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Image 18 of Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.), March 28, 1974

Part of Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.)

r.F. J. -- fti m Tin: r. f. jfffeksomxv thiksuvv mxkcii jt. rcj Plan vegetables for multiple harvests 'n By E 3?J r:w ri i: : Garden Virit?r v r.-- J Sc-r-- eir.r re .iTi i 'X ti ri: sGiT- - "a;-?- t rr.e'-- j: cai j pliztiars. r:-- f tri i Jin::? r firi-- i :-- i : f: : ft-- . id ri.' :ra:. i.rc A J! ietr-e- i - 2 s- Lr; ti- - - Jcr-s- sjr.ors. tarry tile, '.eeis, . crr-ss- ;Ur.i-- : tA2 irir: -- cccr. iii papers. eire. gre-e-a t--xz rxcs ii -- also -. Vegetables and their characteristics n Sow N1HTER SQUASH timi1) a mi. tr o. 4 TOMATO "iniim ami Uta a BEET CUCUV3ER Um in a tract. osay aoiafc. Rao asaa a tea u ai tao atos. YaM food, kmtm art. tern fa 4 tart. Wyv 50-6-0 fU- - OTHER CROPS wrf r pt.t Fr LETTUCE mam Fmn Md. aA Ajcrrt m aua af paWf 9BrrvM CS CATALC.P a B al trol CAS3AGE ante jr jmp; F-- m? atooaaa PFttdaowa, 1triui)nout aw sr. C5 SifTrmrr swt at iu3 ! SWISS :S.H EEi wot jocur ra SCCAS-- Seed life of vegetables te Saad Baam Broccoli CafTOtt Caiary Chard Com Cucutnbar 12-1- the ground Is ". 3 3 5 4 4 3 3 S Baas 3 5 4 Eopiant 10 or muddy. 8 Endrva. Batman Kohlrabi Mulches are important to vegetables as to other plants. The type of mulch determines the depth needed: finegrained ones such as sawdust should depth. Others be applied at a two-Incan be put oo as thickly as four to six inches. For best results, wait until the soil is warm la June and start with a tilf-tac- h layer of sand, to keep down slue popolaLoo. Next add a light layer keep mulch from deof ferulizer pleting soil as it decomposes. (A handful to every four to five feet ct plant row steal i do.) Final!), add four to six iacies of clijeiass, compost and or 5 3 3 S Lattwea 4-- asi Suoac; to -- -- " 4 4 2 Pampa 1 1 3 2 4 3 Sakify 1 4 To 1 ara pi 6--7 4 - For plants and gardens, and sound advice. For great design, for something nice. For spraying, for mulching, for lawns awnmcr SwCanr: le And for flowers, OARD r oad wit Bui's ai Korfhage Nursery gracefully showers Careful attention unrus on you! SPtVACM Wa CXa-- a Spring Korfhage Nursery Your complete center LAY-A-VA- Y LAAI!-BQ- A s:: oo T97Z a ' m W t aa- - ? od L" - J134" Sot iTira RD. - Y' 4" $189" till CHXTYIlil w sen ice Voof' r: 1373 pr 'w Hi aawk, for creative landscape design, meticulous work, and excellent SALE 42S-181- 1 S Okn SaOftct CALLlFLOi'iES aturjrts 3 torrI9 asi s Here's a n;eiixi of determining the exact sire of your vegetable garden: Place vour sprtnUer In ttie approx-i-at- e cetitrr of a sunny spot. A sprinkpattern Is best. ler liti an Viea rTovmJ is ti; soalce.J, of your garden will be ce ou-- ie outer limits of the sprinkset ty ler patters. It ensures maxim jm use of our water. Plan to maximize yield. For instance, taller plants should be put to the north s:Je of the brd to keep short ones from pottle shading. Large plants ned wider sparing 18 inches to 2 feet, more com.act plants, 8 Inches. If garden is large enough, leave a path to be covered with sand. by 5 inch plank Otherwise use a when ou need to get Into a row and ww. ng 0s jtr t il wTi "o I s.' w ECCCCLI a-- vege-uile- Keep all early clippings, grass, etc., m cao) troa or lant croo. Btntf-kmc. SuAaxt to aiKt Ojn-- bet ar 9a-j- r of common seed-lif- e 2v3 fctmrcs HATsSWELC-- jiaar-imo sciiot. wioarr .jraix. afii3 i mf or.-- i ciirt ior ht BRUSSEL SPROUTS w .ar4 pkmt rt. Haary faaaar aaco LEEK '1Tlo year un'ler oter orfimc leaner. to fo to Score awl m a art. coo M drv 40-- 3--t oa ie Lasit a jaw. a ch aa-t- o TURWP M live rrxre Uua lire, cooi aJ dry storage roivlitions. E ia liott, discard old seeJ. See for use as mulch rather than corn;st. They have a much hleher nitros-- n content than those produced In hotter weather. (Nitrogen dislpates In weather.) Used In mulch, rl:pptr.2s yield the most possible nitrogen. -- mow .Tfc Try 1 aVatarf for 3-- CARROT - jtris ii: leif ririri ROOTCSOPS left from last still be viable. Most ot-lon- cclUrts. r - , Seris ci tat, txau s? six ;i:-i:-- ;r in ntr: jy je-i- r . y orCrte A 'If joa tave s sts areas i i: scil lor remits-- i crsc s. -- st t Is a as: s ci p'i-.f-ir- see-J- s oa: S Fliit Sa.zr s. ;r nx?; ;;zoiri:l i ccir-- TirirC TVtititC'r c-- M,i, U (Vnler j

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