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Image 7 of The Paducah evening sun, December 13, 1910

Part of The Paducah evening sun

srzsjr r t 11 TUEsTw ftRMIltiR 41 RUBBER STAMPS idrVIII lIilJ jJJI tn a i Y tcn I I z v a 1 h 11 f YOUR Missouris Experience in the War i Fulton MbDcc 13Dr John In addition to his duties as pastor F Cowatt of FUlton this week en of the Old Auxvasse church Dr tered Upon the fiftieth year of life Cowan also holds a chair at West pastorate of the OM Auxvasse Prw minister college having been elected bylerlanr church northeast ot Fut n to the position In 1888 The Hcrschcdc Hall Clock as a timepiece a tubular drupe and an article of furniture for home office or institution appeals alike to utility refinement and musical taste The perfect movement insures correctness of time the solid oak or mahogany case with classic lines conforms to good taste and the melodious tubular chimes sounding the hours and quarters after the peals or Whittington or Westminster serve as a pleasing reminder of WINTER CLOTHES Are a live Issue theso days You couldnt ask more than that they should not only at but SATISFY YOU thats our guarantee with every Suit or Overcoat And wo further guarantee every piece ot goods wo use to be all wool Well save you from 1000 to 1500 on what oven ready made clothes of equal quality would cost Wo can prove these things If you give us a chance I TUBULAR BELL CHIME When In neerl of Rubber Urns Stamp Stencils Notary Beats Milk Checks Hand Paters eta It Will pay you to see our line PAGE SEVEN r Pastor of One Church Fifty Years Jl iIJSJJIJ11ljTIIJ a frAOTCAH EVENING StT Writmlnilcr Chimes u r zr Dr O wart tbgk charge when young lib preaches almost every Sunday Immediately after graduating1 from at tho Auxvasso church and never the theological1 seminary at Prince misses unices the members decide Suits and Overcoats 15 to 40 ton Dr Cowan has seen three con the Weather is too severe and advise gregations grow tint of tho Old Aux bm by telephone not to nil the ape Diamond Stamp Works yuspo congregation Tho oldest mom pointment Dr Cowan Is tf well l bee Is Airs Jacob Maddox now 80 preserved man strong both In body 113115 B Third 8s years old Silo was a young woman and mind In his leisure moments rhoncfl 358 123 South Fourth Street when Dr Cowin took charge he composes poetry and recently con During the Civil war the Union verted his works Into hook and pre the moons phases in the dial arch We are tones lIssued a number of edicts rented a copy of each to his grand prominent among them the oath of children sales agents for The Herschede Hall Clock hotter Rcoiarter city tnxe Tb e allegiance Failure of tt pastor to i Co of this city and will send illustrated cat penalty will toon bo on take this oatlr denied him tho slog on request Do the right thing If you have to preach The congregation of Dr Nasal Catarrh Get Elys Cream Gift by Mail You can purchase gifts Cowan sent word back they would Halm at Once Dont touch tho ca NO MORE GRAY HAIR of Diamonds Sterling Silver Sheffield Plate 1 C L Van Meter worship as they raw fit and were not tarrh powders and snuffs for they Gold and Silver Jewelry Mantel Clocks Etc easier to r rcJltrTO the color of th e molested Another part of tho order contain cocaine Elys Cream Balm Itll throughour Correspondence Department at lair than to riwtoro It although It IIIe prohibited such mlnletonr tram per releases tbo secretions that Inflame Ieaylble to do both Our grandmother moderate prices Correspondence solicited forming marriages but Dr Cowan the nasal passages and tho throat understood1 the secret They trade an legalized his ceremonies In a novel whereas medicines made with met gloss r until a rage ten and their dark Silrerimltht Jewelers Goldsmiths way He had a Justice of the peace cury merely dry up tbesecretions hair long after middle life was due to thl at hand and would perform tho cere and leave you no better than you fact Our mothers have IIrlll hairs beThe Frank Hcrschcdc Co mony up to a certain pomt Too jus- were In a fore tlwy are fifty but they art beginCream ning to appreciate tho wisdom of our Herschcdo Building Fourth Street East tice would then step In and say Balm lea real remedy not a delsage tea for In using praodraotbfr you husband and 1 dow pronounce Cincinnati Ohio usion All druggists 60 cents or their hair and an fast following suit wife by Ely Brothers 06 Warren The praetnt gtncratloa has the adran tho order went out during mailed i taw of the put In that It can get a I IWhen war that all churches Street New York row evening for a return trip to the display a Unon flag at the ANNA HUSBANDS Dont overtookxyour lcltr faxes Tennessee s The Swedish Farmer HOTEL pulpit the young women Is vast i color rnlorer this preparation Itlde of the t The J B Richardson Is expected The rush is opand the time for the superior to the ordinary MM tea mad Up In Minnesota Mr Olsen had a of Dr Cowans congregation set DENISBROfrom Nashvlllo late thlo afternoon or penalty Is growing nigh l y our grandmother b and It can be cow Wiled by a railroad tralnt In about to make one from calicoes of tonight and will ileava immediately t taught for M cent and Fl a bottle a I While the result wad duo season the olalm agent for tho proper hues ADWAY and 11th STREET AlnMMt any flrntclaM drug store or wil EngUsh Walter Which irfdo of I for a return trip SUCCUMBS TO LONG STANDING NEW YORK CITY Wo understand of not artistic It served Ute purpose railroad culled be intt dllCtt hy the Wyeth hhemlea The Ohio and Cowling worn In AFFLICTION course that the deceased was a very and stood by ihe pulpit for a year or the table do you wish to sit on slrT 1 Company 71 Corllanlt Hu New Vor k prewr1 to sit port on tlnib today from their re American docile and valuable animal said the more City upon rvcctpt of prUe 9 Iulaelk 6 t NMWltt OMrll spectlo ports claim went in bis most persuasive native ot Missouri on a Cowan For sale and recommended by V se The Bobcrtson la enjoying a big cloimagentlcmaniy manner and we nkr i illunFllkt jhineuiMilnsi J Gilbert TCo matter bow much Sister or State Itevcnuo Agent Wit money a ferry trade wmpathlzo with you and your family lOONS 5100 PER DAY AD UP The steamer Jxashvlllo left Evans Mlam HusliMidv Unrled Tills He I s theonly IIv man has ho Is almost sure lo envy you collego In 1858 ample In your loSt Mr Olsen Very But KT LOUIS AM TKXMCS8KKville yesterday for Na hville and will Doom ot Rr nnnhlc lUtUt Afftrnooa a man who has more must remember this Your cow had ing member of that class KIVKIl PACKITT COMPAY EUROPEAN PLAN be entered In the Paducah and sash no business being upon our tracks n Incorporated T Me dlloto nrctkfMtSOc She has villa trade Immediately Those tracks are our private prop- Richardson Nashville been running between Louisville and SON lac WM TAYLOR erty and when the Invaded them she EXCURSION TO TENNESSCondor JoppaEvansville and recentlY parsed Into PDKCHASEIPOOLS U9 Anna It Husbands 41 roars bocame a trespasser Technically Livingston EEUnu Robertson Point tho hands of the Cumberland RIver pM died at 8 oclocic last evening speaking you as her owner became Today will probOwens landing and Brookport Packet company a trespasser also But wo havo no complications steamer Clyde every Wednesday a I ably be the last trip for the J B after a long Illness or desire to carry tho Issue Into court B p mat her home Thlrtyflit and iron Richardson In this trade River Hippies and possibly give you trouble Now Tinea COUNTY TOBACCO is Guago at 7 a m marked 12 feet Miss Husbands was the roe streets Steamer Kentucky every Baturda 7 then what would you regard as a SOLD AT CA1IB daughter of Mr and Mrs J G Hun at 6 p m Indicating a slight risoof twotenths Stork Not fair settlement between you and tho Only 800 for tho round trip of Hr ot a foot since yesterday Clear and Chicago Dec 13Sine tho be- bands and was born at Eddyvllle railroad company Vat said Mr iIt She came to Pa days visit the Military Natlona ginnIng oLtho strike of 10000 gar October 1 1869 se tDmrsnbU Oren slowly Ay mane poor Swede coldTho Belle of Calhoun will enter ment workers a month ago 500 ba ducah about 20 years ago and since Park at Plttsburg Landing glvd hpu two HopkliiKvlllo Concerns Oct Thrco farmer but ATI shall the Evan vllle trade beginning bies have been born among the etrlk that tine resided nero She was a leer any other Information apply ti JJiiycwirnve Omtrnctcd for IdoltarsSan Francleco Argonaut Thursday morning when she will de- err acordlng to records kept by the devoted member of tho First Pres tho PADUCAH WHAKFI10AT CO To provide ngalnot falco alarms juvo Part part at 10 oclock She with bo run relief committee byterian church and possesed a AftimU JAMES KOOEH BupL TAKK GAHK an Inventor has euggested a flro In opposition to the J L Lowry Her health had furnishes a supply able disposition Tho committee alarm box that locks a handcuff on Remember that when your kidney There Is a large amount of corn of milk dally to 7500 babies whose been bad for several years but her urn affected your life Is In danger J Hopklnsvlllo Ky Dec b Co T1BM TABLB along the Ohio and she expects to parents are on condition did not become critical un tho wrist of a person who rings an M Mayer Rochester N Y says strike to sell rapidly and handle large quantities alarm removcablo only by a pre My trouble started with a sharp ibacco continue Every day there are 9500 loaves til a toW weeks ago She leaves a OtrmMl to November 14ik iFrom Joppa tho towboat Condor high prices throughout this see city She la department officer shooting pain over my back which Jat despite tho dry weather Arrive radueahprao arrived last night and left for a re- of bread and 3500 pounds of pan hoot ot friends la this tion cake flour distributed to tte hungrgrow worse dally Ywskval tnaetaiau east 111 toI felt sluggish and tically alt tho sales are being made turn trip this morning Miss Julia Husbands and one broth UulsrllU 4161 n Worse than nn alarm of fins ni tired mr kidney action was Irregu- at tho barns the buyers visiting these For Ollro the Dicki Fowler de- idle stabs Because of the dlllorent national- er Sir William Husbands tVoulsvlllt Ctactnnatt eH 110 pa night Is tho metallic cough of croup lar and Infrequent I started using I and making their offers Tho prices parted at 8 a m and Is duo back to ities of the etrlkora the rations aj revenue agent The funeral was hold Each dose offered are high and arm ranging night m bringing dread to tho household Foley Kldnoy Pill at tho m Careful mothers keep Koloys coney seemed to put now life and strength The Evansville packet tomorrow the various relief stations differ ac- at 230 oclock this afternoon Kento 111 per hvndred for the from residence and burial was I1J1 Mi Mayfleld and cording to their location m find Tar In tho houno and glvo It nt Into rye and now I am completely crops will be tho John I Txiwry as a airo Fulton MayfleU a 100 pn the first sign of danger It con cured and feel hotter and stronger tho farmers wholo At these figures J The Clyde arrived at 7 oclock < tfls The Italians must bo supplied with I ton cemetery I is cannot resist Prlmcetoa and Evllle spaghetti + 110 pit thins no oplatue Gilberts Drug than for yean Gilberts drug storo estimated that from onehalfand It to two morning from Waterloo Ala and tomatoes macaroni and telegraph companies of tho Princeton and Rrllla went to Joppa to unload lumber She while the Poles desire barley lentils I 416 Pm- Store thlrda of tho crop has been contract will return tonight and leave tomort and cod ash ITho States employ WftOO persons t rlaceloa and Ifopv111n 100 am I Mother wilting her uon at pro ed for although comparatively no del- I Cairo St Louis Chicago 7261u r A exchange IIs no robbery but paratory IchoolWell my darlingyet Cairo 81 Louis Chicago 100 pn when fair luan JIBS your umbrella and lSou1 say JiioUicc dont look w iveries have dry been made on ac a weather Metllf Orbdalo St L11OOan you have his sympathy Jt is hardly tiasUy pleased bcforo all thcsq fct count of the The feature sales of the week >n KtllU Carbdle Bt L a fair fxchnngo onsPunch were those made Saturday at Cadis There Padacakwhen five pools of Trlgg county to CfnUvlll Claclnaatl tealI CI1 an bacco were sold at stiff prices Three LonlsvIIU n 760 kaLoulsTlll Cincinnati lut112fi am of the largest pools were bought by Mpbls N Orleans south HopklnsvWo concerns and will be 117 am Mpbls N Orleans south < 115 pm like illness it is often necessity handled on this market TIle other iayAeld and Fulton White W two 410 pm quickly to raise the temperature of a Cadiz pools went to wereC formed of MayOeld Fulton Cairo < CIO an In The pools room For instance in those hours various sections of the county and Princeton and 113 arr Prlncetoa and between midnight and dawn when sold as follows Blue Spring POOr Princeton and JIopvllln < 140 pn the day temperature has been allowed containing IOSOOO pounds sold to Cairo St Louts Chicago 110 an price of I to drop if you are called upon to L M Crutchflcld at round Calm St Louts Chicago 120 pn J750 per hundred the Slloam tool rfstlli Curbdale St LM 140 an Ret up the room is chilly and cold containing 151000 pounds sold to Msflta CarbdaU Bt L 410 IIt takes a long time to start up a American Snuff company at round nr K DONOTAK 31gt Trigg Furnrtco price of furnace or fire aqd raise the tempera City Offle pool containing 90000 pounds sold t t tfre by ordinary means 8 W PKAT7IER Agt company at tho WV C White i You can instantly heat a room to to I hates Dealt round price of 845 Cadiz No 1 any desired temperature with a pool containing 100000 pounds said to L M Crutehfleld 8s company a at round price of 18 Cadiz No 2 Ticket Office pool confining 149000 pour I City Omto 422company J SMOKELESS sold to W C White Jat Ilroadway I round pica of 880 I DhPOT9 Absolutely smokeless and odorless lUll Ji Norton Stand Union Station Bo It known thatllcalfciotOtho drug In coffee Jsa poison that works directly on nerves steadily for nine hours without smoke or smell Has auto stomach and heart which prevents the wick RIVER NEWS mgtlclocklng flame from being turned high enough to smoke and is easy to remove 1elart It has a and drop back so the wick can be cleaned in an instant their own In Lt Patmcak < fci cool handle and a damper top clination They can continue the drug and pay the coat in physical suffering or quit and returns to Ur Jackie 1230 pn SAges Illver An Indicator always shows the amount of oil In the font It has a filler cap comfortable health provided the disease stomach bowels kidneys noses or heart has not be1kv NuhT1111aOftS1O 111 1n31 10 rise which does not need to be screwed down It is put In like a cork In a bottle and is Pittsburgh come chronic its Memphla p9 attached to the fontI by a chain 106 12 falll Cincinnati Yr JIJcltma 111 nThe burner body or gallery cannot become wedged because of a new LoulBvlllo It Js our work to narrate the facts and offer an easy way to slip off the coffee habit and not 72 02 Use device In construction and consequently It can always be easily unscrewed in Eransvllle Ike Chttanoopalnli I37 pn teollt 110 00 Ptd an instant for re wicking 110 pn 112 02 rise I If a good hot wellmade cup of Postum I s served instead pf thQ coffee It furnishes the deep The Perfection Oil Heater Is finished In lapan or nickel It Is strong durable Sft Vernon ii IU Kuhvlll MtiuivKkYM I II fn 30 t < a 710 yn 94 03 fall Johnson vlllo ped Incorporate Nature begins to repair and is helped tremendously by supplying the needed elements Hr AtlAita 710 anOS rise Cairo Dame Nature requires to do her rebuilding pn V U PaducakpMA1MJ 110 St Louis 00 04 fall ttr Paris 1S These elements are In Postum It Is not necessary to take anVonoa word for It Try It your- Paducah 120 02 rise Ar Hollow Rock Quit Ute coffee 10 days Use Postum well mado according to easy directions on package ptr self 36 06 fall Durneldo Ar Then at tho end ot the ton days take account of yourgaln toward health Cnrthago Irt1W t150 an If It shows well and lt9 11 tall Ar Cbattaiooga y 140 InIt will keep on tha good comfortable road I Ar AtlanU 736 DRiver Forecast 51 y Ill The river hero WllU cone to a havo been a coffee victim youll appreciate It Besides health gives you power to make money Arrival t J stand and begin to recede In the and money rightly used IrrlTss 110 p m from NaihTlll next 24 hours M uipha sad all toutherm points + 800 am Lean Paducah for Owens Landing at ra from KuhiiU Arrlvw Arrivals Leave Paducah for Owens Landing at 846 am Uemphls and all touthen petit Clyde Waterloo Ala pm Owens Landing at Leave Paducah for 200 74B a m trla connects at folio George Cowling Metropolis Leave Paducah for Owens Landing at 630 pm rtock Jot with cbalr err a> 4 Ohio Golconda TOO am Leave Paducah for Brookport at Uroll r for MempbJ J D Richardson Nashvlllo r12QOnoom 1 Leave Paducah for Brotkport at > Jldbertsbn Brookport Hvlngston 120 p m trala connects at Hollo Leave Paducah for Brotkport at > 415 pm ru v Tel ulth ohrtr e7 aid BuV olnt and Owenid Landlng am for Llving ton Point at Leave Paducah 846 Condor Joppa nwllflr for Naahvtf 100 p as Lear Paducah for Livingston Point at L Welland City Puse g Tables furnished for aril parties on application Departures Arm 4in nmfrlwnr Phnn 21 All afternoon ride for Ladles and Cliildrea for 18 tots Bormtsn Teat riftk u4 I A sweaty WIe RW fw 11ctaeOUN FhoB St Hortom atTMlf TalroC01lo1IpK ROLLING BaMMr Rattle Crook Jllcli V 8 A + I IOSTlJI K tL4n NEWTON ampledloicc rlit TAILORING CITY TRANSFER CO CO- Manegert i- All Kinds of Hauling Storage and Packing 499 Both Phones wordEys IVyetbSage rJl i ST > erhent 4hvv sa IDI andIwas Gust1 chairr 1 eOltIa v- tAI TONIGHT Strike 1 Eoes hovei 13To estery ltt pWIbl i I 7 FultonflleaC- lU In Sudden Emergencies BvllleH EUlel1fiu 8jtho RFECTIO LuU ucuawi10 dnyby oe fyIPaducahaos u0100 VOT IT 01I Jot1005 youI POSTUM tUG Standard Oil Company iH3 jn I ferrtr TIME TABLE XartitrotI Ferry Boat lltip GW bringscomtorta Wake UpTheres a Reason for Robertson wMw pal > r 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