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Image 19 of The Advocate Messenger April 20, 2012

Part of The Advocate Messenger

I VWVVV.AMNEWS.COM THE ADVOCATE-MESSENGER CONTACT BRIDGE FRIDAY, PRIL 20,2012 A WORD SLEUTH- BY STEVEN BECKER Test Your Play Odd incidents occasionally occur in major tournaments. For example, there was the time some years ago when a young Polish pair, representing their country for the first time in the annual world championship, arrived at a dreadful grand-slam contract. When the opening lead was made and dummy appeared, it became obvious to the declarer that his partner had overbid his values by at least two tricks. Declarer looked at the dummy, then looked at his partner and said, "That dummy is an insult to Poland!" If you were West on the hand below, you might have similar feelings if you reached Six Spades due to partner's optimism. However, they don't allow you to back up and change the contract, so the question is how to proceed after North leads the ten of clubs (assume the missing trumps are divided 3-1 or 2-2). WEST EAST +KJI09 +AQ876 '1AK3 '176 +AI02 +QS +A32 +J654 The only genuine chance for the slam is to find South with the doubleton K-Q of clubs, as well as the king of diamonds. Accordingly, you play low from dummy, and South, luckily for you, produces the queen. You next cash three rounds of Tomorrow: A tough trumps and continue with the A-K and another heart, ruffing in dummy. Then you play the club five, taken by South with the king. You naturally hope South will return a diamond away from the king, which would hand you the slam, but he cleverly leads a heart instead. After discarding a diamond and ruffing the heart with dummy's last trump, you return the queen of diamonds, covered by the king and ace. Miraculously, you are now on the verge of making the contract if North holds the jack of diamonds. You hope he started with a hand such as: + 542 'I QI082 + J8 + 10987 If that's what he was dealt, he will run into terrible trouble when you next lead the jack of spades in this position: North +J +98 West East +J +5 +10 +J 6 +3 South +976 Whatever ~ol·th discards on the spade jack, you make the slam. Of course, you should also be sure to congratulate your partner on the brilliant sequence of bids that allowed you to reach this dreadful contract! combination to beat. GCZW CROSSWORD ALL FLY A RED, WHITE AND BLUE FLAG YN J TQN XU R0 LJ N(U N TE0K FC ELCAN P GAA 0A N By THOMAS JOSEPH G0A J XV S p G 0 0 M)K T 0 A X VN 0 PN LAA S0MJ HEHC AA XV0 L T B AWA SQ0 RCPN LRLARM HF0 BY FLXCA VTR P 0BZ X WU L G J 0MK T A EB G M L A SA E SHTC RQ0U UN F0YAWR0N Thursday's unlisted AN J T CCA clue: DUCK Find the listed words in the diagram. They run in all directions forward, backward, up, down and diagonally. Friday's unlisted clue hint: HOME TO MOUNT EVEREST Cambodia Chile Croatia Cuba France Iceland Laos Norway ©20l2 - Thailand U.S.A. United Kingdom Panama Russia Samoa Taiwan King Features, Inc. 4/20 THE FAMILY CIRCUS 1-~20 King Features Syndicate Inc. 12 su do ku © Puzzles by Pappocom 97 21 3 5 3 1 1 58 2 6 9 1 86 ~ ~r ©2012BiIKeane'I",~.~,,,Dis!. by King Featur~~' Synd. 7 .•• .•.. ." lCCAN~ )~. 3 58 42 6 89 "Being buckled up makes me feel loved." ACROSS 1 Photo finish 6 Casino request 11 Clear sky 12 Fire product 13 Clip 14 Future flowers 15 Short time 16 She loved Hamlet 18 Dos preceder 19 Milne marsupial 20 None too cordial 21 Hunger reminder 23 Some love songs 25 Nourished 27 Numerical prefix 28 Skirmish 30 A long time 33 German article 34 Course goal 36 Supporter's vote 37 Planned 39 Kayo count 40 Hog holders 41 British lockups 43 Exact copy 44 Up(stuck) 45 Posts 46 High homes DOWN 1 Blunder 2 Goddess of wisdom 3 John Grisham book 4 Hot brew 5 Blunder 6 Discuss in detail 7 "Got it" NEW CROSSWORD BOOK! Send $4.75 (checkan.o.] to Thomas Joseph Book 1, P.O.Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 10 3 r11-+--t-+-+-13 15 18 21 37 40 43 45 4-20 5 Pickles Zits -fl."l'=>15 A PlcfLlRE 01= ME WI-tE~ \ CMIN\J$AJ$~ DON'T COOK DINNj;R! FOUND$20 Blu... ON ~I~AU

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