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Image 4 of The Advocate Messenger April 20, 2012

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A4 FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2012 RELIGION THE ADVOCATE-MESSENGER WWW.AMNEWS.COM Why bad boys are bad CHURCHbriefs New steeple Speakers Centenary United Methodist Church — noon-1 p.m. Thursday, the new steeple is scheduled to be raised on the church’s new sanctuary currently under construction at 1441 Perryville Road. At 5 p.m., Centenary will “Lift High the Cross” when the cross is placed on top of the steeple. Both events, the steeple raising and placement of the cross, are contingent on suitable weather. Everyone is welcome to witness the events. First Baptist Church — 10:45 a.m. April 29, Cameron Mills, a member of University of Kentucky’s 1996 and 1998 NCAA championship teams, will make an appearance at the church at 1570 N. Danville Bypass. The public is welcome. Revivals Centenary United Methodist Church — " The Keys To Victory: Renewal, Refreshment and Revival for Today’s Church” will be presented by the Rev. Tom Atkins of Monroe, Ga. Sunday: 8:30, 9:45 and 11 a.m., “Key of Surrender.” 5:45 p.m.: free dinner, music and message, “Can you Know For Sure?” dealing with the “Key of Assurance.” Monday: 6 p.m., free dinner, music and message, “Is it Possible to Live a Continually Victorious Christian Life?” dealing with the “Key of the Infilling of The Holy Spirit.” Tuesday: noon lunch with Atkins at Mallard’s Restaurant, topic “Miracles Still Happen” and discussion to follow. RSVP Mallard's reservation by calling the church office at (859) 236-4800. 6 p.m., free dinner, music and message “How Would You Like to Walk on Water?” dealing with the “Key of God's Calling.” Childcare is provided. The church is at 1441 Perryville Road in Danville. Calvary Hill Baptist Church — 10:45 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday and 7 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, speaker will be Phillip Yates, pastor of Little Zion Baptist Church, Burgin. The church is at 100 John St., Stanford. For more information, call Lewis Walter at (606) 365-7584 or (859) 6132154. Pastoral anniversary Centennial Baptist Church, Harrodsburg — 11 a.m. Sunday, the church will celebrate the 21st pastoral anniversary of John D. Short III. Guests will be Larry D. Weathers Sr. and Vision Church of Holiness. For more information, call Kay McGuire at (859) 583-3297 or Amanda Lewis at (859) 265-7233. Music Faith United Community Church — 7 p.m. Friday, The Safety, a Christian Rock group will perform at the church at 3080 Brannon Road, Nicholasville. A non-perishable food item donation will be accepted for Jessamine County Food Bank. For more information, call Tim Cross at (859) 420-2244 or Danny Smith (859) 327-7698. Christ The Head Missionary Church — 4 p.m. Saturday, the church will have a benefit concert for its backto-school festival. Special guests will be gospel artist Chad Higgins and In Spirit and In Truth. Everyone is welcome. Danville First Church of God — 10:45 a.m. Sunday, His Heart, a Southern Gospel quartet from the Central Kentucky area will be in concert. The church is at 3220 Harrodsburg Road. Everyone is welcome. Check out His Heart quartet’s website at www.hisheart or on Facebook. Faith United Community Church — 6 p.m. May 5, the church will host a Southern Gospel concert featuring The Garry Polston Family, New Journey The Kentucky Girls and Frankie Reynolds. The church is at 3080 Brannon Rd., Nicholasville. For more information, call Danny Smith (859) 667-2947 or (859) 327-7698. Rejoice Temple of Praise — 3 p.m. Saturday, the church will have an afternoon of praise and worship. Guest speaker will be Bishop Ronald Ross and the congregation of Temple of Deliverance Ministries of Richmond. The church is at 3845 Moores Lane. For more information, call Charles Daugherty at (859) 329-1471. Giveaways Indian Creek Baptist Church — beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday, the church will have a free clothing giveaway. The church is in Casey County. Guests Pleasant Union Baptist Church, Campbellsville — 3 p.m. Sunday, in celebration of Men and Women’s Day, pastor Darrick Briscoe and congregation of First Baptist Church, Second and Walnut Streets, Danville, will be guests. Everyone is welcome. Special service First Baptist Church, Second and Walnut streets — noon Tuesday, the church will have a “Noon Day” service. Food ministry Danville First Church of God is a new host site for Gaballi Food Ministry. Each month, a selection of boxed foods, meats and produce is offered at a savings for the family. Free food may be earned for referrals. Visit the website at for more info, or call the church office at (859) 236-4700. The church is at 3220 Harrodsburg Road. Last week was a bad week for bad boys. First, 51 year old Bobby Petrino, at the height of his career, got himself fired as the University of Arkansas football coach for allegedly trying to deceive the University’s athletic director about the coach’s relationship with the 25-year-old football employee and former volleyball player, Jessica Dorrell. Then 11 Secret Service agents were placed on administrative leave for allegedly being involved with prostitutes in Cartagena, Columbia, while preparing for President Obama’s visit. Petrino, the father of four, was one of the top coaches in college football. It took years of successful steps before he could stand in that exclusive realm. And those Secret Service agents worked long and hard to gain their honored positions in the Secret Service, an elite group whose job it is to protect the president and other high ranking officials. Now, the University of Arkansas is embarrassed by Petrino’s actions, just as the Secret Service is by those agents. Why would these men take such a risk? There’s a scene in the movie, “The Help,” where concerned friends are trying to set up Skeeter Phelan (Emma Stone) with a man. The two are making conversation at a restaurant, waiting for their double-date partners to arrive, and already, Skeeter’s date is halfdrunk and making rude comments. Skeeter, the David Whitlock Contributing writer unsouthern southern girl, wastes no time in telling him what she thinks about him. As she stands up to walk away, she asks, “I’m sorry, but were you dropped on your head as an infant?” Maybe someone should ask Petrino and the Secret Service agents the same question. More pointedly, why do men do such incredibly stupid things? After all, Petrino and the 11 men in the Secret Service are only the last in a long line of men who have done stupid things: Tiger Woods, Rick Pitino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and John Edwards are only a starter list for a huge catalog of names that stretches across history. It can be traced all the way back to the original stupid guy: Adam. From the time Adam took the forbidden fruit from Eve, men have been trying to please women. The problem is, men seem to get confused about which woman to please. Thus, tempted by the fruit of another, men mistakenly imagine the new fruit is different and therefore better than what they already have. And one bad decision leads to another. But, where Adam started it, Jesus stopped it, or at least he gave us reason to hope we could. And he understood that we’ve all done things It can be traced all the way back to the original stupid guy: Adam. From the time Adam took the forbidden fruit from Eve, men have been trying to please women. we’ve later regretted. He stood up for one who was about to be stoned to death for getting involved in one of those stupid things. Two people were caught in the very act of adultery; it was only the woman who was dragged before the moral majority. That’s when Jesus intervened: “Let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone” (John 8:7). One by one those arrogant men lowered their heads, dropped their stones and walked away. The only one without sin that day turned to the woman and refused to condemn her. Then he left her with a command: “Go and sin no more,” he admonished. That’s the seemingly impossible challenge: stop doing stupid things. But, he who issued the command gives us himself, and in him, we discover the possibility of fulfilling it. That should give hope to all of us: bad boys and bad girls. Contact David B. Whitlock at or visit his website, Training First Baptist Church, Danville bypass, is offering Sunday school training, The “Blueprints for Sunday School Growth” event is scheduled to begin 8 a.m. Saturday at the church and includes six hours of training and team planning. Planning times are built into the event schedule to enable team calendaring and goal setting. Topics include: n Biblical purpose/mission of Sunday school n Grow through an annual Sunday school growth retreat n Pastor and Sunday school director relationships n Monthly Sunday school growth meetings n Sunday school leader enlistment and care n Sunday school growth budgeting and leader training n Add new people to the Sunday school bucket n Organize for Sunday school outreach and care n Sunday school enrollment and contacts n Promotion of Sunday school n Deepen relationships through Sunday school fellowship, projects, and meals n Add more Sunday school buckets: apprenticing n Add more Sunday school buckets: seed groups, off-site groups and space In addition to these session topics, participants will be able to choose from two elective conferences: “Teaching That Bears Fruit” and “101 Ways for Sunday School to Reach Out.”   The leader will be Darryl Wilson, Kentucky Baptist Convention Sunday school director. The cost is $20, lunch and books included. Renewal, Refreshment & Revival for Today’s Church Presented by Rev. Tom Atkins from Monroe, Georgia PLEASE BE IN PRAYER FOR TRUE REVIVAL FOR OUR AREA! Sunday, April 22 – Tuesday, April 24 Sunday, April 22nd Monday, April 23rd 8:30, 9:45 & 11:00… “Blessed or Cursed?” Jeremiah 17:5-8 (key: surrender) 5:45 – 6:30 … FREE dinner at CUMC 6:30 … music by Gabe Gibitz 7:00 … “Can you Know For Sure?” John 3:16-18 (key: assurance) 6:00 – 6:30 … FREE dinner at CUMC 6:30 … music by His Heart 7:00… “Is it Possible to Live a Continually Victorious Christian Life?” (key: infilling of Holy Spirit) Tuesday, April 24th 12:00 … Lunch with Tom at Mallard’s Restaurant “Miracles Still Happen.” Call 236-4800 to R.S.V.P. 6:00 – 6:30 … FREE dinner at CUMC 6:30 … music by Karen Harmon 7:00 … “How Would You Like to Walk on Water?” (key: God’s calling) CHILD CARE PROVIDED “Tom Atkins has a shepherd’s heart along with a passion for souls and evangelism. Responsible and effective as a pastor, he is the kind of person we need in evangelism. He will bless your people.” - Dr. Dennis F. Kinlaw, Past President Asbury College 1441 Perryville Road, Danville KY • (859) 236-4800

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