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Image 4 of The Paducah evening sun, December 13, 1910

Part of The Paducah evening sun

I rF JW Vr 1 I I WEBICLTI ney General Wlokorrfiam proves him selfthe reel trust buster Study this list of suitsTobacco trust Standard Oil company J PAXTON General Manager Sugar trustIEntered at the poitofllce at Paducah Jlarrtman lines Kr as second class matter Hard tool trust Powder trustI IBBSCnirTlON RATES TermfnaL Railway Association of St LouisTowing TOE DAILY SUN IJi trust on the Great lakes Br Carrier per week advance 26 I ITowIng A Patten and others for anv By Mall per month In In advanceUOO alleged corner in Br Malt per year cotton I TUG WEEKLY MUM Beef trustpottage pala100 For year by mall Wholesale grocers trust j Address TIlE SUN Paducah Ky Jlrlok trust Phone 158 Third Office ItB South Bath tub trust I I The following convictions were se- Editorial Room I New Phone ash cured and fines Imposed during tho Old Phone J37 York Offlce Payne A Young II yearPaper New trust lined fSTOOO1 Welt Thirtythird Street Younff 747 Chicago 7C8cMaquette Night riders fined 35 00 Dldl Window glass trust fined 10000 Undervaluation frauds Tho American Naval Stores com pany known as tho turpentine trust and six codefendants were convicted of violations of the antitrust law TUESDAY DECaMUEIl 13 Two of the individual defendants sentenced to three months each In Jail and fines aggregaUng 17500 Dally Thought were imposed I Prosecutions of tho sugar trust for learning and another to do good frauds upon tho government in the weighing of raw sugar recovered for deodsErnest Kenan the government 3135363 88 Con vlctions and sentences of Individuals pool still fresh in the public mind were t iienry county has a turkey secured All right It Its a pool of gravy o test extensive of alt frauds We might answer that tho Bven1 against the government oet tits growth I Sun hasIdedPaducah AFTeRNOON AND 1 In iPAIjMER sew pcnusniNQ COMPANY Incorporated F M FISIIKn President HOUSE J I U The Store Memphis Leo Jackson B Messenger Cairo A W tsar age Memphis L C Orlffltts iLouis ville H S Hayden Benton Steia Salmon HIckman O W Kennedy HIckman C O Bryan BELVEDERE Louisville p P Underwood Cherry Ky KImiitf J Bealc Murray Pat IJayden Hllburn Louisville H Benton Ih Wf FJood Mayfield T 1 M CaJdwell i JIarrodsOurg Kjj E C Clark Evanavllle I C J Wilson NEW RICHMONO Horse Cave Ky C M Shambling Bay City 111 D Morgan Memphis Barter McFaH and Van McFoll Stun gls S C Metcalf Day City J1 C Henry Mari- J onKentacg Kernels u henry county has turkey pool Remodel opera house at Hopkins villo Louis Johnson w bit by dog at Mayfield John Abel burns to death near Henderson HI C toward of Paris will get Ibavo consulshipJacob at dies of pneumonia Mayflold of a Thousand jilts Munson Louisville A SUNTtriHnu t HEART DISEASE cUSIki nuATir 010 KIIXICSTWJWAY OK THIS CITV 1onner Illinois I < ovcs AVIfn Duiiiuliio got Christ + novelI anti brinK on fever and pneu To avoid pneumonia monia bowel should be laxative ont coiiKh will soon be overcome The nnr t acting mot pleas In rxtreiiio Mouth porlliii ant tasting and laxative cough syrup can be toads at homo by any one Obtain from a well Sun rose today nl stocked drUKKlnt 2 12 ounce of It I Sun will Mt today essence menholaxenekIllIpl I rlll Into n MMii will Mt1 tonight with n pint of granulated sugar IIa and a half pint boiling wIIIrlIr and Itt coot Then nil up ZQ 1 I Ilitl 1ill nm p inI n in t t Oft 1 ter2 r i 1 ogalnatIrallroads HhirtHI 1 < WIlodge IIrroiu J 1 nom contaaetpdIa p4 Oakicy JSeaJllan 1 Pacifichallway executrlLI short time tl liti All illill JioHQin and plains Kkotrlc Iximitti AuorbaohiT Eiw1 Bund Scientific rlcal VinlraotUg American Boy Bond KolcntMlc Ikt> at book 100 to 200 h M41wJ1V lrIffrfVCQ In order tho crushing rush nt the e1dathe month would It not bo a good Idea to attend to your city taxes now RTSl t j t Oil Ixwt l iniikos t thu hell pntlpriw r in ov OIry stylo iiiro+ hero lioliilnyH II > I Ir arwi 1 iiiy horlipy fnntvnlIsorvites a- I Two or three Betl will lio ANY 1111111 esHcially will > ithISleeper leavingenFlyod 710 I 1JrIfttf1ir 1 1 cloudlues andr ndSets50c I t lonlxlit tl Here are somo dandy sugges a and fo Him a tions for a luicmlwr Mr 10 Woodmen of the World See our windows Her Onllowftji leaves a wide circle of they contain many of the friends In the city many of whom HOOKS ix CIIXCBwere not aware of his condition lie thousand gifts AT CAIIXIXJIB MltiailV Iwwa native Paducahan Ladies Wrist Bags tho host Ho leaves Lila mother Mn Phoebe to 15 lalloway his wire Mrs QlyrUo gift for lt Galloway and little Military Brushes silver or Hiss Alargaret two children Hugh Adams PttyslM for Secondary and Master ebony in boxes or Galloway He to also survived by iSchoo Cullon Text book of Ion 5100 to 1000 two brothers Meiars John nndIoral physics CrookoH Diamonds cases Gnllowan of this city Ladies Toilet and Manicure dmrlos w U bo held at 2 oclock The Cburch Dwerlrtlro Goometry Kl to- Hot Botany of Today Kauth Moon funeral Sets iir beautiful morrow afternoon at the residence In Modern Astronomy Clarke As150 to 1500 and burial will bo in Oak Grow tronomy from a Dipper Ort 110 cases r Ladies JtollUp Toilet Cases cemetery The Rev If 1W Burwell Physical and Oommurclal Geugroiihy robyti rlan Wik paMor of tho First Ilopklrw Kle Dflrwlnlwii to 300 for mont of rtsrtcal GooHriiiliy Cases Pocket Leather Card t MiwdowEroll A B C Of l9i trty hooks Cigar laMes anil Boxes ItHdnux Slow to Study the Starv KHrman Practical AKHD 1101 Abbott Photo Fratnts Medicine Cases I deb Mr Itomil Itlxtrf of Motorists DaMn Scissor Sets Playing Card Mrs Monroe Sand lloyil Mrs i4 and port KuRonlos RUKW ll AulonioUflr Cases Bridge Whist Pads morning for Smith II CTOM left this Mncfndueh to 500 land In a gasoline launch to attnnd Driving 8 lfTaught Sololimn DulMlRK of VIUI Power Traveler50c undcrvalun1IUons > Fnlr theI mas monoyi < Good roads convention at Louis ville Iec 28Kentucky prose meeting at Louis l ville Dec 28 jOscar Dlss fatally wounded at t Jlicknlni dance Ht I Q 1 i John Miller Louisville policeman I The plate service pictures of Chief States The extent of the treasury Justice White make him look almost i losses can only be conjectured Every commltn suicide rpr John II Hollflod dies of dignified enough for tho Englltti step of the Investigation shows fresh pneumonia at Mayfield hbutler of an 9j1pe elm ron vLeitlngton fire protection 1 I lossesThere o are now wilts under way to detuneA by underwriters A good friend has of which the cus- Dr I D Warren resigns as pastor among the other causes for the exI recover 1700000said to toms revenue haw been of Owen boro First Baptist tho funeral of their father Mr Calc Paducah in I defrauded in is coHcnt record made by imports of cheese and Rev E II Dull leaves Hopklns Iloj l wino died suddenly jMtonlny the last decade The Evening Sun I figs from Mediterranean ports indict vllle Presbyterians for Indiana afternoon at tho tome of his with Certainly stands high In tho list month are pending and some convic Man staggers across state 4lno Into Professor Edward Jloyd Ttio funeral Paducahs Sun la climbing toward its have been secured Fulton Ky and la arrested I took place this afternoon and burfnl zenith OI r AAWIoItlons II Jlre Gcorgoi Spencer found dead at than 30 individual Indict VcsrAtlUHU IU 0 was at Stulthland Mr Bo > t was 77 p incorporated are pending against pen nl Louisville and five children ill of years old and formorlji resided In Pa > The CourierJournal speaking a mtstlee dumb He was born In Trigg county word for the good roads convention and came to Padurah whltreW Mvvd there December 28 calls on the I up until five years ago HP was re papers of the state to keep up the tired and had been making hilt homo tight for good roods Wo assure the charging rebating and other Illegal YEAR PROSPEROUS with his son who Is a teacher In the esteemed CourierJournal The Even ji OF O j NEWS Smlthland school Ho won fnltbful Ing Sun Is fighting to keep up the I member of the Baptist church am Two convictions with good roads jMoCracken county has al- Individuals l kaves many friends In P ikiftth He fines were secured during the year ready built Suits Filed in Circuit Court loaves his wife Mrs Sarah IlovJ nod Land fraudS are probably entitled DKlOSITS IIAVB MORB TITAN Minnie jirjdgs flied suit for dl two dovahtr and nOUUMm IX A 1ECtDr one ton Mr j to place with the customs frauds and THE PRODIGAL SOUTH yucca Jobn Boyd had been In excellent health up ftont her husband President Taft has appointed a with violations of the antitrust taw Bridges ajleglg cruel treatment former Confederate soldier to preI The department won signal victories Tho coupffi married in 1M6 aid wp side over the greatest court in the during the gear against unlawful Failures Halo Been Few and Clear nested Julyelw 1909 She asks a pneumonia In 98 world whose principal function dg to fencing of the public domain lug House Report Show divorce dmi the restoration of tier prose 28 criminal Interpret the constitution of the civil suits and Increase iltonjo IiarnSI CaM maiden Joinott Scnlllnn United States President Taft is a eutlons against the Oregon After an lllnew of 12 monUie Republican Chloe Justice White was I fornla Railroad company and 45 II lu1ollc Culrt I recover to James Ndcon Seaman the 18t3r defendants appointed to the supreme bench toy other = 2300rO acres of lands valued At Uashlnston Dec 13Another jJ government 50vOOOvOW which the Q year of prosperity and solid growth 165 oclock this morning of t Aer of Louisiana could confer on a citi claIms are Illegally held are now culo4i Ho wu born la Padacab zen We mention this only as a warn cording There are also under way for American oanKs is recorded In In County Court the annual report of the comptroller ing to tho Democratic press of KenThe will oft Mrs Cloe N Atkinson and WM a member of Mixpah diva I of the currency presented to con- tucky that the war Is over was probated In county court this don lit was a young man of many gress today iNot only the national fine qMlltfea and had a host of No other president ever considered ands of acres of valuable lands banks which comb directly under tho morning She bequeathed all of her friends on the South side He reo tho merits of a member of the op real and personal property to her cently control and supervision of the cur- returned from Toxap where IKwIte party for so signal an honor At rency bureau are Included In the daughter Elizabeth G Wllnon he went for too benefit of file health and responsibility President Taft Is comprehensive review of banking her death or marriage however It Betide hie parents be I survived by U truly a representatives of tho times STATE PRESS XJndltlonsbut state banks savings Is directed that the estate be divided one sister Mrs WMlle Map Fwunn I He was elected president in an era of equally among her children Men banks trust companies and other city The funeral i with take good feeling nationally end Interna doll Joseph Leslie James and Eliza of this financial institutions somo 15950 placo from tho fnmWy rflde ro on tionally at a time when party differ- beth Wilson Elizabeth Wilson was others are represented Broad street at 2 oclook Wednesday ences are slight Ills experience has During the fiscal year of 1910 the named as afternoon Same Old Story The service wilt ix con not laid along the way of rancorous ducted by H politics and no habitual prejudice Pearson Tho Davie County Farmers In- combined resource of the 7000 na Will Cole colored 22 of Padu Tho burial tho Rev J jrtl be in Oak Grovf dlstngulshes in his mind a Democrat stitute convened at the court house tional banks of the United States cah and Anna Hello Littleton coil from a Republican1000 ored 21 of Paducah this morning for a two days set Ion grow to approximately I I1tuUn1 ofofAllnrt Duinnlne It is a remarkable fact that the The meeting was called to order In 000000 On September 1 lost their loans and discounts had reached Albert A Dumnlne best blood of southern democracy Is the county court room by Henry Stills Piled In Circuit Court SI who died yesterday at Met hrmef receiving recognition everywhere ex- Berry and while the attendance was the Immense sum of Ji400000000 filed suit Tenth and Terrell streets will be Walker Washington an amount never before equalled cepting In the Democratic party At unusually small a great deal of in- i i In the history of tile national bank- against II V Keobler and S T held at 9 oclock tomorrow morning home the rank growth of small try terest was manifested and the Wootan for JIGS CO alleged duo as a at the St fVandi de Sales Calhol o InJ politicians bas choked down the bestIatitute will be a success Owensboro JIng system store Its ereaUon la ts6 At the same time they were counting balance on a judgment secured In church Tho Rev Father II A Con the party can produce and the su Inquirer nearly J30OWWV > of overdrafts In the McCrackon circuit court noil will officiate and burial will be perior types are transplanted to T J Etter filed suit against tho In Xit Carmel cemetery their assets a practice whfeh there is Following flourish in now soils and atmos Paducah Home Telephone company j jll be the palUear Nf Messrs Joe pheres or eschewing politics find Whats the Constitution Between inoQftU tOtoProDomblnJng all other banks In the for 23360 alleged duo on a breach H Potter WllHam II Patloreon W Friends l distinction at the bar and in busiThe plaintiff alleges G Whltflftld Emile Gourieux W1I The court of appeals overruled United States and its Hand posses of contract ness frequently to be eventually 108 is duo on a contract to lIam McCutcheon and John ThcoboM that recognized a Republican national ad the petition of Auditor James ask j board employes of the company and ministration and elevated to respon Ing a rehearing In the case of the hotter seq nrtcr city taxes The that 12560 Is due on a contract for sibilities which belong to them by circuit judges Involving the constft t t the use of teams The company penalty will Moon be onright of capacity to execute tutlonallty of the Taw providing for banking power of the nation has failed to use tho teams as agreed In Kentucky for Instance in the last the extra pay of 1200 each earI NOTICl two decades has furnished over a to them The court originally affirm Igrown JIn the last ten years from tho contract but tho plaintiff claims 13977 of all sorts of banks with that by reason of tho contract ho AN OUIHXAVCI I IflOHIIUTINnhundred governors for other states ed tho constitutionality and the capital of 1150000 and Individual was unable to work his teams SAIK OK IMRKWOUKK Oil KX Consider the quality she has reserved Judges will get the extra pay as I IlXMIVICK 11 IB USB OP Rum OR for her own use and the demagogues crybody predicted from the first The deposits of 7088000000 to more j than 27000 banks with combined I tho sends to congress Prodigal In constitution In order to avoid the crushing KIIIIM1 OK ASIB I X TUB CITV that no her wealth of manhood the grand pay shall be Increased duringofficials capital close to 2OOO000OOO and rush at the end of ItKtT month would OP rADUCAH WIMj ItB UIGIDIV his In I Individual deposits of nearly IG It not be a good dea to attend to I NTOHCBI old commonwealth mother of men cumbency B I1BAVV IBXAITV but the Judges mot in 000000000 your city taxes bears statesmen whom she cannot JOIt VIOLATIXtLlllixltl Louisville laid their heads together honor and Sends them forth for I h RINRBKV IT COST HBIt yjSOOsome more cosmopolitan community and found a way to whip the devil cum OP IOMCB I Mayfleld Mes around the stump where tho law of selection operates J J WOOD 1 It Dotty Xot Iay to Attempt to untrammeled employ theirIIsenger CIIIBP PIRB DKIT Smuggling talentsThe revolt in the lower house Ivlglitysevcn Years Old Would It not bpxa good Idea to New York Dec pearl which started the movement to un- Alfred B Coleman 87 years old see after youn taxes before tho standpat Republicans one of the oldest and most highly seat tho Tlicn you might over rush comes came from the western contingent respected citizens of Trigg county look the matter and have to pay the 1 among them many transplanted tdied Saturday penalty Coleman bud attempted to smuggle into this southerners not from the Demo- not only lived all Mr life In the it his ardc crats of Dixie Those men from the where ho was born I mOl Hrn but had not I t1 west have red blood in their veins spent more than a dozen nights away I Ox vnitv msv rAV > oxTs they come from broad cosmopolitan communities which attract tho best from his home In all them eighty I have a twostory frame house that Is in every man and the best seven years and Lad never had ea port To regain the necWnco Mrs order Eleventh and Monroe in good naturally takes the leading place 100I much as a pocket handkerchief Adrlance was compelled to pay the ondltlon conveniences modern fun foreign value of the jewels canse hat Is where it naturally be washed away from the big spring at 1 urnace which I offer for sale on I Ms homo While he had lived with about 8000 Leside tho duty which lonsfs asy payments F1J Fisher At tho last election Kentucky sent Iin three miles of the Cumberland iis about 5000 more This amount nine DemocrAts to congress How Iriver all his tire ho had never rid with tho8000 originally paid for Merely a matter of spending loss strong Is the delegation This week den on a steamboat or a railroad the necklace 56004 floe and counsel than you earn Keeps growing fees makes a total COlt of the neck party leaders will meet at Louts ttrain Hopklnsvllle New the too becomes surprisingly easier l lace more than uSOOeJ vllle and select a manner of choosing easy after you havo practiced It for a candidate for governor What will A deer that George Robertson lie loves me he loves me not a while People fall Into the habit govern tho selection the will of tho In the romantic summer of spending money thoughtlessly who Is on hle annual hunt in the murmured people or tho relative strength of and Imagine tnoy cannot save Cul wilds of Arkansas rhot You must have picked a the bosses What progressive meas Mrs Dot Copeland who has been boarder and 1 tivate thoughtfulness and careful wiu received today by Iris killed I thousand daisies to pieces today ures are advocated by any candidate friend tarring with Rlngllng Brothers remarked tho old farmer Posstbly ness and you are bound to save for the highest honor In the Blate1Icircus encouragement for the past season has ar- 1 have Couldnt you play that Theres protection There Is a kind of conservation the and satisfaction In a bank account Democrats of the south must cuJtIIIrived In Paducah to spend the win game Just as well with potato Ibugs I tar and Is tho guest of Capt and iLoulsvillo Courler Journal vato as tho dominant party or Better sec oftfecrclty taxes The sign that distinction to a party that THE FIRST NATIONAL BUNK penalty will soonho on Pupils of tho Grinuby South Par best men docs select Its Will bo Pleased to Have England ade council schools Havo you seen Rocks warm lino TT I Your Account SlXthj whoso average number is GOO have We have them In all A miEAL TRUST DUSTER of Slippers = 150000 styles to fit all members of the tarn deposited 20000 in the Hull Say CAPITAL Every report furnished toy the I to- 1 ings Back since 1902 members of this administration 1211000 ily Try Rock iURPLUi + 1g Kinturky For years old n former Illinois Central locomotive fireman died at lib homo at 1032 at 1000 South Eleventh street Shake It oclock last nIght of heart trouble a the bottle with syrup teaspoonful a well lie had been unable to be at work for every and take two until the hour or U cured cough I This li tho tho Jnst ten days Prior to his Illnws quickest acting and surest cough Mr Oallowoy was employed nt the remedy ever conceived All whole II I rtlgglsts and most retail Paducah Pottery company on North druggists cell essence Inentho Seventh street Jle was a member of IRXtIII Ernest Oaltoway J l lVtvhltvalay uiiffltlwl and warnur iniluihly f4illov l by rain In lUMt Ttiiijiorntiiro Icxliiyi lUnli pordoii vet 1 17 lowest Miii WtixliliiEton IKc DlnolH that most all cough The syrup rmion are Inrtlrctlvr li that the ordinary preparations are very constipating and after a Willie they aggravate the congestion and Knmlly Funeral w I I1Tr rlrriiirn- CVntrnl nrar3rnER tai The Weather ofI How to Make a Tint Tell Imtntlvfi Coimli syrup Very Chrniily lit lloine State school teachers ij a THE FADUCAU EVENING J PAGE FOUR lJ congress thowg work beIng THE PADUCAH EVENING SUN results being accomplished done and season She has many friends Attor this city + rwrP 7 hwuuSikHAH t M tHL9- nuns of IIU Stoop M8l darky was endeavoring mil a mule to a Jefferson City A to In lkD11 lianuxt who however was In doubt as The funeral protlQlOa was pas to be w4mmt > age lag aoag the villa jr tret 11 If said he itai younc o > you 1iiric Abe Burn atepp Tl QUIf a ijalra wily k K that he bgada M at tow He hadnt hoard the sew Hie knees So said Uncle Abe llurrt Oh dont lot dat little fact woe who they buryln today ry you boats tke negro htttentxl to said the Toro old The Harrtroa My Dat mule bMoJ mt do laiR storekeeperShe but It d e to no ago dat he Id liwlh1 Ae Bur brem truth boss 1U dat rite HarrHen berT IIt nltt deal T loot De > I aint lIad de messy te look after Yeu dolfttlttllk were sabars nmtle de wUi him rid jcfal My table to kinder Sow tT dat mule ctorrkcofNtr MMNamll TlMe flUr V Mfta bilged to toop a Nttfe tefs aILifarpera Mapulm Would It not bo n goad MM to I see after your Ml ty taxes before the A i IP ITK Why C rhl inn ItMdneh User Pill ruth comoiT Then you might aver will ttlre that 10 centa Guaranteedl look the matter and now te pear the Iy all drsgglst penalty men Ini 1 f- j U > art thet ha dt 1 oiv nuurnl i t l- FOIIRUJ OR IUXVT When man toxin to boast of Ka Seven room houie corner Eleventh honesty ft I your It Is sue to beep ORe nd Monroe streets Has furnace eye on your umbrella nd nH modern conveniences See F 11 Fisher oily Dont overlook your city taxes The rush IIfcKJn and tho time for tho penalty Ili growing nigh Theff taxis Better ice jitter C I penalty will soda be on IadhonI I i I COMFORT FOOTWEAR C- 1 I t- 1 < ayeicm fromhe 1 efI tar nowt 13A ors tryWilliam There Iis never any doubt about tho welcome when you a gift of Comfort Any member fir the always glad lJrgFoive a ent of this likely that un> Iniyitictlon of our Assortments silt Why not give a Kodak They make Ideal presents for almost any member of tho family catching as they do those Inti mate little homo scenes and natural poses which no pho tographer could equal Theyre so simple a child of 7 or 8 can operate them easily Free ortStl makeT T suggestv 1llroblclIIl 1 litNtriirtlnn r lto lt IrsIAda EuropeIn I KODAKSFor I COCHRAN SHOE CO1 MCPHERSONSltlXAld r2i Ililiwr House Ilromhviiy = 1 I Its Too Easy to Save Eral Heard the reI SlXthj8trcet DIAMONDS WAITKvrry hatterInx plnnIerywhcro Isj LoJbJr yurUMaMM a iJ r I u Co Btaklfk ry WATCHESt 1 ZiTLYOrrJJeW 4 4 Jewelry For Christmas U y u I I td oJrwa > tJ 20 h < J 1f f Jt i 4

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