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Image 6 of The Paducah evening sun, December 13, 1910

Part of The Paducah evening sun

ri nIrr PAGE I r = r I I m Mml11m t- TtKSDAV THE PADUCAH EVENING SUN SIXI II H I HECHT SALE STARTS PROMPTLY AT 900 A IIk Thursday Dec CO tor 15 1910 1 L tvt 151 l7North Third Street TWO DOORS BACK OF NAGEL S I 4S a f tATC900 AM ThursdayDec I I MEYERS JEWELRY STORE a 1- 4 I of t It I tr4 1 SALE STARTS PROMPTLY f tt i Retiring from Wholesale BusinessClothing Ii t Here Forever a 1 J1ww 4 r t l not a question of profits for ve will sell tKis immense WHOLESALE ck at retail at less than wholesale prices Where have Its you ever had a chance before to buy your clothing from the manufacturer and at better prIces than your biggest clothier pays the chance of a lifetime Buy now for a whole year the styles are brand new this seasons best the qualities famous allover the south and the prices a mere nothipg for such values ITS t- Wearer r I I We have decided to leave Paducah tan early date to locate in another city and find that we have 1Iimmen se stockof this seasons manufactured clothing on hand which MST be disposed of immediately Its too 1late for our wholesale customers to be buying heavyweights but just the right time for the consumer to buy Therefore its to the wearer that we must bring these wonderful bargains for i quick sale Buy now for every man arid boy in the family for a whole years use for such a chance youll never have again You vill t save from 75c to 90c on the dollar Read these prices some of them mean only lOc on the dollar for us M at 9 Sale Begins Thursday Dec 15th I mI a i 1 priceic 2c 5c Knee Punts retail price 50cVhoe sale closing out price 12c and 19c retail price 75c Knee Pants and 100 wholesale closing out 38c and 490 price 100 Knee Pants retail price to 150 wholesale closing to 79c TESTS Vests Wool Cassimeres Serges nod AVorstcds worth up to 300 wholesale closing lOc and 24c Mens Odd Coats retail price350i wholesale closing out price149 Odd Coats retail price 600 wholesale closing out price 249 CHILDREN pnd276 prico1ge MENS YOUNG MENS BOYS OVERCOATS Mens and Boys Overcoats in fancy striped cassi ineres velvet collars nicely fin ished some with automobile col lars would retoilnt 750 to 1000 wholesale closing out price 198 276 349 Kersey and Cheviot Overcoats ele gantly trimmed l some with satin linings would retail at 1250 wholesale closing out price 449 and 498 Mens and Young Yens elegantly all handtailored and made in the latest fashion 4inch cuff button MENs AND YOUNG MENS SUITS A lotof Worsted and Cassimere i uits Single Breasted would retail S at 600 to 750 wholesale closing out price 175 < dipfronts tailored Cheviots Cassimeres and Kerseys plain nnd automobile col lars latest styles swell patterns 45 to 50 inch lengths would retail anywhere at 1500 wholesole closing out any price made to retail at 2750 3000 and 3500 ing out price AND Mens Young wilJlast 149and 198 to 98c Mens and Young Mens Blue and Black Beaver Overcoats that would retail at 650 to 750 wholesale closing out price 224 and 248 o- utprice849 Ono lot of Childrens mil Boys Sample Overcoats slightly soiled would ordinarily retail at 350 to 500 wholesale closing out 50c 75c and 89c price a slightly damaged mid soiled would 500 wholesale clos UITS Childrens Sample Suits retail up to ing out 98c pricot275 o- utprice598 A big lot of Childrens Suits in Double Breasted Juveniles Fancy Norfolks Blue Serges Sailor Suits and Russian Blouses elegantly trimmed Bloomer and Knicker bocker Pants wpuld ordinarily retail at 250 to 750 Wholesale closing out price 4Pc1 o- utprrice348 o- utpricelOc lot of Mens Sample Suits slightly damaged aril soiled would retail up to 2500 wholesale clos to 550 ing out Quo lot wholesale clos1148 tens High and Young Grade Cassimores and Cheviots medium and tiellal medium lengths well made splendid styles auto collars and convertible prestos re tail price 1800 and 2000 wholesale closing out priceO98 749 Priestly Proofed Crnvonottcs for Men und Young Men in excellent fabrics smart styles would retail nt 10 18 and JO wholesale clog jug out and 698 highest grade rZien oats in the very Prickly latest cloths nobby patterns and in blacks plain automobile and presto collars retail prices 2500 to 3500 wholesale closing Mens One o- utPrice65c SAMPLE SUITS Splendid Cassimere mad Worstell Suits nicely tailored brown and gray stripes and plain colors finest values ever shown to retail at 750 tp 1000 wholesale closing out price 224 276 and 298 A tine display of Stylish Suits that ire made right and are up to the minute in style shades and pat terns suits you will be astonished tp see at these prices but as we must dispose Of them juick we aro pricing these extremely highgrade snits that would retail for 1250 tp 1500 at wholesale closing 398 and 498 Strictly AllWool Worsted Suits of the nobbiest goods serge lined s3tiel1 makes 3button effects would actually retail at 1650 1800 rind 2000 wholesale closing 685 and 798 High Grade Suitings in fancy pat terns consisting of splendid Wor steds Cnssirncres Cheviots and Thibets cxtrofdinary creations in high class tailoring made with all the spap that win be put into gar ments retail selling prices 225Q and 2500 wholeesule closing 924 965 J Allour highest grade Suitings com losing the best of imported and KNEE PANTS Knee Pants slightly soiled 25c to 50c values wholesale closing out price549 tfoult Plain Automobile Collar and Presto Collar highest grade overcoatings swellest designs box backs semi form lilting pad regular shapes the highest creations of modern overcoatings coats that will up to the would retail for nobbiest dressers whole 2250 to 3500 wile closing out price 849 to 1148 price t PANTS lot Casshnoro and Worsted 150 would retail at 100 to 49c wholesale closing out price Alens and Young hens Punts in Fancy Cassiinorea and Worsteds made to retail from 150 to 250 wholesale closing out prico 55c 08c and Mens Pants in fancy made to retail at 250 to wholesale closing out price 79c to liens CRAVENETTE COATS JlajnIJlOofed i 1 splendid goods and excellent stylo whole retail prices 650 Kale closing out prico 275 to 298 Mens Corduroy Pants retail price 150 wholesale closing out p to7f prieo379lt- Black Cheviot Ruin Coats splcndidjjtting out 449 closing 350f 176I steel and retail up to 2500wholesafo clos iug out price 298 toS698 eits 124 Pants in high grade Vor Cnssimcrcs plain and bloomer makes would retail nt 350 and 600 wholesale closing out price 124 to 249 Mens Pants in the Finest Cassi mercs and Worsteds to ho had One lot Mens Sample Overcoats slightly damaged and soiled would- whole- price 49c liens Corduroy 200 to 300 put prIce Mens Corduroy 350 to 400 price Cravcnelte Coats for men rain proofed in striped worsteds retail price 1250 wholesale closing out prico 498 t out price Punts retail price wholesale closing 98c to 149 Pants retail prico wholesale 179 to 198 j closingI H 115217 North Third Street t v No Credit Given No Goods Sent on Approval Nothing Exchanged Strictly Cash Buy Now and Save 75c to 9Qc pn the Dollar HECHT 1 t t A CO Manufacturing Clothiers Paducah Ky j 4L w L14I i t ft 1 1 Nb Two Doors Back of Nagel Meyers Jewelry Store t i Nothing else need be said as these prices tell the story It is to you interest to buy as heavily as your pocketbook will permit as it is fi3aSiiiflliiionly once in a lifetime you get the opportunity TO BUY DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER f v I I f fI 25 Salespeople Wanted at Once I 4 t Ono 850 upr outI 748 MENS AND YOUNG MENS Several hundred Childrens OverCoats in fancy patterns Cassi ineres and Cheviots elegantly trim need some with fur and astrochnn would retail as high as 1000 wholesale closing out price 149 to 298 worsted retail price sale closing out < price648 10 115127 North ThirdI 4Street Twp Doors Backof Nagel Meyers Jewelry Store I

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