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Image 5 of The Paducah evening sun, December 13, 1910

Part of The Paducah evening sun

rr B i r TTKSDAV nFcmmFn ts THE PADUCAH EVENING SUN 1 Visit art fur lTtll t l VKItid Here Daisy Fltzhugh Ayre says In tier Washington notes Aa Interesting spectator at the opening of congress was Mrs Post Wheeler wife of the first secretary of legation at St Petersburg former I y Mist HalHe Ermine Rives of l southern Kentucky and ClarksvWle whose Tenn the popular novelist latest story The Kingdom of Slendeals with her Swords der recent experiences In Japan where her husband was secretary of legation at Toklo Mr Wheelor Is now en gaged on a novel at Parisian life She Is slender and glrlleh with curl Ing bronze hair and a gentle wistfulness of manner that makes her most Mrs Wheeler la an in attractive timate friend of Mrs Taft whom she when Mr vlrited In Washington Taft was secretary of war Mr and Mrs Wheeler lunched at the white house Monday with the president and his wife At the capitol Mrs Wheel or wan picturesque and pretty In a big walking dress black velvet black velvet hat ard white plume and sumptuous Russian cables MIra Halo Rives was a popu lar visitor In Paducah some years ago while yet unknown to fame She Is a cousin of Miss Mamie Daynhnm of thin city f tnovelties IGIFTS t Oa11sOedal grt t 1 h I 1 > iI rf 1 Judqs fOrders f to pliynlcnl exertion nnd likewise fond of the table and still want to reduce your excess flesh several pound do this Qo to your druggist Bldg write De Co Farmer till Marmola and Rive him or send troit Mich For this modest 75 cents them amount of money the druggist will put you In the way of satisfying your ambition for a nice trim slim figure large lie will hand you aTablets case of Mar compoundmola Prescription ed In accordance with the famous one of which Marmola Prescription you must take after each meal and bedtime until you begin to lose your to K ounces a fat at the rate of day That Is all Just go on eating what you like leave exercising to the J J WANT No carda of thanks want ads or Is pleased to find such sensible Itl notices of any character for churl societies lodges or other organiza- 1411orders Christmas Presents frlendlII I 1 IDE WILSON to11day Fait I 11per Wjberof o i ThereIwal lOstonIcet at rewardI IEfrom rclatlvesI = I i n I ron leoI e iJ MAGAZINESMake > I 1 i t tJW99WWW9 l tiDalton v Ii I tl t IWe lake i fie TOPI agesland Ie r I 4Dr e IeI = L i tfittism41 ssgedesiettlimm tions can be accepted without pay- ment In advance Our patrons will loor OEU ROCK SHOE CO Come select a few of the confer a favor by kindly remember 821 Broadway I lug this most popular magazines as atI GROCERY for sale good stand 99W gifts for any of your family Apply to Covlngton Brothers or friends There is nothing athletes but take your little tablet We place on sale today in our Art Department FOR ItENTThree room house faithfully and without a doubt that most of us appreciate more 118 Farley street Geo RawlelgJi flabby flesh will quickly take unto the prettiest and most appropriate line of art Itself wings leaving behind it your LONE OAK FOR RENT Four room house and they make such frequent natural self neatly clothed In firm f iV CIO Adams Apply 501 South Sixth flesh and lrrm muscles you have yet seen for CHRISTMAS calls and bring such pleasure HAIR WORK Ada Pullen 606 comprehensive In range and were ef- that the donor Is remembered ARE DIFFERENT THAT Old phone 2006 South Eighth > fectively given The Rev 1L B Terry will preacl I quite often and cordially Cuttings front Boxes Sunday at 11 a m at Lano FOR SALE Co New phone Padu Mr Gilbert will return to New Third Dinner 2258 ab Cooperage York tonight to reJoin David Blsp Oak and at 3 p m at the Man FOR GOOD FITTING suits go I Work Baskets Fancy Screens ham and continue their concert tour i Methodist church Cut Bates on The Paducah circuit has made an M Solomon 111 Broadway Is probable that a date may bo ar It Stands Flower Mission Baskets ranged for Paducah In their sched apportionment of 1000 for the sup- I L03TA bunch of keys Reward Magazines This marge for return to Sheriff George Slouacr ulo for later In the winter Mr Oil port of the ministry i J MODERATELY PRICED advancing for several yearn on easy payments DIAMONDS bcrtti stay In Paducah has given has been I Wo will duplicate any offers great pleasure as always to his and will doubtless make further Eyo See Jewelry Co 315 Broadwaprogress under the pastorate of the I yVANTEDOne flat top doubt you have from any cut rate Rev H B Terry desk P 0 Box 299 II agents and assure you prompt The ladles and young people of 1+ HAIR WORK Mattle Dawson 1 Lone Oak will give a Christmas en A dance will be given Friday even deliveriesThis I old phone 711a Ing at the Throe Links building The tertninment at the Lone Oak college much keys Retur Thursday December 29 at 1ZO p I LOSTA bunch of i list Is on at R W Walker Co CallIng Cards m for the benefit of the Alethodtei to Will Hays pool room 300 S 9th Taken For church New Stationary FOR WOOD and hauling Abell Mrs J Ford and Miss phone 172C I t Laura Abell of Snrithland were Eugene C Dawson InIIJ BROOMS and boara at 217 N Cth the city today shopping The nook Magazine Anti Jackson Tenn Dec 13Euger Also tablo boardI ISolid Gold Rings 100 and Mr henry Handy of Fort Jefferson Chapter Music Man 70 years of age died rat visiting IIC Dawson 119 oUHNISHHD room and board WIth LOCAL NEWS I THE Mrs Samuel Drown Vulllam 70S Sprlirgtf Col who has been up Solid Gold Brooches 100 West Dcadrlck ave private family 411 N 7th St his homo I Broadway Is hostess to the Fort his slater Mrs J W McNeely 19Q8I nile after an Illness of Severn and up Elgin Watches 865 I SALEPair of mules flintgJefferson chapter of Daughters ol 20 year case Sterling Silver weeks Deceased Is survived by hll I I GET IT AT GILBERTS tho American Revolution this after ITYIEWnITEnDrand new Un Tea Spoons 300 per set1 Spe wife Mrs Sarah Dawson and lono old phone 1104 GU Osteopath at a reducGilbert Miss Sue Nelson of Chicago le- son Fred J Dawson of this flty noon at her home It Is the second cial low prices on all Holiday tion Address M R care Sun Phones 196 Broadway meeting of this recently the guest of her sister Mrs W C The funeral services will take place Jewelry seat brall Rubber stamps LqST December 2thtwo ten chapter which bears tho organlzel Gray CIS Madison street for the i Two Stony FOR RET Modern rooms tor dollar bills folded together itcnclls etc at Tho Sun brace historic Revolutionary Christmas holidays Miss Nelson forReturn housekeeping 723 Madjson ilia and IKiil Broadway Dalton DJro Works have moved merly lived in Paducah and Is popu- conduct the services to this office and receive rewarmiddle westApply atSalesladies WANTED OPTICAL CO street SEE JEWELRY I EYE to 114 South Fifth lar here 6 ten F M Kirby II Co dIIACITDeCemher12tbt wReturn Frcv1 city and farm real estat Mr J W McNeely returned from Ilandana Couple Marry In Cairo All Grady Warranted Postofllco Robbery price lilt Wblttomoro Fraternlt A white woman to do WANTED Dr Ezra Titsworth and Miss Mag Maylleld today Pulaski ILl Dec 13nurglarl the cooking at Mrs E B Harbours building thonei 836 glu Evans both of Bandana were Miss Etta Schrader has returned I I G R Sexton Sign writing they to her homo In Mt Vernon Ind entered the building of the Bank at 115 North Thirdmarried at Cairo Sunday where the Pulaski last night dynamited suitable for housekeeping 1003 401 Phones after a pleasant visit to relatives and vault covered while you Clark streetand blew oft two doom of a OMIJRELLAS Jewelry Co I Dye Works have moved l friends 31532 wait Eye See safe but secured no money Th Broadway to 114 South Fifth street WANTEDTo purchase heating Miss HoffmaIE I The safe was postofflce property Wo servo Booths oysters da stove In good condlfon A B care I IIn Charge of Christina Seals at BEATSVEMMAALL on prices thand night Ducb nana restaurant Christmas holidays with friends and Ipostof ice and the bank are In nMANICURISTS Depot 601 Soutl SunFOR t tame building Three hundred am Williams Furniture 219 Kentucky avenue Seals SALBOne medium Herring The Red Cross New phono 981a Third Refined HQOSER TAILOR Major and Mrs J H Ashcraf ret- seventyfive dollars In stamps were go on sale In the custom house will mirror room house Hall safe and triplicate CIO BroadFOR SALE Four jothlnfT for gentleman Apply at D WeJUe Son lobby on Thursday December 15 urned this morning on the steamer Isecured from the vault Fourth and Norton Will sell cheapI way Shamrock Bldg v The Palmer House and will continue through Christmas Clyde from a visit at Pittsburgh FOR RENT Boom 117 Broad It sold at once New phone Large ClUes Public Debt Sunny Hollow still honw whisky ova A member of the Womans Tenn way fitted out with bank fixtures Dis Washington Dec 13Placlng the gallon 100 Btcderroan halt 20 PAIRS White Belgian Mr Felix Rudolph left this mornclub will be In charge each day and flroproot J A Rudy tilling Oo Those Ing for Ogdens landing on buriness combIned public debt of the large age 1 to9 months single 60c txllrI WE wast lace will select her own assistant curtains very careftitles of the country at 1213080 IjlW Mrs M Little 601 S For fire Uturancn phone 965r days Mr Ed Foster manager of thec ully Get them cleaner and whiter Oakley was charges In charge of the sales and their dismissed 100 the census bureau finds it is SeI May ft Griffith 31 4 H iRBNT Thre or four unf- than you could at homo Belvedere hotel has gone to May lured by aggregate securities proporStar Laun Burntwood goods Uroadwa1I with shooting Hulus Jones on June areDecember IGllIsl Frances Gould Held on business rooms second floor suit- tioned by the same cities to the total urnished housekeeping Mrs Letbel1 dry Ihon11200II thought to be foO11e 25 Jones duced prices nt C C light L V Armen able December 16Mrs tlss Margaret nlckelof Louis FOR RENTTwo rooms with grass Is placed at 2738 327 South Fourth Sow Rockford ripe who has been the popular guest value of which figures bath hot and cold water steam a teacher at troutDecember are for 190 The 199000 I 17Mrs J C Utter of Mr and Mrs Guy D Martin re and cover all of tho 1C8 cities hay S 11 HOSTEN Dyeing pressing heat Ellis apartments Mrs Wil la 111 at hoi turned to her hom6 today French dry cleaning liam Hughes I backDecember ing a population of over 20000 ex- renovating Try one of Klrcbhoff Coffer home on North Seventh street John Dr John McCauley of MorganIcept New 19Mr Jennie Rock Mr G A Wade and family lane Something Cakes York Detroit and St Work called for an4 delivered Glut Qllson Held Is visiting friiNmds In the cltjx I December 20l1I81 Old phone 338a Me JlOO per month ioufs The Evening Sun charge 10 removed to Paducah from Jacob Wailer December Mr Harry Gilbert wilt rejoin Mr YOUR Laco Curtains need clean licious gumhighly perfumed cents a line for all notices of enter tropolls III and Will reside In tbo Put avid Blspban tonight after a visit steinDecember K BIxVNC CASK NEARINQ END Ing You will make no mistake In up In a tin box a square box too tainment or todal events to which cry 22Mrs Edmund P lo hla mother Mrs Azelia parts of sending them to the Star Laundry Everywhere Uon the square 6c tern it any admission tee and o- A rehearxaot on Miss Pauline Roth and brother I IRK to the difficulty had In collecting the Hhh school minstrel was hok NobleDecember NTEDMen to l earn barber Mike Michael Mr Fred Roth will leave next week ill Evidence InAttorneys Begin Phone 20023Mrs Arguments hero small accounts It II nocewary last night and 11111 ready for thu December Frank Fisher for Georgetown Ohio on a visit to SEV1N0 MACHINE for ealejlat trade Few weeks completes Money Cambridge Mass Dec 13Thu est Improved WhIle drop head ma earned white learning performance Thursday nightt at till to holy brother Mr Frank Roth Big demand I From the sale of tick auditorium Delphic Club This Morning Wages 12 to Mr W E McGuire of Dyersburg1 evidence upon welch the Jury will chine cost 60 new for 121 Either for our graduates I s aunired end a Cocoanut Toast at Klrchhoffs its a packed house I The Delphic club met this morning fenm was In the city yesterday on convIct or acquit battle LeBlanc ot phone 396 Little expense Be In I i20 weekly the murder of Clarence F Glover How would some nice Engraved treat I promised the audience < hls at tho Carneglo library is The pro juslnes your um dependent Catalogue malted free WANTEDTo furnish Set year Melvin M Johnson II completed Cards do for that Xraas gift For tho convenience of the grain was o most delightful one and Mf Charles Jones of Trlmhle counsel for time girl made the open- brella with a new cover or handle Moler Barber College t Paducah Printing Co public part of the steals have been featured the following ditrcusstana night for Memphis on tract left last Ing plea for her life He said the W N Warren jeweler 403 Broad Mm James Bcgonfcltor of C21 reserved 1 The Crimean War 1S50 Flor us Incas STimnS TALKS OX IIATRS way Washington streett ts Improving af ence Nightingale Mrs D A Yelser Air J Atmstrons returned to his girl was brought from the Canadian white CHRISTMAS TIME Shop early of tho homo In Benton last night after a iroylnces solely for the a short Ulncr 2 for DIaEstabllahmcnt f Mr K H Gllcon who is 111 of parents of a fins boy baby The new lave traffic and then turning to See our moneysaving gifts for every At Banquet sip on business I IQfaiyslf is weaker today Mo Ira Lillian M Glover who Induced member of the family and others arrival II a grandson of Mr Henr S Franklin of Crosno Mr Parrish The Jeweler 218 Broadway Tim Meyer street fill wag com- Kattcrjohn who has the honor of Canal 1869Mrs Elizabeth Austin eturned to his home last night alter JC1h ago Doc 13Covernor elect 3 Landscape Painter Turner a trip on bulnees today by tho street depart being a grandfather for the nut t4otid GIFTS FOR MEN at saving prices Voodrow Wilson of New Jersey and Mr E O Boone Constable rogtea time and ment Work has beets In 4 Grand Mr Claude Porter of scarf pins cuff- Sovernor W R Stubbs of Kansas Fobs watches The club will not meet again until Chain mhas returned to hU home ASK PATRICKS PARDON for leveral weeks and lCMO1 load ofat the Links and other choice jewelry Par i ere the principal speakers dirt purchased by the city from the Funeral Notice Woodmen of the the first Tuesday in January after a visit to friends and relatives nnual banquet of the Illinois Manu rlah The Jeweler 218 Broadway In Mechanics I Ivldcnro on Which Bo Was Con In the city rldewalk excavations asooJatlon World the FOR RENT 1201 South Eighth f actuTors Ulotel tonight held la dc of North Mr T W Watkins vlctixl has Been Proven burg were used ingress Members of Jcreoy Camp No W Executive Roan of Woman Club street Good location for grocery laredi business bad been Wilsonmuch The executive board of the Wom Eighth street left last night for Wrong The irowcutlntf wtnw failed are requested to attend the funeral too See Richard Callssl exploited In thta country recent 13 Announce and moon New York Dec to aiineAt this morning In the trial of Sovereign ErneA II Galloway to- ana club wilt meet tomorrow morn southern Illinois on business club1 house Mr 11 A Rois of Denton was lent was made that the ModlcatLe Goth phones 164 erlod of extraordinary expansion Hutch Oakley colored charged morrow afternoon at 2 oclock at the Ing at 10 oclock at the preceding regular business session FOR SALE Rhode Island R In the city yesterday on business with too little regard for permanent gal society has appealed to Governor with mallcous nhootlng and wound residence Eleventh in 1032 South too club meeting on Thursday new interests of society Put cockerels that aro red Mr T D Snider of North Eighth Vhlte to pardon Albert T Patrl Ing with Intrnl to kill shdr hu won itreet Members of the Woodmen CL Faust I Strfbbs took up the subject of railstreet has returned from a trip v rbo Is serving a life sentence kI blood In your stock Circle and other Woodmen invited Delightful Kccltnl Old phone 1509a road freight rates and the relation of SANTA CLAUS flag made his to attendthrough Louisiana and eastern Texas Sing Sing for the murder of William 1502 Broadway A brllHant ntuslcal event was Mr headquarters for Footwear of all on business It is Marsh here some years ago RECEIVED A lot of Imported the rates to the welfare of the PeoJ M CROSS C C last after a trip Harry Gilbert organ recital Prices ple at large kinds at Rocks Would be pleased Judge J F Gordon of Madison maintained by the petitioners that goods for Christmas wits G By R Broadfoot Clerk owning at the First Christian church 1110 passed through the city yester I atrlck was convicted on medical are reasonable Suits made up to nil your orders Rocks way under the auspices of the Church 3ay en route from Sraithland River Below Zen to testimonY that tho embalming fluid fine style M Solomon 111 I KNURS TllICODORK BALDWIN Furnishing society Tho auditorium Somerset where he will prerfde as IIntroduced into the body through way Under New Richmond House InI St Louts Dec 13Tho Missis with ai proclatlve slppl river here was 04 of u foot crowded was the right brachial artery would not LOST Largo blackpbinterwhite pedal circuit Judge Will Sot Eat at Table Wtli Fonncr fnlends of the talented musician and any Inform below zero the low water mark of Mrs 11 R Llndsey and children enter the lungs but that It has since on breast Reward for Imskleut was as music lovers J803 which testi ation Dec at Hogans ernment as Is now used by the gov C E Sharpe ivlll return home today from San An been demonstrated that the Now Haven Conn 1311- fisted by Mrs Mr Gilbert the lowest point Jn river James Gruenebaum tonip Texas where the children are I nony was wrong grocery 122 Kentuck avenue Old gauge was tated here today with rome S Bagby The weather bureau expects deflnlteneea that Govelcct Simeon contralto and Mr Emmettwas an art- attending military school phone 787 the river to continue to fall But The program I superIntendK Baldwin will not attend tho din- baritone Mr W Hi Force MUo Angelina Iunn has returned istic one and delighted the audi- after a pleasant visit to her elster ent of the city light plant is ill at YOU are wanted for government once before In January 1900 when toner of the Chamber of Commerce giv8000 month Write for the gauge was minus 26 feet has on North Thirteenth position morrow owning at which former ence The organ numbers were ji ils home In will start a cough or cold which Franklin the river been as low lee forming list of positions open > President Roosevelt will to a SUe en for the tint time hero and Mr treat may stay with you all winter Institute Dept 111B Rochester on sand bars about the city Is hold Gilbert appeared to splendid advantr Chicago on buslncts of honor showing ago in each composition lIng back the water and lord to sorloua Illness If Some men are like phonographs NY Mr J R Lane left today for The his perfect mastery of the Instru c very day they reel off exactly the MONEY Better see otpr city taxes LOSTlf you are not Mr J K Bondurant left this not checked Nfarlon and Princeton on business taking advantage of Bradley Bros Mrs Gruenebaum and Mr ment penalty will sqtm bo on Mrs W W Lee and children of amo records No your cough may not bother num Kevll arrived this morning from cheap prices on high grade feed and morning for Eddyvllle on business Bagby sang attractive double you much nowbut dont Quality guaranteed to be un coal bers each and rendered an artistic Kovll on a visit to Mrs George Rubber Is a Rubber but it Is I equaled Phono 339 take chance witt your heatbt The vocal numbers were Forms 401 South Fourth street duet as essential to get a fit In Rub to- Ita dang rouL FOR SALERugs leather couch bers as It is in any other article to ttlrs Frank Ferrlraan returned What would please a friend bet day from St Louis mahogany dressing table clock ter than an order to Rocks for a Mrs II G Thornpeon left this Call between 1 and 2 p m- I we carry sizes and widths chairs Try Gilberts Cold Tablets nlco pair of Shoes as an Xmas morning for Birmingham Ala on at rooms 18 to 22 Columbia build next time Honey Com Rock Bye anti present I a visit to friends and relatives 1 pound speedily relieves that 24 HOURS Mr Ed Ovey left this morning forJO annoying early season cough t Charles and Princeton on buslI room house corner Eleventh and ness Or Your Money Back Monroe streets Has furnace and all and cold The Rev WJ Mccoy returned See F M modern conveniences XV HOWELjDENTI5T SOc and 9100 morning from Mayfleld Prlco tiles Fisher a guarantee If the tab Our lino this season Is time morning Mrs O R KIdd loft this My place FOR SALE or trade ANn lets doRt make good you t for Dlxon Springs III for a visit Yes tho kind that is pure largest wo ever carried and our 27 acres 6 miles from Paducah on money back We cant do Capsules are Malarial Tonic Cairo road New phone 71 6 or call and wholesome and guaran prices Ute lowest Como and J tiSTART BIO CLVMPAION njore guaranteed to break up any at 1531 Broad street George J toed under tho Pure Food Law They dont pick your choice while the ast caso of chills Jones TIIU PiUCH IS 25c A Illinois I > A It Making Nationwide Tho place Imake you sick like the sweet Just WE starch lace curtains sortment Is complete CunvoiiH to Klcct Mrs Scott syrups do They are splendid the degreo of stiffness that makes To Have Chicago Dec 13Thollllnols appetizers Those Fall auil Winter them hang nicely and ry thom upon Daughters of the American Revolu Garments Dyed or Cleaned frames that make them square and Trice SOc Per Box Ion launched a countrywide cam I stretch them smooth and even Star Bring us your Plumes Hats paljor In the Interest of Mrs M T Suits J Laundry Phone 200 The Old Reliable tho place I CO Scott of Bloomington who ja a can Skirts Waists Etc We will restor LIST DRUG J ALWAYS grocery them to their former brightnPATRONIZE the colored where you hate dldatc for selection to tho position Sugar 19 lbs U I 1240 Clay street ot president general of the national bought the best Broadway Fourth Druggist essDEMERTS I organization Pure hog lard 1C cents per lb Best Beth FtiMM 77 Phones 108 Seventh antI Jackson Streets lour 7 5 cents per tack A full line Model Palmer House Block Works Both Phone 237 GET IT AT fllLBERTB Better scfnfter city taxes The Free delivery of first class good 109 South Third Street 412414 Broadway Fifth nail Broadway penalty will soon be oM B L Oofleld old phone HSLr a 014 Fom 2868 New Fhoit IIt> I ti T 2nd M 4It BAT ANn C1IJT TIIIV II about but modern method of reduc ing fat have made thin revision posit IN SOCIAL CIRCLES department PAGE FIVE un lIummerlIIrulltIOn AlabamaI 1 goodI < CHE1VrixGGUMAlso 2Illra aUbertI te wl adtrUlInK1Fino It f CochranI EducationtActl I e > t f W 4tlrs > ffOommerte deIInounced IIof 1 t q T t Wet Feet ifIr Cold Winds j t lJ l t W I I I For Christmas t ICURC IN I vtt 1a JThal f l I Candy gt Iour I IA FINE PIPES SEASONABLE J becauseIusa inglroR DR Now is the Time B- r OXGILBERTS sSTUTZS JD8ACON Drug Store ad Steam De J I I- a t J = > Jr ycf t

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