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Image 2 of The Paducah evening sun, December 13, 1910

Part of The Paducah evening sun

Lai elf PAGE TWO pr T 4 ns r r I k H a I I Y h1BnIY nE01mnFlttn THE PADTJCAH 3VENX G SUN i was educated P a at Asbury association of state railroad com missioners while holding tho state commlsslonerrfilp Ho was defeated for reelection by L P Tarloton In now Do Cincin pills rfor Alf1 Ayers Pills are liver A L All vege Pauw University and tho gentle laxative table sugarcoated nati Law school and then returned to Mrlon In 1SS1 to practlco his for all the family Consult your docRECORDS proferelon Ho temalned there but 13071 Soon afterward 1Jho Saw tor freely about these pills and about all medical matters firm dt McChord three years when ho removed with nines k Norman Follow his advice He certainly knows best LWlfZ was formed with offices In the Paul hte bride of a year to Cheyenne Jones building the members being movements Wyo Ills legal talent soon won him touch with the Important Mr McChord Mr Er W HInes and bar and isficKJXiiiTK Arroixriii TO civic political and social ofthed- recognition at tho Wyoming commis- Mr Van Norman Mr McChorU In He was born In San Francisco In 1SSG he was appointed a HKNOli BY IROVKIl CIKVIC ay addition to his extensive law purr TWO July 19 1848 and received his ed sioner to revise the Wyoming statI laVII FROM UUSAN Wcssen Siawdrilt Oil lice also Is president nnd general I K llKMOCICATS A It I - urallon lu the public schools ot Cln utes InTSS ho was elected city OTllKIt For Salads and Ceoklig a counsel of the Consolidated Casualty NAJIKI Foil IINNCIIC c clnnatlHarvard University and the attorney of Cheyenne andIn served to Aa company with general offlces In 011 IMJ pJe 1888 universities of Berlin and Leipzig twoyear term resigning JItiIO1U Ob KIiXTU1 Y l tutlut i witharhMxt d lOOi todi I Louisville Mr McChord Is married la valve m to the bar take a seat In he territorial legisla In 1SW ho war admitted IntrKln Ceok Bodi tal bn euiia completion his wlfo having formerly been Mlw Oltbe ho was madeof his and began a career that has been ture chief Grundy daughter of Col Grundy of uluJwuotkhmlaha1 marked by steadily Increasing 1m legislative term Pay us n visit before you start Nelson county Justice Edward Douglass Wilt porfdnw In legal Jiffdlra In 1903 ho justice of the supreme court of Wiyo Made by your holiday buying You will find THE SOimURN COTTON OIL CO whom President Taft has nomhiated was elected to the circuit court of mlng serving two years In that post things hero that will Interest you Ills next appointment HW Ypk 1 took Snaekof the supreme court- Cook county for a sixyear term He tlon for chief Justice IlWiS CUUKI IV 0 TO II PAYS CelntoNw paints from tho standpoint of beauty s a Democrat and has served as an had served ai a civil service com him Into the federal sevlce when Your druggist will rotund money If ity suitability mid price No matter associate justice of this court since ni stoner from January to May 1903 he was made an assistant attorney PAZO OINTMENT falln to euro any by Itr 19U911e 1894 when he was unpointed case of Itching Dllnd Bleeding or to the cir general and was assigned to the deIf It Is He re lie Is cflltvcouft From 1S9S to 1902 ho- partment of the Interior President Grover Cleveland Protruding Piles lu 0 to 14 days SOc C5 years old and Is a rtatlvo of Lou w I professor oMaw lit Northwestern ceived the appolntmen In 1S97 and I Diamonds Watches 1903 Islana which stale heaped upon him University and chicb 1902 hd has oc served until February 18 almost ever political and ofllclel cupied A similar position At the Uni when he was appointed a United Jewelry After his versity of Chicago honor It had to bestow Ho was a Park States circuit judge and assigned to Eighth circuit Ho was professor or nay article graduation from the Jesuit college at er Fellow of Harvard University the pleading nnd practice New Orleans he took post graduate from 1SS7 to 18SM storo like OHM It will pay you to He Is a ment of equity Mouse of n Tliotitmul Candles at Georgetown University ber of the American Historical asso from 189S to 1903 and protestor of work Tonight conic horo before you decide he elation the American Dar associa equity nnd Jurisprudence from 19OC Then returning to IxniUlana Tho dramatic Intensity of the third feel sure wo can give you moro than now George In Columbian to 1903 served four years as a member net of The House of a Thousand ofI tion the Illlnoo State liar associa Washington University your uiouoys worth Como lu and the state senate Dar association lion the Chicago andrea Is almost without parallel look in politics in Wyo- He was active In 1S7S he was appointed to the the Law Club of Illinois and the Iro In modern plays Its tempestuous supreme bench of the state of Louis- quoin Harvard Chicago Literary ming and was chairman of the Re scenes occurring In the wildest of Iana He was elected to the United Quadrangle and City clubs of Chica publican state committee from 1892 hurricanes sweep all before It and culminate with a climax that haa had States senate In 1S91 and served go in politics he Is a Democrat anti Ito 1891 a member of the Republican Tho curtain cnU after curtain call there until 1S94 when he was api be Is Jewish In his religious affilia national committee from 1S9C to House of a Thousand Candles wilt pointed to the United States su Uons lie redden with his wife and ifbO and n delegate to tho Repub be given at the Kentucky this evenpreme court by President Cleveland family at 4830 Kenwood avenue Ills Ifeeiv national convention In 189f Jcwclcn Ing is a drama that unfolds a story wife was MIS Jessie Fox of Cincin I Airlilmld n reniisjlviinlaii Sketch of Judge Mack stago characters In equally of tare 9 ije Robert Woodrow Archbald Broadway 3rd Judge Julian M Mock while i er nati whom he married March rare surroundings There J1I tamp 1SSG had a long distinguished career hailS best known for his work as of novelty on each scene and In Ifjjs tbo bench arriving at Van Deviintcr his present head of the juvenile court In Clilca cident Ita weirdness simply com go ie known throughout the United Judge Willis Van Devanter Is an position of dtrtrict judge Id the said cosh That city las been his home pels attention while its mystery tjleJcJIistrJct of Pennsylvania after States as a man whose toleration to Indiana product haying been born lightened by laughter la of that kind the bkBch has not puthlra outQf at Marion Ind April 17 1859 He sfiteen yetre experience In stat his time has ben spent In Wash ct ftitk lie was born at Oarboudalo of Vlmt Will I Oho hums for Ills term on the interstate was Ington company Including George D ClirUtniM I commerce commlf ion to which ho- The IxwIIe la said to w s appointed by Harrison expired Wlni and Roenbdlo That the Question of tho of A U He went to Scranton and bo fully capable ot handling tho Hour If he Is A smoker wo In 1897 a few days before Grover exacting scenes In a most satisfac studied law in the office of Hand havo tho answer In the form tory manner Post being admitted to the ba of the most complete lino of wv v about two years I ater He practiced of the last official acts of that Demo l Cigarettes fine Cigars To erotic president was to reappoint law in Scranton until I8S6 when ho PJpo bacco and Smokers Arthur Donaldson In The Wan He was appointed odditonal law judge MT Knapp to the commission Novelties that have ever been dcrcr Ior Cut Mowers PUnU Xiuas are entirely unsuited to womans require lie served In this capacity for three was twice reappointed by President shown In Paducah These Rood In writing The Wanderer the ment viHe were not mado merely to soil Trees Drtlpi AntI Wreaths years and In 1SSS he was appointed Roosevelt In 1892 and 1898 cause of their raise modesty on the subauthor Daniel Dror SorJJn had no JIrs but made to smoke nnd give Ject that their attention cannot be top presiding judge of the fortyfifth has been chairman of tho commis Idea at the time that he practically use phofor cemetery satisfaction Standard Brands judicial district ot Pennsylvania In slots place 1S9S took his leading character from real of Standard Quality and wo lyzed In her stomach and bowels pre now Michigan Dcnlnm From 1901 he resigned thbt pot to take life unconsciously portraying the soil them low as prices in l Judge Arthur Carter Denison Is early life and struggles of no I ess a tho open market will permit l l In 5 Dr Caldwell and alter you are coal his present position which he has From the time the girl begins to men jheldi despite a tender in 1909 of a a United States dUtrlct JUdge in tho personage than tho present governor struate until menstruation ceases she has give DOflHR will I place on the Untied States circuit western district of Michigan his ap dn all holiday iwk Dri Caldwell does not feet that the pointment dating back to Feb 2 Adolph 0 Bberhart Since tho iflay Wo have just received n movements ir you find yountlf consti by I Como lot of new Premiums has al 1910 > previous to which lie bad at inS written and acceptedNow lUll ft I atI Yale the well known York In and look thorn over he Was tained prominence as a practicing symptoms of Indigestion and constipation1 reader any advIce oq thaenbect frN managers a friend ot Mr SorHn lUitli Phone 102 tti 4he who had read tho play called hits atell i p He wan born Nov 10 1SG1 and at tention to a newspaper nrtlcfe In tho Ito Viavo tho largest assort i Boston TravoMer of whisk the fol I nnU Key Society of Yale He al loVing Is n tae simile fluent of cut Mowers In tho Like John In the St An Rapids being graduated from thai A Johnson Adolph O t t Fdrews membership Eberhart wcity a ended Society of PhlladeJphJajHe I hJtro OpsoslU WsJIcrsteUs J St Petartv Mlnm A1 on l and was born married Elizabeth D Cannon of Ox the Ut yr dJWfLL Swodoo and Johnson was in in New York- j ford N Y on Jail 21 1875 Ills graduated from that Institution Re- born In Ct Peters iJIIno When home address Is 236 Monroe avenue 1S83 with the degree of LI 1J Adolph Olson that was his name at turn hg fo his home city he yaa ad The worlds strongest ajid largest Fire Insurance Co Assets 36 The WanUrrrf at the enlueky to I In order to avoid the mulling Scranton year and millions potlcjhofders8urp1us 19 millions mltxedi to the bar tile same morrow night rush at ilyf and of tho month would Knapp Is Old In Service It not t8 n good Idea to attend to Martin A Knapp has been n mom practiced law until appointed to the 111 FRIEDMAN INSURANCE AGENCY your rlty taxes nowT ber of the Interstate commerce rom federal bench In politics he Is Paducah Ky October 14 1910 Ho has been president 1891 when ho was Republican ff UOieort28 UroadwnyBotlt Phones I mission since iI a I laid coincident was that his parents This certifies that I have been toll Germany la cxporlnumtlng with appointed a member of that body by of the Grand Rapids Dar association j ing Halls Texas Wonder for six rQlflAr ritA President Benjamin Harrison Ho Itho Michigan State liar association years and recommend It to the pub gtnss telephone Is 57 years old and is a native of and tho Grand Rapids board of edu went to Nebraska and tho boy be- lIe to bo the best Kidney Bladder wire New York After his graduation cation Ills club afflictions are with came cow herder and farm hand TboI and Rheumatic Remedy that I have Ruv fe T Quam employed Sixty days treatment over sold front Wesleyan University la Ooq Watch out for this penalty on his chores and helped him with his for 100 J M Oohlschlsegor uectUut he went to Syracuse NiY your city taxes Tho Umo Is grow- Studying In every spare Goodrich of Grand Rapids She died rending where he entered public life as cpr ing short tham J moineht the boy fitted himself for UNITED STATUS HETOSITOJIV poratlpn counsel for the City of S- h i tuxi a poem > till magaine college to which ho went entirely on XIIIA RANK OF STRENGTH average of about ono now I hear it has failed Too Thoro his own hook and worked his way and Rapids bad Dut maybe they wont sue you cow to ovary five poruond In tho Capital 910000000 Surplus i20300000 through In the second act of The for damages Oarlnmi n Democrat Atlanta Constitution 1nltPd Mates Habits determine your future Get the DANK BOOK HABIT which Frith of Arlig Judge Garland or South Dakota Jindoror u assure for yourself a future of Independence now and Deposit My father has been a sufferer from sick Only One BROMO QUININE the b on your savings In the City National Bank of Paducah tho livest headache for the last twentyfive Team and Lallauyo Bromo uinine ion never found any relief until he began hqvlng taking your Cascarets Since he has the same as the main facts In the begun taking Cascarets he has never had bench by IrnVdonA Olovoland His above quotation as tho patron of INTEREST PAW ON TIME DEPOSITS y n the headache they have entirely cured appointment makes the complexion tho theater will learn When tho play hiar Cascarctsf do What you recommend of the commerce court three Repub Is given horn Arthur Donuldron OFFICERS theiu to do I will give you the privilege The oLjulag his nameE M Dickton liana and two Democrats iProuldent creator of the tWo rolo Jn Hughes President RTekeTsrr irin711 D Prlncv of Pllsen wlHbp ecrt In 1120 Reamer St W Indianapolis Ind Jos L Friedman VlcePrest of Directors Pleasant Palatable Potent Tate Good J Jasa1eitetbaokCasbiern Q E Richardson Aeat Cashier Arthur Denlcon of Last WeAeuorGrip30cZScSO night tho latter was Michigan to have Parents Why not Rive your sons and daughters something valuable thought Emmet S Dagby Asst Cashier nine tablet stamped CCCr Guaranteed to Sonictblng that neither lire nor floods can destroy nor for Christmas 923 curB or your mousy back To have been his final selection thieves break through and steal AllLSIXKSS COtltSH In this appointed Judge Denison however I Iliiiiiics College In all the country whore tbo best Jluklncss Tralniug would have resulted In making three Is given and Good1osltlons iiinrniUecd at Wrotrlt Judges from Michigan whereas the president was anxious Five acres of good land one mph DRAUGRONS for a moro equitable distribution COLLEGE from city limits on gravel road Judge Lninnrfl lleconl near school house Most desira A M ROU8K MannRcrIndnrali Ky Hroaduny Judge Joseph Rucker Lamar Je ble place for suburban home where you can live for one half fiftythree years of ago was born u U the cost of living in the city in Georgia educated at the Univer Evenings 816 Matinee 230 Saturday Fine location for a truck garden sity of Georgia the Washington nnd where you can have your own Lee University and at Bethany eel Theres Another Seasons Wear in That Dress or cows bogs and poultry A good A Remarkable Play of Mirth and bargain and easy payments For logo Ho was admitted to the bar In 1879 and practiced in Augusta Ho Tuesday Night Only It needs some expert attention from a competent eleanor It Is further Information see E D Mystery was a member of tho Georgia legis Thurman St Nicholas Hotel true but wo nro as well equipped to do fine work as any cleaner Ho was n That Triumphantly Successful Dram laturo for three yeas phone D4 in the state And a dollar or two will work wonders with gar DECEMBER u commltHlonor to codify the laws of atization of Merediths Nichol ments which seemed beyond repair Takes no chance when ho buys Georgia In 1895 sons Popular Novel In 1903 ho be Ladles Suits Cleaned and pressed IBO to 9Uno came the associate judge of tho su tools Ho wants to know what I Ladles Suits pressing c to premo court of Georgia where he Mens Suits cleaning and pressing SlJJOho is gelling DOES THAT RAZOR PULL Therefore ho served two and onehalf yeare and Ovemonls cleaning and pressing 11100 to 9250 Call and See then resigned Ho Is one of the buys lore vrhcro nothing hut SEE US FOR ESTIMATES VII OUARANTEH CHARLEY ROOT SATISFACTION leaders of the southern bar the best Is soul Wo have every C C McCIird l 110 H South Second Sttreet Four Whimsically Weird Acts Over thlug In Hardware Tools Etc Charles C McChord Is a native of J n TURNER Irdpr Prices flowing With Novel Incidents New Phone 1083 111 South Fifth Street New Phono Washington county Ky any ho cole of the heat a Give us a chance An Excellent Company bratcd his fUtyflrct birthday on De- EOc 75c JlOO 25c 35c to slow you Perfectly Staged and Complete In cember 3 last Jo was admitted to All Its Unusual Details fleat sale Monday JLO I the bar at Springfield In 1882 and a w a short time later was elected county t a attorney Ills next public position Tho Greatest of All Vocal Come was as a member of tho house of ONE NIGTHERE IS SHUBERT dlans representatives at Frankfort from t Broadway Washington county He then was Oath Plumes 105 DonaldsonHnamed a member of the state roll Got OU n pair of Tiro Chains and Who Sings road commission under the first act DECEMBER Louisvilles Leading In the New Romantic Song Play authorizing that body but being sat felled that the law was not constitu Playhouse Lisp us fiiibTj YOU YOUR OILS tional resigned and made the raco Have Your House Cleaned Presented on till Mdsl Elaborate for the state senate During his first gogplon after having been elected to Scales Donaldson Sing Sweet Songs ny Our Brand Now tho senate he Introduced and had Always 400 main floor scats PRICES The Late Star of The Prince of pasted the McCbord railroad com at 8100 Use Thermite ISO n gallon and prevent your radiator freezing VACUUM AUTO CLEANER Pllsen mission law He was satisfied of the floor 100 l Q SON Sfiaconstitutionality of tile measure > Balcony BOo ue I Estimates Cheerfully Furnished My The Song of the Swing Gallery and resigning from tho senate made 36c COc Dec 5 6 7lIarry Bulger Mothers Lullaby The Laugh the race for commissioner from In Tho Flirting Princess nonr p ARMSTRONG Seats ready Tuesday 10 A Vision of of a Child Second digit h Ho was theI a Love Plujno 1400 It G FISHER Prop JIG served and Sixth and Jefferson Sis 4Uqualforms al ernvnk o tii PRESIDENTt t JoIt < I i Holiday Suggestions LI Now on Display I t 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