which you live I But For The Fire STANDS g > > miomtm ty Officials goodtrod it would be in ¬ for those who yorkin Ithe factories structive for them just to make one but likewise for those vho toil in the were kidnaped and carried down the over it clamp and darkness of thttmnilmines If you could placo in a special purse or deposit in a special fund all F larger Offl + Methodist church April 12th It an allrday session beginning at 930 ternoon < Have Been postofIfice mTho bP YEAR 1909 There Was a Net Increase The postal year closes March 31st All calculations by the postoffice de ¬ partment are made for the preceding twelve months Ollices are graded on the pOtalreceipts mThe JJVaughnvpne of the State fie workers will resent to help committee lay plans for the advance- ¬ ment of lire uailaY School work in the county Tlfecommlttee is request ¬ ed to attend this important meeting The Bethlehem Mission band will give an Easter cantata Sunday April 11 at Bethlehem church at 11 oclock All are invited March 31 22337Would WORKERS MEET inW FOR ¬ committeet i r SCHOOL a OF BUSINESS than adverse Ythe pubI i thee tion touching any other industry in the country Opposed to Taxing Tea v I He sail that he was unalterably opposed to taxing tea and coffee which are two of the necessaries of life and added that a tariff on these articles could only bp for the purpose of raising revenue as they did not need protection and declared that he yas iiffavor of putting min additional tax upon beer and whisky rather than on those articles He did not say that he would vote against the bill but warned the committee that if the billwas defeated it would be due to the fact that it hadnot been framed in accordance with the Republican platform nor with the traditional PflSIOFFICE SHOWS INCREASE Deople Schedules ¬ theteamshlp gianthlppopotamus ber qf Her and f Federal Officials Are Guilty tf Per ¬ nicious Activity Rwsevettj is Exonerated t Declares fRepublican partyIre Sauce Xoutelise Pastry He ARE SUSTAINED New York April 5The report et in the Southern States is due primarily to the fact that the people of that section are rapidly drifting back to the ideas up- league to investigate the matter of on this question of Henry Clay and political activity on the part of fed ¬ of the old Whig party of the South It was the doctrine of protection gathered current press reports of al It was the doctrine of protection that leged undue political activity and has made Maryland doubtful State sifting out the more serious accusa It was the same doctrine that mad Missouri and Kentucky Republican parties involved and by detailed in- ¬ and that lass created the magnificent quiry into the circumstances sought to determine the truth Republican armies in Tennessee North Carolina which at no distant day will lead them also into the Re- are sustained A notable exception is publican column reported in the allegations made durJ beg my Republican brethren of ing the last campaign to the effect the North to consider this phase of that Mr Roosevelt coerced certain the question which in my judgment- federal officeholders into the support x ¬ is not only politic Ito do but thief duty to do in dealing with the indus- nation With his permission the lists tries of the Southnot the New of the presidents appointments for a ¬ South as some gentlemen have term- considerable period prior to the national convention were scanned by ed it but the Old South emerging the committee which finds that the from the prejudices and passions en- evidence to sustain the charge Is gendered by the war and the ques- wholly lacking On the contrary Mr tions preceding it and getting back Roosevelt is credited with having adanced the cause of civil service re¬ to her old status orm by so amending the civil service help Let us b highway of progress and even i c some of her Representatives do pro- in political campaigns test against it let us treat them in On the broad questions of perthe spirit which found expression in nIcious activity in politics of federal the beautiful words of the MasterI officeholders however the committee Father forgive them for they know finds thatamost undesirable situation exists Of the more than 300000 fed not what they do eral officeholders onethird are not nit EC i- j Hemp Doctrine party has made April 5 C for the retention of the Dingley duty of 2ou lumber and Cheese Coffee said that he thought that this duty should be increased rather than de creased if it was the purpose of his party to give proper protection to this industry His discussion of the lumber question was especially point ed He showed that it is the sec ¬ ond largest industry in the United DECORATIONS FROM MENU CARD OF FAREWELL DINNER TO States and more important even than ROOSEVELT ON THE HAMBURG the iron and steel industry in the sense that the ownership of timber is more diversified embracing almost event Ip anticipation of the dinner a menu card or rather fn menu booklet every State and Territory in the Union and that therefore any legislagesting the former presidents African hunt The list of good things to eat tion that would tend to injure this industry would injure a greater numIT and the mnalrnl iy ti keeping with the spirit of the occasion Wednesday Shepherd 7 9 a mDevo ¬ B H Scrivener FlYnn T M Hamp ¬ tionalexercises 930 regular docket ton Robinson Sam Crawford 1100 Presbyterial sermon by Rev T C Rawlins W R Gordeh Kirk W C Cochran D D of Georgetown Duncan The Scriptural Basis of Ramsey P E Allen subject W C Brock Frank Flynn S M Mil CalvinismThis is really introductory to the program of the next day which is At noon Monday court adjourned given over to the celebration of the until Tuesday mornifour hundredth anniversary of the birthof John Calvin and will there ¬ fore offer the mopt marked feature of the meeting ngSUNDAY The program for that day is as fol- ¬ I lows Thursday April 8 1030 a m Life and Times of Calvin Rev L Muller D D of Lexington Character of Calvin Rev E W McCorkle D D of Nieholasville Theological At 3 p Executive Commitee to Hold Session Rev R A Webb of Louis ¬ Debt at Methodist Church April ville Rev The Intellectual Debt Twelfth C F Moore of Cynthiana Civil April 8 730 p The Executive Committee of the Hon Samuel M Wilson of Clark County Sunday School Asso ¬ LexingtonThere be services on Wednes ¬ elation will hold a meeting at the Gr s Probes Melba ¬ 1tiie m Caviare and Oysters In Ice Cream of CkickeaalaBeiaeHorteuePoapano a 1Americaine Saddle of Lamb a la Priatanlere Poularde Heine ClaudeLettaeeliep- jInstructs fuJ Menu Ilt D umber Coal Representative Langley of the Tenth Kentucky District who is taking a eadiug part in the fight now going on in the House for a more equitable distribution ofthe protective features d ftlle Payne bill made a speech in the House from time standpoint of the Southern Republicans which is attracting quite a good deal of at He called atention to the eiltion fact that the leading industries of his section are either placed upon the free list or given inadequate protec tion He referred more especially to lumber coal iron ore hemp and fluor spar and contended teat the provisions of the bill regarding these in du tries are not in harmony with the doctrines of the Republican party as heretofore expounded by the leaders TUESDAl MOST CHARGES SOUTHLAND ARE SLIGHTED THE Attention to Pool Rooms OF I t WlEI J S + 41l t M liYfi r z i-

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