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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, February 23, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

THE Kiimb. XXVI. ( ,K N E -- f U C. K Fesruart T EGA v. f vvww a o 1 u K D A -- Y, - T E, "FEBRUARY 23, 1788. 1 v- To the honourable the CONGRESS as the united Mates ot iuvimuun. 23, 17! ww tt ww or the other is in the riabt; 'fliolild bc.lcft tothb been bo h miftakenand mifieprcfentcd I demand impartial public to determine, unon a view of the a publication, of the genuine cttei fiom inder jj "HE repielentqtives of the good people of Kcn-Jmeafuics pursued by each. And thus, while the my own h. nd, the puoiic will then iee who is tucky in Convention affcmbled, pursuant to politician h detcfteJ, exposed, and ded.ioyed ; the the liar and the scoundrel. H, M. man provided he has no finiftcr views, icmainS aft of the geneial Affembly ofViiginia intitled an " an aft concerning the ejection of the jDifhrft of tinartailed, unhurt. For while human happiness Kentucky into an. Independent State," delite a single obaft paji befoic the dizzy sight of. man. seen tlu'pugh difleient medium,- - It termined that it is expedient that ihcfaid D Wrier. Massa Braddefo.' will. follow of course, that different men will pur Ihould be erefted .into a sovereign Independent Me been, gette one wkitey man witey one piece saw .sue different means to obtain it, And State on the terms, and conditions specified intjic on 'this mcboitiwhat de farmer Jay in your paper bout de said aft, and that the jurifdiftroh qnd authority Of core, however a person may ilefervc cpmpaflion, pBar nego. Is you prenfe prinkc my piece too me Virginia and her laws (hall ccafe, and determine ui uui, mr involuntary cnors, he cannot podlbfy will tank you; and when you Come my maJa h ale forever over ihe said Diltiift on the 31ft. day o.f in the natuieof things deserve fenfure, But my jnefeede you luufe berry well, and creane you hoote December 1788. do therefore beg lei veto address enemies, do not piUtend. to lay hold on my politoo. Ga,t BreJJe you, mdjja Braddefo, do dike one tical sentiments, tho' frequently and sully expref-feyour Honouiable Body on the important fubjeft. ttngfav'poor nigo. Happt?j:ss we all eagerly aivl incefifantlv Yet it is my pioqiefs in the political line, ; . Sir . J " which they uould w,i,i u, obstruct. And in orthis is the mark to which our aim is and whi'o T'fawapicccinyour Gazette No. 23 querying is der to effect this, they attack my private, characwe continc to be rational creatines will forever 1 constitution tobeftamed in Kentucky, be dhcftcJ Is the inhabitants of the Diltriftof ter, and co o, i,g me into contempt pught:to haveaclaufcielpecting flavcry, and alk-m- g Kentucky connelcd with the Commonwealth of my fellow citizen i what that claufc ought to be. . From the Virginia cannot the peculiarity of their n This is artful no doubr, for upon this ground a to that piece, I am doubtful the author is man (is he can merit th 1: name )'who may obtain this gicat ob est it is natmal, it is not be .no fr.end to my sort ofpeoplc,becaufemen of his wish for a change. capab'c of foiming one i.urt Je-- i on q political calling have ie fonab'e to been the gencial, and almolt the onatioi we anxioufiy d'efiieto eTeft in iubjccl; maybe made uc.)f as the moll dcltruc-- i ly holders, and Ttrs particulaily the molt cruel oppi oftive tool. the icjiihr cpnfl.tutional mode picferibed in the fers of Slaves in America. The gentleman I hope But finely, is a rr,V-- ,; a v;ua& 'he fl10uld not la'' undci v hich "C aft, but 10 gicifa e onrpte-fen- t avill paidon me for doubting. But as there are fi fferings. which muf! grow Vith our growth be nulled v.ith the p .M.c mte est. Well then loo men of all, callings, andas that gentleman seems case with our population that (liould we and inci this is the giound of ire portion ; and the cause be thoughtful oh manyo'hei important matters; be u'n ucce'sful in this application, we lliall not ,of the LOinbinaiion aga.uL me. this then leijuiies will take upon me to hope that Reafonand Htf. confldcr omfe'ves in any manner anfwerab'e for a litt'e exam nation inanity hath for once vouchsafed to reside in the the fuMrc conduit of our Conilituents. We No man is a vi lain ficm nature ', then is he is Ireafl of a farmer. God send them a dwelling-plac- e a villain, it mult be ly hi, o vn conduct. Andth.s your honours, that our ivifli to separate in the breall of cveiy Farmer in America. from ourpaicnt (Wc doe-no- t proceed fiom any conduct conlilts of a un be f tranfaftions with Upon afuppofitionthat the Farmer is in crnert, impatience under the neceffary reftr-aintothei men, which coi ,e u'ently mult be fasts, ."of lier and would wifli todo-wha- t :is, right j andinjjopes Government, which "'e think wisely organised icducblc to pioof. Now 'o conduct thebufineCs tiyit the white pcoplft in general will take this an we" adin;,iiftrfJ, b it our rcmptc filiation fairly. A nun ought at lest to l.nowhat he matter into their serious consideration ; I will maue i chaigcd with; inJee I f m t! e feu of Government, and the many interjanatuial .iulticc requires, ' a iew,.obfervations, and give .my opinion on the Oiar he fliould be l.jn.d in his defence, becent n.itu al m e.'imc its, pre cnt Our enjoying queltion . fore he is judged, and lound guilty bcfo.e be is wi h oui e'ftcm Bretliren and eiml It is commanded in Scripture, and I think every pre liKe the lea of a connexion on republican condemned, 't his is bimgipg them ictei toapo.nt. honcft mans own heau feels the force of ir Thar, 4Now as it is a f.ujdanvntdl t.iiciple with me neipi maple we ought to do as we would be d.ine by and ic I'ie "sort., implicitly confiding in the iufKce ther to insult, nor injine, a,. man, withoutcaufe. is no less true that, an! Liberality of Conuefs Congous that their And as Ism totally of having done any all. Is the white jufticc ought to be done to people does, as they would be ca cs a'c equally cxteiled to every part of the thing to dmeive that ti '! of vu'gar epithets, done 100 mule emancipate their Slaves. But confeJeiac fenfiblc that as it is their d ity, it gioisui ietea , wh.ct, h uc been tin own on me by is tr.e state lliould let us free, they will do mani-fe- ll is their incii.ntion to relieve the" ift'eTcs and hcen.Lioustongres. lie, ho "cpeole, ! demand, injurtice to otir mailers, who havo paid a ice pi to communicate happiness to all the Citizens of u 01 them, I defy them, :, e .Inb t a chaige of the for us, and have hd no hand in importing our Ameiica. facts aga nit mcwhah w ,Ult,fy the r conduct. anceltors fiom Afiica. Again is my countrymen We in conroimity to the aft of Affcmblv hef- rc Lethcin coinnii the lac oi :act towt.'tirg, or is were to liberty without land, without a'id atneab'e to a fiibfequcnt aft intilefened to cam one others propc ty,, without trades or edncatibh,.and even tled "an .ft rj udr Tn ther piovifion so: theereftiori who en, lettwn without one qualification neceffary to make good c.f the Diihift of Kentucky into an independent tin... IU.III., ur ugn me.i 11.11, ie. And to this I f ee citizens; t i more than probable that the State' apo'v to your honours to. ratify the com-pawill apnear. Il is luppoiteJ. then let gene'ralhty of us in a worfc condition so emn ry entered into between the State .of nic luffer all the bljine V!nr'h hll mn. than we now arc; the common White people V iginia ai d the D ftriJ of Kentucky, bv dedar-jn- e dc crve. Is it is not (.pro. ted then let my cue-would cheat us out of all our labour, and wo your a en r0 rhe ereftion of the said Difliict take the meal" uc of their injujlkc and cs fliould, be obliged to rob or Ileal for bi cad; which ini ir.'o an indopendenr Ft uc on the teims and con-d- i gu'ty. 1 am anxious that this invelhgation lhould would be do'hg the State an injury, ruining our' uns Adulated in the said arts, and that the said .lake place. 1 have a pub.ic, as well as pnvate' Matters and beneiting but sew of us. 'This D .liia when eiecd as nforc'aid be permitted to character at ftake.Jf l am thp villain unmsfr me would not wiflj to see; althO'l, as an Individual evjal piiviied-c- s with the other of the Unifoi notwithllanding their act.vityin am daily fighing.for liberty; I would not w.fh to ted State? o" Ameiica and be tilled the Common-wealt- h the cont aiy, I stilt am flaiteed by endeavouiing the attention obtain ir at the expence of so many thousand; a of KcNf ucr.y. of fi ends both public and pi a:c, which I wduid mult suffer, is a general emancipation was to taka As i' is o! cicit cop. cit'cncc to the good pen-p- 'e not have deceived, ami in that case fnould not place all at once. i uckto have the eaii'eflof of dcfeive. I know it wouid thought impertinent I think is the, whjtc peop!3 would do their enthedecifion of your honours o:i this important and in me to tiouhlc the pufal.c with contentions that deavour to railcthc Negroes that shall be hercaf-tdeep! inte. cling fubjecl. We moftcar-neito them were me e y private. But give me leave to say, born in such manner as would sit them for good mi eu you 10 en cr on thccor.fideration th? caU in quertion is but too public. And I (nou,fd useful citizens, and then set them at liberty, they ti e eof as soon as the gient aflVirs of Site iliy jnent that degiee of corfiderce fiom niy, would do us alt the savour we could reafonauly which demand your attention v ill pcinvt and that fellow citizens, to which I aTpj;. could I et ask, and wouid do themlelves justice at the same when dec ded you will be 'ease k transmit to us the at home; wh.Ic flar lei issbioad. time-a- nd I am lure is I could know, idt-oyourdelibc'Et ni re that Older, that the Con The pe.,'ons so active to rum n.c h ive called part of my labour that be laid out upon the V to be eleftel to foim a Confitution of upon to bung foith their cha-gTo iheic howEducation.of my Children and grand Children in Government may have time to accomnlid that aid . ever I wouii net be thought to addieis myself. order to make themfice honefl Citizens ; I could ous m.l moineniuous h ifii efs, befo'ie the It is not to them I would clear mv name'ofthofc exrira labour with much greater freedom, and recontion of the per od fixed on .by rs when theai.tho-rit- y appellations .which from Omc o time cile myself much better to my state of the Commonwealth of Virginia and of its butmoiepauiculaily since a of ilavery than cutain affaii between I can at present. s.. laws, under certain exceptions, shall ceafcandde-teimm- e Hpratio Tt.rp iuikI mv I'elf, huvebccuthiown upI am of opinion that to bring this- for ever. about, your, on it. But it is to the candid paitofthe commuconstitution oughttohaveacjaufercfpccting flave'-- i A copy frcm the journals, nity, to my unprciud.ced countiy men that 1 ap- THOMAS TODD C.C. r p.u , w in many 01 you, 1 naie tianlaced btn'iiiRfs. ;I amaiiootopimon, thatthec aufcomIir ?rinted byoider of Convention.' H. INNES. to con f in fomfMhino llfcnftir, CnCr rpu rn all, upon vour decfion 1 red ftO WK,1 IV'r. PraifoPd. iometn.n2; oi this kind I peihaps fliould have ' AH men are by nature free .and folio'--- , TV air. e . Independent fla, intr in vonr paper. publ.fted iong since; but it us with reluctance I very is againfl the rights of Humanity, and ought a comb'natior. of wen "W'HEN perle eie in a vi-go into extremes. I am with a becoming lefpect not to cxift in any government; Thercfoie no o cnt op, ofitiort to one man ; ihd c is rea the publics vc.y humble person shall be born to servitude (for ton to be'icve. that ore Me, or il e othei, more thaa H. MARSHALL. thirty years) aster the first day of January. ro blame, and hence the neceflityof' N.B. I have, been tpld.thaisa ccrta'n Jordan a candid enquiry. And the legiflaturp ought 'to take proper-jjradu- ar i79o Is the party opofe this indi. Harris aflcrted in a public and very positive manmeans to emancipate the unborn, race. of, .Staves vidual mere'y in the political line; and do not dener, that I had acknowledged mvfclf'a liar and a and have them brought up in such a way, thitJ scend to attack his piivate charaftcr; thia it mfl scoundrel, in a letter to Mai. Tiirrpn,,, - luppoiea can proceed from norninoucadivcr- - letter was '." ' t'wus. merely piivate, but since the motive r ' L d. pur-Cu- e- -- v fitu-aio- se-.- , al-fu-ie I - e 1 ; by,-the- - -- ei j-s- I NT-io- e. f -- c Kex-treine- 'y . " th. .

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