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Image 8 of The Paducah evening sun, December 13, 1910

Part of The Paducah evening sun

a THE PADUOAH EVENING PAGE EIGHT u NNNN Cough SHOT IN TENNESSEE j9gil ii This HomeMade Syrup Will Surprise i Yam SUNTUI CLAIMING CONTHOL Patterson mid Sales M Complicate JcMlllln Servo Senatorial Fight Ki From 9 to 12 oclock we will sell ando goodready sugarwith llnutift thattakes Brook Hill 395 + tOlt Plnexor toThe butnever satisfactionor withthla PRICES It Pays to Shop Early AL THE DAYLIGHT STORE llronston Family Trouble Lexington Ky Dee 13As the MIseSalllo two or throe days before the last ofI tfie mdnthVso he mayibe able to I get ifln bto deposited December 311 laughter of the late Senator Co J Otherwise It will have to Include ron ton has filed eult against her the f Istep mother Mrs Belle Wisdom for j lorJy Mrs C J Brpnaton for the A woman can always find some recovery of valuable furniture tiling to admire in a manIt ho ad bronze statuary and fine cfilna which 4 mires her 4 he alleges that Mrs Wisdom has 1 wrongfully retained since her divorce rrom Dronl ton s6waTxjn6ntha be tore his > 1 I penaltyt deatht GET TIlE GENUINE ALWiYSA substitute Is a dangerous make shift especially In medicine The genuine Foleya Honey and Tar cures roughs and colds quickly and is in a fellow package Accept no substl lutes Qliberts drug store Its all right tos save money ont squeeze it but If you mall a chock for your city axes it should rea 6h the Treasures otlhe furnaceL j Have an Oil Heater l i To take oft tile chill when It la fllnl We have theni that are as pretty as A picture tao very little oil and are guaranteed to be free from smoke and smell Dont watt till all the family have colds Also let us sell you your coal oil We deliver It to your home Wo also have Cpal and Wood Stored C i get it In his deposit on December 312 ithcrwlse it will have to include i the penalty I1KXUY MAMMEN Jr nookblndlng and Ruling Thlnl and Kentucky Ave Qld rixmo GIlL HANK BROS IIC c SS rClltore1the theIlobacm brlndttlIprlcel orGe J I It Floral Offering J 9rlt i ttL 0- i el P e- I I AlgItod I t e d fI tL759 t 1 I r r 1 tall llortJ ItoreI r mn PROVEN M ri 1 nllhII SOLOM4N Brpdway UNTIL XMAS BLEICH t injdemand an9lopICrs quality In a you desire Bondaft s JJ 212 Broadway Roth Phone lM Coffee Special SUNSIIProiodaIoRorlne > Ii that This shorts FLORAL DESIGNS t- art Eight years old needs no introduction to the American public formulaThe inexpensive Black Only tQ lp Nashville Tcnn Dec 13Doththe regular and fuelon factions children like It Brace up the acne In Tennessee pollHcs areelalmIng a majority of the leclsUsturo on joint You probably know the medical value bronchitis ballot with the apparently confident ot pine In treating asthma sore and other throat troubles lung I atvurance that each will be able to I name a United States senator to euc pound of Norway white pine extract Tho leglala rich In Rulalcol and all the natural wed James D Frazler ara Lure will convene the first Tuesday in JanuaryThe most formidable pos sibilities among the Democratic reg is a reminder some of the leading ulars Governor Malcolm It Patter bars cafes and dealers in Paducah are willing son and former Governor Benton McMlllin still find themselves being to pay the price for the leading brand of whiskey pushed by friends whle Luko B Wright former secretary of war sold in America Judgo Cross Is Gnat Sachem and John J Vortreee Nashville at torney still are among those men Police Judge D A Crow left to Honed ai dark horses day for Marlon where as deputy The fusion interests hate begun to great sachem ho wlU Install a now gxpreeythemscars and Ute under tribe of Red Men at Marlon tonight standing appears to bo that a repre Judge Cross will be unable to retI sentative Independent Democrat In urn until Wednesday afternoon steadof a Republican will bo consid and on this account there will not be any court eredtortbe senatorshlp Word to morrow session of policeMarlon to EVENING III morning this effect comes from Governor The I tribe J elect fooherlhome to 1 ntoo an yfll start off with a live member DAILY MARKET rations that the crop Is a poor one I showed no quotable change nouncement Implying that the fusion ship Sales for the week amounted to I IIt choleeif Republican sentiment if to 2009 hogihoad + 2657 It auction be considered wilt center upon Luke Foley Kidney Pills lire tonic In 1 like realized was IITSS Dexter and 260 privately against 3JS3 In Lea of Nashville a material factor J I bidding was In ovldenco for all the corresponding w > k last jcnr both Injfeo making and undoing of LOCAL PRODUCK grader with tho lower grades Ifflnjj 5S90 In 1908 and 2103 in 1SW7J GovernoWj atterw n and the Investor Waddor They correct Irregular I liR steady to firm priers and the Tho rules consisted of 1129 new of a large fortune In this Tennesscean ties Gilberts drug store Burley 1434 old llurJoy 93 new I Nashvllos morning dally newspaper dark and 251 old dark ltoJtltlon l P audv besides an untiring worker In Corrected dally b Woolfolk higher wore U per cent of auction Biles Well Known Clmrnctcr Dies both Independent and fusion circles I Co I Sarah Mutt colored known as the 0 wcrs IOld Burley offerings amounted to against S per cent last year and 1 2 So I Dogtown Preacher who died Sat- Eggs dozen grades por cent in 1908 Rwlpta were Common 1431 hogsheads So predominated to an unusually largo You Must Read This If You Want urday of pnounfonld was hurled Sun Spring chickens pound day afternoon In tho count grave liens found the lloncflu Soe However there were a few j W Ureer Greenwood La BUt yard Sarah was about 70 years old Geese pound hogsheads of good tobacco and ono 1 have been 105801 agiliut WSCS ICc hogshead sold an high at 1211 fered with a severe rase of lumbago and for years she poured forth the Butter packing sock In last year 107143 In 1008 and llO Receipts rinco Janu IBo Condition the tobacco waa good Tho 437 In 1907 The pairs were co intense I was Gospel from tho dty tnarkethouse Turkeys pound forced to hypodermic Injections for Coroner Robert Eley held an Inquest irmrkct dUvayod n < x tter tone and ar > I hnv > been 87098 npilnct ClI relief These attacks started with a at her hut on the Ohio river bank tie S I modluin grade of bright and rhort 2C5 last jrorand S GOlil n tQOdti r pain In the small of my back which wcvn HarrUon and Madison streets rod lent and tips of medium to Rood s UVKr TOCR gradually became fairly paralyzing Watch outTor the penalty on Iquallty were a shade stronger I My attention was attracted to Polcys The time U grow > If you mall ai check for your city The dark divUlon of tho market your city r A war only moderately Kidney Remedy and I am glad to say taxes Jt should reach the Treasurer active New lag after using this wonderful medicine two or thrjedpyj before tho last of dark figure In the offerings to tho The receipts of hoes today Practically Dont overlqoYot city tnxyn ero extent df 37 Ijoftuheaat I am no longer bothered In any wayIthe month k6 ho1 may be able to by my old enemy lumbago Gil get It hi hIs Deposit on December 31 407C head as against 1000 last all of It was nlrcurtd Tho blxhmt Tho rush Is otjlitnd the tlmo or Tbo Otherwise It will have to Include Monday C779 a year ago and 7 < 11 price for new wu J12CC The old penalty IIs growing berta drug two jcare ago The market opened the penalty early with prices a dime better on A woman can bo proud of all grades Selected hogs all weights NOT ipJThujtband9badJiabUs if boil at selling at 785 with the rough out at 725 down lens well cleared tend church on Sundayi early In the day and market closed 111 Watch out fopv tho penalty on firm lo SUHCXMM1TTKB WIM JUIOnT your city taxcsrTJio tlmo la grow Tho recolptH Onlcattle Irhlay wcro Under New Richmond of lag TO SKNATK 2 257 Including several con clop rattle billed through Th ro wits a good buying crowd out this morning 4 both local and foreign talent well Hriltery Charges In Connection With ropresuntcd Prime light butcher Senator Ivlmer1 Election At his office 110 84tJI SU cattle were in fair demand and bans 110 Foundation Have 2750 and 3500 ly steady tedium and inferior opposite water works office ra kinds as well 111 heavy butcher SUITS AND OVERCOATS has n nice telecUon of fine v were dull to a shade lower than the Watches Kings Jewelry Etc Washington Dec131be sub AT that he Is very anxious to discommittee of the senate which has pose of at bargain prices 2000 and 2500 In been Investigating the charges of shade higher and not enough on bribery In connection with the elec- looking for your Christmas Old Phone 110R hand to supply Hulls tion of Senator Wm Lorimer of 11 presents In the Jewelry line It Btnady canners the demand dull and dower decided unanimously today linois would pay you to see hiMilch cows sturdy No heavy Bbltn lng that testimony dotInot prove any Atttle hero worth mentioning and of the cnirgtfi made the feeling on that class was weak The committee reviewed the evi and tower dence In Its entirety at an executive Vnlrc session and decided there had been Receipts 119 Market dull and no foundation for the charges town mEXCURSION lower The bOlt 7180 lie medium that hrlbary had entered Into tho 5l4O7 4c common 2H05c care In connection with Mr Lori Slice1nnd lImb necelptii 105 Markc about merpelecNolrTkeumoUon The best and purest Whiskey on earth llOQ TUB QUART iteadj Tho beet lamb finally wag offered to 53Hc BOTTLED IN BOND Our stock of Old Whiskies Wine and Somo fancy higher Medium and report that the charges bad not been Brandies Is tho largest and most complete In Western Kentucky ciiVie fat sheep 2 fit t 3q proven there was On this motion JUG ANI IIOTTIiKIl TIlAIiK OUIl HPECIALTYno dlHsetrtlng vote In the subcom BULLETINHOLIDAY ALIT MAUL OltDKItS KIIIIIKI IV INK IIOUIl AVTIilt WIKRe f I ollowing this action the mittee ItKCKIVK Til KM > cclpU C5M market weak natlvq subcommittee report will bo pro All Orders Shipped In Plain Sealed Packages beef stccra 5OO11 ouve J 1n pared for the full committee at once carload lots 4500700 and the report will be sent to the Uecelptfl 9000 market steady pigs sedate within a short time packorand lights 77C0 795 butchers and belt Tickets will be sold at ai72Lj785 105 Broadway Iaducali Ky A Simple Safeguard ror Mothers heavy 7700790 Shoopno rates on Decem reduced Under the Itlclimond house Mn D CHlkcson 326 Ingles ave corpts 4000 market steady native ber 15 16 and 17 and De Youngstown Ohio gained wisdom muttons 10400 lambs 550 My little girl bad a by experience cember 21 22 23 24 and 0050 severe cold and coughed almost con 25 and on December 31 1 tinuously My sister recommended e e and January 1 final limit Foleya Honey and Tar The first for a Christmas Gilt What would January 8 1911 to all doso I gave tier relieved the Inflam- TOBACCO MARKETS T stations on tho than to make present mation In her throat and after using one bottle her throat and lungs were Y31VBI1inAlahunln nice Suit of entirely free from Inflammation Ixjuisvillo Doc 13Ovor 3000 I now Tenby J 1C looser Maker of acntlcmcnH Clothes made ann Mississippi nnd hogsheads of loaf tobacco were dte I have Mr Lea Thompson with me and with tho oxperlencq of both nessee nlso to Cairo 111 posed of on the locaj auction breaks drug Accept no of us can assure you of satisfying tile most fastidious Our stock Uwt week New Dude was In bet store of foreign and domestic suitings and overcoats is the best over be Diirloy from ter supply und sales pf fore shown In the city In tho past I have had some trouble In good I I Kato one and ono tliird the 1900 pool continued on aburlap securing help but now am pleased to say I Itavo n farce of six ijaa on Shore Im going tor have mbVem additional coat makers making It possible for us to turn out work rare plus 25 cents for tho fcilo Thoundo thontkof new of un you arrested when you come outer handicap continued rapidlyWo Karl Tchel I aint coming round trip favorable weather but Indications cordially Invlto you o como In and see our lino of ex Im committing suicide sinks with are for a good movement next week clusive fabrics T DONOVAN a bubbling grlnLUo Tho market absorbed the offerings Agent City Office with cose In fact displayed an Imp I I a good Idea to Would proved tone R M PKATHER see after yoyrclty taxes before the Ticket Agt Union Depot r Offerings of now Durley amounted Then you might over rush comes OlD Broadway KlmnirDrk III lIlt TIMIt j look the matter and havo to pay thq Isthe whythe < 500 Silk Petticoat for It you mall a check for your city taxes It should rlach the Treasurer Bottled in keepIIIrfeclI wl11c1lbelpa 498 < MORNING case In 24 hours This recipe make I pint onough for a whOle family < Black and colors all sizes > THESE ARE t 2 1 i fu a Erea Whooplntf Coach QnlcUjr A Family SoPBlr at Smll Cost OF UXIISLATUIIB I MormiDinig TpH3iIk P tticontsfor Itt 1 I Slop UOTll I Wednesday 13 DKCRMItKIl you will get the best value by ordering from > l Idlewild Brand Roast Coifte fresh andstrong MOORE Fey Pouada for 100 Granulated or pulverised The best on the market PactucaK Ky 35c aheeprltP2cSt= 629 Broadway Both Phones 898 or 1e7 S s9 A FOWLER SUPPLY COMPANY w CREDIT TAILORS THAN HUYLEilK Far ahead of any Hot Choco served lit any city largo or small Is the verdict of all our customers when they drink 1This chocolatowhich thick whipped cream and Na bUco Waters Christmas Notice D i Shoppers Tako E Wilson The nook and Muslc3lanr Tailor Made ON CREDIT 1500 Suits Overcoats Skirts etc No publicity all ac counts strictly confiden tial CREDIT TAILORS out j note ofa J ExcbapgejhoulC9 K HOOSER Yard Elevator Toot of Ohio Street d Burns to dry ash no clinkers full weight Lump 12c bushelNut is rescreened at our elevator before delivery KENTUCKY Iti Iaer 4 Jr He bushel IiBoth l 1 All 61 elsr t t iI i + t k a 335 t aJ de domestic Phones No 324 t t I It is better t t TO T R A DEW ATE I Clothest 1r ArkElynnsvilloInd AND UP All Coal Is Alike Except l benicer yourself Cand J r 4 i 3 penalty f BEN M ALLEN ofI Rcoal COAL COMPANY WBST IJKTTKU THAN LOWXKV8 1late Hog pt 301 Knlickr An BITTER J MOORE WhiskiesI I I 41 f

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